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Here’s everything you need to open up your joints and muscles while you sweat!


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Mobility Bundle

Are you ready to feel your absolute best?

This series of workouts is the complete package—START Mobility, Mobility One, Mobility Strength, Mobility Cardio, and Mobility Core. PLUS, we’ve included a full month of suggested programming (that you can customize based on your own schedule) and awesome self-care tips! Experience the amazing benefits of mobility while you get a total-body workout!

This is the complete package—strength day, core work, cardio blast, and active recovery—all combined to create the perfect total body program.

What is mobility?

Mobility allows you to move a joint through its full range of motion.

And why does this matter?
Mobility training helps to reduce any restrictions within the body by increasing your range of motion within each joint. The ability to move freely within your body not only helps you FEEL your best, but it can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce injuries and improve overall performance. Mobility is something every BODY can benefit from.

Have fun with this bundle of at-home workouts that includes:

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START Mobility

Whether you’re new to movement, experiencing knee or hip pain, or just looking for a program to ease you back into working out, this is the best place to START!
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Mobility One

Mobility One is the foundational routine. It can be used as an active recovery to any workout, a warm-up or cool-down, or simply a great break from sitting at your desk to stretch your body.
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Mobility Strength

A bodyweight strength routine with recovery built in. This workout rehabilitates the range of motion within your joints while you’re working out, so you finish feeling rejuvenated and more connected to your body.
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Mobility Core

Do more for your core! Improve posture, protect your back, and strengthen your body’s support system with this complete core workout.
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Mobility Cardio

This dynamic routine will get your heart rate up and the fun flowing! It’s high-energy, high-intensity, and will work up a sweat while you restore your joints and muscles.

Month of Mobility Calendar

Enjoy a month of recommended programming with the programs included in the Mobility Bundle!

Ready to join the mobility movement?

1,685 Reviews for Mobility Bundle

“This is exactly the type of workout I've been looking for. I've started doing the 10-minute version a few times per week and I feel so good the next morning, without any of my usual stiffness upon waking. I love the three options, I'm still able to do something good for my body even if only for ten minutes. When I have time, I think it will feel heavenly to do the 40-minute version.”

— AMY V.

“Amazing for my hip movement! I love the transition between each move and it really has helped my body to be looser and I feel like it’s given me much more range of motion. Love the 10 minute routine to start my day:)”

— Tori Kim S.

“I am 58 years old, a bit overweight and my exercise has consisted of walking, so not super fit nor flexible. I have both the START Mobility and START Fit and loved them! I am able to complete the workouts, felt good during and after. So happy! Thanks!”

— Catriona M.

“I love it!”

— Monique P.

“I usually do not leave reviews, but so far, I think this program is excellent. I've been looking for a good mobility program, and after a few sessions of Start Mobility, I do feel a little looser. I enjoy the pace, the exercises and Kaisa's upbeat personality and great smile! So, if you're looking for a gentle yet thorough mobility program, you've found it here!”

— Abbe S.

“I had torn rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders in the last 5 years. Recovery and gaining my range of motion back has been very hard. This mobility video is amazing! I’m already seeing huge gains, not only in my shoulders, which is incredible, but just in how I feel myself move now. ❤️ Thank you so much! Ruthann”

— Ruthann S.

“This program is Perfect!! Just what I needed to make a new start in my health journey. I've been working from home since last March do to the pandemic and haven't been working out or moving as much. This is a great way to get started. I noticed that when I do this mobility workout I feel so much better throughout my day.”

— Krystle T.

“I love this and intend to keep going- will be ready for the next step soon, I think!”

— Deidre L.

“I have mild arthritis in the mid toracic area, causing me back pain, including sciatic nerve pain that on times i take my whole right side in numb sensation or pain (depending on the day). I love working out and sometimes because of it i dont even know how to start, because sometimes its just worst after! 😟 Anyway i started doing mobility for a whole week! And i can tell you i feel i can move know😃 i have even started working out this week! Love it! And going to keep doing it, the long on the days im not very busy and the short version when im busy! I absolutely recommend!👍”

— Yvette A.

“Fantastic way to improve mobility and get fit!”

— Curtis T.

