START Mobility

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The NEW beginner’s guide to total body mobilization. The perfect routine to help you START and stay moving with ease!

We know you’ll love this program as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just email us within 60 days and we’ll issue a full refund!

START Mobility Includes

Beginner Mobility Routine
3 Digital Video Workouts
30-min, 10-min, and Chair Variations
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English Subtitles
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75 Reviews

START Mobility

If you’re ready to get moving, start with this fun introduction to mobility!

Whether you’re new to movement, experiencing knee or hip pain, or just looking for a program to ease you back into working out, this is the best place to START!

What is mobility? Mobility allows you to move a joint through its full range of motion.

And why does this matter? Mobility training helps to reduce any restrictions within the body by increasing the range of motion within each joint. The ability to move freely within your body not only helps you FEEL your best, but it can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce injuries, and get you back into movement.

So, how do I get started? Right here. This is a beginner program with a variety of exercises to start opening up your joints and muscles, and ultimately have you feeling your absolute best!

This is a program for everybody and EVERY BODY. No matter what your activity level is, you will benefit from this accessible routine!

Why START Mobility?

When you incorporate mobility training into your weekly routine, you’ll find that as your joints and muscles start to open up, everyday activities will become easier to accomplish! Imagine bending down to the floor to pick up your kids without aches and pains, or sitting in a work meeting without having to constantly shift to find comfort.

Incorporate START Mobility into your routine several times a week to feel all the benefits. Here’s what to expect:

  • Low impact workout (no jumping!)
  • Standing and sitting routine only (no getting up off the floor!)
  • Alleviate hip and knee pain
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Relieve stress and chronic pain
  • Step-by-step coaching

Are you ready to START feeling your best?


Welcome to START Mobility


START Mobility Short (10 mins)

This is the perfect short, accessible routine that will have you feeling great. Every little bit counts toward moving with ease!

START Mobility Long (30 mins)

Have a bit more time and would like to go through a longer workout? This is the perfect version for you. Plan to work yourself up to this slowly, and be sure to listen to your body!

Chair Mobility (5 mins)

We are finding ourselves sitting a lot lately. This is a simple, short routine to mobilize your neck, shoulders and back without even standing up!

75 Reviews for START Mobility

“Fifty-ache plus years old and needing to compensate for a desk job so I thought I'd try Kaisa Fit. Start Mobility is very gentle on cranky knees. A bare week in and balancing is getting better, so's the mobility. I do the 30 minute one daily, and can feel it working my abs, as well loosening up hips, neck and shoulders. I love Kaisa's cheerful and encouraging style and enjoy being a member of The Team. Very happy I bought this program!”

— Keera F.

“It feels so good to be moving with confidence again! I can do this! Thank you for making this easy to achieve, yet so rewarding. MG”

— Marlyn G.

“Thank you very much, I’m enjoying the beginner mobility workouts a lot. Looking forward to getting into more of your programs as my mobility improves.”

— Rhonda H.

“I love the this workout routine... it really helps with my limbs not feeling stiff or sticky... if that makes sense? i use it the short workout as a warm up. I will be looking into purchasing the other workouts”

— Teresa C.

“This is exactly what I needed to get going and give my body that needed initial boost of energy to dive back into my fitness. Thank you so much, Kaisa!”

— Mira K.

“This has been a great place for me to pun intended! While I try to live an active lifestyle, I have to honestly say this type of activity has not been a part of it. What an eye opener it has been. I have discovered I am not very flexible at all. I have loved the process of learning different ways to move my body but most importantly, how to care for my body! Thank you!!”

— Felicia R.

“I'm used to doing exercises, Tai Chi, yoga, physio exercises, but after some surgeries and recently a slipped disc with severe sciatica, AND hypermobile joints, I must admit I became weary of exercise as everything I seemed to do made me feel worse in one way or another. I am 60. I have stuck to the ten minute start mobility routine, alongside a few other trusted exercises, and the improvement in a few days has been considerable. The first day was hard, painful. Day three, it was already easy. And I feel stronger in the day, moving about in general. I think I might be getting my body back. And that's just with the ten minutes I will stick to until I feel totally comfortable to do more. I tried Pilates, but it made me so much worse, it was too much too soon for me. Kaisafit feels right to me, I know I can adjust it to suit my needs perfectly.”

— Gisela G.

