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“Wow! That was a great workout in a very short space of time. Kaisa packed a lot in, and it’s the perfect core workout to do after a run or a session on the cross trainer.”

— Lisa H.

“This was my first time doing this workout and I loved it! It was the perfect pace to get me moving on a Sunday morning.”

— Susan D.

“The 20/20 Workouts have rapidly become my go to morning workout. Fast and intense. I start the day feeling great after this movement!”

— Leah H.

“Oh!! That was a fun one!”

— Mary K.

“All I can really say to Kaisa and team is THANK YOU! Your workouts have been a game changer for me and, potentially, a life saver. I was an athlete when I was younger, but shifts in my life style, a rough pregnancy, and a terrible car accident caused me to loose so much of my strength and mobility. I've tried numerous times to reintegrate movement into my life, but most programs were just not accessible for me. The embarrassment of not being able to get through the WARM UP portion of a workout was so discouraging and often I would push myself too far and end up injured and back at square one. The START series you have created is PERFECT for someone like me who truly needs to start at the beginning and develop a strong core foundation before moving on to more advanced workouts. Kaisa does an amazing job cheering you on and makes you feel like she is really there with you and is proud of your progress. I am so excited to be on this journey and to have this team helping me through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

— Amber N.

“I am thrilled to see this video! I imagine people who work in tech, massage therapy, chefs, and physical labor need all the wrest love necessary.”

— Maureen B.

“Ashley’s new Cardio Strong workout is definitely an advanced level! Good sweat, I’m exhausted.”

— Kristen H.

“I’m three months out from total knee replacement and this was a perfect explanation of how I should be doing squats. Much better than my PT.”

— Lynne .

“It just feels so good!”

— Katarzyna W.

“So awesome! I normally dread home strength training, but Davies was so positive, fun, and encouraging! It felt like I was working out with a friend in my living room. Cannot wait to try her other workouts!”

— Melody M.

“Kaisa and this program is amazing! I’ve never been one to enjoy gym exercise but I genuinely look forward to these workouts. Kaisa and the team’s love of movement is infectious!”

— Alice S.

“Awesome, literally just moving my body! Kisha gives clear directions, yet leaves room for you to find your own groove. Just move!”

— Shevan D.

“I was looking for a short, simple and targeted workout. I am not pregnant, but this 10 min workout was perfect. The instruction by Shab had great cues and I definitely feel like I had a bit of a workout. I am taking a trip soon and will revisit this one for sure. Bands are easy to pack.”

— Lynne M.

“This was a perfect, quick, first thing in the morning workout!”

— Hannah W.

“This is what I needed ! I’ve always had hip issues and lately mine have been so tight, going to add this to my weekly routine and try to work on getting up to doing these Daly ! Thank you !!”

— Alexandra O.

“I love these workouts!!! So much variety I can do one every single day and never get bored. I’m always feeling motivated! Best gift I ever got for pandy and beyond.”

— Judy L.

“Very detailed with what you should be feeling and working.”

— Gray O.

“I love this! It’s a progression from the other Start Mobility workouts using the chair, and I love it! It allows me to do more challenging moves carefully as I get stronger and more mobile. I’m a relatively strong yet somewhat unfit person with a big belly. The use of the chair helps make some moves more doable (when my belly is on the way), it helps me build strength and makes me feel great about myself cause I’m able to do more difficult moves. Thank you so much for this! Please create more of these mobility workouts using the chair but add more difficult moves! ❤️❤️❤️”

— Kathleen S.

“Perfect to get me back on strength focus. Ashley’s voice tone and ‘realness’ is so motivating. It flew by and felt good. The toxins are now flowing out and away from me!!”

— Eugenie C.

“One of my favorite workouts I do! Gets my heart going and the sweat dripping!”

— Katie R.

“Workouts for all levels (from beginner to advanced), with or without equipment, and from 10-40 minutes. The perfect "go to" when I don´t have much time, but need to get my body moving :) It´s been a lifesaver during the pandemic as my gym were closed for 8 months, and although I´m back at my crossfit box now, I pop by on busy days when I won´t make it to the gym.”

— Heidi Lois R.

“Fantastic workout! Great for the time poor Sweat dripping of me. Kaisia smashed me. But in great way.”

— Julie C.

“Great mobility workout when you have limited time!”

— Maureen O.

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