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631 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“This was my second yoga session with Georgina. Enjoyed this one as much as the last one. Thank you!”

— Jennifer V.

“Amazing class! Exactly what I needed. As a yoga instructor, it’s a treat to take in a practice ♥️”

— Janine B.

“I use this warmup All. The. Time. and I've never used it for a walk, haha. It's the perfect gentle movement to ease into the day, so I often use it first thing in the morning or before a more intense exercise class. Currently, I'm rehabbing from a knee injury, and this is perfect as a warmup for PT because the lateral movement is very controlled and there's basically no chance for me to slip or lose balance, and it also hits all the stabilizing joints and muscles that can get so cranky when you have an imbalance due to injury (or whatever cause). tl;dr = big fan!”

— J S.

“Oh my stars!!! I had so much fun doing the strength challenge this month. I saw lots of improvement as we progress through the program. Getting jazzed for the yoga challenge now. Thank you so much for the work you and your team of coaches put into these workouts. My mind and body appreciate it so very much. xoxo, Cynthia States”

— Cynthia S.

“Love love love- just what I need”

— Laurie E.

“I joined Just Move for the 4-week Get Strong challenge and never thought one could show much improvement in strength and mobility from training at home with limited equipment. Kaisa is an amazing coach. She kept me consistent over the 4 weeks and her training style made me want to return to the mat for each session. Join Just Move, you won't regret it!”

— Veda N.

“Thank you Georgina , It’s nice to see Full figured women such as myself on these videos thanks again just keep moving team.”

— Diana N.


— Nikki J.

“Thank you. This a daily go to when I feel afraid of failing in losing weight and working out. I am grateful for this routine to always come back to. It's great!”

— Deagon W.

“It has very well planned programs and great motivate coaches.”

— Cruz G.

“Fantastic method to be fit for those who want to fit many activities into their busy life. Sheduled challanges - my favourite - I cannot miss a deadline if I signed up where with regular trainings I may find an excuse to skip and "promise" to do it tomorrow:) I love different level, various movements, not repetitive routine. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Svetlana B.

“Workouts are well-composed, instruction is clear and, unlike many workout programs I have seen, there is no emphasis on punishing yourself or "making up for" something I ate. With that said, as someone who is just getting back into exercise, the difficulty was really high for me and I was sore for about 5 days!”

— Lacey W.

“Soreness like I’ve never experienced. Uncomplicated and approachable movements. Feels amazing and can’t wait for the upcoming weeks - let’s GOOOOO!!!”

— Priya M.

“So nice for my back!”

— Katie C.

“Quick! And…. Effective!! Sweating buckets and feeling every step I take. I love going back to the basics for lower body day.”

— Jordan N.

“Love it!!!!”

— Peggy J.

“So good love the focus on form”

— Anna J.

“I usually do cardio on my elliptical but I was ready to start strength training. This was a perfect workout and a great trainer. See you tomorrow.”

— Sara M.

“So good!”

— Aylin K.

“Such a great kick start for me back into self healing and active mode. As a former track and field athlete I appreciate the types of movements that I remember from working out with the team in the gym. Thank you!”

— Aqueelah T.

“I just read that my morning workout isn’t enough to counteract the negative physical effects of my sedentary desk job. I’m trying to be more purposeful about getting more movement throughout my work day, and these little 5 minute videos are perfect for waking up my muscles and joints!”

— Julie M.

“Great first day and motivation to continue w the program. Kaisa walks you through the whole way and it isn’t all easy either. It’s a great start, a great sweat and I feel awesome 🤙🏼❤️”

— Caroline D.

“Excellent workout! Well balanced programming. Love it!”

— Thomas L.

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Mobility, strength, cardio, bodyweight

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Strength, cardio

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Kettlebell, bodyweight

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Cardio, yoga, barre

Aaliyah Earvin

Cardio, boxing, yoga

Darsenio Hunter

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Kk Jackson

Cardio, yoga

Brittany Love

Bands, cardio

Abiola Akanni


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Kettlebell, bodyweight

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