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“Good value for price, lots of options for variety of activities, levels of fitness, and duration. Program itself is great. Only complaint is ease of access. I do this with my children often but even on my own prefer to larger screen to be able to easily follow along. My combination of technologies means to access the videos in my workout area means buying an adapter for hooking my computer or phone up to the tv. It's doable, but means another added cost and the hassle of moving my computer and cords back and forth. It's not prohibitive, just not ideal. It would be great if the material was accessible through a downloadable app on my Roku device (which is not compatible for casting.)”

— Jessica S.

“I’m new to Kaisa Fit and I’ve mostly done the “Start” videos and a yoga video. So far, I love it. I absolutely love that if I don’t feel like working out, I can choose a 10 minute mobility video and leave it at that. But every time I’ve done that, I feel so good I end up adding another video to my practice that day. I love that Kaisa is HAES aligned and I feel her workouts are a safe space for someone recovering from orthorexia. I’m SO glad I took a chance and signed up for the year.”

— Wendy K.

“I love the beginner workouts for Just Move. It's been a long time since I exercised regularly, and Just Move is making it possible and fun. Kaisa is very affirming and inclusive. It's so hard to find a *true* beginner workout. I've been looking a long time for something just like this. I'm hooked!”

— Lizzie M.

“I am in love with the Just Move, it has various exercises for all levels, with different duration and everything from strength based to yoga and dance moves. I forgot how much fun moving can be!”

— Hend A.

“The library is great! It's easy to navigate, full of different workouts and the workouts I've done feel good. It's nice to see such a diverse group of trainers on here - thank you for all your work!”

— Megan M.

“Hi! I want to start saying that I love Kaisa and the team and I find them highly motivational but I was hoping for a little bit of an extra challenge. I would love if more advanced classes could be added weekly. I generally add a few repetitions to the workout to get a full workout that can suit me better or I combine a couple of the shorter classes together but it would be good to see some longer workouts as well (45 minutes would be ideal for me). Thanks for the great work and the energy you put in every class!!”

— Cecilia B.

“I have been away from moving for far longer than I would ever wish. Kaisa's classes are just amazing - she does such a good job reminding us how to listen to our bodies and breathe through the movement. I already feel better!”

— Heidi B.

“I love it! Makes moving everyday fun and different, I look forward to different workouts daily that I can do with minimal equipment from my home! Love the variety of workouts and trainers.”

— Nicole M.

“¡Es excelente! explicaciones muy claras de ejercicios muy útiles para sedentarios que queremos iniciar un estilo de vida más activo.”

— Benjamín T.

“WOOOO! Getting back to movement after a 2 year break-even just one week in my mobility is improved and I’m not making quite as many old-lady noises when I get up off the floor...Thank you Kaisa!!!”

— Christina S.

“Start is a great place to learn the basics and get moving! Especially if you have never exercised or it’s been awhile. I first saw KaisaFit on a Facebook ad and thought, I want to move like that! I’m not there yet but I’m feeling stronger and more confident that I can get there! That’s why I decided to join for the year so I can have access to all the workouts on KaisaFit! 1 year to commit to myself moving more and feeling my best!”

— Julia E.

“I cannot express how much I LOOOOVE Kaisa and her team of talented and amazing instructors/trainers. My fave gal is Kaisa not only is she motivating, energetic, and knowledgable, she is entertaining. She brings her positive and quirky energy to each workout! Thanks Kaisa and team for the stellar workouts!”

— Brittney C L.

“I am loving this new platform! As someone who has had a fairly inconsistent year for movement, it has been so nice being able to get back into it with accessible classes. I love the idea of working out just to get your body moving as opposed to working out for aesthetics or whatever. I came from a place of working out with “advanced” level programs for years to scaling back down to beginner/intermediate in 2021 and it feels SO good. It’s so freeing to move just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Thanks for bringing us all of these amazing instructors and for helping change the ingrained ideas about workouts/fitness/diet culture.”

— Abby B.

