The 20/20 Challenge

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Feel good and stay moving with 50% off this 20-day challenge. Complete with fun and challenging workouts to do at home, daily self-care tips, and a meal guide.

Use this program for the full 20 days! If you don't love it for any reason, email us and we'll give you a full refund.

The 20/20 Challenge Includes

Monday - Friday Movement (20 min bodyweight workouts)
Weekly Meal Plans
20 Daily Self-Care Tips
Challenge Daily Tracking
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88 Reviews

The 20/20 Challenge

Keep moving. We’ve got your back for the next 20 days.

In today’s climate, it can sometimes be difficult to even remember what day it is. This challenge offers support, inspiration, and even adds a little structure back into your week. I’m starting the challenge on Monday, May 4th—I hope you can join me! If not, start the challenge whenever feels best for you!

20/20 was originally designed as a Monday-Friday program, but feel free to adjust for your individual needs! It’s 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, with optional daily meal plans and self-care tips. My goal is to help you feel your absolute best, and keep the momentum going at home!

Here’s what the 20/20 Program gets you:

Tailor your days to whatever works best for you. It’s 20 intense minutes a day, 5 days a week. I’ll be there every lunge, stretch, and step of the way!

Fueling is a vital component of feeling your best! This program includes a weekly meal plan with simple recipes, and a grocery list to make it easier to condense shopping trips. Vegetarian options included!

Daily self-care activities to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

20/20 Dashboard
Manage your activity and download weekly content through your KaisaFit Account.

20 Minutes is Enough
Even though things may be hectic, 20 minutes is enough to support you in feeling good. Whether it’s in between meetings, with your kids, or just taking a moment for yourself, give yourself the gift of 20!

Welcome to your new 20/20 week. Here is a breakdown of the five weekly workouts:

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Let’s start out with some gentler movements to get your heart rate up and your muscles loose. I recommend this before all of your workouts; check in with your body, connect with how you’re feeling, and get ready to move!
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We’re starting the week on a high note with fast-paced squats, jumps, and lunges, interspersed with some core work to catch your breath.
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We’re doing much shorter circuits today to keep things fresh: 20 seconds of high-intensity cardio followed by 40 seconds of core.
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We’re cranking up the intensity on these movements to help you get over the hump! 30 seconds of movement, and then turning up the heat for the next 20 seconds to challenge ourselves.
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You’re almost there! To celebrate, we’ve got mountain climbers, burpees, and (yep) more core exercises.
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Let’s finish strong! We’re taking it to the next level with rapid-fire exercise interspersed with active recovery movements to get you feeling good!
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20/20 (LIVE)

20/20 LIVE: Recorded LIVE on November 30th as part of the Kaisa Live Black Friday Weekend.

88 Reviews for The 20/20 Challenge

“Just seeing this 20/20 challenge. I’m gearing up to begin it on Sunday.”

— Marcella A.

“I'm 39, T1D (since I was 3) and have struggled with knee issues for a few years now. I really like Kaisa and the way she speaks to the audience, it's hard to explain; it's encouraging and praising but different than any other workout video I've tried. It's better somehow. I'll be honest, I haven't worked out hard in a while and I'm not good at pushing myself. I'm a little concerned about my knees during these workouts but am doing my best to modify w/o losing the intent. I did the warm-up and the 1st 20/20 workout on Monday and wasn't able to do anything until Thursday due to how sore my lower body was lol I'm planning on giving it another go tomorrow, I have a small house and not enough space to workout when it's filled with my teenager and his friends =P I don't love HIIT but this doesn't seem too bad, I'd recommend it in any event lol”


“So awesome it was hard even just warming up was a burning”

— Velonika T.

“I love everything Kaisa!!!!”

— Sandra C.

“I am on my third straight month of doing this program and I am just getting better and better. You would think that my body would be used to it by now but there so many challenging moves that I'm still working on getting my form better or just doing more reps during the allotted time. I recommend this program because all you need is yourself. This one is also really good if you travel a lot and don't care for the sub par hotel gyms.”

