Joy Michelle Becca Kristy?1 00:00:00,090 --> 00:00:03,670 - As a yoga and movement teacher, 2 00:00:03,670 --> 00:00:06,770 I've been teaching for about 12 years. 3 00:00:06,770 --> 00:00:08,630 And what I really love 4 00:00:08,630 --> 00:00:13,630 about Kaisa's Mobility program is that in traditional yoga, 5 00:00:13,800 --> 00:00:16,470 it's a lot of flexibility, 6 00:00:16,470 --> 00:00:18,600 which is more length at the muscle. 7 00:00:18,600 --> 00:00:20,590 But with this mobility work, 8 00:00:20,590 --> 00:00:23,380 it's finding the strength in control 9 00:00:23,380 --> 00:00:25,730 in the full range of motion. 10 00:00:25,730 --> 00:00:27,620 As a body image advocate, 11 00:00:27,620 --> 00:00:31,920 I try to help my students take a more enjoyable approach 12 00:00:31,920 --> 00:00:33,350 to moving their body. 13 00:00:33,350 --> 00:00:36,520 And I really find that Kaisa's approach 14 00:00:36,520 --> 00:00:40,280 to movement is very much aligned with that. 15 00:00:40,280 --> 00:00:43,610 Finding more of a celebration for what it is that 16 00:00:43,610 --> 00:00:47,250 our bodies can do for us and finding confidence 17 00:00:47,250 --> 00:00:48,313 through movement. Kassia Stephanie Aaliyah Z'heir Amy?1 00:00:01,920 --> 00:00:03,870 - I purchased Kaisa's Mobility One 2 00:00:03,870 --> 00:00:05,330 after spraining my ankle 3 00:00:05,330 --> 00:00:07,470 and I wasn't able to do anything else. 4 00:00:07,470 --> 00:00:10,720 And then I quickly realized how great it made me feel. 5 00:00:10,720 --> 00:00:14,120 So, now I continue to do it a few times a week, 6 00:00:14,120 --> 00:00:15,680 prior to running, or biking, 7 00:00:15,680 --> 00:00:17,839 or whatever it is I'm doing that day 8 00:00:17,839 --> 00:00:21,080 and it just makes me feel incredible. 9 00:00:21,080 --> 00:00:24,250 It definitely loosens and opens up my hips 10 00:00:24,250 --> 00:00:27,860 and I actually even have my 15 year old daughter do it 11 00:00:27,860 --> 00:00:31,070 because they just don't do enough mobility stuff 12 00:00:31,070 --> 00:00:32,470 in her sports 13 00:00:32,470 --> 00:00:35,200 And we're trying to keep her injury free. 14 00:00:35,200 --> 00:00:37,210 So, it's been a game changer. 15 00:00:37,210 --> 00:00:38,203 So, thanks Kaisa. Jess?1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,623 - After doing a mobility one, 2 00:00:03,530 --> 00:00:07,083 I feel like everything just moves more fluidly. 3 00:00:08,380 --> 00:00:09,510 Everything. 4 00:00:09,510 --> 00:00:12,820 I'm not even talking like in a workout, 5 00:00:12,820 --> 00:00:15,300 the movements that I would do, 6 00:00:15,300 --> 00:00:20,090 but basic functions that you do throughout your day. 7 00:00:20,090 --> 00:00:22,110 Even just walking, it just seems 8 00:00:22,110 --> 00:00:26,223 like everything is more fluid, more graceful. 9 00:00:27,780 --> 00:00:29,230 A little... 10 00:00:29,230 --> 00:00:32,030 lighter, that might seem like a very 11 00:00:32,030 --> 00:00:33,750 weird word for the whole thing, 12 00:00:33,750 --> 00:00:36,843 but it's kinda the best way I can describe it. 13 00:00:38,350 --> 00:00:40,120 I'm usually the first one to say 14 00:00:40,120 --> 00:00:44,110 that something is not for everyone. 15 00:00:44,110 --> 00:00:45,900 I love to try different workouts, 16 00:00:45,900 --> 00:00:46,900 but I'm the first one to say, 17 00:00:46,900 --> 00:00:48,350 oh, that's not for everyone. 18 00:00:48,350 --> 00:00:50,890 You know, try this but only if you 19 00:00:50,890 --> 00:00:52,990 are a type of person who, you know, 20 00:00:52,990 --> 00:00:55,540 loves to go really hard for 25 21 00:00:55,540 --> 00:00:57,173 minutes or something like that. 22 00:00:59,530 --> 00:01:01,893 Certain workouts are not for everyone. 23 00:01:02,980 --> 00:01:05,920 This is a hundred percent for everyone. 24 00:01:05,920 --> 00:01:08,120 I cannot think of anyone who would 25 00:01:08,120 --> 00:01:12,863 not benefit from trying a video like this. 26 00:01:15,410 --> 00:01:16,300 I wish there were a way that you 27 00:01:16,300 --> 00:01:19,763 could make people try it just to sort of see. Paula?1 00:00:01,500 --> 00:00:03,923 - Here's my little video about Keiser fit. 2 00:00:04,800 --> 00:00:09,390 I in the last two years have had both hips replaced, 3 00:00:09,390 --> 00:00:13,110 and as you can imagine I wasn't doing much 4 00:00:13,110 --> 00:00:17,230 of anything like a sumo squat, I'm not very wide on it yet 5 00:00:17,230 --> 00:00:20,227 but it was the first week or two of doing your 6 00:00:20,227 --> 00:00:25,040 short form, after doing a little aerobics 7 00:00:25,040 --> 00:00:27,480 that I noticed that I'm getting more and more flexible 8 00:00:27,480 --> 00:00:31,820 and stronger in my hips. Another workout, and I might do 9 00:00:31,820 --> 00:00:36,820 a bigger one, half hour yoga twice a week. 10 00:00:37,050 --> 00:00:42,050 Where as I'm doing these shorter cool down, warmup videos. 11 00:00:44,537 --> 00:00:48,470 Three times a week, minimum and I love them, and I love 12 00:00:48,470 --> 00:00:53,467 your spirit and attitude and good luck on your 2020 Shico?1 00:00:00,600 --> 00:00:02,850 - Hi Shiko from Australia. 2 00:00:02,850 --> 00:00:06,570 It's my second day of Mobility One and I feel fantastic. 3 00:00:06,570 --> 00:00:09,280 I've been using the eight minute workout 4 00:00:09,280 --> 00:00:11,880 as I get fitter and more stretchy, 5 00:00:11,880 --> 00:00:13,310 and it's fantastic. 6 00:00:13,310 --> 00:00:15,230 Thank you very much for it, bye. Kate?1 00:00:00,730 --> 00:00:02,950 - Yeah, I do love this Mobility One workout. 2 00:00:02,950 --> 00:00:05,960 It's yeah, what I do pretty much every morning. 3 00:00:05,960 --> 00:00:09,060 Mainly 'cause it stops me hurting, 4 00:00:09,060 --> 00:00:11,480 I move better throughout the day when I've done it, 5 00:00:11,480 --> 00:00:13,120 just energizes me. 6 00:00:13,120 --> 00:00:15,400 I have MS so I spend lots of time sitting down 7 00:00:15,400 --> 00:00:18,850 and a little bit stiff and don't move that well 8 00:00:18,850 --> 00:00:21,470 throughout the day, but when I start the day doing this, 9 00:00:21,470 --> 00:00:23,600 yeah, I move so much better. 10 00:00:23,600 --> 00:00:27,340 And yeah, really easy to follow, live short videos. 11 00:00:27,340 --> 00:00:28,830 Kaisa's energy is fantastic. 12 00:00:28,830 --> 00:00:32,590 So, yeah, I love it, and really miss those that I don't do. 13 00:00:32,590 --> 00:00:33,437 So thank you. Lyna?1 00:00:01,260 --> 00:00:02,520 - Hi, everyone. 2 00:00:02,520 --> 00:00:05,350 My name is Lyna, and I'm from Belgium. 3 00:00:05,350 --> 00:00:09,800 I have purchased the Mobility One program a few weeks ago, 4 00:00:09,800 --> 00:00:12,090 and I'm very happy about it. 5 00:00:12,090 --> 00:00:15,880 I use it as my go-to program in between strength training 6 00:00:15,880 --> 00:00:19,440 or when I just have a sore body or sore muscles. 7 00:00:19,440 --> 00:00:21,760 And it really helps to loosen up. 8 00:00:21,760 --> 00:00:25,100 And I also already gained a lot of flexibility 9 00:00:25,100 --> 00:00:26,510 by using the program. 10 00:00:26,510 --> 00:00:28,890 Sometimes I use the entire program. 11 00:00:28,890 --> 00:00:32,050 Sometimes just a few exercises in my warmup. 12 00:00:32,050 --> 00:00:35,160 And I'm just really happy about it to have a tool now 13 00:00:35,160 --> 00:00:38,510 to help me have my healthiest body. 14 00:00:38,510 --> 00:00:39,540 Thank you, Kaisa. 15 00:00:39,540 --> 00:00:40,373 Bye. Kathy?1 00:00:01,310 --> 00:00:04,320 - Okay, so here are the reasons why I love Mobility One. 2 00:00:04,320 --> 00:00:07,340 One, I love Kaisa, she's great. 3 00:00:07,340 --> 00:00:09,690 Two, I like to workout. 4 00:00:09,690 --> 00:00:11,020 And do I stretch enough? 5 00:00:11,020 --> 00:00:12,610 Of course I don't. 6 00:00:12,610 --> 00:00:15,470 Um never in any workout class 7 00:00:15,470 --> 00:00:17,470 is stretching ever long enough for what I need. 8 00:00:17,470 --> 00:00:18,640 I know I need to do it more, 9 00:00:18,640 --> 00:00:19,790 but I can be lazy. 10 00:00:19,790 --> 00:00:20,940 Do I know I should do it, yes. 11 00:00:20,940 --> 00:00:22,130 Do I do it, no. 12 00:00:22,130 --> 00:00:25,630 So I love being able to turn on the Kaisa Fit Program 13 00:00:25,630 --> 00:00:27,430 and have her lead me through it. 14 00:00:27,430 --> 00:00:30,030 So it helps me stay in a stretch for a little while. 15 00:00:30,030 --> 00:00:32,850 It helps me move around and actually stretch 16 00:00:32,850 --> 00:00:34,050 for a little while 17 00:00:34,050 --> 00:00:36,130 and what I also love about Mobility One 18 00:00:36,130 --> 00:00:38,040 is that it is not just one workout. 19 00:00:38,040 --> 00:00:41,240 There were three different routines when I bought it. 20 00:00:41,240 --> 00:00:44,020 So, one was like 10 minutes, one's 30, one's 45. 21 00:00:44,020 --> 00:00:46,900 So I could do like a 10-minute one quickly 22 00:00:46,900 --> 00:00:50,540 before workout or a 30-minute one 23 00:00:50,540 --> 00:00:53,570 on a day when I need like a break. 24 00:00:53,570 --> 00:00:55,480 Like this last week where my arms were so sore, 25 00:00:55,480 --> 00:00:56,313 I knew I couldn't work out, 26 00:00:56,313 --> 00:00:57,870 but I needed some stretching. 27 00:00:57,870 --> 00:01:00,650 Or take some extra long time and do that 45-minute one 28 00:01:00,650 --> 00:01:01,690 to really feel good. 29 00:01:01,690 --> 00:01:03,100 So I love the options. 30 00:01:03,100 --> 00:01:05,730 I love listening to Kaisa. 31 00:01:05,730 --> 00:01:07,270 She's no nonsense, she gets right to it. 32 00:01:07,270 --> 00:01:09,070 There's not a bunch frills, like music 33 00:01:09,070 --> 00:01:09,903 and like explanation. 34 00:01:09,903 --> 00:01:11,670 Just like hey let's start stretching 35 00:01:11,670 --> 00:01:12,910 and go through the routine. 36 00:01:12,910 --> 00:01:14,540 So it's awesome, I love it, 37 00:01:14,540 --> 00:01:15,593 thanks so much Kaisa. Tanya?1 00:00:00,570 --> 00:00:01,403 - Good morning, guys. 2 00:00:01,403 --> 00:00:03,250 I just finished doing your short mobility, 3 00:00:03,250 --> 00:00:05,170 before I start to row. 4 00:00:05,170 --> 00:00:07,570 And it's really hard to do a video when you are, 5 00:00:07,570 --> 00:00:08,403 no, there's a light in the back. 6 00:00:08,403 --> 00:00:10,650 When you are watching the video. 7 00:00:10,650 --> 00:00:13,620 'cause unfortunately I don't get to film as much as I want. 8 00:00:13,620 --> 00:00:15,170 One of my favorites I have 9 00:00:15,170 --> 00:00:17,330 to tell you are probably the hip circles. 10 00:00:17,330 --> 00:00:19,300 And the other one is the hip opener 11 00:00:19,300 --> 00:00:22,580 where we start like this. 12 00:00:22,580 --> 00:00:24,433 I like to roll over and stretch. 13 00:00:26,870 --> 00:00:29,120 I find this one to be really, really helpful. 14 00:00:30,360 --> 00:00:32,493 I know you're getting a great view of my butt. 15 00:00:33,460 --> 00:00:34,480 I'm sorry about that. 16 00:00:34,480 --> 00:00:37,363 And do the frontal side as well. 17 00:00:38,930 --> 00:00:41,443 Apparently, filmmaking is not in my strengths. 18 00:00:44,090 --> 00:00:47,430 And the other one that I really, really enjoy doing, 19 00:00:47,430 --> 00:00:50,790 is the circles and I know it's not in your short one 20 00:00:50,790 --> 00:00:52,230 but it's in your long one. 21 00:00:52,230 --> 00:00:54,660 And this one I find to be really helpful. 22 00:00:54,660 --> 00:00:56,340 Just to relax my body. 23 00:00:56,340 --> 00:00:58,620 I don't know how much you can see of me. 24 00:00:58,620 --> 00:00:59,810 It's just a great big tall movement 25 00:00:59,810 --> 00:01:01,230 with a light in the background, 26 00:01:01,230 --> 00:01:03,090 Does this is count as a video? 27 00:01:03,090 --> 00:01:06,340 Anyway, as I said, it's hard for me to do them. 28 00:01:06,340 --> 00:01:09,720 But I have found that doing these movements, 29 00:01:09,720 --> 00:01:12,694 when I'm able to squeeze some time into my day. 30 00:01:12,694 --> 00:01:14,654 Have been really good. 31 00:01:14,654 --> 00:01:18,350 I find the first movement that I showed you doing, 32 00:01:18,350 --> 00:01:23,350 showed myself doing, was one that I do after a workout. 33 00:01:24,120 --> 00:01:28,870 I find it really helps to relax my hips. 34 00:01:28,870 --> 00:01:32,040 I have a really bad set of tight hips. 35 00:01:32,040 --> 00:01:34,840 And probably should stretch way more than I do. 36 00:01:34,840 --> 00:01:38,280 Anyway, my apologies for the shotty lighting 37 00:01:38,280 --> 00:01:41,256 and whatever but this is me. 38 00:01:41,256 --> 00:01:42,593 Thanks. Nancy Aundrea?1 00:00:02,040 --> 00:00:03,290 - Hi Kaisa. 2 00:00:03,290 --> 00:00:05,178 Yes, team. 3 00:00:05,178 --> 00:00:08,980 This is Andrea Daniels from Tampa Bay, Florida. 4 00:00:08,980 --> 00:00:12,150 I just wanted to send a quick review on Mobility One. 5 00:00:12,150 --> 00:00:16,240 I started it about two weeks ago, two weeks ago, 6 00:00:16,240 --> 00:00:18,150 definitely started three weeks ago, 7 00:00:18,150 --> 00:00:21,660 but two weeks ago using it and integrating it 8 00:00:21,660 --> 00:00:24,110 in my workouts three times a week, 9 00:00:24,110 --> 00:00:25,860 three to four times a week. 10 00:00:25,860 --> 00:00:27,670 I look forward to coming home and doing this. 11 00:00:27,670 --> 00:00:30,470 It's to the point now that I throw a flow in regardless. 12 00:00:31,970 --> 00:00:35,560 A flow, excuse me, not even a flow, but on the 13 00:00:35,560 --> 00:00:38,940 Mobility One I do the instructional always, 14 00:00:38,940 --> 00:00:41,390 just to keep it, you know, not in a rush fashion 15 00:00:41,390 --> 00:00:44,063 I'm coming home, I'm supposed to be you know, 16 00:00:45,390 --> 00:00:47,010 winding down. 17 00:00:47,010 --> 00:00:49,200 Either way, I'm coming off of shoulder surgery 18 00:00:49,200 --> 00:00:52,300 from January of this year, 2020 19 00:00:52,300 --> 00:00:55,890 and you know six, seven months later, I'm about 20 00:00:55,890 --> 00:00:59,350 to turn 40 and I feel like I'm in the best body 21 00:00:59,350 --> 00:01:02,550 health shape that I can be at. 22 00:01:02,550 --> 00:01:04,767 The best shape, the best health that I can be in 23 00:01:04,767 --> 00:01:06,940 and a lot of that is thanks to you. 24 00:01:06,940 --> 00:01:10,380 I'm starting to feel a lot more mobile, 25 00:01:10,380 --> 00:01:13,270 my joints have a lot more movement, 26 00:01:13,270 --> 00:01:14,103 a lot more give and a lot more give 27 00:01:14,103 --> 00:01:16,123 and I'm truly enjoying that. 28 00:01:17,370 --> 00:01:19,250 I see progression everyday. 29 00:01:19,250 --> 00:01:21,390 I'm getting stronger everyday. 30 00:01:21,390 --> 00:01:23,190 There are times we might be doing a plank 31 00:01:23,190 --> 00:01:27,350 or somethin' and I just can't sustain my bodyweight 32 00:01:27,350 --> 00:01:29,730 just yet but, I'm getting there. 33 00:01:29,730 --> 00:01:31,390 I might be able to only do two 34 00:01:31,390 --> 00:01:33,610 while you're doing eight but, it's OK. 35 00:01:33,610 --> 00:01:37,340 I love the way you motivate while we're in it. 36 00:01:37,340 --> 00:01:38,340 When we're in the thick of it, 37 00:01:38,340 --> 00:01:41,560 I keep thinking that, you know, you're in there with me. 38 00:01:41,560 --> 00:01:44,810 You tell me, yeah, do those scorpions, 39 00:01:44,810 --> 00:01:47,650 throw that leg over, and I'm like, 40 00:01:47,650 --> 00:01:48,950 my leg ain't touch the mat. 41 00:01:48,950 --> 00:01:52,750 We doing this downward pose and well, 42 00:01:52,750 --> 00:01:56,190 Kaisa said it's okay if my feet don't touch. 43 00:01:56,190 --> 00:02:00,920 So, I be like, Kaisa I just threw my leg over there 44 00:02:00,920 --> 00:02:04,640 but it didn't touch when you said it was supposed to touch. 45 00:02:04,640 --> 00:02:06,650 Now, I'm stuck over here trying to rock back. 46 00:02:06,650 --> 00:02:08,123 I don't know what's going on. 47 00:02:10,290 --> 00:02:12,670 The ninety to nineties really had me confused, 48 00:02:12,670 --> 00:02:15,220 on like day one but any who, 49 00:02:15,220 --> 00:02:17,900 I just wanted to say thank you so much, Kaisa. 50 00:02:17,900 --> 00:02:20,070 I hope that one day we get a chance to meet. 51 00:02:20,070 --> 00:02:23,010 After watching your documentary, I totally understand. 52 00:02:23,010 --> 00:02:28,010 There wasn't, strong wasn't in when I was growing up 53 00:02:28,011 --> 00:02:30,450 and I was always just muscular. 54 00:02:30,450 --> 00:02:32,610 I was muscular but I was weight proportionate. 55 00:02:32,610 --> 00:02:34,350 So it was like, I didn't have much chest. 56 00:02:34,350 --> 00:02:38,850 I didn't get much bottom but it was what I had. 57 00:02:38,850 --> 00:02:41,560 I had muscular arms, legs, you know, six pack 58 00:02:41,560 --> 00:02:44,250 before it was a thing, I guess, 59 00:02:44,250 --> 00:02:46,990 before it was really the cute thing on women 60 00:02:46,990 --> 00:02:49,180 and I don't want to waist train 61 00:02:49,180 --> 00:02:51,240 and move all my organs around. 62 00:02:51,240 --> 00:02:53,870 My body just wasn't made to be curvatious. 63 00:02:53,870 --> 00:02:56,810 It's just weight proportionate. 64 00:02:56,810 --> 00:02:58,790 I'm a slender, toned, young lady 65 00:02:58,790 --> 00:03:01,320 and that's all that's going to be there 66 00:03:01,320 --> 00:03:02,550 and I'm fine with that. 67 00:03:02,550 --> 00:03:05,300 So, I'm excited to see what other things 68 00:03:05,300 --> 00:03:08,680 you may come up with now that I have 69 00:03:08,680 --> 00:03:11,520 the Mobility One, Strength and Core. 70 00:03:11,520 --> 00:03:13,440 I'll probably drop you a review about that. 71 00:03:13,440 --> 00:03:16,890 This is my first day, actually, of having done the core. 72 00:03:16,890 --> 00:03:18,510 So, I look forward to that. 73 00:03:18,510 --> 00:03:21,820 I started out my week today, Sunday, with the core 74 00:03:21,820 --> 00:03:23,880 and actually, I think I went through all of them. 75 00:03:23,880 --> 00:03:27,660 I went through the Mobility One, the Strength and the Core, 76 00:03:27,660 --> 00:03:29,031 just to push myself. 77 00:03:29,031 --> 00:03:32,203 Best hour and a half ever, I'll tell you. 78 00:03:33,310 --> 00:03:35,690 I had a ball, I really had a ball 79 00:03:35,690 --> 00:03:37,540 and I just woke up and no one 80 00:03:37,540 --> 00:03:39,280 looks like this when they've just woke up. 81 00:03:39,280 --> 00:03:40,640 I woke up, I jumped up, 82 00:03:40,640 --> 00:03:43,490 there's no poppin' and lockin' as I say 83 00:03:43,490 --> 00:03:46,370 and just know, Kaisa, this is your purpose. 84 00:03:46,370 --> 00:03:48,960 You were put on here to help people like myself 85 00:03:48,960 --> 00:03:50,620 and at this stage in my life, 86 00:03:50,620 --> 00:03:53,020 I needed exactly what you had to offer. 87 00:03:53,020 --> 00:03:55,105 Thank you so much, continue this. 88 00:03:55,105 --> 00:03:57,253 Yes team. 89 00:03:58,540 --> 00:03:59,633 Thank you Kaisa. Jenny?1 00:00:01,880 --> 00:00:04,720 - Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much 2 00:00:04,720 --> 00:00:09,440 for producing such an amazing Mobility One session. 3 00:00:09,440 --> 00:00:14,403 Dominated it in January and I've not looked back since. 4 00:00:15,319 --> 00:00:19,327 A few achy muscles after training around about Christmas 5 00:00:19,327 --> 00:00:23,010 and I decided, right, I'm gonna work on my mobility. 6 00:00:23,010 --> 00:00:25,860 And it's been a blessing in disguise, 7 00:00:25,860 --> 00:00:28,550 especially during these hard times during quarantine, 8 00:00:28,550 --> 00:00:30,490 so thank you so much 9 00:00:30,490 --> 00:00:32,780 and recommend it to anybody out there 10 00:00:32,780 --> 00:00:36,100 who wanna just check in with the bodies. 11 00:00:36,100 --> 00:00:40,150 It's an amazing program and I'm up to doing it every day. 12 00:00:40,150 --> 00:00:44,610 I feel a little bit lost if I don't, actually, so I'm great 13 00:00:44,610 --> 00:00:48,510 and happy to be part of the Kaisa team. 14 00:00:48,510 --> 00:00:49,880 I love it, love it loads. 15 00:00:49,880 --> 00:00:51,663 Okay, thank you very much. Mick?1 00:00:00,520 --> 00:00:01,948 - I love this workout. 2 00:00:01,948 --> 00:00:04,900 I've been doing Mobility One since it first came out 3 00:00:04,900 --> 00:00:08,090 and this is the perfect evolution to that program. 4 00:00:08,090 --> 00:00:11,220 A little more heat, more flow, more challenge. 5 00:00:11,220 --> 00:00:13,300 You just get a good sweat 6 00:00:13,300 --> 00:00:15,270 and it leaves your body feeling great. 7 00:00:15,270 --> 00:00:16,360 I highly recommend it 8 00:00:16,360 --> 00:00:19,060 and this will be a part of my weekly routine for sure. Sarah?1 00:00:01,670 --> 00:00:03,680 - I cannot rave enough about Kaiser's 2 00:00:03,680 --> 00:00:05,440 new program, Mobility Strength. 3 00:00:05,440 --> 00:00:07,640 I've been an athlete my whole life, 4 00:00:07,640 --> 00:00:10,320 so movement has been something that has been a constant. 5 00:00:10,320 --> 00:00:11,920 And I'm at a point now 6 00:00:11,920 --> 00:00:13,330 that I just really wanna do stuff 7 00:00:13,330 --> 00:00:15,170 that I not only enjoy doing, 8 00:00:15,170 --> 00:00:17,250 but my body responds really well to it. 9 00:00:17,250 --> 00:00:20,586 And this program hit all my expectations. 10 00:00:20,586 --> 00:00:23,350 First off, Kaiser is an amazing coach, 11 00:00:23,350 --> 00:00:26,456 her attitude, her positive feedback, 12 00:00:26,456 --> 00:00:28,370 her energy that she brings, 13 00:00:28,370 --> 00:00:29,920 the movements have been something 14 00:00:29,920 --> 00:00:31,430 that I have never seen before. 15 00:00:31,430 --> 00:00:33,500 So it's really cool to try something new 16 00:00:33,500 --> 00:00:36,360 that my body responds so well to. 17 00:00:36,360 --> 00:00:37,680 And she gives great cues, 18 00:00:37,680 --> 00:00:39,340 I find myself pushing myself 19 00:00:39,340 --> 00:00:41,760 by her adjustments throughout the workout. 20 00:00:41,760 --> 00:00:43,640 Also, it feels good on my body, 21 00:00:43,640 --> 00:00:45,890 I feel strong, I feel powerful. 22 00:00:45,890 --> 00:00:47,400 I'm not the most flexible person, 23 00:00:47,400 --> 00:00:49,140 so I find that this movement 24 00:00:49,140 --> 00:00:51,180 is really helped them lengthen, 25 00:00:51,180 --> 00:00:54,570 and the mobility piece with the strength side 26 00:00:54,570 --> 00:00:58,010 kinda gives me both that flexibility aspect 27 00:00:58,010 --> 00:01:00,040 that I'm looking for along with getting 28 00:01:00,040 --> 00:01:01,360 strong with my body weight. 29 00:01:01,360 --> 00:01:05,150 So only positive things I have to say about this program. 30 00:01:05,150 --> 00:01:07,960 I've done a lot of her other programs that she offers. 31 00:01:07,960 --> 00:01:09,490 This is a new spin to it, 32 00:01:09,490 --> 00:01:10,950 which I love and adore. 33 00:01:10,950 --> 00:01:12,610 So I highly suggest you check it out. 34 00:01:12,610 --> 00:01:13,910 You won't be disappointed. Mike Taylor?1 00:00:01,310 --> 00:00:06,310 - I am obsessed with Kaisa's new mobility strength program. 2 00:00:06,540 --> 00:00:09,110 It is truly amazing. 3 00:00:09,110 --> 00:00:13,310 I do a lot of yoga, I do a lot of strength training 4 00:00:13,310 --> 00:00:16,410 and this will completely replace 5 00:00:16,410 --> 00:00:18,353 doing some of those classes. 6 00:00:19,758 --> 00:00:22,040 It is such a fun workout. 7 00:00:22,040 --> 00:00:26,750 I can truly say my body has never moved this way before 8 00:00:26,750 --> 00:00:29,930 and, just after doing it a few times, 9 00:00:29,930 --> 00:00:33,190 I feel like my range of motion has already improved. 10 00:00:33,190 --> 00:00:36,570 And it's just honestly really fun. 11 00:00:36,570 --> 00:00:39,420 It's high energy but it's still low impact, 12 00:00:39,420 --> 00:00:44,420 which is really nice, both as a full workout 13 00:00:44,529 --> 00:00:48,660 or the mini one for a warmup or a cooldown 14 00:00:48,660 --> 00:00:51,403 or just when I need to get away from my desk. 15 00:00:53,440 --> 00:00:58,430 I love Kaisa's programs but this is by far my favorite one 16 00:00:58,430 --> 00:01:00,250 that she's ever released, 17 00:01:00,250 --> 00:01:04,210 and I seriously hope that she makes more of these 18 00:01:04,210 --> 00:01:09,050 because I could do this every day and be so happy. 19 00:01:09,050 --> 00:01:10,833 So thank you, Kaisa! Bart?1 00:00:00,810 --> 00:00:03,003 - So I just got done with a run. 2 00:00:04,400 --> 00:00:07,080 And I normally run just regular stretches 3 00:00:07,080 --> 00:00:08,600 and hit the road, 4 00:00:08,600 --> 00:00:11,710 but I've been incorporating mobility strength 5 00:00:11,710 --> 00:00:13,250 before going out there now, 6 00:00:13,250 --> 00:00:16,420 and I'll say my runs are faster, 7 00:00:16,420 --> 00:00:19,170 I feel just way more stretched out, 8 00:00:19,170 --> 00:00:21,600 no more tightness in my legs and shoulders 9 00:00:21,600 --> 00:00:23,200 while bouncing around, 10 00:00:23,200 --> 00:00:28,050 and just am gonna start incorporating mobility strength 11 00:00:28,050 --> 00:00:30,420 into pretty much every run I do, 12 00:00:30,420 --> 00:00:32,820 or days that I'm not running, 13 00:00:32,820 --> 00:00:35,810 I'll just do the longer form one or a short one 14 00:00:35,810 --> 00:00:37,570 before and after. 15 00:00:37,570 --> 00:00:41,320 Highly recommend it to anybody that's just doing 16 00:00:41,320 --> 00:00:43,490 kind of the basics out there. 17 00:00:43,490 --> 00:00:44,620 And when it comes to classes, 18 00:00:44,620 --> 00:00:47,010 maybe like a barre or a yoga, 19 00:00:47,010 --> 00:00:49,980 I'd highly recommend switching it up 20 00:00:49,980 --> 00:00:52,110 and trying mobility. 21 00:00:52,110 --> 00:00:54,510 We're literally talking about improving 22 00:00:54,510 --> 00:00:56,460 every range of motion in your body, 23 00:00:56,460 --> 00:01:01,370 so from a person that only runs for the most part 24 00:01:01,370 --> 00:01:03,780 and has added this into their routine, 25 00:01:03,780 --> 00:01:06,270 I highly, highly recommend it. 26 00:01:06,270 --> 00:01:10,220 So Kaisa, thank you for the incredible energy 27 00:01:10,220 --> 00:01:11,960 at all times in guiding us through it. 28 00:01:11,960 --> 00:01:14,350 So yeah, appreciate it. 29 00:01:14,350 --> 00:01:19,133 And if you're not using this program, jump on today. Lynsey?1 00:00:00,700 --> 00:00:04,380 - I loved Kaisa's mobility strength workouts 2 00:00:04,380 --> 00:00:07,630 because I felt like it was a really great recovery workout, 3 00:00:07,630 --> 00:00:12,450 especially after our day, our hard week of working out, 4 00:00:12,450 --> 00:00:14,830 it's a great way to recover, 5 00:00:14,830 --> 00:00:17,000 it gets a lot of deep, it incorporates a lot of 6 00:00:17,000 --> 00:00:20,650 deep stretching and, but also 7 00:00:20,650 --> 00:00:23,110 there's the different strength exercises involved too 8 00:00:23,110 --> 00:00:25,700 and so you kind of feel like you're getting a workout 9 00:00:25,700 --> 00:00:27,603 and a deep stretch all in one. Mikko?1 00:00:00,930 --> 00:00:02,480 - Hey, I just wanted to give a quick shout out 2 00:00:02,480 --> 00:00:05,920 to Ky Center new mobility strength program. 3 00:00:05,920 --> 00:00:07,630 It's a new form of movement for me, 4 00:00:07,630 --> 00:00:10,043 but my body's absolutely loving it. 5 00:00:11,020 --> 00:00:13,960 I'm feeling a lot more fluid in my day to day life, 6 00:00:13,960 --> 00:00:17,490 not to mention, when I go running, I feel a lot better, 7 00:00:17,490 --> 00:00:20,660 when I play golf on the weekends, my swing's better, 8 00:00:20,660 --> 00:00:21,920 I have more strength, 9 00:00:21,920 --> 00:00:23,810 so overall, it's an awesome program 10 00:00:23,810 --> 00:00:25,410 and I'd recommend it to anybody.
“I really love this program so far. I'm sore but not the kind where I can't function. I can see already after ONE WEEK how this will help and benefit me - especially as I age. Really excited to explore the rest of the program too!”

— Elizabeth M.

