Movement + Nutrition Bundle

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Everything you need to stay moving, and feeling your absolute best throughout the year!


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Movement + Nutrition Bundle

What’s up team? This amazing bundle include my movement workout library AND my new nutrition series, designed to keep you fit and healthy all year round.

This bundle includes a complete collection of at-home workouts:

  • Mobility One, which will keep you injury-free and feeling great.
  • The Living Room Series, fun and effective even in the confines of your living room!
  • The Bodyweight Series, core, strength, and cardio workouts with no-equipment needed.
  • And 20/20, my brand-new advanced workout series. 20 intense minutes, 20 days a month.

And a full year of meal plans — PLUS a new program to get you comfortable in the kitchen:

  • Newbie to Foodie, my brand new collaboration with food coach Liz Wyosnick, to help you build cooking skills so you can rock it in the kitchen
  • A Full Year of  Meal Plans, which will keep you covered in spring, summer, fall, and winter

You can check out the details about Newbie to Foodie here to see what this new program is all about!

Everything you need to stay moving, and feeling your absolute best throughout the year. Get it before it’s gone!

20 Reviews for Movement + Nutrition Bundle

“It’s absolutely amazing! I’ve been following Kaisa for many years I always admire her for hard work and enthusiasm for sport. This what I actually expected it from her. Motivation and nicely structured workout plus great simple nutrition which everyone will be understand and follow. Thank you Kaisa!!!!!!”

— Petra U.

“This is a well-rounded package worth every penny! Love Kaisa's upbeat energy. Easy to follow along and I can do the workouts from the comfort of my home. Really needed this during this time! The 20/20 challenge is thoughtful and each workout is challenging and varied. Nutrition and recipes have a shopping list and even change with the seasons. The reason I love Kaisa's is because of her mindfulness of not only your physical well being but your mental wellness. Very personal package. If you are on the fence I suggest going for it.”

— Kari S.

“Love it! Especially now in this times (kovid19) when my gym is closed”

— Hana L.

“Each workout pushes your body in ways you never knew were possible. I absolutely love how Kaisa teaches you to go by what YOUR body needs. The motivation you feel during each workout is amazing, I feel like I’m there in person. Thank you!”

— Ashley W.

“The workouts are great! I am a fitness trainer and learn so much from these workouts and so grateful I had a chance to purchase this great bundle. Kasia, keep doing such a great job and to inspire so may people. I cannot wait to your next workouts!”

— Liat B.

“I purchased the bundle recently. I have completed the full length move mobilization session. It really loosens you up and leaves you feeling amazing. I just got off two 12 hour flights back to back traveling from New Zealand to the UK and it really helped me recover from sitting all that time and moving the swelling from the flight. Should be prescribed for jet lag!!”

— Kelda R.

“Great pack for great price. Sets of exercises for any case and plenty of really useful recipes and tips for cooking. Really enjoy watching and will be definitely using lots of it! Thank you Kaisa so much, you inspire me!”

— Yana M.

“I bought the Black Friday Bundle after following Kaisa on social media for a while. It was a great deal that I couldn't pass up. I love that the meal plans have plenty of options since I'm gluten/nut free. I've done the long and short mobility one programs and strength 1 from the bodyweight series and love that they are short and effective with modifications since I'm pretty out of shape at the moment. Cant wait to keep digging into them!”

— Shauna M.

“Easy (or not), simple (or complex), available for every kind of person who whishes to be or stay fit. All of the programs are adequate to all kinds of needs, and when you see yourself doing the stuff that Kaisa shows everyday on her Instagram posts it's an extra motivation you get from all this stuff! I reccomend and i use it everyday ;) Go strong team!!!”

— José G.

“The bundle package was such a great deal! I love having a variety of workouts that I can choose on based off of what I think my body needs that day. Kaisa's energy and cueing are on point.”

— Channing F.

“Just completed Tuesday (day2) of 20/20. It’s really challenging, and definitely gives you a good workout! I’m not new to working out and I’m aching already! Thank you Kaisa! Keep up the good work! TEAM ❤️”

— Jane U.

“I bought this bundle for my wife as a gift, she is super excited to learn some fun exercises. One thing we’ve both always struggled with is healthy eating, so we are both really excited about what this package offers in terms of meal planning for each season.”

— Matthew M.

“My body was becoming stiff and I was looking for a workout with rhythmic flow that would stretch and energize me. And I found it with Kaisa! I started with Mobility One and began doing both the short and longer versions at least once a day. Then I ordered access to all the routines. I appreciate Kaisa’s down-to-earth perspective and I love the “good team” support she interjects throughout the exercises. Makes me think I’m not alone in my living room! Thanks and great work!”

— Eve C.

“All of the products in here deliver as promised, and what an incredible deal. I had purchased Mobility One, and loved it. I do it at home every week, sometimes with my toddler, who loves following along. Now I have some quick, intense workouts to do at home as well, which is awesome as I am always looking for more ways to fit movement into my day. I've tried a few videos from both the Bodyweight Series and 20/20 so far, and loved them. Really an amazing workout in just 20 minutes. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, and don't feel like I am going to hurt myself trying any of these moves. I love Kaisa's coaching. She is so positive and fun. Definitely going to return to all of these workouts again and again, and can't wait to try the Winter Meal Plan!”

— Jessica W.

“I jumped on this Black Friday deal because I wanted the 20/20 and the price of all the additional workouts and food prep/ ideas was a no brainer! I love the 20 minute workouts, they are so challenging!! I enjoy her coaching is in this one, helps to keep me energized ! I love that I can take everything with me and workout everywhere, ie hotel workouts!! Love Kaisa”

— Gina F.

“I have been following Kaisa on social media now for a while and have always been inspired by her videos. Finally bought a bundle - I'm 3 days into the 2020 program and am LOVING it! The mobility videos and warm-up alone are amazing and so functional - but the 2020 totally gives me what I've been seeking in shorter but intense workouts!! Kaisa and her team are very motivating throughout the videos and I am grateful I bought the bundle to have easy access for bodyweight, hotel workouts and 20 minute videos! THANK YOU SO MUCH and keep up the amazing work!!! :)”

— Kathleen D.

“I am so excited to get started with my bundle. I have benefited from everything I have invested in with Kaisa. Strength is attainable, fun, and it helps to have her partnering with me in my fitness journey!!”

— Jessi S.

“The 20/20 Program is exactly what I needed! I am so busy this time of year, so a 20 minute workout that’s still intense and challenging is perfect. Nothing to figure out or equipment to set up - just play the video and follow along. Awesome! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Candy T.

“Well, I finished my first workout. I have to say...I was very impressed. I have exercised all my life. I love to exercise, but I am also 57 years old and I was worried how I would do. It was great. I really, really sweated and it was hard, but I was able to do all the moves without feeling I might hurt myself. It was awesome. Looking forward to trying the other workouts. Also grateful it only took me half an hour and could do it in my small living space with no equipment necessary. Yes, yes.”

— Lenore M.

“Everything Kaisa creates is professional, motivating, and full of heartfelt energy. I was so happy to see this Bundle with all the favorites, and some new programs, too. I appreciate that she prices all of these in an affordable range, and all of the routines are unique and interesting enough to repeat without being bored. This bundle is part of my new year's workout plan and holiday survival plan. Thank you!!!”

— nicole m.