Hotel Workout

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I designed this hotel travel series to help you (and me) stay moving when we are on the road. It’s a series of short total body workouts, with a bonus mobility routine.


Hotel Workout Includes:

3 Travel Workout Videos
Bonus Travel Mobility Routine
Each Video 15-20 min
1 Hour 18 Minutes of Total Video
Total Body Workouts
Bonus Mobility Routine
No Equipment Needed
English Subtitles
Lifetime Access
3 Reviews

Hotel Workout

Traveling can be difficult on our bodies. And this hotel workout is a way of giving your body some much-needed love when it’s under stress.

This special program includes all the videos below: three total body workouts, and a short bonus mobility routine. Even if you only have time for a few minutes of movement, anything is better than nothing at all.

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Travel Mobility

18-min Mobility: When we’re traveling, our shoulders and our hips get really tight. So this mobility routine really focuses on opening them up. You can do it before you head to the airport, or right after you get checked into your new hotel.
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Hotel Workout 1

20-min Workout: Grab a towel and your suitcase for this one. This workout starts off a little slower, with controlled moves to help you keep opening up your hips and back and reconnect to your body. Then we turn up the intensity to get you sweating.
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Hotel Workout 2

17-min Workout: Not all hotels have gyms, and nobody wants to travel with their weights. This workout uses a suitcase, a pair of shoes, and your own bodyweight to get you energized and build some strength. Great for shaking off the last bits of jetlag!
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Hotel Workout 3

21-min Workout: We’ve got a fun and exciting routine for this last workout. After warming up with some controlled movements that focus on form and balance, we’ll incorporate some high-intensity, tabata-style exercises. Get ready to dig deep and have fun before you head back home!

You all know that I love movement. I’m trying to help you guys stay moving. When you’re on the road, you have all the excuses in the world not get your movement in, so I hope this program helps you.

Whatever you do, it’s important to take time to relax, reconnect, and keep flexible while traveling.

I hope you all enjoy these routines as much as I do. I cannot wait for you to try them.

3 Reviews for Hotel Workout

“I'm traveling next week and just completed a test run of Kaisa's Hotel Workout. LOVE. I've been looking for a simple (little or equipment) exercise routine that I can do anywhere and I have finally found it! The workouts are high energy and pretty innovative. I felt rejuvenated after each workout! I also own Kaisa's Mobility One program (as well as a couple others) and they are all worth every penny. Well done Kaisa!!”

— J T.

“My family and travel internationally a great deal so having the flexibility to maintain a workout habit while doing being away from my gym and home equipment is absolutely wonderful. I love the ingenuity of Kaisa’s Hotel Workout: how she used suitcases, body weight and limited space to get the essentials in. Brilliant. Thank you!”

— Alexis y.

“I just love these workouts. They are easy to follow, great in any sized space, and portable. Thank you!”

— nicole m.