“Love it! Great warmup for harder workouts or a good workout for lazy days. Would love for you to add more of the short 10 minute workouts for all of the series.”

— Shawn O.

“Mobility One is exactly what my body needs. It has been tough for me because I am so tight, but I gradually feel my muscles getting stronger, and loosening up. I've been telling everyone about this!”

— Ann P.


— Linnette B.

“I will admit, I’m 59 years old and this is challenging even at the beginner stage. But I find it interesting and stimulating. I can do most of the poses/movements/postures albeit modified for myself right now. I’m eager to continue and see the change in my ability and growth with this unique program.”

— Ivette C.

“The best 29.00 that I have ever spent! Thank you!!”

— Thurun G.

“So I'm 70, female. These workouts are at an intermediate level. I have back, knee and shoulder issues (pain and stiffness, lack of flexibility). On the other hand, I'm a pretty good hiker and road biker. I have worked through a week of the calendar 4 workout "bundle" now. I have done what I can, and got quite a workout! I am looking forward to movements being a little bit easier this next week. It's been tough. Encouragingly, my back doesn't feel quite as stiff. And my shoulders and knees no worse. I am feeling they have a slightly better range of motion. I have given these workouts 4 stars. They are, as I said, at an intermediate level. I don't think this is mentioned anywhere on the webpages themselves? Additionally, as I am counting calories, I wonder if it would be possible to post the calories for each workout? Other than that, fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing where these exercises take me (my body, that is) in the weeks to come. Update: second time through Kaisa Mobility at start of Week 2 - the exercises are noticeably easier!”

— Carolyn A.

“I love these workouts! I've only done the 10 minute ones so far but they were fantastic. Kaisa is amazing and genuine. My hip flexors are feeling so much better.... thanks Kaisa!”

— Hannah P.

“Great introduction to mobility and movement.”

— Evelyn O.

“Thank you Kaisa! I really liked this one! Greetings from Helsinki! 💕”

— Heidi L.

“I love it. Kaisa is a pleasure.”

— Rachel G.

“I started of gently with the 10 minute workout and felt wonderful. Day 2 I took the challenge and did the 30 minute work out which was equally as rewarding. I don’t think I can go back to just 10 minutes. Not being a fan of intense workouts this routine suits me well. I have recommended to a couple of my friends too.”

— Bebe K.

“I am 55 years old and have always disliked exercise. In the last year I started kickboxing and love that. I realized pretty early on that my lack of flexibility was going to hold me back. I had seen the ads for KaisaFit on Facebook and tried a few of the movements. I was sold! The Mobility One videos are challenging but doable. I pause the video when I need to because I am a bit slow still. Everyday I see improvement in my flexibility and I feel better throughout my day...less old lady creaking more energetic movement !”

— Stacey A.

“Hi Kaisa! I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for the originality of your workouts. Your formula of strength and mobility brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional training methods. I finish your workouts feeling like my joints are oiled up as well as muscular fatigue which is very satisfying. As an athlete with multiple little injuries, my body is grateful for the smoothness and intensity of your workouts. So thank you for your hard work and originality. To finish, I have to tell you that you are STUNNING! You look strong and healthy and it is inspiring. Take care of you xoxo”

— Samira Y.

“This is my second week and I feel so good already, the first workout made me feel energized and so good. I cant wait to do the rest of the bundle I got! Thank you Kaisa!!! XOXO”

— Chantha T.

“From: @aDivaLasVegas Thanks Kaisa! Joined Mobility Core because of your AWESOME IG previews. The movements are all BADASS and FUN! Spent a year in Pilates Reformer classes doing 4 INT and 1 ADV per week so your movements, cues and pace are familiar. Spent the first five sessions doing the 40 min INTRO to make sure I was following maintaining good form and just finished my 1st 30 min FLOW! Yay!!! Cheers and Best Wishes for our continued progress and success ;-)”

— Cheryl F.

“I love this so much! I’m normally a yogi, but haven’t been practicing as much as I’d like....this program has been the perfect motivation to get back into things. It feels great and I can already see improvement. I’ve been doing it after/before hikes and runs. I hit my upper 40’s this year, and flexibility and mobility is something I have to really work on as I age. Thanks for this awesome program!”

— Amy J.

“I was very satisfied about exercises, explanations and clarity of video!”

— Sorin G.

“I bought the bundle but currently am working on using Mobility One as my warmup before my weight lifting and then the mini as cooldown. I'm loving it and already feeling the benefit.”

— Emily V.

“I've watched and knew this was for me. I've tried your Sunday Stretch and now purchased the Mobility bundle. I like what you do; keep doing it! Thank you much🙂”

— D S.

“I just started the Instructional Mobility Strong. Loved it! I am a 54y-old martial artist - moving safely and efficiently is very important to me. The movement and flow really helped to loosen my joints, lengthen my muscles and connect the dots between different areas of the body. In doing it, I also discovered several sneaky tight areas that need attention! ;) This a great flow of movements that can stand alone to get your body moving efficiently. It can also be used restoratively after a big workout day. Thank you, Kaisa! :)”

— Davina M.

“Great price for the bundle. I love having more options for mobility work. The routines are very diverse and great. Love Kaisa, her motivation throughout the routine makes this even better. Routines are lots of fun. I did not regret investing into this for a second.”

— Daša P.

“Love the videos, workouts are so creative and fun to do. 10 min cardio is just a perfect warmup for a quick stretch session.”

— Daša P.

“I have been a personal trainer for 35 years. My teaching includes strength, yoga and pilates. As a trainer I am always looking for other trainers to inspire me for my own workout. I feel so thankful that I have found this series. Thanks so much.”

— Cynthia S.

“Ok so I started with mobility one for about a week.. then moved to his as I felt i needed this die to the weather getting colder so I'm not able to walk my usual walk... and I must say after just 2 weeks of implementing the mobility one flexibility and this cardio routine. Lisa is kicking my toosh and I'm happy about it. The longer vids give instructions to the moves the shorter ones give more impact in a shorter time. This video pack was worth its weight in coins I spent and then some. I'm already seeing mobility results.. and I'm feeling great when I leave my mat. So thank you Kiasa for putting this together and having the passion for it. You are truly a diamond in the rough. I hope to be a le to post some before Kiasia and after Kiasa pictures.. lol 😉 I cant wait to try the other workouts I purchased in the mobility pack. And then put together my own little monthly calendar..”


“I bought mobility strength as a single package. I loved it so much I bought the bundle. As a triathlete, mobility is a key factor in reducing my risk of injury. Love this program.”

— Michelle P.

“Exactly what I was looking for to help with overall mobility. I’m stiff from years of sitting at a computer. Mobility One is a great workout that isn’t too intense, and offers more than just a static stretch. It’s part of my daily routine now. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Jay P.

“Really great instruction. I have always exercised purposefully throughout my life. In my late 30's I developed multiple herniated discs to my lower back. 6 years later, I am still struggling with pain, but have remained determined to get back to fitness throughout. Kaisa instructs in a way that I finally get the exercises instead of powering through them. Due to incorrect form and avoiding many exercises due to pain, I realize just how out of shape my core is. I've been doing fairly strenous workouts overall before this, but still took three tries before I could get all the way through the mobility strength or core instruction. And I use all the modifications. Its really hard for me to do floor work due to low back strain. Some yoga and pilates classes can put me in bed for a day or so. I'm taking my time and have a good feeling that this is what my body has been missing to strengthen the lower back while improving flexibility. Support in all the right places. Feeling pretty good so far!”

— Nora S.

“Get ready as I am about to fan girl hard! I look forward to hearing her say the word”Team” as often as possible. Just like all my coaches used to say. She really does coach during the training session. The bundle allows me to mix it up because sometimes my best is a 10 min restorative stretch. Informative, dynamic easy to follow but add arm and leg wraps to up the resistance and boom! I am a fitness enthusiast. I am also a leader of Barre•Classes and Plyo body weight bootcamp classes and have recently been incorporating some of these moves into my workouts. My team mates love it! Love Kaisa’s flows so much. Love this team!”

— Colleen F.

“These workouts are amazing. They are hard and they are fun. I’m still working my way through the first week, my muscles are burning and my aches are already easing up. Amazing! My only complaint is trivial, but I hate the over use of the word team.”

— Tiffany H.

“it was great the whole time i was working i could feel my body becoming more loose and able to move, while still working out my muscles and making them stronger. After everything was done we go into a really relaxing meditation. all in all it leaves you feeling good about yourself and feeling good about life! i recommend this to everyone, to people in any sport or to people not in sports! it was Fantastic!”

— KarieAnn H.

“Felt great after finishing the 30-minute workout, and also appreciated the 40-minute one that breaks down some of the moves. Kaisa is a great teacher and does a great job motivating the viewer. I would love to see a more demanding workout in the future, following the same mobility and low impact principles Kaisa promotes, which have been the best for my shoulder condition and back injury. I'm only 31 years old and have always struggled with shoulder, back and knee pain, these exercises have proven to be the best for my aches. After one week of working out with the program, I already feel like my whole body healing. Gracias, Kaisa!”

— Mari E.

“I love them all! You are so right when you say movement is everything. I'll be 59 in a few weeks and I want to be able to move till I'm 100. Also be able to catch myself if I trip, "control the movement" You talk about. Thank you T”

— tonya l.

“So far I am learning a lot of new ways to incorporate mobility into my workouts. I did the 45 minute one first and then I was disappointed to find that the 10 and 30 minute lessons were the exact same workouts that were in the 45. I wish that there were some variation between the three.”

— Sarah R.

“I did the 40 minute workout. As a first time user, I found that the explanations of the moves were a little too fast for me to watch what you were doing, get into the position and then do the movement with you. Especially when the move required a pillow or being against the wall. I'm sure with repeated workouts I will get faster at it, but it was a little discouraging for the first time. I love your positive and encouraging attitude though, and I'll keep at it!”

— Patti D.

“love the range of motion. a little too easy tho. was hoping to get a little more sweat goin but i did feel some soreness in my butt checks which is promising. (220lb semi active mid 20s female)”

— ceydi p.

“This is great stuff. Many of these movements I already know but Kaisafit his packaged them in a way to make them fun and new. Lots of pain reduction in areas in which I was “stuck”. Eager to move on to the next programs.”

— Scott S.

“I have been a gym rat for my whole life but this past year as the gyms were closed my body got super tight and i started noticing inflexibility in my hip and low back pain. This mobility series helps me feel great, its really helped my stiffness and brought mobility back to my body. Once I am done this workout the rest of my day is much less painful.”

— Cassi B.

“During the first week I've tried 3 out of 4 workouts. I'm a huge fan, no surprise. I've been a fan of Kaisa since I found her on so-me last year. Living in Norway, I'm now preparing for the dark season. Thats really why I bought the bundle. It gives me a huge benefit in fighting the falling motivation for working out that usually comes with this season change. Kaisa is a positive, shining soul, grateful I found her 💓”

— Silje M.

“I am a Personal Trainer and I really needed something to motivate me as well as add some functional movement for my clients. I love the format. I felt so good after completing Mobility One! I'm an avid horse person and am looking forward to fall riding with more flexibility in the saddle.”

— Rhonda H.

“Even though I’m having to compensate for a foot in a “boot” I’m really enjoying using bits and pieces of me that have been ignored for years”

— Sandy N.

“I am loving these workouts!! And Kaisa’s encouraging words!! ☺️”

— Deborah A.

“I haven’t felt this good since lockdown started. Thank you Kansa, I’m so glad I found you. I’m interspersing every-other day mobility work with my 100-mile challenge walk/runs and it feels great.”

— Maysoon A.

“What a great addition to our workout routine, especially with the covid-19 closures! My husband is so inflexible, and I have struggled to find ways to help him incorporate flexibility. I am a retired dancer, so I love mobility and flexibility. Mobility Core and Mobility Cardio actually motivates him! Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Stacey W.

“Loved it! Only did it one day but felt it for a few days afterwards! Will do it again tomorrow and another day this week. Still moving more than people on their couches!”

— heather m.

“Hi Kaisa, I love my mobility bundle and I enjoy them a lot. They bring the variety I needed between yoga and dancing. I feel great all day after doing them.”

— Claudie P.

“1st week of program. The 10min session 3x a week got rid of neck and shoulder pain that had popped up and dealing with for a couple weeks. I know shoulder issue was from old injury. This program released whatever wise tight. Ahhh...relief Thank you, Nicole”


“I really enjoyed this programme. Its been a while since I've been to the gym or since I've had similar levels of activity as pre-covid. I wanted to find something to help prepare my body for exercise and to get back some of my mobility that I felt I had lost over the 5 month period. This has been really helpful for doing just this. I also felt that Kaisa was very down to eart, relatable, and not patronising in the videos. Thanks Kaisa for this great resource!”

— Rebecca W.

“I love it! It’s super easy to exercise with Kaisa. I really love the content and the idea of mobility. It has solved many of my back / hip problems. The exercises are short enough, it is easy to start and after 30 min to be done!”

— Maria D.

“I am in LOVE with this workout! I’ve been stuck working at a computer at home for the past 6 mos since Covid. I could tell my body was “caving in” and I wasn’t mobile at all. I’ve only been doing this video for a week and already I’ve notice a significant difference! My hips and back feel so much better and are moving well. I can’t wait to see how how feel a month in! Thank you Kaisa!!”

— Madelynn D.

“Happily surprised by the Mobility One workouts. I workout a lot. 6 days a week and 3 of those days are doubles. Since the pandemic shut down all of the Bikram Yoga studios, I've been unable to practice in the heat and have struggled with recovery. Started doing Mobility One workouts a few times a week and feel amazing again. Kind of weird actually since I wasn't expecting much. I'll continue with these for recovery even when things open up, and may even purchase some of the other workouts. Hashtag IMPRESSED 🙂”

— TerriLin P.

“I love seeing how quickly my body responds to the new activity! I've been sitting a lot more than usual since the quarantine meant school and work from home for me. I was noticing that I could not walk for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time without pain/pinching in my right hip flexor. With only a few days of the mobility one routine, I've found myself walking long stretches without any pain! I also noticed more better reflexes as I fell out of my bed but I was able to catch and stabilize myself without causing significant injury. One week down, I'm looking forward to how I'll feel and move in a month! Thank you Kaisa! I really appreciate how open you are about sharing your personal limits like tight shoulders and having tight quads during the quad rocks.”

— Malori H.

“Challenging but easy to follow! Love it so far ❤️”

— Bryn M.

“Kaisa you are inspiring and amazing! I just started back after a long , long break and this is just what I needed ! You know how to functionally move the body so well and a natural flow. I appreciate your enthusiasm and motivation. Thank you for giving me hope that I can get back on a healthy journey!”

— Helen C.

“I have just bought the Mobility One and tried the 10 minute routine this morning for the first time. At 53 and in menopause, my joints are starting to stiffen quite a bit and they give me niggling pains every now and again. I can already see that this program is going to benefit me greatly. My flexibility has already improved massively since I've been weight training but this program will, I am sure, be hugely beneficial to improving my effectiveness in the gym.”

— Beverley F.

“Awesome work out. My 10 year old joined me this morning and we had fun! Thank you for creating these series. Jackie”

— Jackie I.

“Very happy that I purchased the Mobility Bundle. I look forward to my morning workouts with Kaisa! I’ve just completed my first week. My muscles feel it - in a good way. I love the feeling of sweaty accomplishment!”

— Lori M.

“I've a Personal Trainer for 15 years and specialise in Strength & Conditioning. I have followed KaisaFit for a couple of years now and love her intensity with strong movement patterns... I decided to take up the mobility bundle for new fresh ideas for dynamic warm ups. The flows are awesome and Mobility Cardio is masterful.. My clients and i love it.... Hat's off to you Kaisa for a outstanding product. You are a true inspiration in the Health and Fitness industry”

— chris b.

“So far, so good. Have been using Mobility One for a week. 3 classes specifically, the 10 minute, the 30 minute and the breakdown. I have enjoyed all of them. Some of the moves are difficult while others are easy, as I have limited mobility in my right shoulder. I am looking forward to progressing to the other classes. I will keep you posted. I will mention that I appreciate Kaisa's commentary and her positivity. Which keep the classes interesting.”

— cheryle w.

“It's been only 2 sessions, and I m in love with the routine.I have been into fitness since last 2years , and this was the mobility routine I just needed My resting heart rate has decreased drastically, Thank you Kaisa for such a wonderful program”

— Karen M.

“Positive, flexible, and nurturing. Just what I need! I am currently working full time, a full time graduate student, and trying to help my 4th grade kiddo navigate online classes. Just a little stressed. OK a lot stressed. I have always found working out to help manage stress but was in a slump. This program is so great because if I have 10 minutes or 30, there is something I can do to de-stress, sweat, and take care of myself. I love Kaisa's positive, nurturing attitude.”

— Natalie P.

“This is my go to for a quick workout just to get my body moving if I’m short on time. I have permanently added the 10 minute mobility one routine as part of my warm up before strength training. I was a little hesitant with it when I first purchased it, because I am postnatal and have old injuries. But I paced myself through the movements, now my body feels stronger, more flexible and I don’t feel pain through any movements. It’s excellent!!!”

— Morita B.

“Wow. Simple stuff that makes a a huge difference. So glad I joined the Team!”

— Rachel R.

“I am really loving how my body responds and improves under the guidance of this program. I am enjoying every bit of it.”

— Desari G.

“I do the 10 minute mobility one all the time especially after a long day at work when my lower back and hips hurt.”

— Virginia B.

“Fantastic workout. Really enjoyed the flow and challenge this program offers. After years of competitive sport (rugby) in my 20s and 30s my body has been through a fair bit. Now in my 40s those earlier years are catching up to me so I need to change my game plan to look more at restorative workouts with strength. Love the format of this flow combining much needed mobility while gently strengthening, but you can ramp it up to make it more of a sweaty session. Love it, 5-stars 💪🏼 🙌🏼”

— Greg C.

“! I've only done the mini so far but I was pleasantly sore after my first session, which tells me it was working my muscle groups. Thank you for helping me get back on the fitness train!”

— Robin L S.

“Loved it! It got my heart rate up and I enjoyed it. I've only done the mini so far (rejoining a healthy lifestyle after about 4 years off-4 years too many in my book). Thank you for the encouragement.”

— Robin L S.

“I am 41 year old competitive open water swimmer and 9 weeks into open heart surgery recovery. This is short, gentle, but challenging enough for my current state of healing. It is helping to restore some of my lost mobility and strength from 2 weeks in the hospital and 2 months of limited movement. My suggestions are when facing the audience, to mirror teach. To produce some longer sessions, maybe with some more repetitions or combinations. When doing some of the twists with the arm circles to note keeping the knees in line as you do well. Thank you! Kristin”

— Kristin G.

“Love it. This is fresh, and works wonders for my back, hips and core - having suffered from a discal hernia and scoliosis, but still trying to stay active and strong. This Core program is really good.”

— Kaisa K.

“I am not easily impressed with workout videos and I tend to stop using video workouts easily. With Kaisa Mobility Strength, I have set up a routine with this workout and I am following it. Only one week in and still using the instructional video, I already feel the difference in my joints. I work construction and need something to warm up my body to a day of hard work. For me, this workout is exactly what I need. I am excited to try the other videos in the bundle I purchased. Thanks for putting this regime together. My body thanks you!”

— Beth V.

“I've only just begun -- with a little bit of mobility one and mobility strength -- but I'm very happy with it so far! I'm a somewhat overweight male, in my late 50s with some flexibility issues. I try to keep active, but COVID has shut down my gym and led to working from home instead of biking to work, etc, etc,. After six months, I've gained weight and trying to exercise at home has led to a shoulder impingement , further decreasing my activity. I was intrigued by the ads for Kaisefit, but was worried I wouldn't be able to do very much of it and feared and it might even injure me further. BUT -- so far it has been quite enjoyable! I *can't* do everything perfectly, but it has been fun and I see progress in just a week. Best of all, pushing my shoulder gently has really led to noticeable improvements! I'd still rather be in a face-to-face gym, with the support structure it provides. But this is really very good and helpful and I'm grateful for it.”

— Theodore A.

“I love the program but so far I have not seen/felt any improvements in my mobility, in fact, I actually feel less mobility. I'm going to assume that's because I just started and I need to be patient - and get back in shape. For reference, I am a 53-year-old female that just had arthroscopic knee surgery in July. I've been an athlete my entire life and have always worked out - and pretty aggressively (running, Zumba, hiking, biking, walking, playing bball with my kids, skiing, etc.).”

— Krisann H.

“I'm so glad I took the leap and bought the Mobility One bundle! I had only done one short, free, youtube video from Kaisa, and I loved it. So, I took the plunge and I'm already feeling great! I'm a HIIT, weightlifting, lover and although I used to teach yoga I've really lost my connection with movements that use our body's whole range of motion. Now I'm thrilled to couple this with my other workout training and see how much farther my body can flourish. Thanks, Kaisa!”

— Vanessa P.

“My body is grateful. I did not think I could find another instructor who would provide these types of subtle yet advanced movements that show quick results like Jillian Michaels. I am beyond pleased with this program. Thank you, Kaisa.”

— IC M.

“Girl! I. Am. Sore. All. Over. This is quite humbling. I am a 55-year old fitness enthusiast. Over the years I've run, biked, lifted weights and walked at least a million miles--and to be honest, I've had a fair share of injuries. I was on vacation this week and decided it was a good week to focus on mobility one. I love it. It is showing me how I have ignored this part of my fitness. The last 5 years has found me in my chiropractor's office more frequently. This past year, I'm there every 10 days. I am not able to get the range of motion on a lot of moves in the workout routines, but I am encouraged that I will get there. So, yes. I'm sore and I'm humbled, but I am not discouraged! Thank you for making the routines interesting. I'm finding myself looking forward to working out again. I also see this as a huge plus as I get older. Balance and range of motion are essential! I still love lifting weights, but this will help me work more efficiently! I'm glad I found you!”

— Susan J.

“I’m 6 months postpartum and let me tell you, this is the push that I needed. I have a really bad lower back and knee pain from carrying around a 45 pound 2 year old and 6 month old. These work outs are low impact and don’t kill your knees or back at all! I love how it focuses on stretching with the heart pumping exercise moves. Thank you so much for creating this!!”

— Cheyenne D.

“I've tried all the workouts in the mobility bundle and I love them all. I purchased this bundle to supplement the workout that I'm already doing. I didn't realize how tight my shoulders were until I started this program. Glad I did! Looking forward for more mobility. Curious in trying the body weight workout bundle. Thank you Kaisa”

— Farrah B.

“Just did the 10 core mobility for the first time, and WOW!!! I feel challenged already. After 4 kids getting my core strong again is essential. I love her energy!! I feel I can do this !!!”

— Jillian D.

“Dope session. Showed me how much work I need to do. Got me excited for the process at the same time. Being older I know that mobility is the key to a long healthy life. Looking forward to sharing my results”

— Paris T.

“Did my first class (the 30 minute mobility) today, and it was awesome. I’m going to make this my new morning routine.”

— Kathy F.

“As I’m getting older I’m noticing I don’t have as much mobility as I used to. I’ve also had back surgery and I’m not even 30 yet! Your bundle has already made me feel 1000x better in this first week than how I’ve felt in a long long time.”

— Bernadette K.

“Love it, super fun, the different time options are super flexible, and the captions are great! ❤️👌”

— Meg M.

“I am recovering from abdominal surgery and after 2 months of bed rest I am dying to get moving again. I just completed the 10 mobility one and I know this is going to get me back to my regular routines of hiking, lifting and yoga. It was a nice way to start the day followed up by a nice long walk with the dog. It’s frightening to lose mobility but empowering to start getting it back. This is an inexpensive way to start the process.”

— Michelle S.

“Kaisa!!!!! I am in LOVE with your workouts!!! I've been heavy weight training, teaching fitness, running miles and miles, and now looking to stay fit and feel great! I found #KAISAFIT !!!!!!!! This specific workout has helped me do the core workout I feel, keeps you strong, and feeling great without the pain and impact on your joints. Thank you for creating this amazing workout!!!!!”

— Carrie H.

“Started my Mobility journey today with the 40 min program and have to say I feel fantastic. Time flew by so fast, all the movements were interesting and activating whole body and really helped me to notice where all the stiffness is building up. After couple years of struggling to work out and get to a routine, I feel like I might have finally found my motivation to exercise again! Super happy I found Kaisa from Instagram and now after first session super exited to come back for another one.”

— Nanna V.

“What a fantastic mobility program! I was in physical therapy for a rotated sacrum and resultant sciatica last year; ever since, I have had to work to regain strength and maintain movement in not just my hips/low back, but my entire core and upper back. After seeing ads online, I purchased Mobility One to add to my bodywork regimen, and WOW. I did my first routine last night, and afterward, the muscles between my shoulders felt mobile/NOT stuck together for the first time in MONTHS. I also could feel my abs and leg muscles opening up, and the 30-minute routine worked up a sweat to boot! Plus, Kaisa is so motivating, and she explains the moves well/makes things easy to follow. I am absolutely thrilled with this -- I cannot wait to rotate these workouts into my regular health schedule. Thank you for creating such an effective, simple program, Kaisa!!!”

— Alicia Y.

“I love this program, I particularly appreciate the instructional version. It makes my muscles work hard and leaves my joints "smooth". Top top”

— Liliana D.

“I bought the Bundle one week ago and my husband and I are really happy with it. We started from the Mobility One looking forward to challenging ourselves with the other routines. We feel our body stretching while moving and it's very satisfying.”

— Barbara Z.

“I just completed this workout! Kaisa kept me motivated these movements are great, it was a lot of fun. I feel good!”

— Sunni H.

“I just signed up and did the 10 minute Mobility workout!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for I feel great! I’ve been following Kaisa on Instagram for awhile and when I saw this workout program I had to give it a try. I’m so happy for you and I’m even more excited to give my body a needed workout.”

— Sunni H.

“Life. Changing. I have pretty severe scoliosis and I have spent most of my life managing pain through weight lifting and staying strong—COVID has unfortunately put a major damper on that routine and I was having a hard time finding an at-home program that didn't leave me in more pain than I was before. I somehow stumbled on Kaisa's free 20 minute flow on youtube and did that daily for a while before I went ahead and bought the whole mobility bundle and oh my god, I'm obsessed. It has only been a week and I'm not in pain, I'm sleeping better, I'm more mobile and flexible than I have been in a long time. I also love Kaisa's philosophy on movement and the fitness industry! Really, I cannot say enough good things about this program. Highly, highly recommend!”

— Ariel G.

“I am a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and a competitor and this mobility routine is a wonderful addition to my journey 💙 Especially great during the pandemic since I'm not able to train as usual and things are getting flabby and sore. Your positive energy is a welcome thing after almost 6 months of pandemic and political yuckiness. I'm currently unemployed and was nervous about making the investment (I took advantage of the bundle) but even after the first day I knew it was the right choice. THANK YOU KAISA!!”

— Mary G.

“I have had this for a week, I have done mobitlity core and strength, and these programs are awesome!! As an ex-wildland firefighter, I struggle with some long term injuries and these are really good workouts that actually improve my injuries! Love it!”

— Ann H.

“I am in love with the Mobility Core! I have a hip impingement and my physio says I need to strengthen my core and glutes to help stabilize and strengthen the hip joint. I do the longer mobility core session on my non-gym days, and the shorter one before or after work (desk job) and my hip feels so much better! I now have zero to minimal hip pain even after heavier lift days at the gym, whereas before I'd sometimes have pain for several days afterwards. The combo of stretching, mobilizing and strengthening I get from each session has been magic. Definitely going to make it a permanent part of my workout regimen.”

— Erita H.

“Kaisa's Mobility Core is my absolute favorite core workout. It is challenging, but I can feel my core strength improve every day.”

— Amanda B.

“I cannot recommend this highly enough! I tried other mobility routines and I love them all. They are beautifully thought through and make your body feel 10 years younger. Right now my personal favourite regime is flow mobility cardio followed by 10 min series of mobility core and 10 min mobility strength. They are exciting, effective and challenging but totally achievable. Thank you for sharing this!”

— Joanna J.

“I am still learning the moves, but I'm making progress. I never thought that stretching would make me sweat. I start with "that's it Kaisa, I can only do 2 of those". At the end of the session I say "Thank you, Kaisa!".”

— Timea B.

“I am really enjoying Kaisafit's Mobility Strength, the longer video with instructions are great! Easy to follow and I am sweaty when I am done with the workout.”

— Jackie I.

“This was a revolutionary experience for me. I was looking for something to get me going after prolonged bed rest. This was perfect for me. I loved how the movements were broken down in sections to learn them. I could go at my own pace. What I’ve learned in Mobility one has helped improve range of motion and rebuild my strength. Bless you Kaisa for making these movements available and easy to learn.”

— Christie H.

“Love the programme. I use it as part of my weekly training. Easy to follow and intense, you will sweat! Lovely yoga flow type moves.”

— Jessica B.

“During stage 4 lockdown during Covid my joints were locking up since I hadn’t been able to get to a gym or anything I needed something!! I gave mobile one a go and it did absolute wonders!! I didn’t realise how much moving like that can make a difference!! Thank you so much”

— Lee H.

“So far, so good! I purchased the Mobility One program about two weeks ago and I just made time for it recently. I am so happy I made this purchase. One simple 10 minute workout alleviated some mild back pain and a headache that I’d been dealing with all day. Perfect decompression before bed. Now if only KaisaFit can coordinate with WeightWatchers so that the workouts can count toward activity points! ❤️”

— Kira J.

“I absolutely love this workout. I'm a pole dancer and i usually have very tight hips, shoulders and back, but even after 2 weeks of this program I've noticed a huge difference while I'm dancing. I also used to have a lot of pain in my hip joints but even that has subsided! Kaisa is very friendly and relaxing to listen to!”

— Taryn C.

“Former boxerciser here, 51 yrs old, had surgery 5 years ago and couldn’t get back into it. Gained 20 lbs, barely any mobility... this has been helping me to get my motion back. Easy movements designed to get deeper and deeper motion. I’ve improved already! I’m happy to have this.😊”

— Cyndi M.

“I am loving this program. I have had lower back mobility issues for years due to my career and this program has already made me feel stronger with less pain and it’s only been a week!”

— Jada A.

“I am really enjoying the mobility bundle! I am starting to feel a difference in my mobility and flexibility. I have very tight hamstrings and with the combination of doing Yoga at 3x a week and at-least a daily 30 min. Session of the mobility, I can really feel and see a difference. Do you offer new workouts on a monthly or qtrly basis? I am motivated to move through music. Having some soft music playing in the background would add to the experience. Tracy”

— Tracy G.

“I’m 62 and I’ve been working out for quite a long time doing cardio and strength. Mobility/flexibility not so much. OK, almost never. My New Year’s resolutions have always been to do more yoga but I never did. I really like this mobility/strength. It’s really hard for me because I have such tight hips. I also have knee issues so I modify when I need to but I’m doing it!!I told myself that I would do it every day for 30 days to see what kind of results I would get. I am on day three!”

— Lynne S.

“Very nice routine. Unfortunately the sound track varies from a whisper to normal conversation tone. Mostly the sound track is very low.”

— Wendy H.

“Only done the 10minute programme so far, so I can get use to it. So far, so good. I'm now thinking of progessing to the longer programme and trying out the different sessions.”

— Heidi B.

“Trying real hard but some of the moves are very challenging . Will keep going and see if I improve or can even do some of the moves in 3 months.”

— Jenny E.

“What a difference, and only a week in. One of my biggest areas of struggle is hip mobility, which is not ideal being an ice hockey player. After even the first video, I could already feel a difference throughout my whole body. Areas that I got used to just being tight all the time have opened. I love that I'm not sore and exhausted after, I feel rejuvenated but also challenged through the process.”

— Justine S.

“As I turn 50, I am recognizing that my mobility was fading. Not good. I wanted a program that would help me in that area and not ding my credit card every month. Kaisa's program is perfect. Great value. I bought Mobility One to start just to build my discipline in doing the program. For sure I'll be buying the others.”

— Richard P.

“Really basic movement. I would have liked it to be more challenging for the price.”

— Meraai G.

“Hi Kaisa, I am in awe of this workout series. As a 55 year old with herniated discs, I suffer from severe lower back and leg pain. I am a healthcare worker and I am on my feet at least 14 hours a day. By the end of the day, I could barely walk, let alone stand. My legs and back ache so much, I can’t sleep at night. I tried your workout as soon I purchased it. On day one I felt the difference. I felt so good and finally had a good nights rest. I started light just doing the 10 minute session. I did them 4 days in a row and Instantly felt relief. Your program is a miracle. My quality of life is now changed. I have energy to do what I couldn’t. I purchased the Mobility bundle and plan on making it my new workout plan. Thank you so much for being you! Your energy is refreshing. Thank you and God bless!”

— R P.

“My hips and glutes need work and this delivers. I just can't do fast jump switch moves😀”

— Terry G.

