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Introducing our JUST MOVE membership! Today, there are 356 on-demand, at-home workouts that fit any mood, any activity level, and any body! With new workouts added every week to keep things fresh, fun, and feeling good!


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Meet our diverse Team of certified instructors that offer an awesome variety of movement to spice up your workout routine!

Kaisa Keranen

Mobility, strength, cardio, bodyweight

Kisha Vaughan


Tyler Hutchison


Phillip Berry

Strength, cardio

Ashley Davies

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Ashish Arora


Andrew Bueno

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Elena Cheung


Anthony Meray


Rachel Goodner

Cardio, yoga, barre

Aaliyah Earvin

Cardio, boxing, yoga

Darsenio Hunter

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Kk Jackson

Cardio, yoga

Brittany Love

Bands, cardio

Abiola Akanni


Hannah Hutson

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Robel Woldu


Marcus Wells


Paris Lee


Shab Ghaibi



From dumbbells, bodyweight, mobility, bands, kettlebells, boxing, yoga, and even dance!









556 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“I love this lady, she makes me feel stronger. Love her motivation and truth.”

— Andrea B.

“First exercise session back after being slack for 3 months, thought I could do it on my own but super glad I signed up. Feeling great and excited to do more sessions!”

— Rachel M.

“This was super fun! I was definitely sweating!!!”

— Karen M.

“Kaisa, I now love my body, and she is my best friend! I have been doing Just Move everyday since January. I’ve lost close to 20 pounds and 2+ inches off my measurements, but better than that, I feel great! I move my body every day. The challenges are fun and keep me going, and I don’t have to plan a workout, just follow along. My body and I THANK YOU!”

— Susan G.

“Tremendous! Such a great workout!!! Don't let the quickness of the workout fool you! I am dripping in sweat but feeling fantastic! Thank you!!”

— SUE E.

“Loved it! The stretches felt really good. I'm going to do them a couple more times throughout my day today.”

— Tammy R.

“Just finished day 1 and when I heard the words “that’s all” I cried. I was fully prepared to encounter movements I wouldn’t be able to follow. Instead the instructor was so mindful and self informed. I’m excited for tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for tomorrow’s exercise!”

— Rachel L.

“Okay, where do I begin? I’m a 25 year PE and Dance teacher feeling all of the aches of my professional career and age, however, working out is my happy place. I’ve tried several apps, videos, classes looking for the right kind of challenge for me, and guess what? I’ve found it. As a former competitor, I like the challenge of weighted work, super sets, agility and coordination work. Kaisa has created those workouts that meet my demands. I’m a little less achy and gaining back mobility in my shoulders, hips and back. I’m in my happy sweaty place, thank you!”

— Adelina B.

“Kaisa you are the awesomest instructor in the world 😍 Your workouts are incredibly fun, I don't feel like suffering during the exercises and still I'm just magically getting back to shape and beyond that. Thank you so much!”

— Emmi K.

“This programming offers an unprecedented range of options for any athlete, any person, at any stage of their lives. I've used their yoga, strength, mobility, and dance classes, and each instructor is helpful, smart, and engaging. Can't recommend enough!”

— Katie R.

“I am not a religious person but... HALLELUJA!! I work in the health/rehab industry so I know how to exercise and write programs but after a huge length of time off exercising I have been struggling to get back to it. I have tried my own stuff as well as multiple online 'beginner' programs but mentally I can't do them because my mind just says 'no, these are too hard right now'. I can (very) happily say I have fully completed all the Just Move sessions I have tried so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

— Yvette G.

“Love it! More coordination for this one”

— Kaija T.

“Awesome sweet up”

— Karin T.

“This was my first Kisha workout and I loved her energy! So appreciated that there is a 10 minute option for a totally newbie! Thank you :)”

— Shauna R.

“Kaisa is the coach and cheerleader we all want and needed. As a GroupFitness instructor, I get burnt out programming my own workouts all the time. This is a perfect blend of creative, challenging and functional movements - and FUN! Love love love!!!!!”

— Natalie N.

“Love the flexibility of time ! Even if I only have 10 min I get a great workout or stretch! And the pace is perfect! The best investment in my health this year hands down !!”

— evonn P.

“And so iT begins !”

— Betti N.

“Loved this workout! I didn’t have any dumbbells and still found it challenging.”

— Divine C.

“Just did the Day 1 of the Start program. I have done structured movement before in my life (I was a theater person and did warm ups), but I have medicine-related weight gain, and I have NOT moved since I was at least 10 years younger and 50 pounds lighter, so I have been quite concerned about moving again, because my body is very different. But I don't have a schedule which allows me to go to most in-person exercise classes. Day 1 of Just Move START was perfect. She encouraged listening to your body, and I can tell already that I will be able to go at my own pace, figure out what is good for my body, and repeat as many times as I want to ensure I'm comfortable before moving forward. I'm no longer afraid of starting to move on my own at home!”

— Angela R.

“I love Just Move! I’ve been following Kaisa for about 4 years now, but Just Move has introduced me to new trainers, new exercises, and new challenges! It is super user friendly, with variations for all levels, it got me through losing weight for my wedding, staying strong during my pregnancy, and now bouncing back in my postpartum!”

— Sarah S.

“Great low impact cardio for those of us with janky knees. I was able to slow down when necessary, but my heart rate stayed up. Didn't feel like I was cheating.”

— Tenetta C.

“Great 20min !!!”

— Veronica D.

“I am on day 3 of the 30 DAY CHALLENGE for beginners. I have been recovering for the past year from an injury. Prior to the injury, I would have considered myself as an advanced/intermediate. I feel like I am back to square one - working on my balance. Thank you for 2 insights: One - my body is my friend and I DO NOT beat up my friend. I am being much more kind to myself during my recovery and Two - it's ok to start slow and work at MY pace, not anyone else's. In addition to your work outs, I am walking ALOT! (my dog is very happy). Thank you Kaisa, I love your videos, podcast and your laugh. Take care and lots of blessings to you.”

— Robin F.

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