“Finally! A subscription that uses both my mind and body. I struggle to work out consistently and often find any excuse to skip it. This subscription has removed all my issues. I love being able to sort quickly for my fitness level, time available, and type of workout. Keeps everything interesting and from becoming monotonous. Having options that range from easy stretching, more involved yoga, to body weight and actual weights is great. Not just one style or trainer makes me feel like I have my own personal team helping me get fit. Thank you KaisaFit and Just Move!”

— Leatha P.

“I love your platform. I'm 52 years old and I am moderately active, but I tend to get bored with my workout routine. You have changed that for me. I have been following and using your programs for a few years. Having different workouts that are only 30 minutes in length is very motivating. It also helps that there is a variety of instructors and fitness levels. Thank you for creating a platform for all people.”

— Jennifer J.

“Loving Just Move so far. Great variety, lots of fun! I enjoy having the weekly program selection too so I don't have to think. I was hestitating to buy a subscription but I'm glad I did because this awesome library is helping me spring out of bed in the mornings!”

— Virginia G.

“Love the variety of workouts! I like how the instructors explain the movements and they also seem to know when I need to be told to breath🤣”

— Michelle I.

“Thank you so much for putting together so many fun and innovative new sessions!!! I have had such a blast this week exploring mobility, cardio and yoga flows. Kaisa I love your stuff and am a huge fan, and I am also really enjoying getting to know new instructors through JUST MOVE!! It has inspired me to stay connected to movement at exactly the time that my practice needed something to keep me engaged! Great work Y'all!!”

— Stacy T.

“Recovering from a surgery and seeing an opportunity to get back to basics, I joined the Just Move community to take things one step at a time and get back to my fitness routine slowly. Using the Start Challenge and Start Workouts, I’ve discovered it’s important to go back and revisit form every once in a while! Going slowly is a heck of a workout and I cleaned up some of my postures and form. Thanks Kaisa and Team :)”

— Kerri M.

“I am really enjoying my subscription to Hust Move. It is really great to have a library of different workouts to choose from.. it makes me excited to see what I will choose each day..the coaches are all so supportive and personable. I love the ethos of just move. Its teaching me to slowly look at exercise as more than just wanting to burn calories and accept my body the way it is now....not easy. For me, I would like to see more advanced workouts of all types. After a week of workouts that is the level I feel I am at. Also I like the focus on full body workouts (apart from the separate mobility, yoga etc). I am less likely to do workouts specific to core etc I feel.very lucky to be part of this community. I think it's really great the way you communicate with the community and take on board suggestions. Thank you and I look forward to what is to come. Sandra”

— Sandra H.

“I have had a terrific time watching all the new sessions in the evening and then adding them to my favourites to try out the next day. I have a great list of favourites and depending on my mood select the type of session I can do. I have been having great fun in the comfort of my own home doing different types of classes.”

— Tina D.

“I love the filter feature, so I can focus on the workouts my body really needs at that moment. I’m usually somewhere between Intermediate and Advanced levels, so this allows me to challenge myself when I want to, or I can take it easy after an injury or a rough day. Having so many options in the type of workouts I can choose is so freeing, and exciting! I can’t wait to see where it all goes from here!”

— Candice P.

“loving it!”

— janine c.

“I’ve been following Kaisa for a while, and as soon as she announced Just Move, I knew I wanted to join. I’ve enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken so far, and I’ve even been able to branch out and take classes that I’ve never tried (like barre and boxing). I fell into a bit of a rut during the pandemic and this was the boost I needed to get moving again. The instructors are great, the content is great, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of the beginning of Just Move!”

— Lauren C.

“I love the variety in the programs! A lot of great stuff from top notch instructors! Thank you!”

— Eleni S.

“Love the variety of workouts! I also love that they are the perfect length and the workouts themselves are designed around safety and function!”

— Nicole J.

“Fantastic!! I love the variety in this library. (Variety in styles and challenge level.) You can follow the daily workout or choose your own. Just Move is all about wellbeing and looking after your mind and body. It’s perfect. The challenging workouts will leave you feeling accomplished for the work you’ve done without feeling depleted and the beginner workouts will make your joints feel wonderful. If you’ve never exercised before it’s an excellent way to start because there’s ‘start’ workouts that will gently guide you along.”

— Marian P.