“I appreciate the movements themselves and so far think I’m getting decent enough value out of the classes. I would actually love an audio only version to just follow along most days now tat I’ve been through the videos a couple times and am familiar with the movements. I have to agree with some of the others on the “yes!” & “team!” being over used. That time/space would be better utilized as verbal cues for what we should be feeling or the goal of the movement. The live class was the perfect opportunity to highlight different mobility ranges and how to adapt the exercises for stiffer or bigger bodies, but instead space was filled with a lot of excessive cheerleading which felt out of place in a mobility routine.”

— M R.

“Just love the deep stretching that these exercises achieve!!”

— Colleen M.

“I love the creative moves, and I love how you can feel Kaisa's energy pushing you on. I think this program is going to keep me fit and alive for many years!”

— Joanna R.

“Really well rounded core workout. I do yoga regularly so I enjoyed the asana- like poses combined with more challenging moves. And each segment is short enough not to get bored or frustrated.”

— Kristine C.

“I love the moves but I wish there was a little more specific description about body postures- such as hand and foot placements. Other than that one issue I love it! My hips are feeling better and overall my body feels better. I want to incorporate it more into my workout routine.”

— Corie T.

“Luv the strength, at first it was a challenge and doing it everyday I've mastered it, Now its on to mobility core :) Thank you :) I luv the workouts so good job, happy I came across this.”

— Patricia C.

“I love this!! It's like yoga, but far less repetitive and with more energy. I can tell that I'm going to benefit greatly from this. It's really great for all levels, so give it a try.”

— Kathy A.

“New to this but have done Yoga before. Found I could not hold the bridge or the planK. So did cobra instead . Will work towards being more flexible”

— Catherine H.

“I am 48 and not very fit, strong or flexible. I have the mobility one and the mobility strength packages. For both packages there were one or two exercises that were difficult for me - and I am no athlete now 🙂 However, I found from the beginning I could do most of each class. At my own level of course. And I feel so much better after class! I have improved a lot over time too. I started mobility strength a week ago. I have done the 40 minute programme twice to learn the moves and the 10 minute programme twice as was short on time. I really like it and hope to build up to the 30 minute programme in a few months. Claire”

— Claire R.

“I haven't done much in the way of meaningful exercise since college and so I am really out of shape. In the past year, I could feel my muscles tightening and loss in my range of motion. I love that Mobility One is a routine that I can finish and still feel like I've done some significant exercise. My favorite moves are for the shoulders and back. I've noticed less tension and pain in these areas after one week.”

— Leslie S.

“Absolutely love your routines. Flexible Strong Stamina All perfectly describe your moves. Love it !”

— Judi S.

“Hello hello, just taking it one step at a time, program is a challenge for me, as I knew it would be, but I can see through perseverance commitment I will get to where I need to be...optimum health and fitness, I know with your program instruction and guidance and commitment on my part, As a 61 year old ex international power lifter, this is making me work through my lack of flexibility...I still work out though, looking to vastly improve on flexibility and ROM....thanks Kaiser”

— Lance S.

“I purchased the mobility bundle and I am very impressed! I can already feel a difference in my body after one week of practicing mobility one a few times. I am an active yogi, I practice resistance training, and I power walk. I started to notice inflexibility in my hips a few weeks ago, and thought this program would help me heal! I am happy to report that I was correct! Thank you Kaisa for creating this course, its a great reminder to check in with your body, and continually assess what is going on. <3”

— Marizsa R.

“This is such a great way to work yourself back into working out regularly, safely. If you're starting up after a long break, I recommend doing this for a week or two and then branching into the other programs to develop further. Kaisa is wonderful and motivating!”

— Samantha M.

“Short, strong, sweet and sore a good way. Improving my sleep. More power!”

— Deanna Mae A.

“This program is everything... I love it. It's a bit challenging right now; but who doesn't love a challenge? I'm sticking with it...”

— Lisa H.

“Love, love, love the workout. It has its challenges, but was not overly intimidating.”

— Dominique B.

“This program really has helped me to get back from a slump. Just the other day I was not feeling a run, but thought that I should move anyway. Did the 10 minute workout, felt amazing and energized and went for a run, too :) This has helped my backpains and overall feeling in my body. Love this!!”

— Heidi V.

“I was so stiff and immobile a few weeks ago that I thought I would never be able to accomplish a session. I can now do the 10 minutes, no problem, and most of the moves on the 30 minutes. I'm even improving on strength and technique through each session. I even have weak wrists and ankles, so in beginning, I thought I wouldn't be able to manage the moves. I've persevered and use wrist supports, but I feel where I am gaining strength and flexibility, I am able to do the movements. So happy I found Kaisa and I will definitely at some point move onto the other exercises in the mobility series. Thank you”

— Sarah Y.

“Love, love this new combo original combinations. Keep them coming maybe your next one can have bands.”

— Chantal D.

“I wanted something new, and this is so completely worth it. I already feel stronger. Can't wait to do more”

— JaNet T.

“Great explanation and step by step instructions.”

— Aaron R.

“For Someone with Injuries in my shoulder and knee this is exactly what i was looking for. Sometimes in yoga my muscles can fatigue easily but with this flow makes for a fun, challenging yet super beneficial workout.”

— Jaime L.

“Wow this was everything I didn’t know I needed!! I am a former power lifter (quit due to a hand injury) but have for years struggled with hip issues. Doing these exercises daily has really made a difference in my hips. Even my not so heavy lifts feel better also getting better Glute engagement. YAY!!”

— Sheri E.

“Really Enjoying this core work out really pulls the abs in. Hard at the start but stick with it and your body will thank you for it.”

— Gavin M.

“I love mobility one! There is nothing I could say that is negative about mobility one . . . I know that it will pay off as the days/weeks/months/years tick by and I believe that mobility one will be the final piece in taking my mobility to the absolute next level . . . here I come full squat that is comfortable. Here I come with mobile hips/shoulders/ankles. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Scott H.

“I just love Mobility One...I have been doing it almost everyday for a few weeks and my back is feeling so much better. I'm almost ready to start Mobility Core (which I bought!). Mobility One is just the right mix of movements for me right now. Frankly, it is kind of a strength workout for me because all I have been doing of late is lots of walking and very gentle pilates-like core workouts for about 12 minutes 3-4 times a week because of my back. I really miss swimming because of COVID and I'm excited to really get back into another exercise routine that I like....”

— Elisabeth M.

“Thanks for checking in Kaisa! First week of using your fitness workout calendar. It definitely helps me keep on track and keeps routines in healthy rotation. Love it!”

— Marcie L.

“My back feels much better!”

— Kim D.

“Great core workout - you can feel it working as you do it. Will definitely keep going with this one.”

— Sandra M.

“Dearest Kasia, thank for such a thoughtful and complete workout. Your work is inspiring!! Being a dancer I really appreciate the specificity in technique that you give in the videos, especially the Mobility core! Also being Mexican I LIVE for your political stand with respect to fitness industry, body ideals, and decolonizing movement! YAS! Maybe an idea could be to include coordination exercises? Like body puzzles, this is something I try a lot because it helps putting the coordination of the body in a playful mode. Just a thought! Lots of love and I hope you have a great day! All the support! Fer”

— Fernanda M.

“I’m feeling a lot better. Squash, racketball and pickleball games have improved. Knee pain a lot less so I am back on my road bike.”

— John d.

“I am enjoying Mobility One. It is helping me be more limber. I use it to help me recover after a workout! Thank you!”

— Antonella B.

“Loving it so far! Kaisa is a great teacher and none of the moves are too difficult. I have worked through several of the 40 min sessions as they are supposed to be slower paced. I definitely need to do them a few more times to get the hang of some of the movements. I am terribly uncoordinated and have trouble following and if things move too quickly then I get tangled up and frustrated. I would love to see some sort of printable visual for each course for the trickier, for me at least, combination movements. I'm certainly not the only one out there with two left feet. With all that said I do feel some soreness in areas I was not getting from my previous workouts so I know we are getting some more muscle groups involved. Thank you for such a great program.”

— Laura C.

“I am out of shape, overweight and suffer from chronic pain. This workout is amazing and is just enough to keep me limber throughout the day. I love it!”

— Sarah N.

“As a former personal trainer and now sports medicine physician, I love the function training, in multiple planes of motion and dynamic flow of this training!”

— Anne Marie Z.

“I have started making the 10 min Mobility One a part of my morning routine and it has absolutely made a difference in my day. Getting warmed up and stretched is an amazing feeling.”

— Jacquelyn M.

“As a massage therapist and yoga teacher who has looked at training for and classes that incorporate mobility I found that Kaisa's enthusiasm, obvious knowledge and creative sequencing work well in the context of what I know as well as provide an opportunity to continue to grow & learn; Not to mention the actual workout is fun and challenging! With the current times we All find ourselves in she also made this opportunity most affordable/accessible and for that I am most grateful! Keep up your efforts; I'll be looking forward to the next launch! And hopeful for a viable virtual training option in the near future! LeAnn Nequette, LMT-AL, 200-ERYT, MA Birmingham, AL”

— LeAnn N.

“Exactly the right level of stretch and movement I needed for a Sunday. I definitely see room for improvement in form and range of motion, but I also see places where I'm not as tight as Kaisa circa this video and that was soooo motivating. Love her energy and the whole program.”

— Leah F.

“Mobility cardio is awesome! I use mini (the 10 min one) as a warm up for my home workouts. Feels sooooo good. 💦”

— Ulrika L.

“Being older my mobility is more limited. Your videos have helped me move better. I can take less ibuprofen. Thank you so much. And, your customer service is excellent.”

— Stella P.

“Thanks so much, love this entire program!”

— Esther H.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

— Esther H.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

— Esther H.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

— Esther H.

“Love this mobility series!!!”

— Esther H.

“Great start for me. Greetings from Norway.”

— Trond H.

“I love it! Not too long but just enough, i can feel the difference after three days in my everyday movements, i feel better.”

— Natkay I.

“This has saved me during lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. I had been doing Mobility Strength for about six weeks and bought the bundle last week. It is excellent for mental and physical well being and in no way does it feel repetitive or boring. My mobility and core strength will be much improved as a result. Thanks Kaisa!!”

— Shane O.

“Mobility is great. It looks easier than it actually is though and I actually felt some sore muscles and limbs. Thanks for the workout.”

— Dorisha K.

“Love it! This program has help reduce my pain.”

— Micah S.

“All the mobility programs have made a great difference in my body!! Difficult to chose one, but I always move towards increasing my strenght. I appreciate very much the construction of new programs to alternate the workouts. Thank You !!”

— Ana Paula O.

“Mobility cardio is so awesome! I typically get bored of the bike and other cardio, but this was so fun and effective! I was a little nervous with some of the moves because I have Harrington rods from T4 to T11 of my spine. But I surprised myself being able to do them! Thank you so much for this Kaisa!”

— Heather R.

“Kaisa these workouts are amazing and so fun to do with you. It honestly feels like a personal training session with you. I have done the strength mobility 40 min slow workout on my off days and love the pace and how it makes me feel. I can feel my core getting stronger and every time I revisit the exercises with you I feel stronger and more mobile. These workouts are honestly wonderful!! Thank you.”

— Marisa E.

“So far I love this workout. I have had a hard time finding a home workout that doesn't move super fast, and you can do without having to have your eye on the screen the whole time. I appreciate that some of the moves you can do faster or slower, and that I don't feel like by the time I have moved into the next move that it is almost over and on to the next!!”

— Wendy W.

“I am 53 years old, with back and hip issues from scoliosis. I am often unsure of aggressive workout videos that I often cannot do or that worsen my pain. I just did the first one here and I really liked it! It started out mellow but doable, and had me sweating by the end. Some moves I can't do (yet) but I think if I keep it up I will get there. Very good program, and I'll check back in in a few days.”

— Colette M.

“This is such a great program. The 10 minute is great for after a workout or for a mid day pick-me-up. The 30 minutes, holy cow. I feel that one. I’m dripping with sweat by the end and my body feels incredible. Each time I do it I get a little stronger and can push myself a little further. I haven’t tried the 40 minute one yet....gimme some time. Lol.”

— Heather P.

“I’ve only done the 10 minute warm up so far and while I like it, it is quite advanced and difficult for those of us just starting out. I was also disappointed that no progressions were offered. For instance, in the sumo squat we’re told to keep our heels flat to the ground ... well what if that just isn’t possible? I also found the pace a bit fast to get from one movement to the next. Perhaps the longer videos will suit a beginner better. On the positive side Kaisa is fun to watch and motivating.”

— Linda L.

“I am loving this program, I’m finding lots of release in my shoulders and lower back! Thank you, JoAnne”

— JoAnne M.

“I tried this one on my 50th birthday! I loved it & I woke up the next day with that sweet soreness knowing that I worked my body well! Did Mobility Core today & loved it. Looking forward to Mobility Cardio next! (You may have noticed that I'm following your calendar.) Peace, Kelly Flynn-Putiri”

— Kelly F.

“Cardio Mobility is challenging and rewarding! Perfect combination with Mobility Core. ❤Thank you Kaisa❤”


“I kept seeing this program pop up on my feed and I finally bought the package for all 4 programs. I have yet to try cardio mobility and mobility one but I am really excited to try them because mobility core and strength have been game changers. I remember hearing Kaisa say that she is so used to doing these super high intensity workouts and slowing down in these programs has really helped. I also feel like I am always going so hard and try to stretch or do yoga but as a single mom in nursing school with little free time, I just want to have a good hard workout. Having these programs as an option has been so amazing. I get to actively stretch and recover while still challenging my body. My time is precious so I’m so happy that I found Kaisa to help incorporate so much into a 30 minute workout. Thank you”

— Roxy C.

“Ahhhhh!!!! I absolutely love love love you Kaisa! This workout was the bomb dot com. Just like you said by the end of the workout I felt rejuvenated and excited to do it again.”

— Lily V.

“These movements are giving me life. My body needed this program! Thank you for creating this for women, I am loving it so far!”

— Laura O.

“Just tried the instructional and I love how the intensity sneaks up on you! At first I was thinking, oh I don't know if I'll get that sweaty.... then boom... Thanks for another great workout Kaisa! I look forward to moving on to the faster version.”

— Tania C.

“I started on Sunday with all 4 of the 10 minute videos from one, strength, cardio and core. I started following the calendar you provided and have done the 40 minute strength and core workouts so far this week. It is amazing how much of the workouts In can do. Love love love all of them!”

— deb h.

“I'm a 55 year old former soccer player who had meniscus and cartilage surgery on my right knee. Haven't played in five years and took a bit of physical therapy for me to walk and run again. Still active in walking, jump roping and biking, but finding I'm getting much stiffer in hips and joints. Discovered Kaisa's mobility program and completely impressed with her movements. Thank you for thinking about body movement in such a naturalistic way. That is what really appeals to me and you can do it anywhere and anytime! I dig her overall inspiring attitude about health and the health industry as well! Cheers Ms Kaisa and may we always keep moving! -Tony Villador”

— tony v.

“I really enjoy these workouts. They are a combination of yoga, Pilates and strength. Worth the time and money!”

— joanna p.

“I did mobility 30 minutes. I love how clear the explanations are. The exercises were challenging for me, but doable. My lunges have always been weak, so I will work on them. My plan is to stick with the 30-minute routine for a month; move on to 45 minutes for a month; then on to 60 minutes for a month. I'm very tight in my hips, but I think these mobility exercises will definitely help. I highly recommend using this program”

— Xandria B.

“This has been hands down the best full body motion moves that I have come across. I love love love. Started with Sunday Stretch. Do not regret one minute Thank YOU”

— Charlene R.

“Love, love, love! Just completed the 40min instructional video and boy was I sweating!! I used the 10 min mobility one as a warm-up and I feel amazing! These mobility programs are amazing and I recommend d them to anyone and everyone!! Just amazing!! Thank you Kaisa for creating these programs that are challenging and rejuvenating!!”

— Kelsey M.

“Since purchasing the Mobility One program I have been using it religiously as a warm-up! the 10 min is perfect before any and all workouts! The longer ones are amazing if I get to the end of a busy day and haven't had time to move, I'll do the 30min before I shower and settle down for the night! Amazing! One of, if not the best program I've purchased!! Thank you Kaisa xx”

— Kelsey M.

“Love this program. I'm a runner and I dig all the hip flexor movements to open up my hips! Great investment!”

— Renee P.

“My 53 year old back is pain free with regular (4-5x/week) Mobility Core workouts. Deceptively challenging. Wonderfully satisfying. I actually crave this workout in the mornings. And, partnered with daily mediation, it's keeping me sane (and fit) during these strange times. Much thanks, Kaisa.”

— therese s.

“I just started mobility core and i love it. It’s got a great pace and really allows me to focus on strength. I use the 30 minute program before doing a 15 minute cardio type program followed by stretching. I can see how much easier squats and lunges are becoming already. Core mobility doesn’t feel “hard” instead it feels right for what my body needs and wants.”

— Denise B.

“I just started mobility core and i love it. It’s got a great pace and really allows me to focus on strength. I use the 30 minute program before doing a 15 minute cardio type program followed by stretching. I can see how much easier squats and lunges are becoming already thanks to the core mobility work. It’s amazing because the core mobility doesn’t feel “hard” instead it feels right for what my body needs and wants.”

— Denise B.

“Loving the bundle!! My body thanks you!!”

— Donna M.

“I am 63 and since the pandemic began in March, I have fallen off my regular exercise program as my gym and yoga studio closed. Thank you for this challenging class! I am a long way from doing the 30 minute program, but in just 2 weeks I have noticed big gains in strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. And I am sleeping deeper, longer and without interruption. What a gift! Thank you!!!”

— Emily E.

“Perfect for starting fresh after back surgery. Easy to follow. I already feel some subtle changes in my mobility though my balance is way off. Can't wait to progress to next steps.”

— Michele K.

“Another great mobility program!kaisa has really changed my whole outlook on body image, exercise and movement. Thank you kaisa! X”

— Rachel V.

“I’m 50 years old and I wasn’t able to do everything due to the 3 forms of arthritis I possess, but I do believe in time, I will go from being able to only do 80% of the moves to being able to do all. I was only able to do one day this week, but this is the beginning let’s see how things go in the future.”

— Rose R.

“Love it!”

— Shannon D.

“Have done the instructional video 3 times, and might just move on to the ‘regular’ 30 minute one now. But oh my is it good! It feels like a combination of advanced vinyasa yoga + stretching and it totally gets you sweating. You feel strong and supple afterwards. I love it so much!”

— Marene A.

“Love this. I have multiple sclerosis with damage to my brain stem but this program is very doable for me. It helps reduce my pain and increases my mobility which is a major priority. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to move better, feel better, and reduce risk of injury with other types of physical activity.”

— Stephani L.

“Loving this! Not to fast and not to slow. After the first 10 minute warm up I felt amazing agility in my joints. Have completed the 30 minute one a couple of times and love how my body is feeling. Looking forward to doing more. We just got Lockdown again! So been scrambling with work! Back into it tomorrow.”

— Leanne D.

“Love the 10min as a warm up”

— Loren K.

“This is so great, with Cardio the circle is complete. I love short and long version because sometimes I only have a few minutes and with 10 min routines I just make my body happier. Also Kaisa I love your awesome attitude during demonstration it feels like I am performing exercises in a gym with you.”

— Marko P.

“I have been doing the new 40 minute Mobility One exercises every day for a week now, and I can honestly say I have noticed the HUGEST difference already! First of all, my pain levels decreased. Which is always amazing! And I feel like I have much better range of motion already in my spine, hips and shoulders. I'm hooked! And look forward to incorporating Mobility Strength soon as well. I highly recommend Kaisa and her new program! I prefer the new 40 minute version as it explains in more detail each exercise and all of its components. And allows more time to be a bit slower in the exercise if needed. (Which is me!!) It's fantastic stuff and well worth it! :)”

— Sahara D.

“I am moving better I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as a weak leg I am able to do most of the stretches and I have to adjust for some of them but I’m doing it. If you think you can you can if you think you can’t you’re right”

— Kathryn G.

“I love this workout, and it's perfect for when your cooped up inside! The only thing I would like is if Kaisa would call out her movements more: left, right that sort of thing, even if it's repetitive. It would have helped me jump right in a little faster, so I would know what to do without needing to look at the video from an awkward position.”

— Olivia A.

“I've been tempted by this routines on social media for some time - and I'm pleased to finally try Mobility Core as my first Kaisa fit routine. I've just completed the first 40 mins intro, its great but the sound quality is very low. I am hearing impaired but even with hearing aids and the speaker at full blast, I'm struggling to follow what's being said without reading subtitles (which get in the way of seeing and doing the moves). Can you please consider re-dubbing -its odd that this isn't an issue with any of the trailers or YouTube videos (which are the reason I purchased Mobility Core). I know this will become a favourite routine - but I'd like to hear it too :)”

— Vanessa H.

“Been using the workout as a sort of rehab for persistent shoulder injury and tight hips from cycling, like Kasias prompts about form and been feeling pain relief in my shoulders and hips after doing the sessions a couple times a week for the last month. Feels like a good quick workout for a mobility routine as well”

— Ari P.

“The mobility workout is great but it’s basically one workout and then smaller versions. Given all the free stuff that’s available on kaiafit’s Instagram, I thought that there would be more workouts.”

— Sarah H.

“Have only been doing the 10 minute video .. I love, love it !! I am a group trainer and this tiny video is teaching me a lot of different stretches that I have not done .. and definitely need. Thank you !❤️”

— Beatriz C.

“I've never been a particularly sporty person and to boot I work in a mainly sedentary job. After several years of lateral hip pain, I had an acute hip injury last year due to chronic weakness in my gluteus medius. I was able to improve both the injury and the chronic weakness/pain aspect with input from a physiotherapist, but I was struggling to find a suitable "no equipment" workout I could do at home to follow on from my physio exercises. Kaisa's Mobility classes (I own "One", "Strength" and "Core") are a perfect fit for my requirements, and while I found them quite hard going (read: sweating, wobbling mess at the end every time I did them) at the start, I am now seeing a gradual improvement in strength and mobility and am motivated to continue using the classes several times a week. I may even move on from instructional to flow one of these days, you never now! ;)”

— Ursula A.

“I have been doing these mobility workouts 3-5 days a week before I lift and WOW. MY MOBILITY! Not only have I seen a significant improvement in mobility and flexibility but also more balanced strength when I lift. I never realized how my body was compensating for weaknesses until I took time to strengthen them. I have LOVED spending 30 minutes with Kaisa, and can’t wait to try more of her programs!!”

— Andrea V.

“It has taken me a long time to find something my body loves. I have always taken care of myself, love to work out but then about 5 years ago I got sick and haven't ever been able to get back to where I was. I developed two autoimmune conditions, and my joints don't like weight lifting anymore and I also have arthritis in my right hip and lower back; after one week of Mobility One my body feels so good..the achy feeling in my hip is almost gone and I find my range of motion is better all ready. I am hoping to try some of your other programs as I would love to get back into shape and feel good! The universe brings what you need just at the right time. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Carol L.

“I have been afraid to do any workouts, after having life long lower back problems. Between 2 back surgeries and being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, the fear of hurting my back has hindered me for years. I finally decided to try this program and am amazed at how much better I feel. I get a great workout, I feel more relaxed afterwards, and I literally feel zero pain in my back afterwards. I am loving this program. Thank you!”

— Naomi B.

“Feels great!”

— Victoria H.

“Just trying to get the old body moving and this is the ticket. Starting with the 10 minute for about a week to get comfortable with the movements and then there is a 30 minute and 40 minute version to work up to. So far, so great!”

— Colleen G.

“I absolutely love this program. I use it in conjunction with my personal training sessions which happen twice a week. Prior to starting Mobility One, I was having some pain in my right hip and right shoulder. After completing the 40 minute session twice and the 10 minute session once, the pain in my hip is completely gone and my shoulder is feeling much better. I look forward to purchasing the Core Mobility and Strength programs in the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much, Kaisa!”

— Nikki B.

“I love this programme. I have only been doing it for one week and noticed a big change in my core and hips in my bike. Some if the exercises are a bit hard for me and that's OK. I just do what I can and will progress over time. Well recommended.”

— Karyn C.

“I've been weightlifting for years but haven't done nearly enough stretching pre and post workout. I saw the ad for Mobility One and knew it was something I needed in addition to my current routine. I always feel so great after each program, even the 10 minute one. And it's helped with my restless leg syndrome as well.”

— Kati C.

“I love the workouts so far! I have started with the 20 minute version and the last couple of days I have done most of the 30 minute workout. I am feeling great and I am inspired to do at least a little every day!”

— Diana S.

“The 10 minute quick video is my favorite! It’s faster paced and Kaisa doesn’t say ‘team’ 100 times. I tried the live version and quit because of the high pitched ‘go team-uh’ constantly, it drove me nuts! I am interested in her other programs, but the ‘team-uh’ whine could stop me from purchasing.”

— Rachel G.

“Both my husband and I have been really impressed with the workouts and how well they address our common problem areas with movement. Can’t wait to see the progress as we continue because even the first week has been amazing. Would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with tightness and stiff joints.”

— Debbie C.

“absolutely love it. I play lawn bowls and i come home sore from standing all day and do 10 minutes mobility one and my body is fine. Thank you so much.This has helped me more than the sports physco.”

— Christine M.

“Me gustó mucho Mobility one. Los movimientos no requieren equipamiento y son sencillos de realizar. Eso sí, hay que estudiar los movimientos antes de hacer el de 10 minutos, que es más rápido. En el de 40 minutos encuentras la explicación de cada uno. También hay videos individuales de cada movimiento. Amo que no tenga música. Así no me aburro de verlos. Tengo artritis psoriásica y me han ayudado mucho.”

— Maria F.

“Hi, I really thought that I was going to do 4 or 5 different classes for Mobility 1, but It was the same 7-10 exercises all the time. I might have thought that it was a progression program for beginners. I loved the first video , but as I moved on , I realized it was the same thing. Jacqueline”

— Jacqx T.

“I had a baby 16 months ago and since I was on bedrest for my pregnancy, my body has not been in a good place. I kept seeing Kaisa show up in my social media feed and finally decided to just try out the Mobility One series, I did one workout and could bend over again- no joke. Since then, I have purchased several other programs and am able to move around and play with my toddler now. I highly recommend this program, even if you workout 5 days a week, there is something for everyone.”

— Angelina S.

“So so good and do-able. This is such a great mobility and strength fusion. I really enjoyed it! I am 44 years old and a long time sport-fitness trainer. As I have gotten older, I really have started to change my trainings to protect my joints, encourage full range of motion and develop strength. This was a great find! Bravo!”

— Magan P.

“I love Kaisa! She gets straight to the point but talks just enough so you feel like you are moving correctly. Absolutely love her mobility program!”

— Priscilla R.

“I have been struggling with back pain for months. I have done the 30 minute video three times in my first week and the pain is almost gone. The movements help my entire body relax.”

— Angelica N.

“Perfect exercise for active recovery days. I love yoga but lately have been gravitating to HIIT and strength training. My body has been begging me to add mobility exercises back into the routine and after doing mobility core for the first time I feel great!”

— Natalie R.

“Finally I found a package that suites best 10, 30, 40 minutes is what I need to recover after solving my back problems. Neatly packed perfectly demonstrated and with possibility to increase intensity. Great work Kaisa, you didn't save the day more like an era for me. Kudos ;) p.s. I also bought Strength and Core package since all is needed to get best results.”

— Marko P.

“A little bit hard for beginners like me but I'm sure I will get there”

— Mary M.

“I really love this. I've been having a lot of lower back issues and wanted to do something well rounded but easy going. It took a few rounds on the video before a flow came through and I could keep up some some transitions to different moves but it's coming along very well. I intend to get the Core routine next to further care for my back woes.”

— Coral M.

“Relieves so much lower back stress!”

— Trinidad R.

“Relives so much lower back stress!”

— Trinidad R.

“I turned 61 last April. Being in isolation since March, I had time to go back to working out 5 times a week. Four months after following a workout video system, I was ready for a workout to help me with daily functional movements and stretching. I tried the 10-minute Mobility One program before sleeping one night and it was GREAT! There are a few movements I need to work up to, like the lunges, but that's ok. I needed the little bit of stretch here and there and I had a wonderful sleep. I can't wait to add this to my routine.”

— Vee B.

“This is a great program but not for me. I have a knee issue and this was too much for my knees.”

— Jennifer S.

“Love it! I feel great after each session”

— Rebekah A.

“Hello Wacheya, My very first time with the instructional workout and I love it! It got my whole body moving, sweating and it was wonderful! As a 36 year old stay at home, homeschooling mom it is exactly what I was looking for. I’m very happy and looking forward to your other workout videos! Thank you Meegwetch! Hannah N.”

— Hannah N.

“Since having disc problems Oct 2019, 2 herniated, one with an annular tear I have had to be really careful with my exercise. As an active person at times that has been so frustrating!! Recovering well, then covid-19 hits and lock down, I cannot see my Osteo and I am carrying on exercising and I stay ok for 5 months. Then it starts to hurt again so on a very lovely friends recommendation I try mobility one. I do this every day either 10 mins or 30 mins depending which I have time for and it has really helped. I got an appointment with my Osteo and she is impressed with how much more my back is moving, along with the loosening of my glutes etc. So a massive recommendation from me - do mobility one it will change you only for the better!”

— Nicola R.

“Great company, cares about customer satisfaction.”

— Sharon F.

“I have only done this 40 min version once but man was there SO much more tightness than I imagined. I felt so great afterwards though! Kaisa, your positive demeanor even through that tough quad rock was so necessary to feel good about the rougher parts of the movements. Instead of frustration I just thought about how good this movement was and how different things will be after doing this weekly (or more) over time. Thank you for a wonderful full body mobility routine.”

— Clara B.

“Loves these mobility workouts. They keep me from being sore after HIIT classes and weight workouts. They also help keep me flexible or in some cases Increase flexible which in return is helping with strength and balance.”

— Sharelle T.

“Clear instructions.”

— Pippa H.

“This is a good, challenging workout! I am surprised at how much it got me sweating! I am committed to really getting this work out down. Be patient with your self and the moves. It will take a little time to get them. But it’s worth it.”

— Jathiya A.

“This is a perfect program! It’s great for beginners. Love it.”

— Maureen O.

“I'm obsessed with this workout. My back has never felt better, I feel so much stronger, and I'm amazed at how quickly I'm improving on the moves. Kaisa is a terrific instructor and every time she says "yes, team!" I smile. :)”

— Casie P.

“Thank you Kaisa for these amazing routines! I'm finally getting stronger and more flexible. Those little pains in de lower back and knees, finally seem to lessen. I can't wait to see more of your workouts :) You explain every steps so smoothly and easy to follow. Love it!”

— Kassandra T.

“did the 1st 30 min! Aircon on. Sweat and could feel every muscle in my body working. Excellent. The 10 min one, was quick and doable! Think I will stick with the 30 min for a bit...not sure I could get though another 15 lol”

— Susan B.

“I’m always so sore and I barely stretch but after trying these mobility body feels great!”

— Martha Y.

“I’m always so sore and I ba”

— Martha Y.

“These are great workouts and I thought I could do the flow one but it moved a little fast for me so I’m sticking to the slower mobility workout. I need it badly and I workout everyday doing something different every day.”

— Vicki H.

“I bought all three mobility workouts and Mobility Core is by far my favorite. I was struggling with a knee injury and it has helped tremendously! It has some elements that feel like pilates which I really enjoy, and I have found it to be the most challenging of the three mobility options, but I like that. I feel like this workout has helped me approach fitness during quarantine in a healthier way than I was able to before and I really like that the emphasis is on physical health and not physical appearance.”

— Blake C.

“I love this workout! I normally don't like videos as a substitute for live classes, but Kaisa is the exception. I have noticed an almost immediate improvement in my lower back and hips which helps me stick with doing the flow video a few times per week. As a former can can dancer I was used to having a lot of length in my hamstrings, but too much desk work was starting to erode that, and mobility strength is helping me get it back.”

— Sara M.

“Amazing- simple movements done with thought and mindfulness. New to Kaila's but enjoying it so much and my body loves it, thank you!”

— Francoise M.

“Not loving it! I was interested in these programs for flexibility, injury prevention, and to hopefully help alleviate lower back pain (I do a lot of yoga, but wanted to switch it up). I was really disappointed to see that the Level One I purchased was only 10 minutes and didn’t include any instruction/step-by-step on the moves. I convinced my husband to do the session with me, but he immediately got frustrated with how quickly the moves flow and how little explanation is given, even though this unit is labeled for beginners. I was also bummed about the moves, period. I saw a lot of interesting sequences in the Facebook ads, but nothing here was compelling enough to make me want to do it again. I’m so disappointed. Maybe this program just isn’t for me.”

— Audrey C.

“It's really great”

— Yamilka D.

“I’ve been in the fitness/wellness industry for a loooong time and have been working out consistently since I was 15. I can and do lead myself through a variety of workouts but so appreciate being led by Kaisa, too. Thanks for helping inspire me to keep doing my own mobility workouts and encouraging others to do the same, Kaisa! Your work is exceptional!”

— Susan B.

“I’ve been following this workout for the past week or so. My 50th birthday is getting closer and this is the year I’ve promised to myself that I make some important improvements. I have been finding after your workouts I feel more relaxed, stronger and I also sleep better. I love that bit of relaxing almost meditating at the end! I’m looking forward to trying your other programs too. You make it easy to follow along and learn the steps. Thanks so much!”

