Introducing our JUST MOVE membership! As of today, there are currently 129 on-demand, at-home workouts that fit any mood, any activity level, and any body! With new workouts added every week to keep things fresh, fun, and feeling good!



Meet our diverse Team of certified instructors that offer an awesome variety of movement to spice up your workout routine!

Kaisa Keranen

Mobility, strength, cardio, bodyweight

Phillip Berry

Strength, cardio

Kisha Vaughan


Rachel Goodner

Cardio, yoga, barre

Tyler Hutchison


Ashley Davies

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Anthony Meray


Ashish Arora


Andrew Bueno

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Aaliyah Earvin

Cardio, boxing, yoga

Darsenio Hunter

Cardio, strength, bodyweight

Kk Jackson

Cardio, yoga

Brittany Love

Bands, cardio

Abiola Akanni


Hannah Hutson

Kettlebell, bodyweight

Robel Woldu


Marcus Wells



From dumbbells, bodyweight, mobility, bands, kettlebells, boxing, yoga, and even dance!








114 Reviews for Just Move Membership

“I’m on week Two of the June Challenge, Intermediate. I am loving it. Love the diversity & love that there are different guest instructors for a bit of variety in trainers as well as moves. By the way, I am 69 years old & not having a problem with the Intemediate workout. Just saw there is an Advanced workout week that now, since I am a year member, will be doing at the end of the June Challenge. Keep the workouts coming.”

— Louise M.

“I loved !”

— Laura L.

“Love this mobility moment! To breathe and stretch was just what I needed today! It will go on my favorites list.😊”

— Cynthia M.


— elizabeth c.

“I am a breath away from 51 & it’s been 2 years since I’ve worked out regularly. I was going to jump in & probably hurt myself by doing workout that I am not ready for. This beginners series is PERFECT. I am feeling really good but not hurting myself getting back into regular exercise. Fun & motivating! Thank you 😊”

— Nancy D.

“short and sharp, awesome..”

— emma f.

“I have an erratic schedule, and the way the workouts are organized and labeled help me find workout that will fit the time/energy that I have at the moment. FUN workouts! I've been getting into dumbbells, and I'm really enjoying the options on Just Move. I'm looking forward to trying a dance class!”

— JoEllen Y.

“I started on my fitness journey using other videos to get me started and when I moved to Kaisafit I saw the inches begin to fall off and the physical changes in my body. This journey has been tough but because I found this site with different level workouts it has made it that much easier. Kaisa’s energy is electric and she keeps me coming back for more. I love it!”

— Mischon W.

“I am so pleased with the variety of workouts in the growing Just Move library. There is something for whatever mood I’m in that day, and for whatever length of time I have available. I appreciate Kaisa’s cheerful yet very professional demeanor and also that of the other coaches. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth with my membership. Thanks and keep it growing!”

— Ann J.

“Just getting back into strength training after surgery 4 weeks ago today. Did what I could, learned some new warm up exercises and nice pacing of exercises. Love Kaisa’s positive personality!”

— Abbe S.

“Nice flow. I feel stretched and accomplished! Loved the brevity of the program. Helps me to start my day with confidence I helped my body do something good and help avoid injury. The mobility routines help me go about my day feeling more flexible, less pain, more endurance and safer. Thanks!”

— Judy C.

“Challenging finisher!”

— Melanie B.

“Signed up for Just Move membership today and did the Feel Good Yoga Flow (had been experiencing some exercise burnout) and It was so rejuvenating. My primary reason for joining Just Move, after having gone over their free content was, that each trainer took time to explain the movement and the correct form, before moving into practicing it with you. So they'll explain the movement/asana, take 20-30 seconds AND THEN do it with you. They weren't trying to fit in as many movements as possible within a 25-30 minute window. It came across more like, even if we do just 5 movements, let's do them with a proper understanding of the correct form rather than doing 20 exercises with poor form, which was so refreshing to see. I have tried a ton of subscriptions. Some more expensive than this and some cheaper. But in all of them except Just Move and another one, trainers just didn't take the time to explain the form. Suffice it to say, you'll even be explained something as simple as a hinge by Kaisa in a workout video, so we are in good hands.”

— Radhika A.

“I am doing the Just Move June month of movement challenge. I am coming back to doing regular exercise after falling into bad habits of being very inactive following an injury. I have found the beginners series to be a good mix of challenging but easy movements. I love the focus on balance and core. I always get a sweat on! I would recommend this to anyone getting started and want to move more in their day. My alarm goes off and I am happy to jump out of bed and start my day with Kaisa.”

— Kelda R.

“Thank You !!!”

— Iva B.

“I previously purchased the Mobility videos and absolutely have loved incorporating them into my weekly workout routine. I purchased the Just Move Membership and have been thoroughly pleased with this purchase. It is a tough workout but even after just one week I feel so good! I have more energy and look forward to each daily video. Im so glad I made the jump to purchase this package!”

— Ashley Y.

“Loved this workout”

— karen L.

“Great way to wake up and a good first video to get back into my fitness journey.”

— Jennelle H.

“I needed this June reset. I am loving the mix of classes both in length/difficulty/and focus. So grateful to be moving my body and though I have been sore - it has been that good kind of sore that your body is proud of you and hopeful that you are going to keep this up! Thank you!”

— Kimberly C.

“I'm enjoying the variety of movement and instruction styles, as well as the diversity of the instructors themselves. Instruction always feels supportive and kind. The movements are challenging, while the personalities and attitudes never are. I feel motivated to keep coming back. I used to feel guilty if I missed a workout, which was really unhealthy. Now I feel sad if I miss a day, because I know I'm missing something I enjoy. What a difference the right attitude makes.”

— Sara S.

“After too long away from workouts, this was a lovely, encouraging, and adaptable reentry! It’s only 30 minutes, give it a go!”

— Anna J.

“I finally took the plunge and signed up because of the June Challenge and I am SO happy I did. I feel completely reinvigorated and excited to work out again. There are a ton of different types of workouts at different experience levels and the instructors all give good prompts and variations. It feels like a fun "choose you own adventure" platform and that variety and the enthusiasm of all the coaches makes it fun to try new things in a low pressure way.”

— Erin M.

“Really enjoyed the stories during the workout ☺️”

— Amanda G.

“Love all the memberships and this four week challenge. Wonderful instructor for this wake up yoga.”

— Barri M.

“I love these mobility workouts! They make such a huge difference to my strength, flexibility, and overall health. I tore an ACL ten years ago and thought I would never be able to do squats again, or even any leg exercises that called for a lot of lunging or knee bends. KaisaFit changed all that! I’m more mobile and stronger than ever! Great workouts!”

— Helen M.

“Quick but a killer. Loved it. Hard enough for a single workout on recovery day or when I'm short on time but short enough to add to another mobility session.”

— Courtney R.

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