“I have been doing the long version of the start program (stretching) for about 2 weeks. I am a 68 yr old woman who has been moderately active all my life including walking my golden retriever 2 to 3 times a day for about 40 min at each outing. However I have become quite stiff in the last 2 years due to too much sitting between dog walks. What I have noticed since starting the program is that my gait has improved, my ability to shoulder check when driving or bike riding has improved, my walking speed is faster with little or no discomfort, posture has improved and I just feel better. Thanks for being in my fb feeds, etc and thank you for providing this program. The instructions are clear and simple and for me the tempo is great. I'm looking forward to starting the other programs soon to further improve my fitness level. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Jillian W.


— Juan A.

“I just started mobility training along side my regular work out. This has been a great warm up for my regular workout. I find that I am better prepared to workout with weights and even Hiit after doing the start mobility 10 min workout. I have been doing the longer version (30 min) twice a week and the short version 4 times a week as a warm up. I love it.”

— Andrea D.

“I love kaisa fit! So far it has really helped in my mobility again. I am on and off of exercising and this time it has been awhile, so start mobility is great for those starting back again! Thanks! I would like to see some food plans on weight loss if at all possible, I started this program so I can get moving again but I also need to lose a bit of weight! It would be really nice to see something geared towards those that need to lose, I would definitely buy it! Thanks again, keep up the good work!”

— Charmaine J.

“This workout is fabulous. I love the body positivity of it, the encouragement, and the focus on functional movement. Thank you for distinguishing yourself from the punishing bs of the rest of the fitness industry! This is accessible, useful, invigorating stuff.”

— Emily L.

“I love this program. It is an excellent starting point to get movement without being too strenuous.”

— Jen B.

“I bought this program because at 54 with a sedentary job, I know I'm not as flexible as I'd like to be. Sure enough after even just 6 days I can feel my flexibility starting to return. And I find myself incorporating some of the stretches into my work day when I'm stuck at my desk. Kaisa's video's are fun even when challenging, and I love that they don't have generic music in the background. I'm still in the "Start Mobility" package and look forward to all the "Mobility" video's.”

— Nico S.

“The START Mobility 10mins is great for morning stretch routine!”

— Mélinda B.

“I am 62 and pretty deconditioned, having been sedentary for several years. I had a fall about 6 months ago in tore my bicep. I’ve been in a decent amount of pain since. I’ve just started the starter exercises and am already seeing good improvement in my range of motion and pain! I will continue this low stress movement until I feel stronger, but I can’t wait to advance. I love the way my body feels after doing this program.”

— Denise G.

“I'm not overly flexible due to having arthritis. I found all the stretches easy to do and didn't feel pain or seize up like I have during other kinds of exercise. I highly recommend this for anyone who is time poor or trying to get back into exercise.”

— Ellen G.

“I was so nervous because it had been a while since I did any exercises but this program is building my confidence really I do it daily. I feel empowered and I hope in time I will move to 30 minutes Thank you”

— Besky N.

“I haven't worked out in a while, so I was concerned about mobility and endurance loss. I thought this program would be a great way to slowly get back into movement. I was right! Only a few days in & I already see a significant difference. I will definitely purchase the other programs.”

— Lauren R.

“I have been wanting your program for a long time. But was afraid because i havent moved in a long time. With "Start" it has given me the opportunity to warm the body. I hope within 2 weeks I'll be able to move to one to "Mobility"”

— Kathleen Q.

“The moves are fairly easy and a great start. After this week, I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and flexibility.”

— Trish P.

“I did the 30 minute start mobility program. It was great and I felt looser and more flexible afterwards. One caution: balancing all my weight on the chair with two hands (for the precursor exercise to down dog) caused the chair to flip down and I landed hard on my knees. Best to push the chair up against the wall.”


“Just started my 30 minutes mobility today . Felt great .. thought I was walking on an old wooden floor from all the creaks and noises from my body . But looking forward to day two . Thank you Kaisa for putting this together .”

— Charles L.

“Wow - what a great way to start to return movement and flexibility to my body. Kaisa’s “let’s do this!” attitude and real words of encouragement are just the ticket. I’m using the 10-minute video this week and am so excited to move on to the 30-minute version. Thank you for this gift!”

— Carol H.

“Brilliant! Thankyou so much. It’s made me realise how tight my body is and how much I need this every day. I’m 42 and have done weight training in the past and never flexed or stretched properly and an paying for it in my body now. Never, ever too late to start this and begin my mobility journey. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Melanie L.

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