— Sam P.

“Love it! Changed my body dramatically!! Can’t wait to try the other videos”

— Molly M.

“This is amazing! I am Deaf. All workouts are subtitled and some videos has ASL added in it. Kaisafit is the only one that do it! Very few excerise programs has subtitles and none has ASL added in the videos. I was so surprised when I found out about the ASL videos. Thank you so much!”

— Alissa O.

“Love the 40 min”

— Brooke A.

“Amazing workout. Difficult at first but you can notice and feel the improvement as you progress. Do not despair, do every exercise no matter how difficult, keep doing them and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

— Ahmed F.

“I am in my 3rd week of Mobility Core. I am doing the 30 minute or the mini 10 minute program daily. It is a top rate core program that is challenging for me. Kaisa is an amazing, educated, and fun trainer. Every part, every movement has a purpose. With your purchase Kaisa also has an instructional video which is a great starting point. You can also go back and review some of the movements if you are not sure or if you want some extra instructions - I like this feature. The 10 mini program is perfect for busy days when you feel like you have zero time to excersize. I use the mini as my warm up before running. Thank you Kaisa for Mobility Core! - Lena (53 years old SwedishAmerican hobby runner)”


“I found it very difficult but have modified it to my level. I will continue to improve with the goal of completing the whole series of moves. Good instruction and a vibrant instructor. I am enjoying it.”

— John C.

“Love the functional focus in this work out - I will be mixing this into my routine frequently! Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Lindsay B.

“I love the video. A little fast pace for me at my current level, but I am working at getting more flexible and stronger.”

— Denise s.

“I love that this program has an instructional option to learn the moves before moving on to the flow/faster versions, so you can master technique first and the risk of injury is minimised. I’ve had this program for a week now and have completed it twice - along with other workouts and Kaisa programs - and I feel stronger and more mobile already!”

— Mel F.

“This past week I've used the mobility program around 5am everyday, all I can saw is "🗣 Ouch". I'm carry muscle pretty well, love to lift and hate to stretch. After multiple surgeries (both Achilles, knee etc) I felt that this might be a good time to work on mobility, I know I'm very hard headed. I'm excited to see how much better my body feels in the future by keeping this routine up. Thanks so much ‐ TSgt Luckey USAF”

— Jarrad L.

“I have a rotator cuff sprain, some of the moves were difficult to do successfully. Especially the bridge pose. I only did the 10min video. Do you have any suggestions or modified moves that would help?”

— Donna B.

“I absolutely love this video! I’m Certified Ironman Coach, U.S. Masters Swim Coach, RRCA Running and wish all my clients would do this video. It’s great for the hips, glutes and core! It’s also short and sweet-right to the point which is perfect when you have a heavy week training load. You will not be disappointed! -Renee”

— Renee S.

“Awesome workout, love Kaisa’s style!”

— Perrin B.

“I thought that the program would be more gentle. I have fibromyalgia and a bad knee. I'm managing but I'm doing it slowly. I've started with the 10 minute routine after yoga and will see how that goes.”

— Barbara Y.

“Hi, I managed to get 3 workouts this week, just trying to get a feel for them and to learn the proper movements, very hard on the knees, trying to get as much cushion as I can, other than that I’m enjoying the movements”

— Terry J M.

“Really glad I purchased this video! Feels like my whole body is worked and the 40 minutes feels more like 20. It is challenging (some of the moves pick up the speed a bit) but still doable for someone who isn't as athletic. After a few sessions I almost feel taller as I am more limber and my back is more straight. Still need to do the instructional video a few times before I attempt the flow! As a tattoo artist I often work long hours in positions that may not be so ergonomic, so this video will be on high rotation in my exercise routine going forward!”

— Angela M.

“Amazing workout! Although I can’t quite manage all the reps yet and struggle with my shoulder strength in my side planks but this plan is certainly worth the money! I can see/feel a difference already. Thanks Kaisafit”

— Lesley G.

“I Love this workout! It was as if I took my respective yoga practice and turned it up by 10!!!! I am able to have more movement in my joints, and flexibility. Only thing, I can't do the Jump to switch, yet.”

— Jacquin F.

“Super interesting class! Similar to barre or floor pilates with a lot of overlapping movements. Now that I've taken the instructional video I look forward to adding this into my workout program. One accessibility issue: the audio is very, very low and there are no captions. I am not hearing impaired and yet I missed a lot of cues because, even with my audio on my laptop turned up all the way, I could not hear the instructor's voice. Towards the end I literally held the laptop to my ear to listen to the breathing instructions.”

— Kathryn C.

“I really like this workout. I've been doing yoga for about 4 years now and felt like I needed more of a challenge. Plus, I have gained weight over the quarantine (and just slowly over the years - I'm 40) and I needed something to help get back in shape. I've been doing this about a month now, and I definitely feel a lot stronger. I have noticed when I do yoga, some of the moves I had trouble with before or couldn't do are much easier now. A few things I didn't like about this workout: it seems inconsistent. Some of the things I can do easy and some moves I can't do at all, and there doesn't seem to be many modifications for most of them. It's also not something where you can do it in levels, if there's something I can't do I just have to skip it and work my way up to it. Another thing I didn't like was the length of the sessions. I usually prefer to do 20 or 30 min most days. So the hour is too much most of the time and the 10 min is not enough. I would like to see more 20-30 min sessions. There is also some inconsistency as far as the quality of the video & the audio was not very good. Overall I like the workout, it's definitely challenging and I notice I am making progress & getting stronger.”

— Christina N.

“Pros: Great core work. I I love that with one price you get 3 different timed videos. Cons: I believe it may not work for a beginner because she offers no variations for it which may be discouraging. I don’t really care for “ go team””

— Deena P.

“This is really good :)”

— Sharron B.

“Really enjoying this flow. Loving the creativity of the movements great for warm up and cool down.”

— Tyler S.

“I still find it very challenging. I didn't realize how I've lost my flexibility!! It's getting better slowly. 😊😊”

— Lisa B.

“Love this program! I have only used the leveln1 program. I need more strength to move on to rhe faster flow. I have used it 4 times, the first time i thought, no way i can be that good! BUT each time i get a little better! Love the program.”

— Patricia H.

“This has been a game changer for me even this first week. I did it a couple of times by myself and asked my husband to try it because I was feeling the benefits and....he did! He really enjoys it too! It is something we can do together to better our health and movement. Even starting with the 10 min workout is just what we need to get our bodies warmed up and engaged before we get on with our day. Looking to up our game in the weeks to come...”

— Elizabeth D.

“For me, at this season in life, 65, this is a great program. I have been doing the 10 Minute sessions 3x a week. I set a time on my phone and that's time to hit and quit it.. No long drawn out talk while you're holding a pose. Makes the pose longer than it actually should be. No beaches in Jamaica I can't get to. No one not keeping up with the music. i'm very picky with my workout videos. And you can do it on you're own time. No traffic to stop you from making a gym time. No machines to wipe off. No men looking at your butt. There are 100's of reasons this program is just right. It doesn't burn you out doing reps. I got nothing but Good to say and thank you. <3”

— Cheryl S.

“Words cannot express how this program and woman changed my life in the middle of a pandemic and quarantine. Literally, I have a whole new fire and energy within my soul and body! I'm also down 62 pounds since April! I'll keep working 💪 it out and fighting for racial justice! #BLM ✊🖤 Thank you so much, Kaisa! 40 plus hours at a desk for 10 yrs, hours in bleachers at my kids cult sports and driving them back was done. I have degenerative disk disease from maybe a snowbile or car accident as a kid. I could not put my sock on yall! My sock, zero mobility! I can grab my ankles and do all the moves in this video now. Downward dog all day! I dont have to live with a sore back everyday. Its amazing and I'm so thankful. I literally do it everyday like religion! 😊💜🙌🧘‍♀️”

— Angela n.

“I'm lovin' it!! I'm gettin more aware of my body, each sesion! It really works!!”

— Jorge V.

“It’s been 7 months since I downloaded Mobility One, with the objective of getting abit more flexible and try and stay on top of my body. I’ve used it a lot during lockdown in the Uk and it’s become a daily workout for me to check-in with myself. Thank you Kaisa for putting together such a great programme, glad to be part of the “Team” !!!!!!😊”

— Jenny B.

“Good afternoon here from the London (UK) . I had been a voyeur for a while checking out your workouts, seeing you pop up in articles etc etc.I noticed you had a sale on and was still procrastinating watching the countdown click away as I chewed on whether I should transfer money from my account and how to justify such an expense 😉 I ended up buying 2 programmes 😁🤦🏾‍♀️ Well my health is worth it and I love training. Anyway I digress just finished a boxing fitness class I run and decided to do my brand new Mobilisation 1 -30 minute programme .I loved it 🤸🏾‍♂️It was (and has been )just what I needed & just what it said on the tin ! Thank-you .Its very clear, very easy to navigate ,flows well and is accessible. I didn't even swear once ! Take care and stay safe🙏🏾”

— Mrs B.

“Excellent! I’m loving it. Still cant throw my legs over my head without using momentum like I did not too long ago But I’ll get there.”


“I love it! I grew up with my mom doing Kathy smith and all your workouts are so much more fun to me.”

— Theresa B.

“I feel like Kaisa is taking care of me. She is positive and she's a great teacher. She isn't making me memorize complicated choreography or feel bad about myself, she's just making my body feel better, stronger and more flexible. I needed this! Great workout.”

— Ashlea-Elizabeth S.

“This is a fantastic workout! Almost like flow yoga but different. I've only done it twice but I already feel so much more loose and graceful. Just what I was looking for! Thank you!”

— Leah W.

“I am LOVING this training. I have sat behind a desk for nearly 40 years and my body is tight as a result. Having the choice of stretching for 10, 30, or 40 minutes gives me the option of fitting in my workout into my time. I follow either the 10 or 30 minute workout at the end of my work day and I feel so FABULOUS. I have tight shoulder and lower back issues and I'm feeling stronger day by day. I highly recommend. Well done! I'm a fan for life.”

— Monica M.

“Thanks to mobility one my range of motion is improving and my arthritis pain has diminished greatly. My body loves it!”

— Tamara H.

“I really enjoyed the 40 minute work out and feel great. I live with RRMS and I think Mobility One is going to be an important part of my self-care routine. Thank you Kasia💚”

— Dagan M.

“I run 3-4 times a week and though I love it, I started feeling a lot of muscle tightness and soreness. I thought mobility strength would provide much need stretching while still being a solid workout. It is that and more. I felt so good after just my first session. I even had less soreness after running. I love that it's also a pretty tough workout. I'm drenched by the end. The moves are challenging and Kaisa is such a good motivational trainer.”

— Courtney R.

“At 61 I was doubtful of the value. Boy was I wrong. In just one week, the difference is notable. I can't wait for the mobility improvement to come. Thank you!!”

— Deborah N.

“I am so happy I purchased the mobility one. I do yoga, pilates, and stretching regularly and have always sworn by yoga, but when I did the mobility one I immediately felt better after the first time. Being 59 my goal is to maintain healthy mobility, I highly recommend this program if that is your goal. Thanks for the great program Kaisa :) Also immediately bought the core mobility, very good, different and challenging, really like it also.”

— Debra B.

“Some of the moves (e.g. rolling back into plow position) are too advanced for me, and there's no alternative move or modification given.”

— Katherine B.

“Kaisa is literally the best thing to happen to me during quarantine. These workouts are great for people with small spaces/apartments and miss the gym. I'm totally in love.”

— Ezra R.

“Hi! I would consider myself pretty active and wanted to give a shout out to Kaisa's Mobility One. I have been doing this for a month now and feel so much more mobile. I love how she goes through each movement separately so that you are able to be sure to have the correct form. I loved this so much I just purchased the Mobility Strength. Thanks Kaisa! So happy I found you.”

— Michelle J.

“I am typically very active and include stretching in my everyday routine, but with the pandemic things have gotten off-track a bit. My first experience with Kaisa' Mobility One was AMAZING!!! I had developed some stress knots in my upper back and shoulders that were beginning to cause major pain in my arms and elbows. After one time following her 30-minute video, the pain was drastically reduced. Most of the tension in my back and shoulders had dissipated. I slept great for the first time in months!! Thanks, Kaisa!!!”

— Jamie C.

“Really wonderful after hikes and on backpacking trips!”

— Whitney W.

“Amazing mix between mobility and core. Love your mobility one and this variation is just as amazing. Thank you for the new content.”

— Dalye E.

“Kaisa's Mobilty Core workout has been a great start for strengthening my core. I would love to see a level type series as my core becomes stronger, so that i can maintain this momentum and also push further.”

— Nicholas P.

“A great mixture of movement and core work! Great to get the body moving with a little extra oomph!”

— Fiona C.

“I started with the 10 minute workout and it exposed how tight my hamstrings are 😅😅..I will ease into it...”

— Modiri S.

“Another great mobility workout. After doing the workouts for few weeks I'm better at engaging my core and have more mobility on my left side, which is always my tighter side.”

— Divine C.

“I have only had Mobility Core for one week. It is super challenging for my current level of (un) fitness, but I've been able to modify the exercises to my ability level, still feel like I've gotten a great workout, and am not sore the next day - which is surprising and awesome. I am excited to be able to measure my gains as I get better at doing the exercises. Hoping eventually I'll be able to touch my knee to my elbows in the pushup position like Kaisa makes look so easy! I also love that there is a lot of emphasis on proper mechanics & breathing. Working all these muscle groups in a full range of motion and stretching them right away feels very healthy and balanced. LOVE IT!!!”

— frances o.

“I have used this program every day since I purchased it and I recommend it highly. It is easy to follow, challenging and you need very little space to participate.”

— Leesa J.

“Absolutely amazing. My upper abs right under my breast started cramping up. I haven't felt those in a long time😊. I've done the mobility core one time, & at this point I don't understand why I still have a stomach, that's how great this workout is.. This mobility core has your joints feeling brand-new. I love it❤”

— Tawana T.

“These movements are magic, my body is thanking me and now I'm thanking you. The videos, the movements, the customer service, you, it's all very refreshing. Stay Gold x”

— Marieta A.

“Very dynamic and painless”

— kat G.

“It was an amazing workout. I’ve done the 10 mins ones twice. I wish there where. 20 min workout because I don’t think I can do a 30 min yet. But It is a great work out for just 10 mins.”


“Hello Kaisa, So, I have two spinal fusions all the way to the sacrum. That makes some of your moves impossilbe. I've worked around what I can't do by doing something else during that series. The rolling up/sit up is a problem, but I'm working on getting that belly button down!!! I have been consistantly working on the floor with a big ball to keep my pain free. Now I'm adding your routines. The 40 minute kicked my butt with sweat and trying to keep up the first time. I'll keep at it because I know if my core is stable, my back and balance are stable. Thank you for an affordable program.”

— MT S.

“Fantastic workouts- the 10 minute section is great as a daily mobility routine or to add on to the end of another workout. This has already improved my hip flexibility, which really helps me as a mountain biker. Thanks so much!”

— James C.

“Fantastic workouts- the 10 minute section is great as a daily mobility routine or to add on to the end of another workout. This has already improved my hip mobility, which really helps me as a mountain biker. Thanks so much!”

— James C.

“I have purchased Mobility One and Mobility Core, and fully recommend them both. I had been doing physical therapy for a hip injury but the pandemic derailed my progress. These videos have been the perfect remedy for getting me back on track. Both routines are challenging, varied, and well-paced. I also like Kaisa's coaching style - upbeat, encouraging, with helpful tips. With so many free workout resources online, I was a little hesitant to buy these workouts but feel like they are absolutely worth the price, especially with the multiple options included with each workout. If I can stick to these for a few months, I feel like I will be a lot more flexible and stronger.”

— Sarah M.

“I love the three different versions available: 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 40 minutes. On the days I can’t really muster the motivation for a full workout, I can get the 10 minute workout completed and feel good about it. Kaisa is an awesome person in general and I love how she encourages us during the sessions.”

— Melissa R.

“As usual, incredible way to move with Kaisa. I really liked it, although I do like moving fast and intensive, this program is a great way to have something different but still so interesting. And it's a great way to slow down after more intensive workout, or to practice it in one of the hot summer days when jumping is not what you may need. I also have Mobility Core and they are both just perfect . Thank you Kaisa!”

— Yana M.

“The Mobility One program is great for increasing flexibility and is gentle enough to be a great option for those starting or getting back to exercising. While it is gentle it is still a challenging workout - just not high impact and you can take it at your own pace. My only complaint is that it moves quite fast (won’t be an issue once you get used to the moves). I’m a larger lady and one improvement would be to include alternatives for the more challenging moves - stepping stones while flexibility improves towards the full movement.”

— Kim G.

“Ime a fitness freak. But I don't always find the motivation to work on my mobility. I was skeptical about purchasing this program because I do have a fairly solid exercise background; I'm very glad that I bought this routine. Its a bit different than I expected, although of the movements focus on the Gluteus minimis and medium pertaining to hip range of motion. This is super important, especially if you lift. However, this particular program kind of neglects core strength, which is even more important in my opinion. I know there is a core mobility program, and I will end up purchasing that, but for the price of the program, and it being advertised as a total body strength, I was disappointed at the lake of core work incorporated into the program. (aside from planks and some single leg V Crunches) this being said, I absolutely love the routine and the variations offered. Its a nice change and just what I need on my active recovery days when I have a bit more energy and want more than a yoga flow.”

— Brianna c.

“I am so thankful for this workout. I've done it just about every day for three weeks and the changes in my experience of my body are profound. My plantar fasciitis is gone, my back no longer hurts, and I feel stronger than I ever have. Best of all, I feel like I wear my body differently, that I am more comfortable, confident, and proud of what I can do. I've worked out regularly for years and nothing has felt this amazing and challenging. Every workout has sweat just pouring out of me. Thank you so much Kaisa, I look forward to doing your workouts every day and I look forward to your future products!”

— Laura S.

“It is definitely challenging I will be on the instructional video for a while before moving to flow but I'm excited to keep at it a few times a week and see my progress its challenge I'm ready to see improvement with. Some moves I couldn't do so I modified a bit for my comfort level and have learned my body is tight haha especially in my legs and hips so this is perfect. Cant wait to see my progress in a few weeks!”

— Jessie H.

“I love Kaisa's workouts! I'm still working at getting my flexibility back so a few of the moves I need to modify, but I thoroughly enjoy the workouts and it's been a life saver now that I can't get to the gym. Even when I can get back, I'm still going to incorporate Kaisa's workouts into my routine as they add a level to my fitness I can't get by lifting alone.”

— Kelly B.

“This is one of the best workouts I have ever done. Forget about Yoga or Pilates. Mobility comprises this and much more. Mobility gets you ready to move up to the next level.”

— maggy v.

“This workout is not only effective, it's positive. It's the perfect match to my street skating.”

— Tina S.

“Hi Kaisa, let me just say I love your program. It's tough because I haven't worked out in a while and although my mind may be young my body is still 55 now. Harder to recover from the workouts and I'm not able to go at your speed but I'm gaining. I feel you can't really do anything without a good core. I'm training to be a volunteer firefighter and it's tough training. Another plus to this program is I was never a fan of stretching, and incorporating it into the exercise routine was beneficial. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kaisa. Keep up the great work.🙏🙏😷”

— Anthony T.

“This program is great. Can't say I always love it because it's tough! I bought it because I need the mobility portion because age is catching up with me! Thanks for the encouragement to keep active and fit.”

— Lynette C.

“For me, a very interesting approach, maybe just a little difficult for my type (really overweight, with a very large belly). I've continued to try day by day and some of the movements are now doable so I should persist and hopefully I will manage with all soon. To be continued....”

— Marie D.

“Some of the movements were too difficult for me, so feel I got less value for the Mobility Core than for the Mobility One which I absolutely love! For someone in good shape and wants innovative moves this is probably great.”

— Sarianne S.

“Love it! Still working on being able to get through the moves b/c of stiff hips, but WOW.... huge improvement on my movement already. thank you!”

— Daniela J.

“Una de las mejores inversiones que he hecho. Al tercer día puedes ver como puedes ejecutar mejor los ejercicios. Ü mis objetivos al comprarlo es tener mejor elasticidad , la cual era nula y ahora veo la diferencia”


“I enjoyed it and she does a good job to keep you info with the moves...”

— carlos m.

“What I like about Kaisa is her unique approach to the movements, mixing yoga and exercise moves and adding her personality into the sequences. What I also like about Kaisa is her physique-you look fit and strong girl! I want to look like that and know that I can. I've done the 10 min and 30 min sequences so far and nothing feels unobtainable. I watched a lot of IG content first and just felt Kaisa's style was fresh. I've also bought Strong but I've just watched that so far lol.”

— Fiona O.

“Omg! That was amazing but difficult! Difficult in a good way however. I am looking forward to next week to push myself a little more. There are a couple things I cannot do due to past shoulder injuries but i just move onto the next thing. Thank you for this 🤘”

— Val L.

“Yes team!”

— Lisa B.

“This is exactly what I’m looking to add to my home workout routine! A lovely active stretch to work up some sweat and keep you flexible.”

— Erin D.

“I am super flexible and strength is an issue for me. This workout gives me a way to build strength, but stay in my favorite kind of workout. Love it!”

— Sandra C.

“I love Mobility One! The surprise was that I actually get a workout - not just a relaxation time... It's my favorite way to chill and still feel energized.”

— Sandra C.

“Sweating my my, loving it”

— Tinashe L.

“I've been struggling with feeling tight on my runs and workouts, and this program is kind of a godsend. Since I am unable to access the gym or pool, running is my only choice for cardio right now. Its also been too hot here to run after 8am, so early morning runs is all I have. My legs always feel like sandbags that early in the morning, but I've been using the "mini" workout as a warm-up and I can't believe the difference! I've only done the main workout once, and I think I discovered some new muscles...haha. I'm looking forward to seeing improvements in my flexibility and strength!”

— Sandy H.

“I tend to have lower back pain from herniated disc and tight hip flexors. In just 2 weeks, this series has helped with strengthening core, range of motion, and stretching all the right places! I even feel less tension in my upper back/shoulders area. 30 min is my go-to, but it's easy to get in 10 mins and still feel good!”

— Danielle M.

“I work as a letter carrier and carry an average of 50 lbs per day of mail for five or six hours. I recently strained my lower back. I started to have treatment with a chiropractor and started using your program. Both treatments have really lessened my pain and my tight hip flexors are loosening up. Thank you for a great program”

— Madeline D.

“Started with one week of 10mins or Mobility and 10mins of Core each day. So easy and quick and already I’m feeling the good effects already.”

— Tanina O.

“I started with Mobility One and absolutely love it and am totally hooked! I feel so fantastic now that I'm working this routine in a couple of times a week. I now also do Mobility Strength and the Body Weight series as well and love them all! I would highly recommend these to anyone!”

— Patricia R.

“Fantastic workout! My hips are finally feeling strong and flexible again. I got all tree workouts. Thank you so much”

— Jean-Marie S.

“Just did my first workout and did the 40 min instructional one. I love her encouragement and she is very motivational without being over the too which is awesome! The workout is very intense and is a full body workout for sure, not just the core. I can wait to do more!”

— Melinda R.

“So far so good. I am trying to figure out how to modify certain moves, like the sumo, I can't go down all the way so is to the point of feeling the stretch acceptable? I do like how I feel afterward though, how I feel after a deep tissue massage. I am really noticing how it is helping with my tight hips. I have flat feet, which is caused by week hips so this is really assisting with that”

— Lavon D.

“After doing Mobility One for over 6 months and feeling great, I was very excited for Mobility Core. I just completed it for the first time and I feel great! It was difficult but I'm looking forward to keep doing it and improving over time :) I recommend Kaisa's mobility workouts to everyone - they work wonders. Thank you <3”

— Nina B.

“I love it and I have completed it three time this week. It has really helped with my tight hips and I really feel good afterwards.”

— Daphyne W.

“I love These workouts. The instruction is clear and there is genuine enthusiasm. The volume is a little low...but I’m going to hook up a speaker. Thank you. Hope more are coming!”

— Martha M.

“This program is so thoughtful. I am a personal trainer myself and I have found these workouts to be very enlightening for me and for my clients! I love learning from you and bringing your enthusiasm to my work. I get so much out of every workout in the moment and for days after as I study the move sets and watch the mobility of my body and my clients' bodies grow.”

— Benjamin K.

“I have been trying to get answers on my back pain for almost a year. Turns out I have such tight muscles it is causing the pack pain and leg weakness, so I ordered Mobility One. I am stiff, so not very graceful, but this is challenging and fun. I am feeling better after about 2 weeks of the 10 minute, now a few days into the 30 minute session. I am super happy to have found this video. I am 56 and still have mountains to climb! ❤️ 🥾 🌲 🚲 This is a blessing!”

— Laurel H.

“What can I say? I love it.”

— Amy C.

“Love the new mobility core. Some of the exercises really hit the core like nothing else does - and I've done a lot of core stuff in the past.”

— Julie B.

“First week in and I have completed this program 4 times this week. I did the 45 min video twice, the 30 min video once, and the 10 min video once. And my verdict? This is an awesome program. I think this is what my body needed all along. I have already noticed significant difference just one week in. I really can’t believe that I already feel this good. I am 52 and I beat my 18 year old in an intense badminton game yesterday. She is very, very athletic and she could not believe where my returns were coming from! LOL. I couldn’t believe it either!! She kept asking “mom where is this coming from?” And the only new thing I added that I believe made ALL the difference is your Mobility One program. I will be adding your other programs to my routine. I want to see what i look and feel like after 6 months! Serena Williams watch out! 😀😀😀 Thank you Kaisa!”

— Stella U.

“I freaking love this program! It definitely works ya and stretches ya. I feel in total control of my body. I appreciate the encouraging tones and suggested modifications, if needed. You can be a newbie and still benefit. I've also learned that my hips are tight and rigid. I'd love a program that focuses on loosening the hips. So much fun! I've been doing this 2-3 days on, 1 off.”

— KrystiAna D.

“I am enjoying the challenge of this workout. I am a fat person (no judgment -- that's just my reality) and some of the exercises simply cannot be done in the way they are shown given the way my body is shaped in this moment. I am modifying the movements that don't work, and doing my best with the ones that do work. I wonder if you'd ever consider doing a video series that featured people with different body shapes/sizes/physical abilities and demonstrating ways to safely and effectively modify the exercises? I know I'm not the only one who would get a lot of use out of that. Also, some strategies for e.g. a fat person who is holding up a *lot* more weight than a smaller person on their arms in plank, down dog, etc. and on their knees in the kneeling positions would be great. Like I said, I'm not new to modifying exercises to suit my body so that's what I've been doing, but it would be wonderful to see it done by a pro!”

— Hanne B.

“Just wanted to send a big Thank You, I am in my late 50s, started to work out just 1 ½ years ago as with age and heart medication I got stiffer and stiffer. As my gym closed due to covid, I kept running and doing yoga. But a certain stiffness didn't go away. Then I saw your programs, had a few trial Sunday mornings stretch, bought my first program and omg I can get back into a cross leg seating position, hasn't happened for ages, maybe lotus in a couple of months. So thank you. An old crone from Australia”

— Via v.

“I like this! I quickly realized I was achieving some lost mobility but, as frequently happens with me, I over did it at first and am now having to back off for a bit. I could not keep up with getting up and down from the floor and missed some exercises. I'm 71 and have had both hips replaced so it may be that I need a mobility for seniors to start with. I do want to keep trying though - thanks!”

— Ellyn V.

“I have been lifting heavy for a while now and for a month I have been feeling the tightness in my hips and lower back affect my routine. I knew mobility was the answer since I don't have it in my routine. A 5 to 10 minute cool down wasn't serving me anymore. That's where Kaisa's program has helped. The first few minutes of the drill, It felt all too new like my body was hitting angles and opening up like it hadn't in a long long time. 40 minutes in, my body felt way lighter. I am so glad I purchased this. Is a perfect filler for my rest days which help keeps my lower back intact.”

— Poornima B.

“I really love the workout! I made the switch to Flow after one session but I'll be going back to the instructional version for a while longer, haha. My only bit of feedback about the Strength series is that I wish there was a bit more focus on arm strength. That being said, the shoulder opening work is amazing, especially the bridges.”

— Sally W.

“Two years ago, at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before this, I considered myself a fit person. Two years of surgeries and chemotherapy cratered that. This program is perfect to get back into a daily fitness routine. It's gentle enough to help me work through all the scare tissue, but I still feel like I get a good work out.”

— Jennifer H.

“Recently had a spinal fusion.... I’ve always been active and my work was physically demanding..... a year of back pain slowed me down and took away a lot of my strength which at 65 I can’t afford.. so my first week and I am looking forward with confidence with each mobility one day! Love the steady clear direction And heck yes I’m sore but in a good way! Thank you!!”

— Teresa M.

“After years of strength training as a rock climber then a trapeze artist then a CrossFit junkie all while I was running marathons and ultras... my body broke. 3 years ago I had my first knee surgery then shoulder rehab then compete and utter frustration with my body. I gave up. Everything hurt and I sat around for 2 years and gained 25 lbs. This program is incredible. I've practiced with my friend for a few weeks and recently purchased the videos for myself. I'm running again, without major joint pain! I even have a half marathon planned for the fall! I can almost do pull-ups again without my shoulder dislocating and over all, my posture is great, my back feels good and mentally I feel great! I hope someday I can meet Kaisa in person to say, "Thank you" for giving me my life back.”

— Anna T.

“What a wonderful program! I love how encouraging Kaisa is and the program itself is something I can use to grow over time. I love the ability to scale and she gives many variations to the movements. Beginner and expert alike can grow and get stronger with Mobility Core!”

— Destry J.

“Love this workout! Good core workout--it was doable but also hard for me. I work out a lot (run/bike) but haven't done serious core in awhile. I definitely had to take some breaks!! Excited to master it! Love that it integrated the movement which I feel is super important to keep my body functioning!!”

— Wendy L.

“have only done the 10 minute one. the exercises are ok though whizzed through. Cueing could be considerably better and clearer,particularly when you can't necessarily see the screen and(and this is a major bugbear for me) both sides are not worked evenly.”

— Julie W.

“After two emergency caesarians, I have been looking for a quality mobility routine that strengthened an protected my body for some time and then I found KaisaFit. I love that all the moves are designed to protect the joints whilst building mobility, strength and flexibility. So many products on the market are created by amateurs who don't truly understand the importance of protecting the joints.”

— Rosie B.

“I've been doing this workout for a week and from the beginning I started feeling great. I really enjoy it. It's a fun and challenging weekly routine. I love your enthusiasm and smile. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Jose D.

“After several years of trying to heal a nagging IT band injury I am finally seeing real improvements after this workout. Excellent hip opening and strengthening and a great overall workout that left me feeling energized and worked at the same time!”

— Heidi B.

“I first became aware of Kaisa via my IG feed, then listening to her podcast. I love her message of body acceptance, self care, injury healing and prevention, mobility. I did a few of her IGTV videos and I was sold! The Mobility Strength is challenging, but accessible, and even when I only have time (or energy) to do the 10-minute version, I am in a better mood for the rest of the day. Kaisa is motivating but not in a Pollyana way, which I totally connect with. As a 52-year-old former athlete who did a LOT of damage to my body when I was younger, Kaisa's approach makes me feel like I've still got some athleticism left in me! So many thanks!!”

— Paula Jean H.

“Love this new type of workout, it takes some getting used to. But it will form part of my fitness plan.”

— Denise C.

“Definitely not as easy as it seems. However its a different style of workout and highly beneficial if done consistently.”

— James J.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing closed captions and an ASL interpreter!”

— Charlotte M.

“Really enjoyed the 10 and 30 minute workout so far. A bit fast for me and some of the angles are tough, but so far so good. I am 60 and working to open up some stuck stuff! Lol Thank-you.”

— Salli W.

“I just started today and it's a bit tough for me but I love it!! Its been awhile since I've done this type of workout for core and mobility but I know from the first moment I started that I need this. Thanks you so much for these techniques. Yes Team!!”

— Shewanna H.

“I have been using Mobility One for just over a week. I am coming back from the injury of inactivy and weight gain! This has been a fantastic entry point with clear, concise instructions, low key but well-timed encouragement, it's not loud (thankfully), and there's so much opportunity for growth. Thank you, Kaisa, for sharing your vision and passion about movement. We are built to move.”

— Jennifer M.

“Very impressed with your innovation and clear descriptions many thanks fir making my life as a Pt that but easier”

— Norman B.

“I LOVE this approach. Did 4 or 5 sessions this week. I love being called "team". Not sure why but it feels awesome. I love that Kaisa is always smiling and everything just feels playful and productive. I'm a fan :)”

— Kate M.

“Mobility aspect is great, your Mobility programs always are. Not very demanding from a strength standpoint however.”

— Kevin F.

“Did the 40-minute video to learn the moves and sequences. I simply LOVE that this is pretty easily adaptable to not kill my knees or aggravate my Sitz area. I had to give up yoga b/c of those things. My plan is to practice, practice, practice, and adapt so I can be more flexible in my 50's than I ever was in my 30's and 40's.”

