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The perfect place for a beginner to START moving!


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START Bundle

Are you a beginner looking for the perfect place to start moving and feeling your best?

This series of workouts is everything you need to get moving and feeling great! This bundle includes: START Mobility, START Sweat, and START Strong. Plus, we’ve included a full month of suggested programming (that you can customize based on your own schedule) and awesome self-care tips!

Get a total-body routine that includes cardio, mobility and strength training.

Why the START Bundle?

The fitness world can be pretty exclusive, but it’s my mission to help change the landscape. Every single body deserves to move and feel good, and the START routines are the way in. Whether you’re completely new to movement, recovering from an injury, or just jumping back in, these workouts will give you the tools and guidance you need to start moving and feeling your absolute best! Let’s go Team!

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START Mobility

Whether you’re new to movement, experiencing knee or hip pain, or just looking for a program to ease you back into working out, this is the best place to START!
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START Strong

Strength isn’t about how much you can lift, it’s about how strong you feel in your own body. START Strong involves a variety of physical exercises that are designed to improve your strength and endurance. And the best part? All you need is your own bodyweight!
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This fun cardio routine is the perfect way to get your sweat on! I’ve designed this workout to not only get your heart pumping, but to prepare you to graduate to more difficult movements (when you’re ready) that further challenge your mind, body, and spirit!

START Month Calendar

Enjoy a month of recommended programming with the routines included in the START Bundle!

199 Reviews for START Bundle

“I have been looking for the right program to get back into fitness and increase my mobility after losing all balance and flexibility. I have yet to figure out what is wrong with me, but a program that allows me to use a chair/walker/wall while still helping me improve has been invaluable. I wake up every morning excited to do my routine and it's amazing having the long and short videos to choose from depending on how much time I have. I look forward to graduating to more routines!”

— Brandy H.

“Completed first day ... I feel amazing ... Love it!”

— Denna G.

“I got hooked on Day 1. After trying various methods of exercise and losing weight, I had given up. Every "beginners" level was way more difficult for someone trying to go back to the basics of movement and form. The START Bundle and Kaisa's genuinely cheery disposition and warmth has forever changed my relationship with my body. THANK YOU!”

— Sofia F.

“These are exactly what I need right now. These workouts are well-planned, and leave me feeling more open, stronger, and happy in my body. The pacing is deliberate, and I especially appreciate Kaisa's pointers about form, breathing, and appreciating my body. I wondered whether I should purchase this for a couple of weeks, and I am so glad I did. Kaisa is such a positive presence in my days! Feeling very grateful for her and her work.”

— Trica P.

“Love, love, love it! I had lost a lot of movement over the last lockdown and felt like I'd aged 10 years. Moving mojo is defo back! It's only been a week but I feel so much better, cannot wait to see where this takes me! Just wish I'd taken up the offer for access to the whole programme 🙈”

— Samantha H.

“Love it! Very simple stretches that get me feeling ready for the day!”

— Paul S.

“I am hooked on stretching right now, the short sitting stretching session is so handy and I use it few times during my work day! Have checked couple of other sessions, and will expand into them the coming week. Thanks a bundle for doing this exercise sessions!!! Love you Kaisa! :)”

— Paty J.

“I'm loving this program so far! I feel so great after I'm done. I didn't realize how much working from home has messed with my body! I will definitely purchase more of the programs.”

— Melinda C.

“I have tried various workouts throughout the year, but never connected to any like I have Kaisa. She is incredible giving options along the way to challenge ourselves at our own pace. I finally feel like I can actually stick to a workout and look forward to seeing myself get stronger and better.”

— Kelly V.

“Although I’ve been doing fitness activities all my life I think it’s important to make sure I am aware of the basics. These exercises help me get back into good form habits. When I’m learning a compound move I usually let my form go out the window because I’m trying so hard to multi-task. Well anyways I love all the KaisaFit Just Move workouts I’ve done so far!!”

— Christi H.

“Hug tried the 40 minute workout tonight for the first time. Sweating and I love it! Amazing - I can finally do burpees with a hop front and back (leaning on ottoman). I have hip and back issues; I always feel better after your workouts. This is my new favorite. Learning to accept my chubby 57 year old body as a work in progress. I am thankful each day I wake up, say thank you Lord and get moving. God bless you.”

— Barri M.

“I am in the third year of recovery from frozen shoulders, (first one then the other) and with the lack of mobility which was only compounded by Covid, I have been basically trapped in my home not moving and stuck at a computer or on the sofa. I LOVE the Start Mobility program. It’s exactly what someone like me, who is recovering from injury or an extended period of immobility needs. With the multi-level workouts, the program is easy to customize to meet whatever you’re level or situation is. I cannot recommend it enough for people who are looking to improve their mobility and health.”

— Christine L.

“This is a great workout to start my morning! Stretches everything, works large muscle groups gently and focuses my breath. It is the first thing I do before I even leave my bedroom. It also motivates me to walk or do my weights after breakfast. No floor work is great because of my periphery nerve damage I cannot get on my knees or lower limbs easily.”

— Leslie H.

