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Here’s everything you need to open up your joints and muscles while you sweat!

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Mobility Bundle

Are you ready to feel your absolute best?

This series of workouts is the complete package—Mobility One, Mobility Strength, Mobility Cardio, and Mobility Core. PLUS, we’ve included a full month of suggested programming (that you can customize based on your own schedule) and awesome self-care tips! Experience the amazing benefits of mobility while you get a total-body workout!

This is the complete package—strength day, core work, cardio blast, and active recovery—all combined to create the perfect total body program.

What is mobility?

Mobility allows you to move a joint through its full range of motion.

And why does this matter?
Mobility training helps to reduce any restrictions within the body by increasing your range of motion within each joint. The ability to move freely within your body not only helps you FEEL your best, but it can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce injuries and improve overall performance. Mobility is something every BODY can benefit from.

Have fun with this bundle of at-home workouts that includes:

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Mobility One

Mobility One is the foundational routine. It can be used as an active recovery to any workout, a warm-up or cool-down, or simply a great break from sitting at your desk to stretch your body.
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Mobility Strength

A bodyweight strength routine with recovery built in. This workout rehabilitates the range of motion within your joints while you’re working out, so you finish feeling rejuvenated and more connected to your body.
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Mobility Core

Do more for your core! Improve posture, protect your back, and strengthen your body’s support system with this complete core workout.
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Mobility Cardio

This dynamic routine will get your heart rate up and the fun flowing! It’s high-energy, high-intensity, and will work up a sweat while you restore your joints and muscles.

Ready to join the mobility movement?

1,403 Reviews for Mobility Bundle

“I really love this program so far. I'm sore but not the kind where I can't function. I can see already after ONE WEEK how this will help and benefit me - especially as I age. Really excited to explore the rest of the program too!”

— Elizabeth M.

“Love it! Great warmup for harder workouts or a good workout for lazy days. Would love for you to add more of the short 10 minute workouts for all of the series.”

— Shawn O.

“Mobility One is exactly what my body needs. It has been tough for me because I am so tight, but I gradually feel my muscles getting stronger, and loosening up. I've been telling everyone about this!”

— Ann P.


— Linnette B.

“I will admit, I’m 59 years old and this is challenging even at the beginner stage. But I find it interesting and stimulating. I can do most of the poses/movements/postures albeit modified for myself right now. I’m eager to continue and see the change in my ability and growth with this unique program.”

— Ivette C.

“The best 29.00 that I have ever spent! Thank you!!”

— Thurun G.

“I love these workouts! I've only done the 10 minute ones so far but they were fantastic. Kaisa is amazing and genuine. My hip flexors are feeling so much better.... thanks Kaisa!”

— Hannah P.

“Great introduction to mobility and movement.”

— Evelyn O.

“Thank you Kaisa! I really liked this one! Greetings from Helsinki! 💕”

— Heidi L.

“I love it. Kaisa is a pleasure.”

— Rachel G.

“I started of gently with the 10 minute workout and felt wonderful. Day 2 I took the challenge and did the 30 minute work out which was equally as rewarding. I don’t think I can go back to just 10 minutes. Not being a fan of intense workouts this routine suits me well. I have recommended to a couple of my friends too.”

— Bebe K.

“I am 55 years old and have always disliked exercise. In the last year I started kickboxing and love that. I realized pretty early on that my lack of flexibility was going to hold me back. I had seen the ads for KaisaFit on Facebook and tried a few of the movements. I was sold! The Mobility One videos are challenging but doable. I pause the video when I need to because I am a bit slow still. Everyday I see improvement in my flexibility and I feel better throughout my day...less old lady creaking more energetic movement !”

— Stacey A.

“Hi Kaisa! I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for the originality of your workouts. Your formula of strength and mobility brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional training methods. I finish your workouts feeling like my joints are oiled up as well as muscular fatigue which is very satisfying. As an athlete with multiple little injuries, my body is grateful for the smoothness and intensity of your workouts. So thank you for your hard work and originality. To finish, I have to tell you that you are STUNNING! You look strong and healthy and it is inspiring. Take care of you xoxo”

— Samira Y.

“This is my second week and I feel so good already, the first workout made me feel energized and so good. I cant wait to do the rest of the bundle I got! Thank you Kaisa!!! XOXO”

— Chantha T.

“From: @aDivaLasVegas Thanks Kaisa! Joined Mobility Core because of your AWESOME IG previews. The movements are all BADASS and FUN! Spent a year in Pilates Reformer classes doing 4 INT and 1 ADV per week so your movements, cues and pace are familiar. Spent the first five sessions doing the 40 min INTRO to make sure I was following maintaining good form and just finished my 1st 30 min FLOW! Yay!!! Cheers and Best Wishes for our continued progress and success ;-)”

— Cheryl F.

“I love this so much! I’m normally a yogi, but haven’t been practicing as much as I’d like....this program has been the perfect motivation to get back into things. It feels great and I can already see improvement. I’ve been doing it after/before hikes and runs. I hit my upper 40’s this year, and flexibility and mobility is something I have to really work on as I age. Thanks for this awesome program!”

— Amy J.

“I was very satisfied about exercises, explanations and clarity of video!”

— Sorin G.

“I bought the bundle but currently am working on using Mobility One as my warmup before my weight lifting and then the mini as cooldown. I'm loving it and already feeling the benefit.”

— Emily V.

“I've watched and knew this was for me. I've tried your Sunday Stretch and now purchased the Mobility bundle. I like what you do; keep doing it! Thank you much🙂”

— D S.

“I just started the Instructional Mobility Strong. Loved it! I am a 54y-old martial artist - moving safely and efficiently is very important to me. The movement and flow really helped to loosen my joints, lengthen my muscles and connect the dots between different areas of the body. In doing it, I also discovered several sneaky tight areas that need attention! ;) This a great flow of movements that can stand alone to get your body moving efficiently. It can also be used restoratively after a big workout day. Thank you, Kaisa! :)”

— Davina M.

“Great price for the bundle. I love having more options for mobility work. The routines are very diverse and great. Love Kaisa, her motivation throughout the routine makes this even better. Routines are lots of fun. I did not regret investing into this for a second.”

— Daša P.

“Love the videos, workouts are so creative and fun to do. 10 min cardio is just a perfect warmup for a quick stretch session.”

— Daša P.

“I have been a personal trainer for 35 years. My teaching includes strength, yoga and pilates. As a trainer I am always looking for other trainers to inspire me for my own workout. I feel so thankful that I have found this series. Thanks so much.”

— Cynthia S.

“I bought mobility strength as a single package. I loved it so much I bought the bundle. As a triathlete, mobility is a key factor in reducing my risk of injury. Love this program.”

— Michelle P.

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