— Aurora W.

“LOVE this. I get so bored with exercise for exercise' sake, but the compound movements + flow makes 40 minutes feel like it lasts 10. But I'm sweating my ass off by the end, and am KEEN to do it all over again. Perfect for people with PCOS looking to build muscle without massively raising cortisol levels.”

— Annette B.

“It's a great workout to do everyday! Well explained and easy to do, I highly recommend it!”

— Silvia G.

“Haven’t gotten Through the whole thing yet but I’m working on it love it so far”

— Genevieve K.

“I absolutely Loooove Mobility Strength! This is an excellent workout alone, as well in addition to my heavy weight strength training... my husband doesn’t do workout videos at all... and he is trying Mobility Strength! Thank you for the challenging programs, can’t wait to purchase others!”

— LaToya G.

“I really enjoyed the "integrated and integrative" movements though they kick my butt - in a good way. Thanks for making this available in our homes.”

— Deborah K.

“Last October, I was told that I won't be walking at 60...I was 44. They told me that surgery most likely will not help, pain relief shots will not help and that I have a chronic, degenerative condition that will only get worse. At the time, they gave me a list of things that I could do to lessen the impact and constant pain and to give me hope that I may have some sort of mobility past 60. Part of the list was to lose weight and build my core. I set out on a mission to prove them wrong...that I will walk past 60. So after 3 months of physical therapy, I built-up my ability to work-out. I joined classes, and built up my strength to walk 5 miles a day while working on my core. Covid hit and as everyone knows, the gyms and classes closed. That is when I came across Kaisa and her Mobility Strength videos. Every single movement looked like something that would feel great to my back. The movements would help me with my flexibility and overall strength, so I purchased the videos. I'm always cautious with new exercises as they can inadvertently throw my back out which would result in several chiropractors visits. Not this. Not the movements in these videos. I have done the instructional segment 4 times so far and have already noticed improvements in my flexibility and ability to complete the movements. Overall, I was right...the movements and stretches feel absolutely wonderful to my back and has in two cases, saved me a chiropractor visit as my back stretched and aligned itself during the exercise! I haven't quite mastered the movements yet so I haven't moved on to the next video but I'm close. I would truly recommend these videos to anyone...even if you have lower back issues. I'm now looking at the core videos as well! P.S. I was able to get my husband to join me in the 10-minute video which was a wonderful, short stretch that felt great.”

— Ruth P.

“Excellent work out, I was a little shakey at first but I'm getting better and enjoying every minute of it.”

— Tricia A.

“I love these workouts! Thank you for your enthusiasm and fantastic variety.”

— Elizabeth A.

“He push me a lot, I love you Kaisa”

— marechal x.

“A week into it enjoying less pain in joints such as shoulders and hips. Easy to do.”

— Philipp H.

“So far I have done the 10 minute core session twice and about 20 minutes of the 30 minute core. I loved all of it. I definitely find it challenging and I look for the hints you provide to make modifications. I also can hear you saying to try it and that makes me push myself and I may do 1-3 of some move as you demonstrate and the rest with a modification but that is great. When I saw this was available on my iPhone IG app and started to buy it, there was an offer to get Mobility One for 50% off. But when I bought Mobility Core online, the offer wasn't available. I think it would be a great benefit to have both.”

— lisa h.

“Tried the core workout last night. I enjoyed it and will add it into my weekly routine. I know it works because it left me slightly sore even though I work my core several times a week. I firmly believe in healing through movement. Great job!”

— Linda K.

“I've worked out for many years but in the last couple of years I have dealt with bicep tindinitis and scapular pain and restriction along with trigger point pain in my right glute and the pain radiates from there to my hip and hip flexor. I'm feeling confident that this routine is already helping me. I love the flow of the routine and how you captured all areas that need work. Well done!”

— Linda K.

“As someone who was very active and then needing hip surgery over a year ago nothing about my mobility, flexibility and workouts have been the same. Now suffering with plantar fasciitis things are even more difficult when trying to get in that exercise. I was gifted the mobility one workout to help with stretching and loved it so much I purchased the mobility core workout. It was eye opening, reminding me at a time when I have been low about a few things especially beimg more active, that my core is way stronger then I thought and bodies are an amazing thing coming in all different shapes and sizes. I am grateful for the reminder of all of the unbelievable things your body can do for you no matter what it looks like! I especially love the breathing and relaxation at the end which really allows me to get in touch with my body and truly relax!”

— Rachel T.

“Well explained all exercises and good body awareness encouraged to perform exercises well”

— Lisa B.

“I like the variety. Focusing on strength and mobility, versus weight loss. Strengthening your body the way it is.”

— Kendy S.

“Mobility One is just what a needed! Severely injured my knee in a skiing accident a year-and -a-half ago, and have struggled to find workouts that don't hurt so much that they set me back. This definitely challenges me, but is completely doable, and leaves me feeling better than I have in a long time. Goal #1: Regain strength and mobility. Goal #2: Lose recovery weight. I have total faith that Mobility One will get me to where I want to be!”

— Jessica W.

“Outstanding mobility routine. Your guidance, motivation and uplifting attitude is wonderful. Thank you for making these programs , I havent stopped using them since I bought them. I have all kinds of aches and pains but it comes with the military and having an active lifestyle. This is couldn't have become available at a better time in my life. Thank you Kaisa! Keep up the Amazing work/ I am so much more than my body!”

— Carlos C.

“A challenging programme that really gets me sweating. I like the 30 minute session and am finding it is helping to stretch and loosen my muscles.”

— Melissa F.

“Another great video with a variety of moves - some that I have not used before. This helps keep the boredom out of my daily workouts. Thank you, Kaisa.”

— Debra H.

“I am starting to get more active and the 10 minute Mobility One video is perfect. It really gets my body ready for the activity of the day. I can't wait to use the 40 minute updated video on recovery days to really benefit my body.”

— Chris H.

“You're amazing! You're well above any personal trainer that I have ever experienced. Your program helps restore functionality and regain strength. I am an Occupational Therapist and manual therapist and have incorporated your techniques into many of my home programs. I have a back injury that side-lined my fitness goals in 2009 and wish that I would have had your program then. Many blessings to the future of your career. ~Michelle Enright, OTR/L”

— Michelle E.

“What a great video, thank you Kaisa for this challenging workout. My abs will love it ;-)”

— Christine R.

“I love her workout flows. But like a few others said, for actually one workout video, it's a lot of money. For not fit people, it's really hard with no options, that you can do instead. With pictures to build your own flow would be perfect, too. It's the same for mobility one. Only one video for a lot of money. But perfect instructor, but the videos are made for fit people. That doesn't stand anywhere.”

— Laura M.

“Love the program and the flexibility of doing a 10, 30 or 40 minute work out. Clearly explained, nicely paced and I am definitely seeing improvement”

— Leah D.

“Loved it! Holy cow it was hard work but I know core work is my weak point so I can’t wait to see my progress. Thank you.”

— Estela M.

“I wanted something to ease myself back into a more intense workout regimen. I feel better already. No more snap crackle and pop doing basic movements. I feel more physically balanced and sure footed. I wasn't expecting to sweat but I did. Really effective for both mobility and strength. Clear instruction and easy to follow. Thanks!”

— Shalita H.

“great strength workout after my workout or on my day off! Good stretch for my lower back!”

— susana a.

“Mobility Core is the next level! For me, the challenge keeps me coming back for more and Mobility Core doesn't disappoint. It sits perfectly after Mobility One & Mobility Strength and both segue into the intensity of Core. Make sure you have plenty of room to workout and prepare to upgrade your body & mobility with this work!”

— Jason P.

“Deceptively challenging! I really love all the workouts in the mobility series! I have been loving flow workouts that combine strength training with physically therapeutic movements and here am I! Kaisa’s personality is great! You can tell she is an expert when she gives education and explanation during the exercises. I’m not very flexible and nothing in the workout was impossible. My only criticism for this (as well as other videos) is the audio. The instructional video for Core is a bit quiet so I had to crank the volume to hear her.”

— Jacky F.

“Great workout! If you are new to the moves be sure to watch the 'instructional' version first. Everyone should be working out this way; combining strength work with mobility workout. I would love some mobility workouts combined with dumbbells or kettle bells too! Maybe a mobility/kettle bell flow???”

— April U.

“An absolutely great workout! I have been working out at home for over 20 years since I started a family and going to the gym simply took too much time away from work and home. I love the mobility workout variations. I feel like I get it all in and don't have to do anything else that day.”

— April U.

“I love it!!!. Just as much as all the other Mobility programs. They have helped me enormously. Thank You Very Much!!! I fell great!! ;)”

— Ana Paula O.

“I have purchased all the Mobility workouts so far and love them all. I wasn't planning on purchasing Core yet, although when I saw where the proceeds were going I went for it! I have gone through it twice (40 min and 10 min) and while it gets quite challenging for me, I am glad I have it in my repertoire. Thank you for your passion, I look forward to what you bring us in the future.”

— Csandra C.

“I wasn't able to keep up with a fitness program while my two daughters were remote learning. Now that they're off for the summer I wanted to get back into a routine, but I knew I wasn't ready to start where I had left off. Mobility Strength is perfect for me right now - I can be gentle with myself while still challenging my strength and flexibility. After three sessions I already feel more comfortable in my body!”

— Jennifer D.

“This is the 3rd program I’ve purchased and I’ll keep doing so with any new programs. I went through a horrible 3-year cancer stint followed by permanent autoimmune changes and I did not feel like I could trust my body’s movements to be pain free or safe anymore. I’ve been doing one of the three programs every day for at least 4 months and yesterday I played tag with son for the first time. Thank you thank you thank you!”

— Trisha B.

“Absolutely love the programs. I can't believe it took me so long to purchase a program. I have been following Kaisafit for many years and loved doing her workouts from Instagram. I am a professional athlete and definetly overlooked the mobility sessions and prioritized the 'harder' sessions in its place. With the different lengths of programs they have been great to add in before a session or as a whole session. Highly recommend!”

— Hollie N.

“I didn't know it then, but this is exactly what I needed! Mobility Core ties in perfectly with the other Mobility programs, and they really complement each other well. For me, Mobility Core is my go-to when I don't feel like a really hard workout but still want to get my sweat on and feel like I've done some work :) Thanks for putting those awesome programs out there!”

— Nathalie S.

“Amazing functional movement program!”

— Dylan D.

“I like the exercises and they do get tough through the session. However, I feel like there should be much more than 1x 10 minute 1x 30 minute and 1x 40 minute (instructional) video for the price I paid. I will probably only end up using the 30 minute flow session, would have been good to have 1x instructional for all the exercises, then a number of variations of the flow incorporating those exercises in the instructional. I will probably not buy another program, I don't think I'm getting much for my money (I'm in Australia so bought the Mobility Core + Mobility One pack for equivalent of $AU75)”

— Megan M.

“I love it. Having a great sweat and challenge at the same time. One of the best workout weather 10 minutes or 40 minutes. Cynthia”

— Cynthia S.

“I love the core mobility program I have felt the benefit immediately & now do it every Wednesday & the 10min session on Mondays & Fridays. I cannot wait to see the results in 6 weeks time if I feel this good already.”

— Kate W.

“Thank you for your infectious energy, Kaisa! Loving your workshops! Haven't had a chance to do it every day, but manage when I can. I am a fairly active 50 yr old with a number of chronic injuries (shoulder, plantar fasciitis, some hip tension, etc.) so these are just the perfect level of intensity and flexibility for me. Om Shanti!”

— Stephanie S.

“Thank you for blending two workouts into one! I have a knee issue I'm dealing with and haven't been able to find a workout that challenges me without causing me pain. This workout is perfect, it challenges my core and adds the mobility component which we all need but so often neglect. THANK YOU AGAIN! Keep up the amazing work.”

— Kira S.

“I wish I could hug you🤗my body is so much stronger doing all of your mobility and core programs. Thank you for showing up and living your passion and sharing your gifts. You have changed my life even more during all of this 2020 rebirth 😇👊”

— Arleen B.

“Really good workout. I always finish the session feeling like every part of me has been put to the test. My back pain has noticeably lessened after a week of doing Mobility Strength every other day. I have now purchased Mobility Core and look forward to alternating the two. I really like Kaisa's method of instruction and I find her voice and tone motivating and genuine.”

— Patricia d.

“An excellent, well-designed workout!”

— Moira H.

“I have purchased all the Mobility workouts by Kaisa. I enjoy the core as I feel that the core is an integral part of your total system. I have found a few exercises in the Mobility Core that I have incorporated into my clients warmup and workouts. If you are looking to strengthen your core without relying on crunches and sit-ups, then I highly recommend purchasing this system.”

— Mark L.

“New to this type of workout but wanted something different and it has paid off. Struggled at first getting my body used to the positions and flow but the longer instructional video gave me the time to get my body ready for the 30 minute video. I could feel a difference immediately and each session gets a little easier with better form and further stretch. Feels amazing. Love it.”

— Linda G.

“I love the new Mobility Core program. I am a 64 year old male and the program hits all the areas I need to address. I also appreciate the encouragement throughout the workout - nicely done!”

— Tom B.

“very good and challenging workout. I do think the one thing missing from this (and the mobility strength workouts) are some modifications. This is particularly important for people beginning and/or recovering from injuries.... and also for people with wrist issues (given the amount of time spent in plank/downdogs/bears) also, as I am learning more about mobility, and a lack thereof, I have learned that ankle mobility is a real issue for many people and it impacts knee mobility for things like deep squats - so maybe some exercises or modifications (or more explanation why it might be needed)”

— Lisa C.

“These workouts have changed my life! I have always thought I had to work my body to the bone but that's not the case! Thank you for these great workouts!”

— shannon b.

“Thanks for your innovation. I have been using the Mobility One routine weekly for over a year, and it’s nice to change things up! So your new routines such as Mobility Core which is more are focused are quite welcome. Especially during COVID isolation (not sick-it’s working) it’s great to have something positive to focus energy on. I feel Mobility One is my main overall go-to, though Mobility Core gives good variety-switches things up. Perhaps in the future there is a upper body routine to focus on working the tension developed from sitting at a computer? I feel I get relief from doing Mobility One, love Sunrise Arm, Thread The Needle, Chest Openers, Rotations, etc Thanks for being genuine.”

— Marcie L.

“Only 2 workouts in and already feeling stronger!”

— Theresa G.

“I only just bought this program, and I have only been through the 40 minute intro. But that was a tough workout! Her program is easy to follow, you don’t need much other than a mat (so far), she’s encouraging Easy to understand. I would like to see maybe a side video of what exercise is coming up next and a modification if there is one for a exercise. But again I’ve only done the intro and haven’t looked ahead. I only saw the Intro, a 30 minute tab and 10 minute tab I am hoping that I didn’t spend over $30 CDN for only three videos one being a intro. I am hoping that once I click in one of those tabs it lists at least a few different workouts. I should look at my account.”

— Brandy W.

“I love it but it's a little bit too hard for me... I though that I was better than I am ;) Thank you Sylvie”

— Sylvie D.

“I love the idea of Mobility Core, but I am struggling with all the rolling movements. My tailbone protrudes at the bottom, so I cannot roll smoothly. I have to roll to the side or it's very painful for me. I wish there were less moves that required this technique.”

— Elizabeth L.

“I love all your programs Kaisa. I’m your fannnnn!!! Sandra”

— Sandra C.

“ABSOLUTELY LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Such a great workout! As a Powerlifter, my core is key to ALL of my lifts. Also, being 6 months postop, re-strengthening my core has been paramount. This workout is absolutely wonderful! I use it as my warm up before I lift with my trainer and on off days, I start my morning off with this workout. I am so incredibly grateful to Kaisa and her programs! My trainer is also thrilled that I'm doing Kaisa's programs at home to supplement my training in the gym. KAISAFIT is life changing! I highly recommend it!”

— Jasmin M.

“Just what my body needed. I train hard but tend to neglect my body by not stretching. My shoulders are tight but these moves will definitely help me restore my mobility. Love this & glad to have discovered Kaisa😃😃😃”

— Gladys P.

“Great workout, really hurts (but in a good way!!)”

— Simon J.

“Love it. Your work outs are never boring. I love how you work the supporting muscle of the core and include mobility ❤️. My only complaint is I wish you taught daily online ha ha Thank you for your love and light”

— Candi B.

“I love the new Mobility Core routines!!! Great workouts!!”

— Laura C.

“Mobility core is so much more! The 40 min got me ready and made the 30 min easy to keep going. Love the flow. Can't wait until "next time" which is tomorrow for me. I have a long way to go, but feeling great and solid on sticking with this because I can already tell how helpful it is in many ways. Thanks to the core! Go Team! - Chris H.”

— Chris H.

“Awesome! Feels so good afterwards. The frog bridge is something I have never done before and it's great! I would definitely incorporate this into my regular workout regimen. Thanks Kaisa for bringing this to us. Waiting for the sequel!”

— Koko B.

“This was the perfect combination of mobility and core strength! Such a nice addition to a recovery day or on top of a workout. Thanks for always pushing the game forward, Kaisa!”

— Kayli M.

“I lOVE IT! I’ve tried everything to lose weight, literally everything. Nothing has ever worked, until now!! Not only am I losing weight, I’m also losing inches off my body. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m getting the hang of it!”

— Karla H.

“I worked in the fitness industry for about 10 years and have never come across something that is so completely balanced and accessible to almost everyone! I now work long hours in health care and my body has been seizing up slowly over the last few years regardless of what I have been doing. These mobility workouts have opened my joints up, improved my functional mobility and decreased my back pain in less than a month of consistent use. I am beyond happy to have found them, my coworkers may be sick of hearing about them however!!! hahaha”

— Csandra C.

“A great work out! I am so impressed with this I am going to purchase some more and make these workouts the base of my fitness program.”

— Sarah C.

“Easy to follow and is a nice mix of easy and challenging moes.”

— Sarah C.

“I love all of Kaisa's workouts! Her positivity and her energy are contagious. I've been doing her workouts since March and I feel better than I ever have. Each day I look forward to exercising and I love seeing the results. The best part is the workouts fit into my lifestyle and I can do these every day, choosing what works for me on any given day. I plan on doing these workouts forever not just to loose weight or temporarily tone up; I want it to be a way of life. I love how I feel and always want to feel this way! Thanks, Kaisa!”

— Shellah P.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! Perfect way to enhance your body’s mobility while focusing on your core! I’ve done the 40 minute instructional video and it was an amazing workout! Felt wonderful afterwards! Kaisa has a great way to encourage you to be And so your best! Thanks Kaisa!”

— Marisa V.

“Literally just bought this and have done the 10 min session once. I have major back, hip, rib (injury) and shoulder problems that have limited my movement to the point I'm always stiff and in pain. After 1 quick session I feel better than I have all day. I've been looking for something I could do at home as going to the gym is not an option right now and working in healthcare limits me more. Thank You!”

— Kelly M.

“Wow! I love this workout. Kaisa is clear, encouraging, and the moves are challenging but fun. I feel like I'm in an in-person class. I feel myself getting stronger and my hips are less tight. Thank you!”

— Andrea M.

“I wanted a routine that I could do and wouldn't be hard on my joints or have me moving around like a chicken with my head cut off. I love that I can do the exercises and even go at my own pace. Honestly, it is hard for me because I am so out of shape, but I'm determined to stick with it and know that if I do it will pay off. I also must say that after the first workout I could feel a change in the movement of my shoulder (bursitis). For that alone, it has been worth it.”

— Tina M.

“I absolutely love this workout!! The moves are super unique and fun to follow along with. I am totally hooked on Kaisa's mobility products, I literally can't recommend them enough, and this one is no different!”

— Taylor G.

“I just did 20 minutes of the 40 minute instructional video and I want to say thank you! I am (very) plus size, so a lot of workout videos don't work for me and I just wind up feeling more disappointed in myself for what my body *can't* do. After only 20 minutes I felt more range of motion than I have in years. I'm going to be adding 5 minutes to my workout every day until I can do the full 40 minutes. Thank you again!”

— Naomi P.

“Kaisa is a genius! I train three days a week and Tues., Thurs., Sat., I do her mobility strength. I’ve been doing it for about two weeks now and it feel rejuvenated and a lot less sore to train on the other days. I also do her ten minute video to warm up before I work out. You watched all the review videos before purchasing and I can be a second witness that your body does move better after training with Kaisa. Thanks girl!! You the real MVP.”

— Daniela A.

“I love this workout. I been a tennis player for many years. Now I'm doing HIIT workouts and are great but my knees and back started hurting. I decided to try Mobility looking to stretch, move and be strong. This is something new to me, it is challenging but definitely I am increasing my flexibility and strenght. My back and knees injuries are decreasing. Great product! I can't wait for Mobility Core. Thanks Kaisa”

— Jose D.

“Started doing this for 2 reasons : 1. I love working out and being strong but really hate stretching and 2. I want to improve my surfing and think I’m held back by my lack of fluidity of movement. I’ve been doing mobility and strength 10 minute sessions for about 10 days now and finally achieved a surf maneuver that I’ve been trying to achieve e for years. I’m amazed. Am I good at Mobility One? Nope. I kinda suck at it and need a yoga block thingy for some of the moves. But I love doing it! I actually look forward to it. Kaisa makes it fun”

— Elizabeth S.

“I’ve completed all three Sessions in my first week. Loved them all. I like the pace of the sessions and I enjoy both the strength and flexibility focus. I’m a runner so I think it will really enhance my training. I also love your motivational style, you make it feel like I’m part of a team! Carol from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿”

— Carol R.

“I'm 44 and I have Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease. I spent years doing HIIT workouts and while they are great, they now do me more harm than good. I'm not trying to beat my body into shape anymore- I love my body and am trying to take care of it. These mobility workouts are exactly what I was looking for to stretch, move and be strong. These don't feel like workouts- they feel like self-care and I highly recommend them.”

— Desi P.

“I absolutely love your videos. Your energy is infectious. I love how you combine multiple movements that “Flow” together. As a former dancer, this really speaks to me. Thank you for your encouragement and drive to bring your movement philosophy to the world.!”

— Laura C.

“Mobility 1 is challenging reminds me of Reformer Pilates, the day 1 I hurt like I had been lifting weights. The workout is great especially for hip mobility it targets specific muscles and joints that interconnect. Good sweat as well..”

— KimRene Y.

“I’ve only used the 10 min video as a warm up. At first I thought, you were going fast through the movement’s. Then I tried the 40 min instructional & was like ooohhh. I did not complete the 40 min as I ran out of time but I know I am going to love it. I love the 10 min as a warm up.”

— Marina M.

“Got up at 4AM and moving at 5AM! Thankfully, the first workout with KaisaFit revealed how much value is offered with a variety of workout products and services. I want to keep going!”

— Lisa H.

“Purchased a week ago, but only just got round to doing my 1st instructional workout. What can I say apart from WOW! I don’t think I’ve sweat so much from any workout I’ve done before and although I’m knackered, I feel great! Thanks Kaisafit x”

— Lucy M.

“OMGOSH... I felt every stretch. 😁 This is what I truly needed. I am not feeling as much tightness in my back, hip and legs. This is the best investment for my body I ever made.😁👍🏾👍🏾❤ Thank you, Carmen Bonton-Forrest”

— Carmen B.

“I mostly do the short, 10 minute video after my coffee in the morning. It's easy to follow and I feel good during and after. I will start doing the longer videos when I have more time.”

— Kieche O.

“This is exactly the challenge I need. It is my goal to master this and make it look as good as Kaisa does. I’m so glad I made this purchase ❤️”

— Krista B.

“Really great class for feeling strong while working on flexibility. I felt well aligned and energized after this and I can see doing it weekly or integrating some exercises into my own routines.”

— Tania C.

“Absolutely love this routine! It’s so thorough, reveals where you are tight and where you are weak. Already after the first session I got a good understanding of what kind of imbalances I have between right/left and front/back. Hopefully will see an improvement now that I have incorporated this routine into my weekly workout plan.”

— Heidi H.

“The video was good! I enjoy it the sequence but I thought there was a variety of videos por that price so for me $30 for one class it’s to expensive. You’re a god instructor tough. Hope you get a more approachable program sometime.”

— Sandra N.

“This is a MUST HAVE to add into your routine! Mobility Strength is exactly what we are all missing, no matter what type of exercise regimen we partake in. Kaisa provides you with easy to follow instructions, modifications and challenges, along with a positive energy that is contagious. So fun and different! Can’t wait to practice more and keep improving.”

— Amy W.

“It got me warmed up and ready to go, But your 20/20 Saturday challenge that got me, ha ha ha it was so f****ing Great , loved it. What would you advise for a good around Strength workout at home (due to the times of today).”

— Winston S.

“This workout has been a gamechanger! I love it and recommended it to all my friends :) I feel stronger and look forward to it everyday. I usually do the 10 min video before and after my regular workout and the 30 Min video 3x a week. Truly love them all!”

— Erica F.

“I've been doing this for a week and feel stronger and more mobile already! I bought a package, but have only done this one so far. Change up my routine in the next couple of days.”

— Moira R.

“This workout is a game-changer for me! I do it before and after my runs—it keeps me injury-free and allows me to perform consistently at my highest levels.”

— Loren R.

“This a terrific program. The videos are clear, not annoyingly cloying but informative and supportive. Very happy with the product. Thanks team!”

— Richard M.

“I love it !! just in 1 week, I feel a change in my flexibility. Thank you, Kaisa!!”

— Dawn M.

“This has been a nice workout to add to my routine- the right balance of challenging and invigorating. I have enjoyed it. Thank you!”

— Kathleen O.

“I am really liking this workout. Definitely building strength and range of motion. I am 65 and have been athletic my whole life. However the last 4 or 5 years, I didn't do much. This is helping me get strength back while I work back into running. The only complaint that I have is that the presenter goes through some of the movements too quickly, even on the 40 min instructional video. She also needs to say ahead of time what movement is coming up, rather than saying it as she starts the movement.”

— Carol M.

“So far so good. Pushing a very tight and inflexible body here, but Kaisa makes it fun and rewarding. I look forward to doing this program multiple times a week.”

— Stephen D.

“Enjoying the program. 60 year old man here, in good health overall, but realized I needed to increase mobility and flexibility. Kaisa does a great job stepping us thru the movements while recognizing we all have our limitations. Look forward to doing this often.”

— Stephen D.

“I love it!”

— Federica S.

“First time using the routine. I liked it but like a previous reviewer said, I think you have to be fit already. There are no "low impact" options for those who lack the flexibility already needed for this routine. It was impossible to do the low sumo squat and the exercises using it because I couldn't do the sumo squat. Otherwise, the routine was nice. I will leave another review once I improve.”

— Liza M.

“I appreciate you. I am not as flexible or mobile as I wish to be, but I’m working to get there. The moves are a little challenging for me, but I like that I can look at the videos over again until I am confident in my movements. Thank you for showing other means of exercise and discovering more about my body and what it can do. You are appreciated.”

— Victoria C.

“My goodness I did not realise just how stiff my joints had become. Have been working through the 10 minute routine and hope that it will help my mobility. Lovely quick easy to follow and Kaisa makes it fun. Hoping to move up to 30 minute routine next. Great routines ❤️”

— Patricia D.

“I love this Mobility Strength workout. I am 50 years old and have neck, shoulder and back injuries from a car accident. This program is really helping me get moving again and reducing pain. My lower back and hips were so tight and this is helping so much! I sleep so much more comfortably since I began this a week ago. Thank you Kaisa for creating this workout. It’s giving me my life back!”

— Jean N.

“I have usual aches and tightness in my back and hips from intense training while my boyfriend has super bad hips and a tight back from strenuous 10-12 hour lawn care work days. We woke up this morning stretching, then I remembered I had bought this mobility program.. and I convinced him to do it. Let me just say: IT IS AMAZING. We just did the 10 minute program and he just said all of his back pain from this morning was gone. I feel a lot better as well! I can't wait to see how progress goes when I incorporate this a few times a week. Thank you Kaisa, the movements and overall flow were brilliant! Definitely worth it!”

— Samantha Q.

“Hi Kaisa I did 10 minute warm up and the 30 minute prog with my daughter. I have arthritis in my knees and am overweight but I could do most of the movements. One I couldn’t do was plank to bring your knee forward but I adapted to my ability. As I go forward I am looking for my mobility to improve. Kaisafit gets a big 10 out of 10 from us.”

— Bernie M.

“I have an IT Band issue that flares up even when I walk. I used to run, play basketball, soccer and softball and now I can’t even walk without a flare up. My PT thinks it’s from a weak butt and poor flexibility. I’m 56 years old and was getting depressed with the inability to move like I used to. I wanted to find something I can do that will feel good where I can sweat. I searched the web and found Kaisafitness. I bought the Mobility Strength and so far I’m loving it! I sweat and I feel a release from tight muscles. I like how this workout opens my hips. I can’t wait to do more of Kaisafits workouts!”

— Susan W.

“I had hoped that these videos would help loosen me up and keep me injury free since I am training for ultramarathons. Unfortunately, as a runner I am very tight and am unable to do most of the movements and there are not alternatives or adjustments in case you cannot perform a move. For example- I cannot do a deep squat. My calves just do not allow it. In the video she says to ensure your heels are on the ground in a deep squat. Well- I can't do that so I just do what I can and hope I am getting some benefit. I think these videos are great if you are fit and active and flexible to start. These are not for people who are not flexible already. Just my opinion.”

— Lori C.

“Great. I did my first attempt being very stiff from working 10 hours a day cutting wood, carrying wood, moving rock and painting. I am getting better. It is an awesome workout.”

— Owen M.

“I like the program and you would get a higher rating if you stop using the word "team" so much. Less talk would be better because the constant chatter just gets annoying.”

— Catherine A.

“Kaisa is easy to listen to and describes the position well. I am only one week into the program, and have managed to get 3 days of workouts completed. Each one is progressively easier to master and as I begin to nail to position, I have begun to feel the difference in my strength and mobility. Go figure :)”

— Maggie T.

“I have completed my first week with my Kaisa program and I need to say that I have had more progress with this program than any yoga and stretch routine. I started Kai's program and I couldn't touch the floor. My back was super tight and I was in alot of pain throughout my body. Then during my 3rd session I noticed I could touch my toes and my back pain had lessened massively!! I love doing them straight out of bed in the morning, it gets me going for the day! My job is physical, where I come from I'm a postie delivering mail and parcels within a time frame. This past week I have finished my delivery runs and gone out to help others all because of this program! I feel relaxed in my posture, my body has less aches and as I continue It'll only get better. I'm so glad Kai put this together because it's changed my body and mind for the better! Thank you so much Kai!”

— Stacey R.

“I love this program! It's funny and it makes you feel great”

— valentina b.

“Hi Kaisa, I just finished your “mobility one” work out and I had to reach out! I’ve been following you for a while (since you did your oxygen magazine challenge), but I was always on the fence. I turned 41 this year and I’m trying to give more love to my joints, so your program is perfect! The reason I decided to finally purchase your program was because I saw all the amazing work that you’re doing to bring attention to the black lives matter movement. As an indigenous person from northern Canada, it’s not very often that I see white people who are true allies (without any other self serving motives). I can see that you truly care about people and want to help. I’m so excited to have purchased your program. Please let me know if you ever do in person retreats, I would definitely fly to the US to attend. Of course, whenever it’s safe to do so! ;) Much love, Jennie 💜”

— Jennie V.

“The 30 minute flow workout has been absolutely brilliant 👌It’s ticks all the boxes for strength, flexibility and flow. Thank you 🙏”

— TC S.

“I love the 10 min workout I do before my run it really loosens me up! Im ready to try the others now!”

— Kelly F.

“The Mobility Strength video has been 100% worth the investment. I have a lower back & hip problem which causes stiffness but this session really loosens me up! I love having the short 10 minute version which I now do every morning, So handy and sets me up for the day. The long version I do when I can and wow it makes me sweat without realising I’m working hard! Pure genius. Love it. Would REALLY love another routine to mix it up when doing this so regularly. Thanks x”

— Elisa L.

“Probably the best. I learned it in 3 parts. I use it in my routine. It is fantastic and really works my mobility and flexibility. I have already recommended to friends. Thank you”

— Nesakumar D.

“I’ve been looking for a program like this for so long! The routine is so dynamic and well paced. I’m definitely still getting my “sea legs” but I can already feel myself improving and getting more fluid and controlled.”

— Olivia A.

“Love it my problem is that I’m not Consistent . I cycle and it perfect for after a long ride and for the next morning when I’m stiff thank you for all you do totally enjoy the work outs and thank you for you! Genevieve kamoss”

— Genevieve K.

“I'm a beginner so I haven't done all of the stretch videos. I have only just completed the 10 min video which had me cramping constantly. So far your 10 min video is my 30 min workout...brutal but well worth the money...thank you”

— Oswaldo G.

