Introducing our JUST MOVE membership! Today, there are 148 on-demand, at-home workouts that fit any mood, any activity level, and any body! With new workouts added every week to keep things fresh, fun, and feeling good!



Meet our diverse Team of certified instructors that offer an awesome variety of movement to spice up your workout routine!

Kaisa Keranen

Mobility, strength, cardio, bodyweight

Kisha Vaughan


Tyler Hutchison


Phillip Berry

Strength, cardio

Ashley Davies

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Ashish Arora


Andrew Bueno

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Elena Cheung


Anthony Meray


Rachel Goodner

Cardio, yoga, barre

Aaliyah Earvin

Cardio, boxing, yoga

Darsenio Hunter

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Kk Jackson

Cardio, yoga

Brittany Love

Bands, cardio

Abiola Akanni


Hannah Hutson

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Robel Woldu


Marcus Wells


Paris Lee


Shab Ghaibi



From dumbbells, bodyweight, mobility, bands, kettlebells, boxing, yoga, and even dance!









Video Reviews

176 Reviews for Just Move Membership

“I love the videos I've tried--lots of ways to make the workout harder or easier depending on my ability level. Well done!”

— Abbey D.

“Just Move has a great variety of classes available and pushes you without judgement or shaming (I hate the shaming).”

— Megan C.

“I liked how easy these moves were and realized wow its a great way to also get out of the bed and do a quick stretch in the mornings before starting the day. Will make this one a daily routine.”

— Ajoke B.

“The deadlifts challenged me. I've never done them with a hold at the bottom and felt a good burn. I've always struggled with the one-legged dead lifts and found the tip about pulling in the belly button really made a difference. Excellent workout!”

— Karen M.

“Loving Just Move. Gentle, but effective, workout. I’m 68 and have had both hips replaced, the last one 8 years ago. So, I am super conscious of not doing anything too strenuous on them. Many exercise programs for seniors are not challenging enough for me. This one is! And I’m doing burpees that get my heart rate up without getting on the floor! Thank you, Kaisa!❤️”

— Edwina K.

“Really great, this is helping me ease back into using weights as part of my home workouts. More 20 minute range of beginner dumbbells would be great (and Intermediate too!)”

— Leah R.

“Having the motivation to exercise has always been a struggle for me, and I’ve fallen in and out of exercise for my entire life. I’ve had stints where I have worked out regularly and then I have gone years where I haven’t done anything at all. I’ve had success with group classes, but independently going to the gym or working out at home has always been a challenge. I was skeptical that KaisaFit would work for me, but I decided to give it a try. In January 2021, I purchased the Home Workout bundle. Then, when it launched in April, I became a Just Move member. And, I have been loving it. Now that I have the program, I move my body every day. I’ve moved for thousands of minutes and it has benefitted both my physical and my mental health--especially during COVID-related lockdowns. I love that there are so many different workouts to choose from varying in length and style; you can do them on their own or combine them to make a longer workout. I love the diversity of instructors who are all engaging and qualified--so you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself due to poor information or cueing. I love that the team is always adding to and updating the platform, listening to member feedback, and supporting members as needed. And, I love the community that has built up around the platform. Thank you, Kaisa and Team for developing this platform. I look forward to continuing to move with you!”

— Danielle D.

“I love this warmup - and the warmup series in general. Really left me feeling great, and ready for a tough strength workout.”

— Sharilynn W.

“Beautiful practice to wake up your body. I really enjoyed this!”

— Ann U.

“Wow, I started the beginner 30 day challenge as I haven’t been consistent with training for a couple months however previous to that period of time I trained consistently 5-6 days a week and “trained hard and fast”. This beginner program is outstanding! The workouts and cues during movements are brilliant, structure of movement plan has flowed really well and meals are tasty. 5 stars from me and really enjoying AND feeling my movement in all the right places haha. Thanks TEAM Kaisa! x”

— Alice P.

“Love the challenge and the flow of the routine. I would have like the Kease "go team" or "yes team" spirit a few times. But over all it was 👍 👍 👍 I will revisit this workout.”

— Susan T.

“I have been following Kaisa and doing her entire online program since it was available. The only thing missing was some yoga classes and some smaller workouts to add in when I was short on time. When "Just Move" became available it was a no brainer to enroll. It is organized perfectly, you can search by time for workouts, type of workout, or follow a challenge they create. I love that I can do 30 minutes of strength and then switch right over to an athletic recovery within a minute and not waste time searching for what I want or going to a different platform! Thank you Kaisa and team for being amazing. You are so enjoyable and an amazing coach.”

— Marina L.

“You're amazing! Thank you”

— Neringa G.

“One of my faves!!! Thanks.”

— Liz D.

“This workout was AHMAZZZZZINGGG. So fun, so simple and yet so rare! I loved using a household item in a new way. Class was over before I knew it!!”

— Laura B.

“I get overwhelmed by endless YouTube fitness channels and even the monthly fitness subscriptions. JUST MOVE is perfect because it gives you guides on how to structure my workouts, so I'm not just doing random videos. I like that each workout has mobility/warm up/cool down built-in so it's fully complete and I don't have to think about it. I also like that it has separate warm-ups and cool-downs so I can have them when I do workouts at the gym instead.”

— Taylor M.

“Loved this workout and how Kaisa was vulnerable and shared how much she also needs this community to continue to move and take care of her body. I love how intense and mindful this workout was. Kaisa has become my favorite workout buddy during the pandemic and her mobility exercises and wisdom has helped me relieve chronic shoulder, back and hip pain.”

— Emma F.

“Great overall workout! Easy to follow ! Got a Good sweat on!”

— Donnette F.

“Loved it! Felt my legs muscles working!”

— Nilka A.

“When I was younger I was really active but after an accident, I was forced to scale my activity back significantly. These videos seem so basic, but they make me realize how important it is to get these small moves exactly right. Thanks for taking the time to detail each movement in an educational, encouraging but never demeaning manner. This is exactly what I need to help with my recovery!!!”

— Pamela D.

“This is my first workout after a veryong hiatus. I thoroughly enjoyed it and worked up a sweat without overexertion. Can't wait to see what's next!!”

— Renee D.

“awesome class, great verbal cues”

— Cynthia S.

“This is the one membership that I have been able to consistently use!!! I started with the June challenge and I'm still going strong! I love the variety in the workouts and in instructors. I feel challenged enough but not overworked to the point of injury. I have mobility challenges but I am able to work through them rehabilitate and get better. Plus a lot of workouts are just fun!”

— Ena H.

“The Strength Complex might be my favourite workout so far. Feels great to add weights back into my routine. But I'm loving the variety of options every morning too!”

— Jessica W.

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