“Loving the routine and positive commentary which provides options for pace and range of movement. Thanks”

— Louise T.

“Thank you for making me move after 4 years of sedentary office chair life! I will keep going :)”

— Itzel V.

“Amo queste lezioni!!!!!! Amo le sue lezioni perché riesco a sgranchire tutte le mie articolazioni e allo stesso tempo a mettere in moto muscoli e fiato, tre cose di cui il mio corpo sente assoluto bisogno dopo tante ore passata seduta alla scrivania. In più Kaisa è piena di entusiasmo, allegria e carica! Insomma, per me è un vero piacere avere il calendario di lezioni differenziate giorno per giorno e finire la giornata con il suo allenamento! Grande Kaisa!!! Baci dall'Italia!! ^^ ****** I love these lessons !!!!!! I love her lessons because I can stretch all my joints and at the same time get muscle and breath in motion, three things that my body absolutely needs after so many hours spent sitting at the desk. In addition Kaisa is full of enthusiasm, cheerfulness and energy! In short, for me it is a real pleasure to have a calendar of different lessons day by day and finish the day with her training! Great Kaisa !!! Kisses from Italy!! ^^”

— Valentina R.

“Mobility cardio has been such a whole different experience when moving my body, I’ve been using these moves for warmups or second workout before end of day. I totally enjoy and would recommend to anyone!....Than you Kaisa!!!!”

— Evelin R.

“I purchased the Mobility bundle on a whim and am only in a week of START Mobility and WOW. In a short amount of time, I'm waking up with reduced pain levels and moving around more freely, sleeping deeper and general speaking, more energy. I had expected this to be a long journey and am FLOORED with the quick progress. Highly recommended!”

— Raina S.

“I am really stiff. I am the worst when it comes to stretching and loosen up my tight muscles which results in injury. I only completed my first week of the 10min and what a difference. I will keep you posted.”

— Kimberly N.

“it has me finally moving and jump starting doing something for myself. I let 2020 to get to me and bring me down and my mobility really suffered. Thank you, i love that you have a ten minute and a 30 minute course, this way when i feel a bit more mobile i will be able to do the 30 minutes. I just started it on saturday so this is actually my first week!”

— Guillermina M.

“I did one of the start series 6 days this week. I want to let you know how much I appreciate it and you, Kaisa. I am starting to exercise after almost a year and the start series is helping me wake up my muscles and allow me to get more motion and strength without injury. I normally would try to pick up where i was the last time i worked out, which inevitably ended in pain. I love seeing my body remember its own strength and look forward to seeing what else is possible. Thank you. Keep going.”

— Kara W.

“This is an excellent video to use in any stage of fitness. I love using it first thing in the morning to loosen up before I start the day, or treat it as a dynamic warmup video. It’s also the perfect video for days when my body is too exhausted to do a full workout - the 10 minute video is the perfect amount of movement for a true day off.”

— Reilly K.

“Kaisa, this is absolutely beautiful and fantastic workout! I love that you really point out the importance of going slow and being nice and gentle to out body. Thank you!”

— Ajda P.

“I've been in recovery for an eating disorder and have consequentially gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of my strength and mobility. I loved this workout and could instantly tell how this was gearing up for a more fluid yoga-esque practice. I'm so excited by the modifications as I can actually feel accomplishe, "yay, I did exactly what the instructor said," instead of defeated - "I'll never be able to do what they're doing." Thanks for making this and for creating such thoughtful and empowering modifications. ♥♥♥”

— Melissa J.

“I have been in bed with Covid and getting moving again feels so good. After being sick this is a perfect place to start back up. Tried short first and today did the long one. Had to take a break! Sickness sucks! But did the whole thing and feel good about it.”

— Natalie K.

“I have gone through the Mobility One Flow a few times a week for about a month now, in combination with other exercises. I love the whole sequence and surprised that I was able to do all the moves. It did not feel exhausting whilst doing it, but I could really feel my muscles the day after. It has also helped with my lower back problems and hope it will continue to help improve my back. Now I have also bought more programs and look forward to training, thinking about training as something joyful, not choreful. Thank you so much for creating these awesome workouts, I love them! 😃👌”

— Silje M.

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