“Hi!! I just want to say thanks for creating the mobility strength videos. I haven't been moving that much lately and I've put on a lot of weight. My joints are stiff and tight and just haven't been overly comfortable with myself or how my body is feeling. These videos (I'm still on the 45 min one) are great and I can see myself really incorporating them into my daily life. I really enjoy doing them before bed and as a way to wind down after a busy day. The movements are easy to adjust and aren't hard on my knees which I was worried about. I definitely get a bit of a sweat on! So thank you!! I'm looking forward to trying more of your workouts!”

— Jo J.

“I'm very much enjoying your program, I have tried all three mostly because of time constraints. So the 10-minute and the 30-minute is a little fast for me cuz I'm still learning the moves but the 40 minutes is just too much time for me to find in one lump sum. What I did do was I had taken the 40 minutes and broken it up into two sessions, then I did the 10-minute one another day and I did the 30-minute one today but actually only had about 23 minutes to do the work so I didn't even finish that. But I feel pretty good I'm liking it, I'm 58 used to be very fit but have not really worked out significantly hard in probably 8 years. So this just feel good and it has got me motivated to do this and or something everyday.”

— Dawn N.

“The 10min Mobility One session is my new warm-up routine and I'm loving it. I did the 30min Mobility One session for the first time this morning and while I found some of the movements a little challenging, it just showed me how much my body needs it. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Christine B.

“I’ve only started this workout recently. I’ve done it consistently for one week, and I am really loving it. It is definitely improving my strength and flexibility.”

— Sherri R.

“I am 50 years old and recently had a fall from my horse and fractured two vertebrae and even though I recovered well I was looking for a way to restore and maintain range of movement and flexibility. Mobility One definitely ticks both of those boxes! I absolutely love it and do at least the 10 minute routine every day. As Kaisa says it does feel great to move your body. I have purchased the the Mobility Strength and I’m looking forward to starting that soon. I would 100% recommend Kaisafit to anyone, at any stage of life and physical fitness. Thank you Kaisa! x”

— Jocelyn W.

“OMG! Thank you so much . I used to dance but stopped maybe 20 years ago. I have remained active, swimming, yoga, work outs but not consistently. I work in a job that is pretty physical so I didn't worry about it too much. Now in my 50's I find I am so frustrated with what my body will and won't do. I know I need to do more than yoga , but when I tried jumping rope or super long walks I would sometimes hurt myself. I especially noticed my hips were tight. Your program fits my needs perfectly. Iam not pushing too hard yet ( only doing sets of 4 when six or eight is too much) but I know I will get there in just a few weeks. Thank you so much for the fast and slow versions... you have made my day.”

— Rosalyn M.

“It has been amazing and fun! Kaisa is so easy to follow and explains all the moves so well! My legs felt funny after the first time through like it didn’t know my hips could feel that good! It does wonders for my tight back and shoulders too! Looking forward to continuing and trying mobility strength!”

— Jennifer K.

“Simple and straightforward, can't do everything yet and have to adapt a couple of the exercises but definitely feel better for doing it and if really pressed for time love that there is a 10min option”

— Debbie T.

“Great workout. I am a group fitness Instructor, and my body gets overworked a lot. I like to do this work out before I teach. It makes me feel warmed up, and ready for action. I also enjoy the creativity, and the energy throughout the work out. It has inspired me to better design my classes with more mobility 💓”

— Nickie C.

“My second workout with the slowed down version, and I already feel the results..more flexibility, greater ease of movement, less aches and stiffness in my daily activities..I love this program. Its just what I needed to help maintain mobility as I get older.. One of the thing that makes us look and feel old! Great program!”

— Jeannielle R.

“Super awesome program. You are amazing and motivating !!!!”

— Leah A.

“Really love the workout and have found it making my "work from home" body feel far more relaxed sitting back in the office chair. I only wish there was also a 20min video, or at least something in between the 10 and 40min videos to really get choice based on time available for a good mobility check in the day. Otherwise, the overall vibe of the videos are great. No yelling at you, no over hyped instructions, or weird actors in place. Just clear steps and simple setup. Cheers.”

— David R.

“Finally something I can stick to that is simple and deeply beneficial. 10 mins in seems like only 5 mins has passed and I like the three simple videos that makes deciding what to do each day easier. Kaisa is a wonderful coach and I like working out with her. Thanks for providing such wonderful simple workouts.”

— Angel M.

“I’ve been doing rather intense HIIT workouts for the past year and a half but my doctor recommended I scale back a bit on intensity as I’m seeing some issues crop up. I started yoga, and I still do it on occasion l, but it doesn’t have enough of the strength training I worked like. I saw an advertisement for this program and decided to give it a whirl. It will get your heart rate up and the sweat flowing, but it’s flowing movement and stretching. It’s perfect for what I was looking for!”

— Sarah B.

“Mobility One has been a really great way for me to get in an early workout at home that also helps stretch away the tightness I feel in the mornings. I can also see how it's helping with my flexibility and is even leaving me a little bit the best possible way. And it's fun! Thanks so much Kaisa!”

— Adrienne W.

“I love this movement series. It incorporates everything that a busy body needs; full range of motion for the joints, multiplanar movements and bilateral sequencing. As a busy mom, who also teaches physical education and adapted physical education, and who has sustained 3 knee operations due to overuse, I HIGHLY recommend this series either on its own or incorporate it into your normal work out regimen! It really leaves you feeling rejuvenated and gets your body ready for full functional movements for life!”

— Angelle G.

“I am in good shape but mobility one is allowing me to work on flexibility. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to be more flexible. Thank you for putting this program together, I don't really want to spend a lot of time doing yoga so this is perfect for me.”

— Lenin T.

“I loved it. I need to work on my form but that will become better with time. I can feel the benefits already.”

— Gail C.

“I feel stronger and more flexible 🤗”

— Karen W.

“Mobility One is simply amazing! I'd been experiencing lower back pain due to tight legs and glutes for so long. No matter how much I tried to stretch they kept pulling up short making my life quite unbearable. Thanks to Mobility One all that has changed and I can finally begin to live pain free once more. Thanks Kaisa”

— Tamsin R.

“As a personal trainer who loves to lift and not always the best stretcher the addition of this mobility just makes me feel good. My joints and muscles feel good when I add this in and not so when I forget. Great addition to my workouts!”

— Deana B.

“I was excited to get started right away. It seemed to be the perfect combination in the advertising but unfortunately it’s not as involved as I was hoping for at this price. I do have a background in dance and yoga so my expectations might be higher than most. The 3 videos aren’t 3 different full work outs. They include instructions, the actual sequences and then a 10min quicker version of the sequence. Sorry but I am underwhelmed.”

— Kristen S.

“Wow! I just did my first Mobility One workout and this is exactly what I needed. I am a very overweight 54 year old office worker who sits all day. I was skeptical if I would be able to follow along, but there was only one exercise that I had to really modify. And I feel frickin' fantastic afterwards! My goal is to work my way up to Mobility Strength and then continue on with Kaisa's other programs. Best $29 I've every spent on anything. Seriously. So happy I found this program.”

— Jody S.

“Kaisa has been showing up in my Facebook feed for a long time now it seems like. I wish I had bitten sooner on this one! These exercises hit all those "spots" that you feel tensing up on you as you sit at a desk all day, and even during regular exercise, and wish you had the time to unwind them before they tighten even more after you're done. Not only that, but when you're done, you feel like you've had a proper workout despite spending it moving in ways that feel amazing and therapeutic. I break a sweat in the 30 minute. Haven't gotten to the 40 minute yet, but this one's a keeper and I'll get to it soon.”

— Heidi M.

“I really love these videos, they’ve helped my chronic neck pain and I find it easy to do modifications. My only personal issue is that the 30 min and 45 min videos get intense and she goes pretty fast. It’s hard to switch to each move as quickly as she does and since I wasn’t able to exercise for so long because of the pain, I can’t complete the longer videos because they are so fast. I know I can pause the video but I watch it on a laptop and it get repetitive to keep stoping. I still love the videos and will keep watching them, but it’ll be awhile before I can keep up.”

— Kimberly S.

“i am a once and future dancer, age 49 (stubbornly trying to find my way back after a serious injury 3 1/2 years ago). the mobility side of this workout feels so wonderful that it motivates me to get better at the strength stuff i so need to regain! thanks Kaisa, for knowing your kinesiology and correct form, for your gentle chill teaching style, and for being inspiringly beautiful while looking nothing whatsoever like a "fitness barbie."”

— Barbara A.

“Omg, at 53 years of age, this is a kick butt program—I’m struggling with the shortest program! Must be because I’m weak and need more movement. I hope I stick with it long enough to get strong enough to do it. I though it might have more levels. Be careful if you’re more than 39!”

— Kelly M.

“Kaisa, I am giving this a 5 star because I love your work. Period. Mobility Strength moves a little too fast for me, so I prefer the pace more in Mobility One. I understand it's a flow but when you're 62 like me, the mobility flow seems to go better slower! I was trying to keep up with you and pulled a muscle in my upper back on one of the easiest moves. lol. How is that possible? Aging is an interesting thing! Always love your programs Kaisa.”

— Kibby D.

“This is an excellent workout for improving stability, stamina, and mobility (flexibility) without any equipment or complicated routines. The pace is a bit quick, so it might be helpful to have an intermediate practice video to segue between instructional and advanced. In that same vein, other programs that I use have instructors who remind and direct "team" members to watch their form, be careful not to over do things if they feel anything hurt or lose strength. There are several sets that could really hurt someone, for example: leg up and open to side with sweeps could cause a pretty serious injury who doesn't have the strength or mobility for it yet. If you're experienced with yoga, HIIT, or any other training/exercise program those are things you've probably already learned to do, but beginners need more guidance. Other than these items I found the flow to be challenging but not punishing, and the instructor was very motivating. She is also VERY petite and I had to relocate to another room almost immediately when I realized she is a muscular pixie hovering at the 5'2" - 5'4" mark and I'm a 5'11" giraffe-like creature ;oD I recommend that beginners without a lot of control move to a larger area as well to allow some extra room to move in case they lose their balance.”

— Jennifer C.

“I just did my first workout and after two years of crazy (occasionally debilitating) lower back problems, I can actually stand up straight and walk with no pain! I don't know how long it will last since I just finished the workout five minutes ago, but if it lasts 12 hours, I would gladly do this twice a day to keep that up! It's nice to feel like I can move again :-) A couple of these (like the low side lunges) were a bit much for my current knee crackles, but I could easily modify them to get the same movement without the same strain. YAY!”

— Lauren C.

“Just getting started but it is good challenge. Easy to slip a few into a regular routine. Love that it is easy to dismantle and do individual instead of a flow.”

— Michele W.

“I just did my first Mobility Strength workout. I was a bit scared .. it looked hard, however I got through it and only struggled with the first lot of bridges. I think my shoulders are a bit stiff, if I shifted my hand position it helped though. I did find it challenging which is great, nothing worse than getting a workout that is easy (nothing to work towards). This program is a great addition to Mobility One! Thank you again Kaisa :-)”

— Gary S.

“Your the best😃 love the program. Still have a ways to go. But the 10 min workout every other morning. Still sore for every day but working on that bit. Wakes up all my joints and at 53 I love that feeling. You rock”

— Glenn E.

“love it, its so good, i would love a 15 min and 20 min option too!! I have been jumping iinto the 10 min video and really like it, any chance to get 2 10 min options?”

— Katelyn N.

“Kaisa has done it again. I have been a big fan of the mobility one program, and was super excited to try this. It's quite the workout, but what I'm loving is the fusion of strength and flexibility. I have to admit, this is hard for me (especially in the flexibility department), but I cannot believe how great I felt even after the very first time I tried this workout. I know if I do this a few times a week, my flexibility will certainly improve!!!”

— Alison W.

“Terrific program! Feels like a good, deep massage, with strength and balance mixed in. The moves are innovative and fun. I do the 30-minute version before doing my daily 20/20 circuit training.”

— Hadar A.

“I am seriously overweight as a 53 year old but what I truly miss is being strong. Fit, yes I want to be fit but what I really want is my strength back. I really love this video. I’m moving at my own pace and adapting where it’s too challenging but I can really feel how this is going to make me strong again.”

— Jennifer P.

“So far so great! If you are 35 years or older there is no workout on that market that will make you feel as good as this one. Thank you so much for the amazing creation Kaisa team. I needed this! Signed - Your super inflexible new fan”

— Anika W.

“Very easy to follow. I cast mine to my TV using Chromecast and VLC. I downloaded the videos to my phone, then opened them using VLC player and casted to the TV. No issues at all.”

— Karen O.

“Some of the moves are Really Hard to make for a Stiff beginner like me. But i do my Very best Best regards Andreas”

— Andreas H.

“Some of the moves are Really Hard to make for a Stiff beginner like me. But i do my best Best regards Andreas”

— Andreas H.

“Excellent workout, challenging but enjoyable.”

— Lisa A.

“I actually love it. Hope to see new workouts in the future. I get hip pain from commuting and doing ultrasounds and leaning/tightening one set of muscle groups all day. So these workouts really help my hips so much, feel great when it’s over”

— Lea N.

“Great mobility and flexibility workout!”

— Nicol W.

“Thank you for the personal touch Kaisa. I skipped Sunday and Tuesday. I've been doing the 40mins. Mobility One routine. I'm looking forward to graduating to the Strong program. Hopefully I'll do that next week. I just turned 50 and about 30lbs. overweight 😕. I've been a regular at the gym but these last two years I've been working a swing shift and it's really kicking my butt. I will do my best to make you proud though!!”

— Esperanza D.

“I am in love with her workouts and mobility! I am just getting back into working out again after yet another injury. I am hoping with this new approach my injury days are over. Thanks Kasia, you are an inspiration and great motivator.”

— Amanda G.

“Love the program! You are amazing 👌🏻🙏🏻”

— Desiree N.

“I love Kaisa's Mobility One series so much that within one week of doing it I purchased all of her workout series. I'm seeing improvement in my mobility, flexibility and range of motion, especially in my back and upper body which has always been a problem for me. I love that there are different length workouts included. Thank you Kaisa for being such a great coach! Kristin B.”

— Kristin B.

“Mobility strength is one in a million. Coming from a powerlifting background and not knowing what to do with the (quarantine, lockdown, no gyms dilemma) this was the best thing I ever did in my three months of uncertainty during this world pandemic. Thank You Kaisa. It’s easy to follow and just helped me a lot I did not realize how tight my muscles were from not doing anything. This is my new love. 💪🏾”

— Rehema O.

“I've been surfing for around 25 years, and do a lot of strength and endurance training to support that. I've only done this routine 8 times, but it has definitely already helped loosen me up from other forms of training, as well as help recover from surfing. I'd recommend the mobility training to anyone interested in moving better.”

— Dirk H.

“I really like your programm and just startet a week ago. I think the three versions of 40 / 30 or 10 minutes are perfect for choosing the right training for my own time schedule. The only thing I have to criticise is that I thought I would've three different trainings by buying this programm. Anyways - thank you so much! It's a lot of fun and your personality and way of thinking is just amazing!”

— Franziska S.

“I just tried the 10 min workout & it was great. I’m a 57 yr old yoga teacher in need of a shoulder replacement, so the type of yoga/movement I can do these days is limited. I was happy with how much of this I could do. Personally I would like to slow the moves down a bit, but I’m going to repeat this video a few times & once I know the moves I can go at my own speed! Can’t wait to try a longer one!”

— Bonnie K.

“This is a very different workout...but I'm all about switching things up and keeping my body guessing. For me to see progress, I've learned this is a requirement. The Mobility Strength regiment is fast-paced, and I've had to rewind a few times lol, but hey I'm reaping the benefits. I get my heart rate up, still, break a sweat, and even though I might be tired afterward...I feel strong, empowered! Don't sleep on Mobility Strength!”

— Sunshine J.

“Finding time it's a challenge working from home with child home. Was only able to complete the 10 minutes without being disturbed thank you. Now I paired it with some bike time say I am going to the store come back when I am ready lol”

— Djennie L.

“Really good and worth the $! I find it easy to follow and understand everything that is being said. Kaisa is a great instructor and knowledgeable about all things fitness. I will be using this as my go to for my morning routine. All I ask for is more videos!!”

— Markus H.

“Today was my first day trying this workout, even though I’ve had it for a week now. I’ve been reticent to try it because I’ve been dealing with injuries, surgeries to repair those injuries, and referred pain from same, for over three years. I was able to work through almost the whole work out; a couple I couldn’t do yet, and one I could only do once, but I’m thrilled with being able to do as much as I did! I’m looking forward to seeing good results as I continue with it.”

— Jenner A.

“I struggle with flexibility. I am 53 and trying to keep up with everyone at Jiu Jitsu. I have tried different mobility programs and have had some success but Mobility One is perfect for where I am and where I need to be. It definitely helps and challenges me in good ways. It easily fits in and compliments what I am already doing. Thank you for developing a great program!”

— Chester J.

“I’m 56 and I exercise daily. This is exactly what my body needed. It’s an excellent stretching program. Looking forward to trying many more. 🙌”

— Francine L.

“Excellent sa prend du temps à assimiler tous les mouvements le rithme semble un peu plus rapide que les autres vidéos du mobility one”

— marechal x.

“I love this so, so much. I am someone who loves working out, but I spend almost no time stretching or working on mobility. I rarely do a warm-up or cool down. But I've been using mobility strength daily (the 10 minute program as a warm up & cool down, and the 30 minute program on my rest days), and its been incredible. I feel more mobile, less sore, and overall so much better. :)”

— Kat M.

“i just started and it looks fast pace but i was able to following her and i wanted to do another round! the stretch feeling is real!”

— andrea L.

“I have just been doing the 8 minute exercise last week and will start the 30 minute this week. I like the moves as they different than the normal yoga moves.”

— Sherine M.

“Kaisa got me moving in ways I didn't know I could! Mobility One was a game changer for me - it improved my training and really taught me how to pay attention to how my body feels. Mobility Strength is like the next step! Really loved the flow. I really did feel like I was working on my strength while still getting the moves from mobility work. Love it and will def be using this weekly!”

— Kimberly L.

“I use this usually before dance class as a warm up before my warm up. Injury prevention is key since I am in my 40's and I want to dance as long as possible. I am noticing improvements especially in my hip mobility.”

— Amanda B.

“I finally found a workout that works for my circumstances and Kaisa motivates me to want to succeed and complete every move to the fullest extent of my capabilities! Thank you for helping me find my passion in ‘moving’ again... it’s been long overdue!”

— Gina M.

“Hey Kaisa and Team, I'm feeling so grateful to have you in my life as I strengthen my body, mind, and my resolve to be a better me in every way. Not saying perfect. Just better! I have a long way to go but I'm excited about joining you each day. -Chris”

— Chris H.

“Great workout, to the point and accessible. Fantastic.”

— Neil S.

“Love the movements, would love a few more class options :)”

— Jen S.

“Ciao Kaisa, is about one test since I discovered you and I liked tour right away. I like the energy you transmit, the passion and care you put into your work... and Goi are Aldo a beautiful woman. Anyway ,I find your latest Non fantastic and I can fit it comfortably in my training session: the results are fantastic.”

— Napoli A.

“This has been a great addition to my daily routine. Now that cycling season is on I feel that I have a rounded plan going into summer”

— Cheryl C.

“I moved into this workout after doing Mobility One for many months. It is definitely more challenging than Mobility One, in a good way! It has taken me a few viewings of the instructional video, and I don't yet feel ready to move on the the quicker-paced version. But I really like the moves and the way my 67 year-old body feels afterwards! I will keep on practicing.”

— Molly A.

“So, here's the story. Chronic back pain sufferer. About a year and a half ago started on bodyweight exercises, which did wonders; pain went from a 7 to a 2. Fast forward to 2020: Covid-19, lockdown, WFH, spending hours on a rather bad chair. Back pain is back with a vengeance, to the point where it's sapping my will to hit the exercise mat. Then I come across an ad for Mobility One, which looked 'light' enough for my back to take it and demanding enough to be fun to do. What do I have to lose? This program is a wonder! Within 2-3 sessions by back was 100% better. The pain subsided and my range of motion was restored. I was even able to go back to my normal training regimen. I was shocked at how quickly I 'unlocked' with this. I now interchange Mobility One with my HIIT bodyweight exercise program and sometimes I will just do the 10-minute workout on an off-day as a way to de-stress and re-center. It's incredibly effective, easy to go through and at the same time, sneakily challenging! I would happily recommend this to ANYONE looking get moving or to get a light full-body workout and even explore a broad range of motions that just seems to 'unlock' your body's potential for movement.”

— Yiannis P.

“I've been following Kaisa on IG for years and I love her inspiration positivity, and her badass workouts. When I saw that mobility strength came out I was excited because I already have mobility one, which I love, but I've been doing it for months so I wanted to change it up a little. I tried mobility strength and it's a great program, the only thing I wish is that it wouldn't go so fast. I don't feel like you can feel the mobility stretch part to it. Its more of a flow. I only tried it once, so maybe it'll get better as I continue to do it. But overall great program!”

— Danielle T.

“I love this new workout, it’s a great active recovery, I used to not like taking rest days because I tend to Fall off the wagon when I skip days.this active recovery ( mobility strenght) allows me to elevate my heart rate and work on mobility and it makes me feel accomplished :) I also love the 10 min mobility strenght I do it after my nightshift ( im a nurse) as a “decompression” before going to bed Love this ❤️”

— Sarah S.

“I just did my first session, kind of expecting a slow yoga restoration. Was I wrong! Such an incredible sweat in just 10 minutes without pushing my body to the limits! Can't wait to do more. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Caitlin M.

“I love it ! It reminds me the Power Yoga lesson I did at the Yoga Studio but more athletic and without all the 'ohm'. Thank you Kaisa from Italy!”

— Michela E.

“Hello thank you for your program. It's easy to see you have a lot of knowledge and put the sequence together really well. I am on a lot of yoga platforms (& a yoga teacher), and did feel it may be a little pricey for basically one sequence. I thought I was purchasing three sequences when I signed up. I also thought being an active session it would be great to see music with the session. I played my own but, usually works better with a specific playlist. Anyways, my 2 cents, thank you was a great workout, I also teach mobility exercises within my yoga realm and will be adding some of your style. With gratitude, Rosie”

— Rosie W.

“Much harder than Mobility One! Really works core and especially hips. Some of the movements are difficult and it would be good to understand if its a struggle to complete, then what are the steps needed to get there eventually.”

— Simon J.

“This one is intense, but challenging the way my body moves is exactly what I needed. As a fat strength athlete there were definitely some challenging moves but nothing was impossible. I have no doubts that it will get easier with time. My favorite thing with the mobility series is that whether it’s a deeper stretch or more precise movement, there is always something more you can get out of each move.”

— Autumn B.

“I've done the Instructional and 10 min workouts so far and I LOVE IT!! Definitely, challenging for me but that's exactly what I needed!! Mobility was never a focus in my exercise routine but now I realize just how much I need it. I love your energy, knowledge and encouragement to push through!!”

— Jakea C.

“Right after this sequence of movement it feels like I had unlocked all my joints and muscles. I feel so light and relaxed! I haven't felt this good in a long time.”

— Bea L.

“This program has all the best strength elements of Kaisa’s fitness programs, combined with all the mobility of her warm up and mobility programs. Can’t recommend it enough. I can’t wait to see how my body benefits from using this program regularly!”

— Miceli V.

“Great program. Love the combination of strength and mobility in one workout. Some of the moves are difficult for me due to one artificial knee and another one that needs to be replaced but I’m hoping it will help with hip mobility.”

— Eileen K.

“Proud owner of the MOBILITY ONE my staple Sunday routine. And I believed there nothing better than it. But here comes the MOBILITY STRENGTH oh damn... it’s definitely an upgrade it’s a perfect sweatish-stretch workout . Finding “Movement In Movement” just like kaisa says . Holy grail of mobility. Thanks kaisa for everything.”

— Karthick R.

“Mobility Strength was absolutely what I needed! This is not my first KaisaFit program and I know it won't be my last. It is amazing and I highly recommend it.”

— Jacquelyn M.

“A very nice work-out: effective and fun. Kaisa's imagination and enthusiasm are amazing”

— Massimo T.

“Hi there Kaisa! I am excited to be doing your mobility strength 🙏 What I like about it is, I really enjoy doing strength or resistance training usually done at the gym, due to Covid I have stopped 😩 I found myself stiffening up and aches and pains started to creep in due to not being active. So, to combine what I really like and what I really need is amazing!!! Of course the more I do, the better I feel 😁 Thank you Kaisa you’re AMAZING!!!!”

— Karina C.

“Thank you for taking interest in my opinion of your Mobility Strength workout. I absolutely LOVE the format, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to provide an extended version to breakdown the exercises and the queuing is on point. I'm currently struggling with pain from a torn meniscus and I wasn't able to do most of the exercises, I was wondering if you would consider creating a video that teaches folks to work around knee injuries to help strengthen and loosen the areas that support the knees. Just a thought :) Thank you for your investment in my/our health! You're an incredible instructor and I appreciate your openness and candor about your journey and struggles. And thank you for sharing the gift of strength and mobility.”

— Kira S.

“Will say queen thanks for this program...its challenging for me due to the hardware in my ankle my mobility to squat especially deep.... I would like not to mention how its a love/hate to create the bridges and to have foot swing open and to touch toes to ground 😵😵😵 whooosah by far my fav is the hip circle glute stretch 🤤🤤🤤”

— Michelle A.

“Love this new mobility routine! I really enjoy the dynamic movements that allow us to fully stretch and strengthen our bodies. It is a must-have for everyone who wants to give their body some well-deserved love ;)”

— Olivia P.

“This is perfect for me! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this will definitely help keep me strong and flexible. I'll b back for more after I use this for a few weeks!”

— Kathleen D.

“Absolutely love it! Keeps my entire body functioning more fluid. My hips feel a lot better when I do this program. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Pamela J.

“I really like the joint movement she offers. I felt so much better after doing the instructional video. I’ll keep with that one for now as I like the pace of it.”

— Marie J.

“i am have less joint pain more mobility, i feel great, it is a good workout. Will”

— William S.

“I was using the 10 min Mobility One to warm up most days of the week and loved it (I even got my mom to start using it to work on her mobility and she loves it and has become a Kaisa fan too!), so I was beyond delighted when Mobility Strength came out! I’ve only been using the 10 min warm up so far and it’s great. A little more intense than Mobility One— Different moves, it flows faster and Kaisa expects a little more from you such as jump switching your legs in one move. I love the deep stretches I get from this as it raises my heart rate as well. A perfect warm up/wake me up. Also, since I started doing these 10 min mobility routines in the last 2-3 months I’ve noticed I’ve gained quite a bit more range when I reach to touch my toes from standing. That sounds silly, but my whole life I’ve not been able to touch my toes so that’s a big deal for unflexible me!”

— Lana B.

“So far, so good! I recently started working on Mobility Strength and have been excited about how I feel each day after doing only the 10 minute version. As a 54 year old out of shape guy, I'm working my way up to the 30 minute flow video. Also as a 54 year old, I have small nicks and twinges in my body that sometimes derail my fitness plans. I am appreciative of your program and the focus on injury prevention and remediation. My shoulder and knee may never be the same as they were in my 20's, but I am encouraged by how I'm feeling after working with Mobility Strength. I do believe it will help me reach my goals!”


“The Mobility Strength routine is one of those mobility strength workouts that just wakes your whole body up. I am really impressed with it. Coming from a background of mostly strength training with weights, I didn’t realize how tight my body was. Mobility One loosened me up, then Mobility Strength took it to a whole new level. Thanks Kaisa Anthony Locke”

— Anthony L.

“I’m 65 years, for the last 15 my hip has been going out. In the past I would counter it with Thai massage and walking,and chiropractic treatment. Over two years ago I moved to Panama, I could walk but couldn’t find any Thai massage here. Your program has help me find my stretch, I try to do the 10min. Twice a day. I’ll check back in a few weeks.So far my cool Old G walk is coming back. Much Grass, RKA”

— Randall A.

“I really like this program - its a great pairing with other kinds of exercise which work only certain muscle groups .... Im finding that this is a challenge for some of my joints, and for certain movements, which means its making my body stronger in more subtle ways.”

— kim m.

“Hi! Love The new program, and the instructional video is critical. I did it initially, and think I will go back to it again. I’m 65 and active, but evidently have not been doing enough squats and lunges! I also want to thank you for the information you put forth on anti-rascism. Love your INNER and outer strength! Pam”

— Pam L.

“I used the 10 minute class as my warm up to my workout and it felt great! Well explained movements at a speed that gets your blood pumping. I just purchased the program so I'm really looking forward to the 30 and 40 minute programs.”

— Kristin G.

“I love all these movements that it keep me in good shape! I am 62 years old and it's a great pleasure to follow all these exercises. It's a nice mix of yoga and cardio! Thank you so much! It keeps me alive!”

— Sylvie D.

“I’ve incorporated the Mobility Strength routine to my active rest days as well as Mobility Strength Mini after my workouts. It truly helps with my muscle recovery. I recommend this to anyone searching for effective ways to improve their mobility.”

— Sherly S.

“I just finished my second 30-minute routine, and I already feel such a difference! My random joint issues are clearing up quickly and my lower back has never felt better! It feels like nourishment for my entire body. I also felt stronger already in my second time through, and I know it's doing amazing things for my body. This workout has a permanent spot in my routine and I am a firm believer in Kaisa's methods now! Thank you, Kaisa!!”

— Quinn F.

“My body feels amazing! This is what I needed! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Nicole T.

“Love it!”

— Shannon D.

“Hi there. Kaisafit it's different from all the workouts I've tried till today. Different in the way it has new movements, very well structered, and above all the grasp that it's transmitted throug the exercises. Still evaluting the program, but for now it seems to be good. I would like to ask for something if possible, and that's if it's in any way possible to have a gallery of movements so we could build routines by ourselves. Carlos Silvestre”

— Carlos S.

“I really enjoy this program. I used to be so active. A long distance runner in my younger days, to yoga & hiking in my middle years but from recovering from injury & collapsed vertebrae exercise has been a struggle leaving me often in pain. This program is brilliant & I saw an improvement on my mobility very quickly. Kneeling & squatting are things I can do again with out pain. I'm feeling stronger & for the first time in a long time I know I'm on the right track getting my old self & life back. It's simple but so effective & though gentle you feel like you've had a good work out. I'm really pleased I found KaisaFit & I've already recommended it to my friends & family.”

— claire h.

“Did mobility 1, loved it & became more flexible. Mobility strength turns it up a notch, movement-mobility-strength-yoga all in one package. For someone like me I could achieve every movement without tying myself up in knots or even contemplating stopping. Thank you Kaisa for bringing me mobility & making me enjoy something I’ve traditionally avoided.”

— David L.

“Awesome Thank you for contacting me again with my body. You are incredible ❤❤❤❤”

— Isidora S.

“I've been doing these exercises and the difference it has made to my knee pain due to tight glutes, magical I can go for runs and walk without any pain!!! This is the medicine, Thank you”

— Edson W.

“It‘s a very effectiv workout, that demands all muscles and joints. With the short version, it fits perfectly into everyday life. I love it.”

— Christine R.

“Amazing program! I currently use the mini version as a cool down after strength or cardio workouts and do the long flow version on the weekend, which works really well :)”

— Nathalie S.

“Perfect for my active rest day! And in general, Kaisa is awesome!”

— Siamack Z.

“Very useful for me. I like it .”

— Eihanni H.

“I loved this! It was easy to follow, lots of tips along the way and my body felt awesome afterwards. I cannot wait to do more. Thanks, Bron”

— Bronwyn B.

“I am loving the Mobility Strength program as It compliments my HIIT training. After doing Mobility One it is a step up but still includes all the important stretch combos. I feel I have more range of movement in my regular training and feel stronger in all movement. It is easy to follow and Kaisa interacts so well on screen. Thank You for a wonderful program!”

— Sue R.

“Great workout wish I was as good as you but I guess I will be if I keep doing this haha thankyou”

— Clara V.

“Absolutely love this new workout, love all your amazing combinations and twists on classic moves Like the needle tred, The lunges etc you gives us enough time to feel the move working.You are an inspiration my 56 year old self feels like the younger me afterwards. thank you Kaisa!!”

— Chantal D.

“I am a 60 year old woman who has had an office job for the last 25 years, working long hours. So I am extremely unfit and also suffer with stiff joints. This is the first bit of exercise I've done in years so I am taking it very slow, let you know in a couple of weeks how I'm feeling. I'll do this phase until I find it easier and then move on to the 20 min routine”

— Catherine B.

“Leave it to Kaisa to create this perfect workout. Moments of stillness, moments of movement, strength, a little cardio, mobility training and all with no equipment. So great. I am using this to center and strengthen my mind and body in this stressful world. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Jessica W.

“Well perfect”

— Fadhili O.

“I havent even started yet, I just moved so its hectic right now but I want to start this week.”

— Gwendolyn M.

