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765 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“Great intro to stretch movement”

— Kara J.

“Bomb workouts!! Thank you!”

— Marie P.

“great energizer when I didn't feel like a head enough energy to start a longer work out.”

— Erin M.

“CJs Hip Stretch felt soooo good!!! I love his vibe and relaxed practice. Man my hips are ready…love that windshield move! I needed that fr fr !!”

— Stella C.

“Loving everything so far, especially Keisha's dance workouts. Please give us more of those and maybe more heels classes too. So fun!”

— Zynnia S.

“I LOVE the variety, the options and having different faces to train with. I LOVE Kaisa, don't get me wrong, but I crave variety to stay consistent. I'm super happy so far with the workouts, just finishing my first challenge with a few random other workouts added to spread out the challenge a little longer. I'm excited to start another soon!”

— Leah R.

“Bite-sized movement for all levels. Fun and inclusive!”

— Rachel R.

“We love the programs but want more from Kaisa she’s the best instructor and an app to make it easier to connect to tvs”

— Matt R.

“I liked this a lot.”

— Suzanne N.

“I am loving my membership! I have never been into working out at home and this is the first time I am sticking with my workouts. I love the variety and the quality workouts offered at Just Move. I initially signed up to work on my mobility and I am seeing a huge difference in how my joints move and seeing less injuries. I am grateful for Kaisa and her team! Way to go!”

— Anna B.

“Lovely 😁”

— Janine B.

“I like this guy ! Will do more .”

— Mary D.

“Perfect for a day of 'something better than nothing'. Thanks!”

— Elle F.

“I’ve been a member for over a year. I love the huge variety of options for ways to move that are available here. The instructors are varied , and all are welcoming, talented, and show concern that students respect their own bodies. No matter what kind of workout I’m craving, there’s one here!”

— Meredith M.

“Not gonna lie, I'm here because CJ is here and I can't wait for more of his content. Full length flows with slow power and hopefully a whole series of his crazy core workouts. Thank you so much for giving him a spot to shine and share his amazing practice! Also happy to see all this content from other instructors waiting to be explored.”

— Samantha M.


— Ravish B.

“I just started a week ago and this is the first workout I hit on that I absolutely loved! I feel like I've worked hard, but haven't just killed myself. This video makes me wanna keep working out.”

— Brianna P.

“Great fast an effectiveness and fun always ❤️”

— Rocio A.

“Smug me thought this would be too easy. Not so smug now.”

— Patricia S.

“This was wonderful! It brought a smile to my face ! and I needed the little boost. She is an excellent coach!”

— Mary M.

“I love Just move I found Kaisa's start moving program a couple of years ago when I was recovering from my cervical pain, I was looking for exercises I can do at home and I found her, since then I have been improving more and more !! Thank you so much for helping me on my recovery and be available to exercise again, feeling better and live a normal life!!”

— Mayra R.

“Amazing! I love Rachel's workouts!!”

— Crysten F.

“Quick and effective!”

— Beth P.

“best workout decision I've made. because of the ability to choose the length of a workout I've been able to fit in a workout whenever. started with mobility one and I'm very happy I've stuck with this program”

— Kelly B.

“So far, loving it. I started in January with Kaisa's Mobility RX Challenge and now am into Luka's Dumbbell Strength Challenge. I appreciate that these challenges allow for flexibility with life, but I love the Facebook group accountability as well. Can't wait to see what March has in store!”

— Samantha A.

“I enjoyed it. Quick. Clear directions and a good sense of humor,”

— Liz L.

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Kaisa Keranen

Mobility, strength, cardio, bodyweight

Kisha Vaughan


Tyler Hutchison


Phillip Berry

Strength, cardio

Ashley Davies

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Ashish Arora


Andrew Bueno

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Elena Cheung


Anthony Meray


Rachel Goodner

Cardio, yoga, barre

Aaliyah Earvin

Cardio, boxing, yoga

Darsenio Hunter

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Kk Jackson

Cardio, yoga

Brittany Love

Bands, cardio

Abiola Akanni


Hannah Hutson

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Robel Woldu


Marcus Wells


Paris Lee


Shab Ghaibi