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When you can’t get to the gym, home is where the sweat is!


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Home Workout Bundle

This epic bundle includes every single workout in my movement library! And each one can be done in the comfort of your own home! Let’s go Team!

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Mobility One

Time to show your body some love—reduce stress, lighten your mood, and keep moving at home.
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Mobility Strength

The all-in-one workout that strengthens and restores while you sweat!
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Mobility Core

Improve posture, protect your back, and strengthen your body's support system with this complete core workout.
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Mobility Cardio

Get your sweat on with this dynamic routine that will get your heart pumping and the fun flowing!
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The 20/20 Challenge

An advanced workout series—20 intense minutes of movement, 5 days a week! Complete with fun and challenging workouts to do at home, daily self-care tips, and a meal guide.
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Bodyweight Workout Series

Five bodyweight workouts that target strength, cardio and core!
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The Living Room Series

Small space? Not an issue! This program is fun and effective even in the confines of your living room!
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START Mobility

The NEW beginner’s guide to total body mobilization. The perfect routine to help you START and stay moving with ease!
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START Strong

Strength isn’t about how much you can lift, it’s about how strong you feel in your own body.
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This beginner cardio routine is perfect for anyone who wants to explore new movement or just get back in the game!

Everything you need to stay moving at home.

1,830 Reviews for Home Workout Bundle

“Kaisa is an absolute dream of a teacher (and as an educator, I can tell you this is the highest praise). I feel so supported when she refers to as "team" and I do feel like I am part of something much bigger than myself. I pair her mobility workouts with my online Barr3 classes and the results are magic. As I stay inside as much as possible during this COVID time, Kaisa and her enthusiasm for mobility is going to make this winter one to remember. Thank you!”

— Shyam S.

“This is absolutely wonderful. Even though I am an adult, I hope I am like Kaisa when I grow up!”

— Taylor L.

“I have a lot of arthritis, but I am feeling less pain and am able to move better and it has only been a week. Loving this!”

— Angela D.

“Always feel refreshed and ready for my day after this workout”

— Jackie G.

“Really enjoy this.”

— Jackie G.

“If you have leg injuries this is an awesome place to start.”

— Jackie G.

“I'm a 61 year old former competitive athlete. Due to COVID, I have become very sedentary. Hunched over my laptop all day has made me stiff and uncomfortable with painful joints and tight muscles. Just finished my first session of this program and love it! Feel so much better all ready. Can't wait to work through the START sessions and on to the more advanced series!”

— Cindy H.

“Love this!! Kaisa goes at exactly the right pace with exactly the right amount of instruction. So easy to start at whatever ability you are at!”

— Cindy H.

“This kicked my butt but in a good way. I like all of your products so far and am able to open a different one every few days. I like variety. It keeps me going. Be blessed and congratulations on your product growth. Again Thank You”

— Cornelius W.

“Just what I needed to loosen up my body. Still stiff in a lot of places. I always feel more energetic also.”

— Cornelius W.

“Love 10 min of Mobility One before Brazilian JiuJitsu!”

— Marnie C.

“I have always been very active but the menopause has had a negative impact on my body and for the last few years have really struggled with aches and pains. The start mobility is for me basic moves but have felt the benefits from a gentle approach to fitness and stretches for my tired body. This is the way forward for me now”

— Diane T.

“I am new to this; not sure why I hesitated to purchase Mobility Bundle. 52 years young Canadian gal here with some arthritis in the hip and the neck; these are a great way to start the day and I can see this helping other workouts and my cycling!! This morning I did the 30 minute Start Mobility workout; I will do this for a time then go to Mobility One. I can hardly wait to see what Mobility Strength, Cardio & Core have in store! I can see these as being really foundational!”

— Darlene E.

“Most excellent mobility workout! I had not realized how little mobility range I had until I did my first mobility workout, and how quickly the workouts start making a difference (literally 2 workouts and you can see the difference). Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Anne D.

“Kaisa is an absolute dream - and the mobility bundle is even dreamier! It's accessible; it allows for variety and multiple level challenges. And it's literally changed the way I move and feel in my body. I'm hooked. And I've recommended it to so many friends and coworkers.”

— Carrie K.

“I have recently completed weeks of physical therapy for whiplash. The desk exercises are going to be invaluable to maintaining my mobility. They are a great addition to my routine.”

— Kara P.

“Have been mentally scheduling exercise sessions but never seem to be motivated enough to get started. Start mobility gives me that extra drive, it is awesome. Fell in love with the first session that I just had to go and purchase the remaining two. My body feels like it is made from a cloud. Light and nice. Even got my dad to join me. It's a must have. Looking forward to purchasing the others next year.”

— Desene C.

“Really great for folks just getting back into fitness, or people just starting out. The moves are creative and require intentionality, which I really appreciate!”

— Alicia F.

“After being in car accidents & not taking care of myself its feels amazing to be moving my body. Thank you Kaisa for the great program. I look forward to trying the others ones after some time👏🏼”

— Amori D.

“I love this SO much! It's everything I love about yoga, Pilates, and stretching all rolled into one. I'm excited to see how my body changes and how I feel after a few months of this type of movement. It feels good to MOVE!”

— Megan F.

“Was super skeptical to start. Have lots of hip shoulder back issues and wasn’t sure about a video program. Tried it and n a whim and within a week I had upgraded to the full access package. The mobility workout is such a great place to start. I love that there is a short and long version plus a chair version that’s only five minutes. I’m insanely busy at work and seated most of the day. This gives me the chance to click on the video and get some movement. Feeling more limber already. Felt super motivated by this workout”

— Holly G.

“Love this program. I do start mobility and start sweat as well and they are amazing but this is for sure my fav. Love having both short and long sessions. Pairs well with the other videos too so that I can mix it up and have a really great week of workouts.”

— Holly G.

“Started this week. Absolutely love the workouts. Really well explained. The option of short or long session means there is no excuse! Thought is was really easy the first time through the circuit but holy man the second time through really made me break a sweat. This is so perfect for beginners or people just getting back into fitness.”

— Holly G.

“I have scoliosis and working from home all day and neglecting exercise has taken its toll on my hip joints and lower back. These exercises have been a tremendous help. I take breaks and do the mobility reps at least 3 times a day. The improved mobility and pain reduction have made the return to cardio and strengthening exercises less daunting.”

— Eden H.

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