“At the start of 2020 (of what was supposed to be a great year...) I made a deal with myself to not become a little old lady (Im 48) that couldn't move, and that's when i found Mobility One. I needed something i could do with a bum ankle (old softball injury.) I started slowly, but very shortly I was up to the 40 min flow 4-5 times a week. Then the pandemic hit. I found myself alone, scared, terrified of everything. The anxiety was too much. MO saved my brain and my sanity. It was in my daily routine to boost energy, to add some normality to this weird world... ok, it was an escape, but better than binge eating, drinking or drugs, amiright? As with all workouts, i started to plateau and was looking to include some weight/strength training and *BOOM* MS dropped last friday with a sneak peak on FB Live. Like MO, I started with the 10 minute workout and, whoa, what a feeling! The sweat in ten minutes was more than i thought. I am very much looking forward to incorporating this an alternating between MO workouts. Kaisa, thank you for bringing some sanity into an upside down world right now... we need it more than ever. These are great workouts and i want to thank you for making me feel healthy, physically AND mentally. I wish you continued success to bring health to the world.”

— jen a.

“I got sick with coronavirus and I was very frustrated because I like exercises but due to this virus 🦠 it was affected my bones and joints and I couldn't train, 😩 and with this program I am feeling very well, it has helped me a lot thanks Kaisa 🙏💪 💖”

— Irina R.

“Dear Kaisa💪💪💪 I am personal trainer at burn out point. Didn't know in which direction to go anymore with my body and training, but your mobility strength was my breakthrough to understand how important is just to move. First time i felt moving through my entire body and it's super funny. You connected me again with my body❤❤❤❤❤ You are walking inspiration and incredible athlete. Now your mobility one and mobility strength is part of my active rest and warm up and cool down🤗. It helped me to enjoy and perform beter even my area of heavy lifting 💪💪💪I think if someone change this wrong fitness industry in a better and real way that will be for sure you💪💪💪All best”

— Isidora S.

“I can’t tell you how happy this makes me 🥳 I work a physical job and have been doing different types of mobility but this is unlike anything I have done - incorporating the strength portion along with the mobility is AMAZING! Thank you Kaisa for always being a rockstar!”

— Jen F.

“I’ve been following Kaisa for a couple years now but I’ve never actually purchased her workouts or flows. Let me tell you, I will be adding this to all my warmups it’s that good!! She created a wonderful flow routine that targeted some of those super tight areas, for me it’s the hips and butt. At the end of the routine she does a quick meditation/body scan which doesn’t seem that big of deal but your body and mind will thank you. She pumps you up the whole time, all you have to do is follow along. I’m so SO impressed, thank you for created something so special.”

— Katie G.

“Mobility One was my first program and it is amazing!!!🙌🏼😌. This program is perfect after a long day ok work or after completing an exercise routine. Every day my body is more flexible!!! I love it❤️”

— Wilmary S.

“I weight lift, Olympic Lift, and run. I do at least 15 minutes of these exercises before each workout, and it is the difference between having a good session or bad. I do the longer sessions on my rest days. I've been following these movements for a little over a month, and I am beginning to see the difference in my mobility and flexibility. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Megan K.

“Tried Mobility Strength for the first time today and absolutely LOVE it! Definitely a step up from Mobility One. This will be a weekly addition that I know I will see results from. Kaisa is an amazing instructor!”

— Jennifer S.

“We (my husband and I) took a chance based on the reviews and because we weren’t flexible, like AT ALL!!!! I’ve seen your posts all over social media with people raving about how amazing you were and thought your marketing team must be the best, right? My husband encouraged me to go for it, so we took a chance. Naturally skeptical, we did it during quarantine and initial reactions were wondering where the hype came from but we kept up with it. Not even going to lie, the moves were hard, we aren’t gym rats, we aren’t young, but we aren’t old just in our 40s and fell away from flexibility during working out and wanted to get it back. The more we did i it, the better we got, the less of a strain we felt afterwards. It took longer than a good number of your reviewers, but we finally found the hype! This is the warm up/cool down/movement/mobility whatever you want to call it you need to grab on to and never ever let it go! This was what allowed me to take an online yoga class and not embarrass myself. This got me out of bed in the morning without pain. This helped me increase my range of motion when I didn’t realize I had lost it in the first place. You are everything we didn’t realize we needed. We appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you.”

— Lori H.

“Wow Mobility Strength is amazing!!!😍 This program challenges every part of my body. I have discovered flexibility in movements than I have ever done before. I love it and it is perfect to do it every day!!!💪🏼🙌🏼 ... Kaisa you are an excellent coach and trainer!!!”

— Wilmary S.

“I really like Kaisa’s programs. I am a 56 3/4 year old former college athlete & love the way she incorporates your entire body in her programs. Mobility Strength is a great stretch & strength program for me. I am challenged by a few moves & very interested to see how I progress. My core is sooo much stronger since I started doing her programs. 😍”

— Marcia S.

“Just what my body needed. I was feeling stuck physically and motivation-wise. The 10-min mini-program has restored my faith that I can find the time, strength, and stamina to get unstuck. Looking forward to trying out the longer programs in the next couple of days. Thanks!”

— Lisbeth R.

“Not only do I appreciate the mobility movements within this program, I absolutely love the way it’s pieced together! Kaisa does a great job of creating natural flows between movements that makes it easier to work through the program and leaves you feeling amazing afterwards. I also love that there’s a 10 minute version of Mobility Strength that I can work through on days that get super busy!”

— Noelia P.

“I’ve been struggling with mobility for awhile now. I was excited to try this new program and it did not disappoint. I am an avid runner with constant tight hips. After running 7 miles today I thought let me give it a try after my run. This program helped and I already feel the difference with my hip mobility and joint release! Thanks Kaisa!!!”

— Isaiah G.

“It helps with flexibility and yet include some strength moves too. You just shortened my workout time! X tks Kaisa!”

— Idelia T.

“Thank you bringing not only this to my life & routine, thank you for being YOU! You are inspiring & motivating. I have been implementing your movements in to my own routines & have noticed a huge difference in my mechanics. I want more!”

— Shaylynn S.

“Really good mobility supplement. Loved the fact that it engages all parts of the body. Given the number of movements and limited time of 30, it feels a bit crunched. Would recommend extending the duration for each movement by a notch so that the full benefits of the stretches can be felt”

— Manikantan N.

“I've only been doing the 10 minutes program. I really do enjoy it, even if I'm not that flexible lol. I'll move up soon.”

— Kenneth S.

“I rec'd Mobility One as a gift, and it certainly is one! I appreciate the simple format in how the moves are presented, easy to understand/comprehend. The routine seems to flow smoothly from move to move. As a new user, I am getting the hang of it. I use these moves as a cool down to either aerobics or cardio/tone routines. It's well worth the investment! I would have purchased knowing what I do today after using the exercises. It was my good fortune and a generous friend that shared this gift with me. Thank you Kaisa! I appreciate you sharing your talent, knowledge, and expertise.”

— Anne P.

“i really enjoy there exercises, i had lower back and joint problems, since i have been doing these i have become more mobile, and i am happy and feel great!”

— William S.

“Four days in and I’m really enjoying the program. I am breaking a sweat and know I will gain core strength in no time! I’m not able to do 100% of the movement so I adapt where needed. Would be interested in a ‘beginner’ option. Overall I’m very happy!”

— Peg R.

“Have really enjoyed these exercises. After facing some health challenges in the last year, it’s been hard for me to get back into training, this has been a great way for me to ease back in and also help with flexibility and tension. I have a lot of tightness in my body due to stress, and that’s been making things harder so this was a great way for me to ease some of that and help with improving strength and flexibility, as well as keeping moving.”

— Dominique P.

“Very effective workout. Started with 10 mins video for week and found amazing mobility unleashed and powerful feel. Will go next to 30 mins after 1 more week and can already see benefit of doing 10 min workout daily.”

— Jay B.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! At last a well thought out, complete workout to improve mobility. I have a slew of injuries along with upper back/shoulder problems and a dodgy hip! I am starting with the 10 minute workout and it’s perfect for my abilities so far. I really feel how it is working on all the problem areas (in a good way)! I am doing this first thing in the morning and aiming for an evening session too. Thanks Kaisa, your workout is giving me hope again!”

— Frances H.

“I purchased Mobility One sometime last year. I taught it as an assignment for my group fitness class at Keiser University. I've used bits and pieces of it with my track & field athletes. Near the end of the quarantine period, I've actually developed a corrective exercise routine for myself and I have just started incorporating the Mobility One into my routine every day. The workout leaves me feeling more relaxed and I'm excited to see my results after this first month of doing it every day. As a coach and former sprinter in my 50s, I can relate to the tight hips. I'll keep you informed on how it progresses.”

— Vincent B.

“This is the best! I always feel great afterwards and I love the Option to do the short version or longer! I love mobility workouts”

— Brittany M.

“I have never moved this way before!! Mobility Strength is super fun and is going to be my new go to workout! I have a tendency to get bored with workouts, but I could do this program over and over! I can't recommend this enough and hope there is more programs like this from Kaisa soon! ❤️”

— Taylor G.

“Love this program! In conjunction with soft tissue work, I have added this in and feel amazing! Thanks for the guidance!”

— Takeela R.

“I think it will be good once I get used to it and become a little more mobile. The video is great it moved a little fast for me and I have a bad knee so no low squats for me! I'm looking forward to continuing”

— elizabeth t.

“Love it! Looking for something to include my ankles now too- suggestions?”

— Andreanna S.

“You have a calm encouraging, challenging, and powerful voice. I love the tempo you use to guide us through muscular flow in our bodies. It’s helped me become more aware of all the little intricacies that allow me to do what I do. It’s changed my paradigm to be wholistic and not linear. Thanks Kaisa! You’re truly amazing.”

— Alisha A.

“I am throughly enjoying Mobility One. I do my cardio and strength training workouts regularly but I definitely need to work on my stretching and flexibility. Mobility One is helping me do just that. I've done two of the programs so far and they have been easy to follow and doable. Kaisa does an excellent job of guiding you through each of the moves and telling you what to be aware of with each move. I'm looking forward to gaining more mobility and flexibility as I continue to do the program.”

— Heather R.

“I’m blown away! I have had hip and low back issues since having my 2 children 5 years ago. I have bought multiple tools to help release my hips and back along with different workouts. After doing the 10 min and 35 minute work out I was addicted to feeling relief where I had tightness and pain for years. I love the strength building aspect and breathing techniques. I am grateful to have found THIS solution for time management, strengthening, mobility and stress relief. Thank you! Laura S.”

— Laura S.

“I love this mobility program. I do the 10 min often after a hard work out or just to loosen up. Occasionally (I should do it more) I dedicate a day and do the full 40 min. I feel refreshed and am less sore after adding this mobility to my training.”

— Virginia S.

“This program is so helpful!! It is easy to follow, and helps to ease some of those tight spots I have been holding and struggling to stretch. There are several moves/muscle groups that I can tell are weak as I had not done some of the moves before. I am excited to continue with this program and improve my mobility.”

— Taryn E.

“Fantastic mobility one ☝️. Started during lockdown . I was stiff as a log with tigh sore hips and stiff neck . Mobility one loosened me up and I feel great mind and body amazing. Thanks Kasia”

— Gavin M.

“I am really enjoying this. I have very tight hips from playing hockey and bad/tight knees from years of abuse. After less than a week, I can get a lot deeper in my squats without discomfort and my hips are loosening I do, however, wish there were a modification for wrist issues - or some mobility work to improve my wrist health. otherwise, really great.”

— Lisa C.

“I started this program after 1 week of acute severe back pain and not able to do much movement besides walking. After just 3 rounds into i already saw signifant changes in my especially my shoulder mobility. I have never been one to like static (and stretching so this programs suits me PERFCTLY. The more i do it- the more i love it. It is so thought through, and professional. Thank you Kaisa!! ❤️🥳”

— Anngunn K.

“I started this program after 1 week of acute severe back pain and not able to do much movement besides walking. After just 3 rounds into i already saw signifant changes in my especially my shoulder mobility. I have never been one to like static (and stretching so this programs suits me PERFCTLY. The more i do it- the more i love it. It is so thought through, and professional. Kaisa is a world-class trainer!! ❤️🥳”

— Anngunn K.

“The 3 videos could be more diferrents. Are very same. I expected a little more . But i liked it.”

— Raquel T.

“Hi kasia, struggling a little with some of the exercises as I'm not used to the type of training, but am loving the experience of change ,, I'll keep going , Thanks a million Scott from Ireland.”

— Scott E.

“Don't leave reviews often, and have never done online workout sessions before. I have pain issues basically head to toe, including sciatic and fibro nerve pain and muscle spasms from spine misalignment. Pain has taken a toll on the quality and duration of my workouts, and the lack of mobility was the most alarming symptom for me. All this got more intense at the beginning of quarantine. After the FIRST 30min workout, I felt my lower back/pelvis relax and it opened up chest muscles so my posture was a little better without me even really adjusting. Insane. I'm constantly popping and cracking my joints and back and after a few days I'm noticing less of that, and much much less strain working out. Highly recommend!”

— Victoria L.

“J’adore ce programme cela fait une belle balance entre les work out cardio et musculaire ! Merci kaisa”

— Valerie L.

“Hi Really enjoyed my 1st week of mobility 10 min session. Thank you Just a thought if we could have an easier stance for 1of the tough stretches. The one where you are planking and then bringing the leg in front then taping the ankle and then a sideway stretch. Resting on the foot with 1 leg stretched is very difficult was losing my balance. cheers”

— Anita A.

“Really enjoying these stretches they are working beautifully on my problematic left shoulder and the rest of my body is thanking me for the money well spent. Thank you Kaisa”

— Kate H.

“I’m totally in love with this program! It’s so easy to use and my body feels so good afterwards. Thank you!”

— Sissal H.

“I couldn’t do legs training because of knee and back problems that causes me big pain even when i was doing regular moves like rising up from the chair.My knee pain and my back pain are almost gone after a week of every day doing 30 minutes of mobility one! This is the best mobility program so far!”

— Mihaela B.

“I can't do less ti muove every day!!! Thanks Kaisa🤩 i feel my body gagarin, i fit my body again!!! Thank you so much!!!”

— Lucia C.

“The flow is really good. Makes the body totally moves. Love it!”

— Glaci B.

“Great movement for cooling down especially after my runs! The fully body stretch really helps with muscle recovery. I turn to mobility one to relieve post workout soreness!”

— Gape M.

“So far so good!”

— Chan E.

“I've learned a few moves of dynamic stetches a couple years ago in a book and love it as running warm-up. But Mobility One is the only program I found built entirely of it. I'm now recovering from an injury and I am so happy I have found it. I love the fact that we can choose between 3 follow along sessions (+one live) or the pdf list of the program that allows us to built our own program once we know the moves. And the corresponding web video library of all moves if we need to remember how to do a specific move without searching it in a session. Thank you Kaisa.”

— Julie L.

“I've only done this three times now and I am already starting to loosen up. Good job Kaisa!”

— wayne k.

“I love Mobility One! I have been a dancer most of my life but as I get into my 40s I am feeling the flexibility leaving. I’ve had problems with sore hips when I wake up, but the morning after I did this the first time, I had no hip pain! I love the variety of time lengths so I can easily fit them into my schedule. Highly recommended!”

— Megan T.

“I'm a beginner and am at the end of the rehab phase of a quadratus lumborum (core muscle) injury. I'm still unsure of my limits of range of motion and I'm a hyper flexible type. I'm ready to do more so I bought this video. I find it goes to fast for me so I cant feel into my body and appreciate the stretch and feel where to maintain my correct posture. Is there any way to get a slowed down version with time to breath with each movement? Or I can learn the movements and do it on my own, which defeats the purpose of having a video.”

— Christy W.

“Great for daily life, pre or post workout and can be done anywhere! Can be broken down or done as a whole. Very happy and have added this to my daily routine!”

— Robyn W.

“Great way to start the day and make sure I cam move through it's e entirety”

— Theresa G.

“First workout complete! This was more intense than I had imagined it would be, but amazing!!! I can’t wait to see the results as I continue into the program.”

— Janite G.

“This mobility workout is sooo great ♥️ It’s really helped me get moving again and I look forward to it daily.”

— Betty G.

“I carry so much tension in my neck and upper back and this routine helped me a lot. I feel less pain now. Thank You Kaisa.”

— Safiur R.

“This is an excellent program! Kaisa is enthusiastic, presents clearly and moves beautifully. Enjoy this mobility practice and feel better immediately. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Brian J.

“I love this mobility routine! It's so easy to follow and Kaisa doesn't over complicate it. I can get in my mobility without having to think about it.”

— Lindsay R.

“Love the videos - easy to follow and tougher than it looks! Great customer service: I emailed on a Sunday asking how to adapt a move and got an answer in a couple hours - thank you!”

— Mary Margaret S.

“I started Mobility One three days ago with the 10 minute program doing stretch yoga, and I have done the 15 minute Sunday workout - also just stretching - that is on Facebook. I love it! I knew I needed something that not only helped me relax, but would stretch my muscles in ways that walking or dancing would not. I will definitely continue to incorporate this or just do it as my sole exercise for a long time. I really like the stretch yoga! Kim”

— Kimberly W.

“LIFE CHANGING, AMAZING, HEALTHCARE IS SELFCARE. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FOR EVERYONE. my story........ I have had neck and shoulder pain in my wings for a long time now. I have been doing different exercises that have temporarily helped along with my massages, my chinese master healer, my cranial work that all keep me together. I think all these ways are great, I mean who doesn't love a massage. I have exercised my whole life and during this time that we are in now the stress was causing so much neck and skull tension. One night I was hysterically crying for over half hour as I could take the pressure in my head anymore. Not having my helpers I decided that I needed to get to a place with my body that I could make myself feel better. I had been following Kaisa for a while on instagram and decided to try and buy the mobility program. I was so impressed after the first workout that I immediately upgraded to the full program. So far i have only done the mobility and will work my way to the other exercises. I have been doing it now since April 5th and it has truly changed my life. I have also recommended to friends and I will keep recommending it as I know that it really works. She is so positive and inspiring and what a body. I think everyone needs someone like Kaisa to work out with. I can't wait for her to come out with some new mobility exercises as I am so ready for more. Kaisa I am so grateful to you for your knowledge and the time you spent creating this incredible program and love all your cool gear. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

— Denise l.

“I have only done it a few times and I can already see a difference in my range of motion. I run a lot and I lift weights so everything gets pretty tight. This has loosened me up and I am having less pain in my hamstrings when running on trails.”

— Ellen N.

“I am delighted with Mobility one. I am 49 years old, I grew up in the sport, I always kept myself active, but after the birth of my son 6 years ago, I resumed a bit of the sport routine, however, with some pain and restrictions in my lower back. Since then I tried some other activities to release these discomfort, but with the quarantine the pains got worse. Mobility one, made me something that I could not do for a long time, besides feeling willing, I am more elongated, better every day, without lower back pain and much more fortified for everything. I feel that my movements are returning due to the fortification that the program has given me. I don't know how to thank you Kaisa. Gratitude from a mother for which you have helped a lot in self-esteem and health. Thank you, keep safe and keep smiling.”

— Andrea N.


— Georgios M.

“I absolutely love this! I have tried a lot of exercise routines and have been disappointed. Kaisa is amazing I can feel my body getting stronger! I love all of her videos by them end of them I am dripping with sweat.”

— Debra W.

“This is easy to do. Fast paced so you get a good work as well.”

— Jacquelyne M.

“Great whole body mobility session and I love to tag the 10 min session into my Workouts”

— Jacqueline L.

“I’m a retired massage therapist and taught told and begged my clients to stretch and showed them mobility sequences. Thank you for the wonderful instructions and spot on video”

— Denice G.

“This is awesome! The movements are spot on. The directions are easy to follow. Kaisa’s smile and energy are contagious. I can’t tell enough people about it!”

— Heather G.

“I’ve purchased workout programs from Kaisa before and these movements were part of the routine. She doesn’t disappoint, this is exactly what you are looking for. You’re not going to find anything else this good for the price.”

— Kirrie B.

“I have been using Kaisafit for 10 days, every day and I'm amazed at the results. The first few days I started with the 10 minute routine and worked my way up to the 40 minute routine with no problem. The first few days I was worried because my range of motion was so bad, but I already feel a huge difference! Every morning I wake up feeling stiff, but after I do the 40 minute routine I feel loose and can easily begin my cardio workout. I was slowing down on my cardio workouts because I was feeling so stiff and achey. I knew I needed a stretching routine to help loosen me up. I am in my early 40's, I was born with a problem with my hip bones turning in and I have tendonitis in my wrists; yet I can still do this! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Shellah P.

“This kept popping up on my Facebook. My trainer has been on me to step up my moblity training inbetween sessions. With the current lockdown and more time on my hands, I decided to try it. It is amazing, after just 3 days I saw an huge difference - so noticeable that my husband decided to give it a go too. We sweat buckets and feel great afterwards. I would love to see some additional sessions so that it doesnt become boring in time, or even some suggestions from instagram clips on what we can add in safely. Love it - would highly recpommend.””


“I had seen this on Facebook several times. I finally decided to try it. It was awesome. I was honestly surprised at how much I sweat, and how tight I am. I practice Yoga but sometimes look for more fluid movement. This scratched that itch. I was also pleasantly surprised at how sore my legs were the following day! Highly recpommend.”

— Amanda W.

“I love this program so much! I've only had the opportunity to explore the 10-minute class, but I've found myself meticulously practicing each movement. This is a program you can really learn from and utilize on an as-needed personal basis. Kaisa is an incredibly articulate teacher and does an excellent job of instructing in a very easy to understand manner. I love it and also enjoy supporting her business with my hard-earned money. I don't get to splurge on myself often, as a single mother, but found pleasure in this purchase.”

— Caitlin C.

“Love! Love! Love! I'm in my 50's and admit to really not liking chirpy fitness trainers. Kaiser has a lovely style that is smooth and energising without being over the top. PLUS these moves are perfect for unravelling the creeping tightness that has been moving over my body as I age.”

— Melanie F.

“It’s amazing, I’m always trying to move my body and find that this is a great way! Feeling great after each session.”

— Alexandra G.

“This is amazing! Everything you need to stay injury free! I respect all your work Kaisa, keep up the good work!”

— Maja B.

“A good place to start if you’ve been inactive and over 50! I felt better after two successive days.”

— Meg H.

“Love the different time options. The ten minute routine gets me ready for a work out or just getting started for the day. Longer routines are great for after workouts or all by themselves. Good for all levels.”

— Julia S.

“AMAZING!!! Great price and doung it twice a day has really helped me keep motivated through the day!!! Love love love it!!!”

— James G.

“I'm 62 years old and very active. I have been a long distance runner and later a competitive bodybuilder. I suffer from hip and knee issues and have been in pain for years. This is just the workout i was looking for to add to my weight training. I just finished the 30 minute routine and feel wonderful Thank you so much. I look forward to using these routines daily.”

— Isabelle C.

“This program makes me feel so good ! Once you get the movement, you’re able to focus on your breathing and understand your body, and stretch it perfectly !”

— Emmanuelle S.

“Great, short, easy to follow workout. Felt really good afterwards. Will be doing it regularly!”

— Amy B.

“I found Kaisa by chance while searching for a beginner's mobility routine. I decided to take the leap to purchase and I'm glad I did! I thought the price for this program was very fair and now I'm hooked. One of my favorite things about Mobility One is the option to do a short routine (10 minutes) or one of the longer ones. I know I can always make room to squeeze in some movement. As a beginner, Kaisa's routines feel unintimidating. I really enjoy her peaceful and encouraging vibe. I'll definitely be back for more!”

— Leticia A.

“I’ve had back problems since I was in my teens. This year, I pulled a muscle in my hip and pinched my sciatic nerve so bad that I was in intense pain for months. I have a fairly physically demanding job so it was torture trying to hide the pain. I started with going to the chiropractor. Then I found these videos! They have helped me tremendously. I use it to supplement my back health routine (chiropractor, weight training with a trainer, mobility and yoga). I just started the body weight series and I’m hooked on those too! I’m writing this as I’m about to do core, so I’ll keep you all posted on that! Kaisa knows what’s she’s doing, that’s for sure.”

— Anna P.

“I love this! I need mobility training but don’t always want to take a yoga class or just do static stretching. This is challenging but keeps moving from movement to movement. Love it.”

— Robyn E.

“I play a lot of golf and flexibility is a big part of keeping my body in condition to keep swinging hard at my age. Mobility One is a great guide to keeping me on that track.”

— Aaron K.

“Really enjoyed Kaisa. She was motivating without being condescending. She explained each move and I felt like I was working out with a friend.”

— Tiffany P.

“Very good fitness program. I like it.”

— Juan A R.

“This loosens up the joints across my whole body. I feel great afterwards, especially my back and shoulders. It feels like I’ve had a massage afterwards. The exercises are a bit different to me, new, rotating your body & moving the joints in your back are incorporated in most or all of the exercise. Because they are new, this workout is fun and interesting. It seems fast at first but I like the pace. Kaisa is very engaging, her voice is bright and encouraging and instructions are clear.”

— Susan Y.

“Love the mobility workout, the variety of time ,lengths, Kaisa is so motivational, love how she puts the movement together.I suggest het to all my friends big fan.”

— Chantal D.

“I have only used 10 min and 30 min workouts. I enjoy the workouts. I wish that Kaisa would have advised of all the equipment or furniture needed to perform all of the moves. I missed out on a few because, I had to move furniture to perform the moves.”


“I really enjoy the 40-minute video and have started using it several times a week. I've never been into yoga, so I love that these moves hit on the stretches a yoga session would help improve without that specific vibe. I've had the video for a while, but I am finding it especially useful now that I am on full-time telework and currently under a shelter-in-place order for my state due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sitting/Laying for longer periods and not getting into a gym on a regular schedule have definitely impacted my shoulder and hip mobility. I live in a small apartment where the gym and outdoor spaces aren't currently accessible, so it was nice to only need a mat and a towel for padding my knees when needed. If you aren't familiar with the movements already, I did knock one star off because the video doesn't go too deep into proper form and breathing, so newbies should take care to get good form, even if that means you're not going exactly at the cadence Kaisa does in her video. I probably did half the squat/lunge movements that she demos in the video because I wanted to make sure my alignment was good before trying to do the stretch.”

— Melissa R.

“I find Mobility one challenging. Just what my joints need.”

— Denise V.

“Really great way to wake your body up, glad I purchased, hope it helps with my stiffness, so far so good”

— Aisling K.

“This workout has been a life saver! Its a great way to incorporate a more aggressive stretching workout into your current fitness regimen or ease into some of her other workouts!”

— Tracie C.

“I am a runner so we tend to neglect other moving parts. Mobility One has done wonders for my running performance, and most importantly it has kept me injury-free. This means I can spend more time training and improving rather than recovering from injuries. Thank you Kasia, I really appreciate what you have done for my mobility.”

— Gustavo L.

“I love this work out! I’m trying to build strength, 6 months post back surgery. I feel it is helping me get in tune with my core and create awareness with my capacity. It seems to be able to scale with ones abilities so anyone can do this. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Leslee P.

“Great session, have super tight hips and lower back and this session has helped a lot. It moves along at a good pace and instruction is excellent. So very happy to recommend. Thanks”

— Charles L.

“I love it! I’ve been searching for something new and rewarding. Thank you. Learning different movements for the body. Great for warm ups and recovery. 🙏🏾”

— Aaron G.

“Mobility One is AWESOME!!!!!! There are multiple classes with different lengths of time so that depending on how much time you have or add on to a different workout, you have options. Most of us don’t stretch enough and this will help with flexibility and strength as well.”

— Esther L.

“Easy to follow”

— Chi S.

“So stoked with the Mobility One. Very easy to follow, exercises are amazing for the body. I love I can get to choose from 10mins 30mins 40mins and still get a good session. It is easy to access once you sign up. I use the different sessions before and after weight training and sometimes in the evening to wind down to relax. I cant wait for Mobility 2.”

— Sarana K.

“ottima spiegazione. immagini molto chiare. un bagaglio di tecnica che mi porto sempre con me in casa e fuori casa. veloce da scaricare e guardare in qualsiasi parte mi trovo.”

— Velia B.

“Just finished my first workout and feel so much better. I was tight and after my first mobility i felt very relaxed and agile. So glad i bough it. Thank you.”

— Ricardo O.

“Very helpful and thorough exercises. I like being able to download .pdf and go at my own pace.”

— Deborah H.

“This is great for people who are already fit. For people who are looking for an entry into fitness, and who have mobility issues, this is not the right program. This should be made explicit from the start. An added video with modifications for people who are unable, for example, to do lunges properly, or who have limited movement in their knees would be immensely helpful. I am disappointed as I was very hopeful this was the program I was looking for.”

— Alison M.

“What great openers. I can feel my trouble spots opening up. If you are just getting started with fitness this would be a great workout on its own. I have done the 10&30 Min ones so far. I am super happy with my purchase.”

— Erika C.

“When I’m short on time, this is the perfect workout. Its easy to follow and gives you a good workout.”

— Larry O.

“Awesome thank you. Great content”

— Maryann P.

“I have just purchased this movement series and tried the short program. I found it very good and energetic despite being what I thought would be a 'stretch' program. Very happy with my purchase.”

— Elizabeth C.

“Mobility One is an awesome supplement to my regular workouts. I have used P90X, P90X2 and P90X3 religiously for many years now and have always used the P90X Stretch program. I have found Mobility One to be a great addition and a way to incorporate new movements. I had a total knee replacement in 2008. I have only 115 degrees of flexion in that knee but was still able to practice most of the moves in Mobility One. I highly recommend it.”

— Michael M.

“These stretches feel so good. I am 53 years old and "stoved up". I can definitely see this making a huge difference. When I am doing the stretches, I can feel the parts of me that are so tight and it feels so good to be moving those parts. I just started today and I did the 10 minute video twice and my body feels really good. I was able to stretch a little further on some of the moves during the 2nd 10 minute video! And the 10 minutes just flies by. I will be doing the 30 minute video tomorrow and I'm sure I will love it as much as the 10 minute video. Fantastic!!!”

— Patsy P.

“Excelente, me encantó es lo que necesitaba para complementar mis entrenamientos diarios..”

— Maca H.

“Enjoying this program. I needed to add mobility to my routine and I love the different length options. I do the 10 min one twice a day to stretch my body while I work from home.”

— Stephanie L.

“I suffer from regular lower back issues. Working from home during Covid-19, I’m sitting a lot more, which does not help. The Mobility series, feels amazing each time I do it and gives my back and hips the relief they need. I’ve only done it a few times so far but I’m very excited to feel and see the results over the long term.”

— Georgia R.

“Love the variety of mobility exercises and the pace of the class. I've noticed a significant difference in my movement capacity since starting this program. Highly recommend.”

— Michelle K.

“I’m really enjoying it, I struggle with bilateral shoulder and knee tendon issues and a lot of pain, so I needed something that worked on the whole body. At times it goes a bit quickly for me, but I know once I do the routines more, I’ll get them down and won’t need to rely on the video quite so much! Two days in and my knee pain is significantly less today.”

— Jill H.

“I loved the concept. But for me, I wish she had a program that progressed at a slower pace. I’m an older woman and by the time I get into the position, she has already moved on to the next pose. And it seems like this program is designed for mobility issues, so a slower pace seems logical considering the population that would be interested in this video.”

— Bobbie H.

“This workouts are great and leave my body feeling less tense but energized. Some movements are still challenging for me, but not impossible. This is perfect because there is always room for improvement. Now a must in my weekly routine.”

— Liliana D.

“Love it! I always feel like static stretching pulls on problem areas but this always feels great. Also helps uncover areas that need a little more work which I find super valuable”

— Kylie C.

“Compact and thorough routine which covers some of the most effective movements at a good pace. Easy to follow and leaves your body feeling great.”

— Andrew B.

“Love it! I've tried the 10 minute one after a workout and it was a great way to stretch and the 30 minute one as a workout on its own and I really feel the stretches! Can't wait to continue!”


“i finally found a resource to get me moving, past old injuries and positive improvements! kaisa fit simply rocks! thank you!!!”

— jennifer b.

“Really great work out, I have problems with arm and lower back and it helps me relieve pain and feel great. Thanks Kaisa”

— Dana S.

“I am currently super unfit, overweight, and have an cranky, inflammation ridden body. If you are able to get yourself up and down off the ground, you can do this. I worked for a decade as a certified personal trainer in my younger life before kids. These exercises are safe. You will feel better....even after 1 session. I started with the 10 minute program, which is just the right amount for me right now. You do not need much space, or any equipment, and you do not need to be flexible or fit to start. Just to change it up, I do either the 10 minute routine, or I split the 40 minute routine into 10 minute chunks. None of the exercises feel boring, or too repetitive. I waffled for a bit before purchasing this program, but I am really glad I did. It's cheap - the price of a few yoga drop-ins. I am noticing a difference already. I bought the program a couple of weeks ago, at the start of the major Covid lockdowns. I have been doing it every couple of days since. It's worth it. I feel better physically and mentally. Five Stars! Thank you Kaisa, for making a program that's so accessible.”

— Elizabeth G.

“I love these! I just started them a few days ago but I can already feel a difference. I have no flexibility and I can see this is helping with that as well. Definitely a must try!”

— Jannet M.

“Pure medicine. I find it tough to do dry old physio stretches but this routine hits every problem area - it's challenging and efficient! So rewarding to feel progress. I've recommended it to friends and colleagues working at a desk, having recurring irritated tendons or wanting to start training harder and prevent injury.”