“I love these videos for two reasons, both have to do with being afraid of my body. First, I had a bad neck injury from improper exercising and it has put a huge wrench in my fitness routine for the past 4 years. Most strengthening or HIIT workouts involve planks, which cause massive pain for me the next day. Kaisa’s modified burpee causes no pain and it is SO EMPOWERING! I feel strong and capable and unafraid to try hard things again. Her moves are simple too, so I can go slow and turn the workout into a mindfulness exercise, focusing on form and how my body feels and just reminding myself that movement is more important than anything else. I’ve been on a mindfulness journey for many years now and being able to find a workout program where I Can mix the two is such a game changer. Second reason is I have a similar body type as Kaisa, although I am no where near her fitness level. My mother also had this frame but she hated it and said a lot of negative things about her body and wouldn’t workout because she “bulked too much” and hated “being big.” Since our frames are the same, I picked up those same negative thoughts and really limited myself throughout life, even though I’m naturally athletic. Seeing Kasia use those same things as an asset is so inspiring and proves everything my mom said was flat out wrong. With Kaisa’s workouts, I finally see someone like me and I can’t even describe how meaningful that is! Anyway, I really hope to see more of these Start Cardio videos. First time I feel confident and capable to make it through a workout and not wake up in horrible pain.”

— Kimberly S.

“You inspire me to move this beautiful body again. Thank You!”

— Frances R.

“This program is AMAZING. I have been overweight my whole life, but also worked out my whole life. I have always been from the 'no pain-no gain/ go hard or go home/take no prisoners' school of exercise. But between COVID and being 53 years old, I just couldn't get up the energy to exercise AND I couldn't find that killer instinct that I usually have. A friend suggested this and I scoffed at the idea of a starting/beginners workout. I was being so silly!!! Honestly, it is perfect. And I really do feel proud when I finish each workout. For anyone having trouble motivating themselves to do something....try this. I promise you, you will love it. And you will love Kasia. She is easy going, supportive and positive. I am looking forward to working out with her for a long, long time. :)”

— Anna H.

“I am enjoying the 10 minute version right now. I have been down with nerve damage in my legs for 2 years and everything else atrophied while we tried to solve it. These stretches have helped me feel like I’m able to at least work out again. Thank you!”

— Emily G.

“Thank you for the achievable exercises. I am in my early seventies and for the past 7 years have been going through treatment for breast cancer in both boobs, having had a mastectomy in one side. Not much exercise done during that time and I have now been diagnosed with arthritis in all my major joints. I have your start programme: brilliant especially combining it with specific exercises for feet and hands. I'm looking forward to moving up to the next level. Once again thank you.”

— Delma H.

“This is such a great exercise routine. What I love is that you pay a lot of attention to how our bodies feel and what to watch out for. You also talk about how to do the movement. Hinge is amazing. I have back and hip issues and I already feel relief because I’m paying attention to that hinge. I love your —GOOD WORK TEAM you are talking directly to me!! I need it. I look forward to doing the exercises every week!!!”

— Leslie L.

“Thank you. I have not moved properly for quite awhile. One session in and my neck and back pain have greatly improved. I am looking forward to the other classes in the bundle.”

— Krista M.

“I kept seeing Kaisa on Instagram and as a former yoga teacher liked the idea of incorporating mobility into all aspects of movement. I've been dealing with a series of injuries and health issues for the past 2-3 years and my weight and general health have suffered. After doing the Start Bundle for a week, I genuinely felt a difference, even after the very first session. I had severe vertigo for a month and a half and am still unable to do a lot of yoga poses so using the chair made such a huge difference. I feel less pain in my joints and did not have much soreness after trying the Start Strength video. That's always a deterrent to starting a new program - knowing the impending soreness from starting a new fitness routine. I'm really pleased with this program and looking forward to continuing.”

— Julie S.

“After a slow start, I finally got my first week of the Start program done. What an awesome program! I'm doing the short workouts for the first 2 weeks, then will move on to the longer ones for the following 2 weeks. After that, I'll tackle the mobility program. I'm alternating with a 16-week yoga program, on the off days, working out 6 days per week. Once I get through the 16 weeks, I may post a before & after video. 😉”

— Maya K.

“I watched this video before doing it and swore I would not be able to do it. I told myself I would work my way up to it. I have back and hip issues that prevent me from really moving the way I want-hence why I brought this package. But also why I was hesitant. I was wrong. This knocked the breath out of me, I paused when I needed to but it was completed and I really can't wait to do it again. What I loved is the encouragement. I love that Kasia continues to emphasize different ways to step up your workout or to keep at the lower end. I did all of mine at the lower end and will work my way up to the different levels. But I did it! Thank you Kasia for creating this fun beginner level. It's just what I needed.”

— Leslie L.

“Hi This workshop it is perfect to start out with. I am not that limber but can do this. I also love the chair one I can do at my desk. Really excited about doing this regularly”

— Bernie M.

“HI Kaisa, I've been doing Mobility One for a while, but I decided to go for Start Sweat, to get more of an aerobic thing going on. I really like it! And I love your encouragement. It would be helpful, in future programmes (I'm in the UK, hence different spelling), to have more variety in the of sequences. Also, a request. I'm 56, and my balance is kind of an issue (always has been). I like how you adapt yoga poses into more of a flow; it would be great if you developed a Kaisa approach to balance. I love your vibe, it's a real tonic, and the programmes work well for me.”

— Thecla S.

“I really like this program. I've been looking for you Kaia! Your energy is great and your understanding is so positive. I have a wee bit of arthritis in my left hip, lower back pain from surgery I had over 10 years ago and I get cramps in my calves and feet and sometimes that is extremely painful. I find the stretching is helping tremendously. You are awesome. I look forward to more mobility and strength every day. Thank you for this program.”

— Jeanie O.

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