— Cecia S.

“I'm really enjoying the 20/20 program. It's challenging and fun, but short enough to propel a habit forming routine. Even though I'm working from home, it is still so hard to find a fitness routine that I stick to everyday; I go through highs of working out all the time and then weeks of nothing. I purchased this package to spring me back to consistency. With the warm up, the work out and then a 10 minute mobility workout, each morning starts with a really enjoyable 40 min routine that gets me sweaty!”

— Daniela J.

“Got this after enjoying a few other mobility work outs. Kaisa really keeps me motivated and I always feel fantastic after a workout. What I especially like about this set is having a couple other people in the video. Makes me feel like I’m at a live class again!”

— Genevieve B.

“Absolutely love this workout! So easy to follow and get a great workout each time!!”

— Lulia H.

“love it!! Short, challenging, and makes for a good sweat!”

— Kibby D.

“OMG! I am loving this whole package! I’ve been so bored and unmotivated by my regular home workouts and this has breathed new life into my routine. I am also happy to see that the people in the videos are as sweaty and out of breath as I am by the end. :)”

— Alex J.

“Phenomenal program! Challenging, energizing moves! Palpable improvement in my fitness and mental health. Jazzed for Week 2!”

— Hadar A.

“So happy I started this program! It has only been a week and I'm already noticing improvements in my strength, conditioning, and mobility!”

— Jennifer H.

“Love the movements and timings Such a great combination Burning in lungs and muscles at the same time Bravoo❤💪💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️😘😘”

— Isidora S.

“This workout is excellent HIIT training that I can fit in with a crazy schedule. I just finished the 20 day challenge and my legs have definition and my butt is lifted. My husband has been complementing me on the results. It works and can be done with little space too.”

— Jennifer T.

“I enjoy Kaisa workouts! I would of prefer to just have her do the workout to follow how perfect she does it. Overall, my friend and I enjoyed the entire workouts! She competed her workout in Dallas while I competed mine in Houston. I wish Kaisa was an instructor at the mirror device! She is fantastic with her movements and her teaching are great.”

— Kat A.

“These 20/20 workouts are challenging and fun. You can start easier if you need and work up to a very challenging level. I look forward to doing them and I’m dripping sweat when I’m done. The time goes by fast and Kaisa is very motivating.”

— Tammy P.

“I think this workout is awesome, and gets your heart rate up in only 20 min. For the price I think it's fair, I did not follow the recipes/meal plan just the work outs, maybe in the future have an option that instead of the meal plan, to provide an extra week with different work outs.”

— Tatiana L.

“Just completed Wednesday challenge. Love it so much! The exercises were challenging but achievable. Can't wait to do tomorrow's challenge! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Shu Men L.

“My 12 year old son and I do the quick 20/20 challenge together since he has been out of school due to the quarantine. I love it. Fast paced, gets a quick work out in and lots of movement. Great way to start moving.”

— Virginia S.

“Just completed day 4 of week 1! Loving the energy of the program and sweating aaaaallll over - feeling it in every muscle of my body. Amazing - in only 20 minutes! My 5 year old daughter joins me every time and is all enthusiastic about it too. Greetings from Switzerland”

— Frauke B.

“Absolutely Amazing!! Can not wait for the next few weeks!!”

— James G.

“This a great workout in such a short time! I love the movements & broke a serious sweat.”

— Nicole F.

“Love it!”

— Arlete B.

“Great workouts and way to make the most of 20 minutes a day! The 20/20 program also has accountability to keep you motivated to show up each day.”

— Susan W.

“I absolutely love the 20/20 challenge! And man is it a challenge , I’m super sparkly/ sweaty at the end ! I also love the way Kaisa is so positive & motivates you throughout! She also shows you modifications , which I’ve had to do, if needed.”

— Gina W.

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