— Kim M.

“I tried the short Mobility One sequence this morning and loved it so much that I rewound and went through it a second time. The routine was simple, yet effective. The best part was that I was able to do the entire thing with my three year old playing a few feet away. He even jumped in a few times! I do strength training a couple of days a week and can't wait to add the longer Mobility One routines to my rest days.”

— Stephanie D.

“I’ve been doing several different mobility and yoga videos on YouTube lately, but finally but the bullet and bought this. I AM NOT SORRY! I love the variations. Several stretches I had not done before, or if I have she explains them in a way that I get a different effect. I’m looking forward to improved mobility soon!”

— Jeni P.

“I enjoy most of these but to many are on the knees and I have had knee surgery. They are to hard on my knees. Other options would be nice.”

— Fil W.

“Love the flow of the movements. Great instruction and easy to follow. This is a good for any activity or sport, especially during our current time. So thankful for this series.”

— Jan R.

“I love this! My balance, flexibility and core strength improved after just a few sessions. I had to pause the video and replay certain moves so I made sure I was getting them right, but that’s the benefit of video. I love that you can go at your own pace, it’s not rushed. The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself to get the moves right. I’m feeling stronger and more confident with every session, thank you Kaisa. 😊🙏🏼”

— Tanya D.

“Very clear program. Some of the moves are beyond my range but overall it’s super helpful. Having multiple lengths of video available makes it even more useful. The 10-minute program is great for every morning.”

— Paul C.

“Wonderful 40 minute stretch and body wake-up. My wife and I started doing this together 3-4 times per week and love it!”

— Doug S.

“Please don’t underestimate the 10 minute beast. I did and was sore for three days! This is not a negative review, I am out of shape. Six months ago I had my Achilles repaired by surgery so other than rehab I haven’t been that active. The 10 minute video opened my body back up and I’m grateful.”

— Albert M.

“I just finished KaisaFit's Mobility One 30 minute video. It felt good but it was also challenging. Oh goodness. My kids also had fun trying to do some of the moves. I may need more yoga mats because I only have one ...”

— Christy F.


— Pamela G.

“I have absolutely fallen in love with this movement -- and highly recommend purchasing it!”


“This program is awesome! I feel so much better after completing a workout and the then doing Mobility One.”

— Terri S.

“I pay $100 a year for way more variety through another source. The exercises are great, but I feel like there should be more guidance on form.”

— Matthew S.

“I’ve started incorporating this as my Sunday rest day routine. As simple and slow this may seem, I think it’s a great way to help my body recover and relax from a week of sitting at my desk and a week of cardio/weights.”

— Vicky W.

“I absolutely love the simplicity combined with the intensity! Definitely a staple in my morning routine!”

— Nicolas M.

“I am 64 and this is a perfect balance of challenge without injury!”

— Scharles K.

“I absolutely love it! Getting back into working out after breast reconstruction surgery, I was afraid of hurting myself. I had become tight and unfit. This routine got me moving and aware of my body again. It feels so good just to MOVE again. Not only am I back to where I was pre-op, but I have even more range of motion and flexibility. I highly recommend this to anyone getting into fitness for the first time or getting back into it after injury or surgery. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Cassandra N.

“Great videos, I have some flexibility issues (age related) the mobility instructionals have really helped with my flexibilty!”

— Jimmy O.

“I have very loose ligaments and struggle to find just the right amount of movement for my body that will strengthen yet stretch without over-stretching. I loved the fluidity of movement with my first session, and the calm, unrushed way of moving my body. Tomorrow will be the proof, but today I'm really happy that I chose to invest in this program and hope that it brings strength and healing!”

— Teri E.

“This was a great workout for a newbie like me!”

— Sparkle T.

“A pro athlete recommended these links for mobility training. As a squash player and someone who travels for business a lot, I was stiff and needed help. These workouts are brilliant. Unique moves that target multiple problem areas while building strength. Kaisa is the perfect trainer- she is believable, likeable and genuine. Kaisa doesn’t fit that often trendy mould of online overhyped obnoxious trainers. She is refreshing, strong and makes you keen to follow her lead. My friends and I are hooked. Bought the whole travel pack.”

— Vania H.

“I really love it. So much pain relief. Unbelievable”

— Veronica C.

“Excellent workout!”

— Sarah V.

“Fantastic!!! I am 55 years old, and had a hip replacement last year. I am still active and love to ride horses. But, the old joints get stiff, muscles get sore, and balance becomes a game for the young. This program has been wonderful for me, can't wait to try the other programs. Thank you”

— Paula M.

“I did the 10-minute workout on Day 1. I enjoyed it and realized how much work I have to do to improve my range of motion of some particular joints (I'm 72). Day 2 I did the 30-minute live class. It was just the right degree of challenging, and I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to improvement over the weeks. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Barbara B.

“I ordered this program about a month ago. I’ve been doing boot camp workouts and my body has been in so much pain. I decided I needed something to help improve my flexibility. When I ordered the set I did the 10 minute session just to give it a try. I was dying after. I couldn’t believe how hard it was for me to do some of these movements. It took me nearly a month to attempt again. Today I did the 30 minute session and took her advice of slowing it down. I did 1-2 sets of each motion instead of 5 or so like she does. I felt much better slowing it down, holding the stretch a little before moving on and slowing my movements in the transitions. My biggest issue is how much time is spent on the knees. I’ll have to be sure to have a towel or other cushion under me until things become stronger and more flexible. Over all the set is amazing and some of these motions are ones I have not done when using other videos. I look forward to my progress as time goes on. Today went much better than the first time and I can tell that regular use of this program will really help me feel better!”

— Tahany E.

“I recommend mobility one to anyone looking to improve mobility and flexibility . Perfect for warm up or cool down. Rick L”

— Rick L.

“Holy cow! This exercise/infusion of yoga/kinda almost physical therapy routine is exactly what I've been searching for! After using it for only 2 days, my right shoulder and hip have extremely diminished in pain, and I can feel in my torso and between my shoulder blades the effects of exercises I'd never used before. I am so grateful for this video workout and am really looking forward to its full effects on my body! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Mary K.

“As someone with FAI, Mobility One has provided me with an amazing program to strengthen the muscles that support my damaged joints! Each session has given me even more flexibility and strength. Love this program!”

— Holly H.

“Great mobility workout. I've only done the 30 minute workout 2x this week and I already notice my hips and calves are less stiff. It's great for active rest days.”

— Divine C.

“Excellent workout sessions! You feel as if being in a class working with your own PT! Love it!”

— Paula R.

“I have had to start working from home because of this Covid-19 nightmare. My back, shoulders and neck really tightened up and I was in huge pain. I’ve only been doing the 10-minute mobilisation program for two-days. I do it 3-times a day, when I’d usually take a morning and afternoon tea break and lunch. In two days of doing this, I’ve noticed a massive improvement and hope I’ll be pain free in another few days. Thank you Kaisa, such simple and easy exercises to do, and they really do make a difference.”

— Emily M.

“I have horrible hip mobility and this workout was great. It was the right amount of strength vs stretch vs mobility without being as slow as a yoga workout.”

— Natalie M.

“Stunning! I love the Workout! Have been stalking it for a couple of months or so. Great moves, easy explanation. Though looks easy at the first sight, I was sweating all through. I appreciate that shorter versions are also available, and the script is useful. Thank you Kaisa so much! You are so generous of sharing content at these tough times.”

— Anna K.

“Exactly what I was expecting, I got!!! I should’ve bought this sooner. I do this routine before a workout and man what a difference!!!”

— Ricardo C.

“Great team at Kaisafit. Very responsive and awesome communication. Tomorrow is my first workout/stretch following the Mobility One video. Very much appreciated!”

— Tania R.

“I started this past Sunday with the 40min program. My body felt “light”! Not weight wise just relaxed. I’ve implemented doing the 40min on Sunday mornings, 30min on Saturday morning, and the 10min daily both mornings and evenings (including Sunday & Saturday). I am so looking forward to how my body will transform with the next month’s training schedule- which now include Mobility One!!!!!”

— Delores C.

“Loving the mobility one demonstrations, easy to follow movements that are allowing me to regain flexibility in my lower back and hips, I will definitely be looking at the other modules! Thank you!”

— Melissa B.

“Love it. I can feel my hips gaining flexibility with every session”

— Mike C.

“I am NOT a flexible person so I struggle with niggly pain after a workout. After my first Mobility One work out I felt less tense and much less sore. I am making this a daily part of my fitness routine.”

— Samantha W.

“I haven’t had Instagram for about 3 years now but I followed Kaisafit on Instagram when I did and she was one account that I remembered. I’m a very active person regularly, being a personal trainer I teach bootcamp classes and strength building classes. With the new norm of self isolation and no gym time, I resorted to google ‘kaisafit’ and here several years later has her own webpage! I love this short video as a warmup to my new home workouts and plan to incorporate this daily! Thanks girl your smile is contagious 💕”

— Leah H.

“Kaisa is incredible!!!! So motivational, positive, and a great balanced approach to fitness.”

— Kirsten M.

“Excelent way strecht, breath and gain mobility.”

— Claudia V.

“This is my 4th day using the program, I really like it and I feel wonderful after I am done with the workout! Very satisfied!”

— Martina P.

“This program is helping me a lot during my COVID-19 quarantine in Italy. Perfect to start the day and to help focusing body and mind towards an energetic and prosperous everyday life, despite being in lockdown during these difficult moments:)”

— Novella O.

“I have had problems with my back and an often nervous to try new stretches but this routine, while given a great all round stretch, has increased my back stability. Love it”

— Jo W.

“Great video with great content. Well worth the purchase.”

— Carmen N.

“Great workout. Love it. would like some More like 15 min because the gap from 10 to 30 is too large.”

— Nicole O.

“Enjoyed the mobility one session , looking forward to make it a part of my routine”

— Monty P.

“This is a feel good workout 🏋️‍♀️”

— Michelle C.

“I do this routine 3 times a week. I see from the first week the result I improve my mobility Thamks”

— Antonino C.

“While I love lifting weights & running, I’m one of those people that would rather skip mobility work; it’s just not my thing. Until I discovered Kaisa on Instagram. I’ve been doing the 10 minute mobility program once or twice a day for less than a week. I already feel a difference in areas that are always tight on me and I’m increasing flexibility too. And she makes it fun! I highly recommend her mobility program.”

— Amy P.

“I really liked the session! I’m a regular yogi so some of the movements felt very familiar. Since I’m in isolation this is convenient! I was wondering if I have access to more than 1 mobility session? Thank you!”

— Jane C.


— Tadeja K.

“Love this program. I’ve been doing this mobility routine every day this first week after I bought it and I already noticing progress! It’s nice that there is both program for a short and quick session and the full one. It’s both a good routine to do in itself, but also perfect to implement as a warm up before running or doing other workouts. In short: well worth the money. I’ll be keeping this in my weekly routine.”

— Vegar H.

“This is truly an incredible mobility workout. Thank you for developing a product that will keep us mobile and flexible!!!!”

— Dusty S.

“I chose Mobility One to actually share with my Womens soccer team that I'm the Strength and Condition Lead for. I wanted to give them something that I knew would be helpful and who better to use then Kaisa. Everything that she does seems to be authentic, fun and passionate and following her for awhile I see that she works hard but works hard at something she loves. For me it wasn't more about the Mobility One as much as it was about trusting Kaisa. "I knew that Mobility was a form of Just Move" Love it!”

— Tim C.

“These mobility movements are amazing. Can’t wait to consistently work on them and become more mobile. It’s a great program!”

— Marithir O.

“I am a 64 year old retired cement mason. After 40 years in the construction industry my body tends to be somewhat stiff. I purchased Mobility One to increase my flexibility. I have started with 10 minute sessions and am about to increase to 30 minutes. I am very pleased with your product and believe with consistent use it with go a long way toward increasing my quality of life. Thanks”

— Daniel H.

“I started doing Mobility One after 1 week of working from home due to the corona virus. I had gotten incredibly stiff, and my back and hip felt like concrete. 2 days in, and I felt great! I do the 10 minute session as warmup to weightlifting, and do the 40 minute on my off days from S&C. I was even spotted doing some of the movements on a Zoom call, so my boss asked me to run a virtual stretch session, and I point them here so that they can follow along at any time!”

— Jeffrey K.

“I added this routine to my workout plan 2-3 a week and I definitely see that my body feels better.”

— Lucia U.

“Mobility and stretching are my weaknesses. During this down time at home, I ordered Mobility One. I think the reason it's my weakness is because stretching and mobility are boring to me usually. Not any more.....Kaisa makes it so much fun! Time flies by and I feel excited to do more! That hasn't happened before, lol. I enjoyed it so much I ended up getting the entire Kaisa bundle. That was cool too....they took the amount I paid for the mobility module off of the bundle, so I wasn't paying for it twice since it's included. Definitely recommend this.”

— Kim C.

“This really is a much needed app for anyone who weight lifts or does some sort of physical activity. The older we get the more individuals need something like this. After doing the first 10 minute routine and the 30 minute routine my body feels amazing. I definitely will use this before weight training or even on days when I'm feeling stiff. Thank you for creating such a great app! I look forward to another one!”

— Jackie M.

“Great mobility session, good focus on all important joints and body parts. Can definitely see me incorporating some of these ideas in my routine. Kaisa is an impressive athlete with amazing control of her body. She's a good role model and inspiration to work towards. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Shahaf L.

“After dealing with sciatica, plantar fasciitis and a number of shoulder/spine/hip/knee/ankle misalignments, weaknesses and injuries in my life, this was a fantastic routine to wake up my joints, ligaments and core and get them all moving together again. Looking forward to continuing to build my mobility so I can exercise with more confidence, strength and power!”

— Lianna K.

“Where have you been??? In just a week I've regained my full golf swing!!! I feel less back pain and more freedom in my entire body. I have Osteoarthritis in my spin and the mobility workouts have contributed to less pain and of course more mobility. Best investment on my health that I've made. Gabriel Mukilteo WA”

— Gabriel V.

“This video includes great exercises for increasing range of motion, especially in the hips and shoulders. In just a few days, I noticed my hips and shoulders felt looser. The exercise instructions are clear and Kaisa provides encouragement to those of us who have very limited range of motion in certain areas.”

— Michael S.

“While I like the program it would be nice to have some modifications for some of the exercises that are too challenging as some if the exercises seem quite advanced for someone who is not already in very good shape. I have done the exercises a few times now and they are great before or after spinning it HIT training. And I’m glad to read that I am not there only one who finds the Content use of “team” a little annoying.”

— Petra S.

“LOVE IT !! Love the moves. Love the pace. Feel stronger and more flexible already! Very reasonable price too.”

— Deborah B.

“Hi, teacher of Kaisafit. Thanks for having your enjoyable lessons, I do also qigong, tai chi, yoga. The first day I practiced the 10 minutes and felt the next day my legs and bottom on places I never experienced before! The third day i did the 30 minutes workout and loved the tempo and the mobility of the exercises, so I will keep enjoying it, one day on and one day off at the beginning. Many greetings, Joke Kegel.”

— Joke K.

“Me parece una muy buena herramienta para este estado de confinamiento. Gracias!”

— Luis L.

“Excellent work. Thank you very much”

— Xara A.

“My body is tight and I know I need to stretch more but struggle with slow workouts or the calm of yoga. This program feels like active stretching and keeps a quick pace. My body feels great by the end. I'm really enjoying it! More please!”

— Twyla E.

“Hi i like the stretches but i think they are rushed a bit when you instruct.”

— Jasmine S.

“The price point sold me. Just getting started with the videos and loving the movements. I am 48 and really looking to increase my strength and flexibility. I think this is a game changer!!”

— Erin H.

“I loooooove this program so much. For me it has been a game changer, I practice this program everyday to learn and get better . It is teaching me how to listen to me body , correct my forms and appreciate my own body. I love it . I will continue to work on my progress and one day be able to master those movements. Gracias Kaisa !”

— Cristina V.

“This is an awesome and well thought out product. I love how easily I was able to get into it and how it struct the right balance for me as a bigger, but very active person. This is truly value for money and its versatility helps me get through the unpredictability of my day.”

— Carlton T.

“I´m a very stiff 38 year-old and some of my moves don´t look like what Kaisa is doing but that´s OK, I´ll get there :) Got the program 2 weeks ago. My new favorite workout is starting with Mobility One, followed by 15-20 min intense cirquit training. Now that I got the Mobility moves memorized, I just listen to a podcast or my playlist and go through the movements in my own pace and I´ve noticed it sometimes takes almost an hour to finish the mobility part, just because I like it so much.”

— Lauri P.

“This program, especially in light of the current restrictions, is a Godsend. Easy to follow and whether it's the 10, 30 or 40 minute program, it hits all the major needs for mobility. It's also provided me with new moves that can be done anywhere or anytime. Thanks for making such s wonderful product.”

— Jeff M.

“Great videos. Easy to follow. I feel great afterward.”

— Susan F.

“I've only just started and I have a really bad lower back, but so far this has been amazing! All of the movements are easy to do but still challenging, I'm looking forward to including this in my routine Thankyou”

— Sandra M.

“These workouts were amazing! I am a yogi first and always used yoga to stretch my body before working out, so that's what I was attracted to the first time I saw the advert. It did not disappoint. I have only done the 40-minute workout sesh so far, but it's great that we get 10, 30, 40 minutes and a live session to choose from. It's easy to follow, you get a full-body workout and Kaisa is like the best friend you never knew you needed! This will definitely improve your flexibility, for any fitness level. Exactly what I needed now that we are on COVID19 lockdown!”

— Ayesha H.

“Great value for money. Precise and tight workout. Thank you. Helen from Athens , Greece”

— Eleni S.

“I do weight training 5-6 days per week and I find that my muscles are insanely tight. I’ve been following Kaisa on social media and listen to her podcast as well. So I decided to give Mobility One a try. I started three days ago and I’ve done it every day since! I love it so far- it can be as short or as long as you want and it’s incredibly easy to follow! Love love love!”

— Denal W.

“First mobility work out, the 10 minute one! First activity of the day after breakfast. IT FEELS SO GOOD!! I love the guidance through the exercises, the fact that there’s no music and I can clearly hear Kaisa’s instruction. Lots of pops and cracks, meaning that my joints have been inactive for so long! Feels like a visit to my chiropractor, I already feel better! I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!! Can’t wait until my next work out!”

— Ioanna A.

“I had been mixing up the short and long version for awhile but inconsistently. Still good for stretching/warming up. Recently (last 2 weeks) I have started to incorporate the long version 3x per week and short on other days... flexibility and mobility is rapidly increasing. Excited to see more improvement”

— Mike R.

“I use the 10 Minute Mobility first thing in the morning before I go to CrossFit. It's also a good diagnostic to find out what's weak, strong, tight or loose. I haven't tried the longer ones as I'm short on time, but plan to for Sundays.”

— Andrew K.

“Just did my first session. I opted for the 40 minute session as I needed a lot of time to stretch after being so tense and worried. Afterwards, I had a little bit of sweat, a better sense of my body, and less tension all around. I felt great and plan to continue with this program for improve movement and flexibility.”

— Catherine R.

“Great video”

— Dean H.

“I ordered the program, then strained my low back before trying any of the programs. But while I was recovering and waiting for the muscles in the back and hips to stop spasming, I watched the videos. I think the 40 minute video is the best to start with. Kaisa spends a bit more time explaining the moves and goes a bit slower. I'm still pretty stiff and sore (especially after sitting) but I'm starting to do the 10 minute routine. I go a bit slower than Kaisa for some of the move, because I don't want to reinjure anything by moving too fast right now. But it is feeling really good and I'm improving my back and hip range of motion and loosening those injured, tight muscles. Very glad I ordered.”

— Suzette M.

“Simple to follow, complex and difficult enough to keep me interested! I did break a sweat while practicing - and felt my muscles the next day. The program targets most everything and I felt warmed up and mobile afterwards.”

— Lara K.

“WOW!! Just finished my first routine!! I did the 30 minute mobility. While I might not have “nailed” or executed every stretch to perfection, it felt so good!! And the fact that I can go at my own pace is awesome!! I’m really looking forward to seeing how much better and more flexible I’m going to be! This girl is EXCITED!! Money well spent and just the ticket for a great home workout during these trying times of Covid-19. Wonderful thing to do for yourself during quarantine and/or social distancing. Stay safe and healthy!💪🏻🙏🏻”

— Tina B.

“This workout is a great addition to my routine. I think it's smart to focus on mobility, now that I'm in my early 40s. I have felt my body getting more stiff, limited, and achey, despite trying hard to stay active. I think it just takes a lot of effort and focus for me to maintain flexibility and comfort. I want to make this a good habit to prevent injury and feel as good as I can as I age.”

— Gretchen O.

“OMG I've only just got this, done one ten minute workout and my chronic back pain has eased up. The movements are totally getting to where they need to. The videos are amazing quality and the instructions are super clear. I've been in so much pain, spent so much money on treatments, but it wasn't fixing the cause. This is helping and I'm certainly going to keep doing it. The value is amazing, it's less than two classes, and you get to keep it and have heaps to choose from. Thank you for making such a great resource.”

— Rose W.

“I love the flexibility of Kaisa's Mobility One program: I can do a session whenever I wish to and for the amount of time I have available, rather than having to fit into a gym schedule. Kaisa's sessions are easy to follow, well-rounded and enjoyable. I look forward to increasing my flexibility with further sessions.”

— Jacqueline S.

“My girlfriend and I have been doing these exercises for 3 days now and can feel our flexibility and mobility gainz. We are both a little sore but in a good way. There are movements that are new to us which is great. Allot of them though we feel stiff and rigid. But the soreness tells us we are loosening up. We know that if we can stick to the routine, we will see and feel a difference. Would recommend.”

— Nicholas H.

“This is exactly the type of mobility exercise I need during a stressful time cooped up inside because of coronavirus! I saw Kaisa's program first through some body positive instagrammers (thanks PWR Jess!) but I was sold when I saw an offer Kaisa had made to try and support people who needed to work out at this time for a lower cost than normal. Really happy to be able to use this program and support athletes like Kaisa to help usher us towards health!”

— jen C.

“i am post siurgury and even thought hsi was hard for me it still helps ed loosen me up thank s i will keep on keepin on”

— Linda F.

“This is a great tool that isn’t as intimidating as some others. She’s awesome.”

— Johnnie W.

“I have Done the 30 minute video and the 10 minute video so far. This is a wonderful set of movements. I have had 2 sports hernia surgeries and a hip surgery that all basically stemmed from tightness in my core. I truly believe that adding Mobility One to my routine is going to help me more than anything I have tried!”

— Kathy W.

“I'm a very active person, but I noticed recently that my body was becoming more and more sore and tight areas were not getting the stretching they needed to prevent injury, particularly my knees and low back. I moved through the moves just once, and I noticed pain and tightness relief so quickly! It was amazing after dealing with the discomfort for a few weeks. This definitely gives the body what it need to keep moving effectively.”

— Bridget G.

“Great routine mobility execrises...well delivered...i bought it for my wife but i will do them myself also...i planned on taking these exercises to use as a warm up and/or cool down routine for the track and field kids that i help to coach”

— Kempton B.

“Great program. Helped me loosen up stiff muscles and joints gently and effectively. Thank you!”

— Joyce G.

“I have been doing this for about a week and the results are already amazing!!! I can't do all of the movements...yet...but I believe I will soon. It is great to be a part of the TEAM. Who knows, maybe the 20/20 challenge is in my future for 2020. Went to bend and tie my cracking noises...whooohoooo!!! P.S. Don't be fooled, it is slow but I definitely sweat. Love you KK.”

— Karen T.

“This video series is perfect for me. I turned 40 last week and am trying to find time to get back in shape. The 10 minute video gives me an option for when I time is limited. I've been looking for a solid, full-body mobility workout for years. Now I have it! Thanks!”

— Eric D.

“This program has been great for helping to open up my body and reduce some of the body aches and stiffness I experience. I work a 9-5 desk job so I spend most of my day sitting with my arms out in front of me on the computer. Mobility One has helped to stretch both my upper and lower body and even expose some parts of me I didn't know needed a little stretching. Kaisa does a great job of guiding you through the routine and encourages you go move at your own pace. I'd definitely recommend this program for anyone looking to start improving their mobility and alleviate general body tightness.”

— James L.

“These moves are so fun and I always find a new spot that was tight or needed working. It’s perfect for when I don’t want to workout and I just need to move and get into my body. Also seeing Kaisa smile has inspired me to smile while moving.”

— Erin c.

“I have been looking for something to help me get back some flexibility. I went from being in the best shape of my life to having 2 major abdominal surgeries in four months. Both times my abdominal muscle wall was cut open from my sternum to my pelvis. I’ve gained about 40 pounds and have very little mobility in the scar area. After my first 30 minute session I already feel better. I had to modify a few things to be able to do them, but it’s very well put together and easy to follow. My only wish is that it was a little slower, but then again most people aren’t in my position so I’m sure it’s fine for most. My wife did it with me and found it challenging but loved it also. Can’t wait to see the rest of the videos.”

— Daniel P.

“I bought this a few weeks ago but have struggled to do much of it unfortunately. I have a lower back issue that is making it too painful. Any help on modifying?”

— Cheryl M.

“I love using this routine after a road run to keep my body loose and reduce soreness. Kaisa makes it fun and informative. Looking forward to trying more of what she offers.”

— Inga K.

“Great video and she’s very clear on how to do the movements.”

— Roger T.

“The program is very well organized and covers a lot of movements. After completing it for the first time can't say that I feel an immediate change because I have been training for a long while, but I have a lower back injury and this program has helped me feel better and gain back some mobility, although there are still positions and movements I am not fully able to do. I am hopeful and excited to see how doing it more frequently will improve my overall health.”

— Zane P.

“Loved it. And I was actually sore from it. Can’t wait to do the other ones.”

— Cheryl T.

“Amazing!! It’s helped me a ton with my overall performance. Thank you!!”

— Chris P.

“What a great program, suits all ages. I am 59 and needed to get back into exercise, this is perfect. My main aim is to get back flexibility and build my core and strength again. I like is that it is a one off payment, no monthly fees, can do in my own home or elsewhere with a friend as long as I have my device. Don't ponder just bite the bullet and buy the Mobility One, you won't regret it.”

— Patti I.

“I’ve only done the workout twice but I really like it so far.”

— Nickole H.

“I am a 50+ female who was a long time runner and who has always valued being fit. About 6 years ago, running came to a sudden halt for me. I tried to stay fit but never developed a love for a different fitness activity. As a result, have lost my flexibility and stamina. I stumbled across Kaisa's Mobility One, purchased it, and hoped the reviews that I had read were correct. I am happy to report that one week in, I am enjoying the routine! The moves are easy to learn and easy to adjust to meet my current level of mobility. I can tell that by summer I will ne ready to walk, bike, and hike with less injury than I have had since I stopped running.”

— Robin S.

“I have enjoyed so far.”


“This is so important. I am cardio vascularly very fit but have neglected my mobility at my cost. I tried attending a mobility class but not enough people went and it folded. My physio sent me a link to this programme. I am already feeling better after only a few days but have a long way to go to regain my mobility. I think that however fit you are you shouldn’t neglect your mobility or it will come back to bite you at some point..”

— Judith O.

“Great workout for mobility! Just what I was looking for, I've been having problems with my sciatic nerve due to tension, rigidity. I needed a good workout to improve my hip mobility and alleviate tension. Very recommended!”

— Vinicio R.

“Easy but challenging, felt great afterward and looking forward to practicing further because I can tell how tight I currently am coming out of the first session.”

— Sharon C.

“So far I done these for a few days. And let me tell that I already love it. I never really knew how much I actually need to stretch and how tight I really am. This was an eye opener and I couldn’t be more happy with it. The fact that there is a short version for those days I am short on time (perfect).”

— Daniela C.

“I love this mobility routine! I've only been doing it a week, and so far I see a noticeable improvement in my range of motion, and in how I feel! I love that the videos are downloadable and streaming, so I can do this routine anywhere. As a person in her 40s with a desk job, I think this routine is absolutely essential. Thanks Kaisa for such a great program! =)”

— Victoria N.

“What can i say,I love stretching I love yoga ,I love isometrics now I don't have to think it's all done for me . You get 3 sessions built-in one I'm using mobility one twice a week and love how gentle but effective it is, great concept. I'll review after a month looking forward to more progress Ricky g”

— Rick G.

“Mobility One is now my regular mobility work. Kaisa couples enthusiasm and great cueing.”

— Mark E.

“This is effective and stunning program. We both as a couple have enjoyed this.”

— Juha T.

“Such a great way to wake up in the morning and start my day. The 10 minute option makes it possible even with early meetings. Also great after my bike rides as I train for endurance events!”

— Taryn S.

“This is a tough but awesome mobility routine. It has a lot of CrossFit and yoga type moves. With my own relaxing playlist it feels like a special treat I give myself each week. I feel stronger and more flexible than ever.”

— Angelina P.

“This helped immensely with my lower back and hip pain. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Maryll B.

“I have been experiencing a lot of stiffness and decreased flexibility, especially in my hips. This is due to severe tendinitis. After doing Mobility One just 3 times, I’ve noticed a decrease in pain and can actually touch my toes again! This is a great routine that can be done anywhere.”

— Teresa D.

“Loved it first time movement for a few years have been crouched over computer and everything starting to cease. Weight piling on but I am happy to just move and feel the tight parts, to know it is ok and keep going. Trainer very positive and uplifting. Was sweating half way thru thats a bonus”

— Deborah K.

“I love the no-nonsense, straight forward approach of this video. It's only ten minutes long and it's a really effective way to work out all the kinks. I really appreciate the absence of unnecessary and annoying chatter.”

— Elizabeth S.

“Love the routine. As a young coach myself, I am always on the lookout for exercise routines and ideas that blend different modalities along with a good physiological rationale behind the movement choices. All the way from deep belly breathing to get present during (and after) the workout to light resistance exercises right after opening range with mobility. I really enjoyed it. If anything, I wish each exercise was longer. Maybe an advanced routine ;).”

— Gabriel L.

“Just did the 10 minute mobility one and it felt like a workout on it own! I am sweatayynnnn. As a powerlifters, this felt really good for all the tightness in my hips and back. I cannot wait to do the longer versions!”

— Kamara E.

“I love these videos, I was tight in my lower back and hips. The first time I did the 30 minutes video I felt much better and it just got better and better.”

— Lee Y.

“This video is perfect for my level of flexibility.”

— Lily B.

“Creative and Unexpected. I love how different these movements are and I love how I feel, inside and out. So revealing. Very thoughtful. This is my morning routine!”

— Chris H.

“Absolutely love this mobility set of videos. Being 58 and more sedentary than I would like, these levels are just right for me. Stretching stiff joints feels so great, it’s addictive! Was worried about being sore, but I adjusted a few moves (slower) and had very little soreness. Looking forward to working more with Kaisa, now I’m part of the team!”

— Carol A.

“Very good exercises with a good help and examples from Kaisa. Love the short one to do every morning. Its just 10 minutes. De long one I do twice a week. Love it!!”

— Iris V.

“Thank you for coming out with such a great program. I truly enjoy it and feel my mobility getting better each time I do the program. Cannot wait to try other programs!”

— Sandra G.

“Easy to download, very good explanation on how to get to the moves and what not to do. There was one point I was saying to myself I will never get to even half the move right and Kaisa said in the video “It’s ok if your not getting it now keep working and you will”. She even reads minds!!!”

— Bill G.

“Was really awesome . I was revived after each moves”

— Melissa M.

“This workout is what I need to loosen the body parts that are feeling some pain or discomfort.”

— Diane M.

“I have done Mobility One twice and am happy that I purchased it. Even though I work out some range of movement is an issue particularly as one ages (I am 67). I think Mobility One does a nice job of touching on areas where range of movement is an issue. There are a couple of exercises that I can't do but overall the tape is super.”

— Tamar S.

“Awesome workout. I use it in the morning to get my body going. 9 weeks in I feel my ranges of motion increasing. Feels good!”

— Mirjam S.

“Awesome workout, easy to follow but kicks butt!”

— nichelle B.

“Love it. Challenging but not overwhelming. Ease to follow along.”

— Chris W.

“Easy to follow, allows you to go at your own pace- no pressure to go fast. Great instruction for each move. Wish there was a little more time to prep before each maneuver.”

— Melissa A.

“Routine juste incroyable ! Mouvements mobilisant toutes les parties du corps, me permettant de libérer les tensions et de débloquer les articulations. Je recommande !”

— Jean, Kévin L.

“I’m excited about this program. I have struggled with upper-mid back issues for a while. After downloading the programs, I tried the 10 minute program with the intent of making it a daily thing. I could do every stretch, but didn’t have full range of motion in a lot, but I know that will come as I build strength and flexibility. Her voice is soothing and her directions are clear- another bonus!!”

— Kathy K.

“Hi Kaisa, Im Jean, 51 from Puerto Rico. I had a really tough week at work with lots of stress. I just did the 40 minute Mobility routine and I feel like all my muscles and joints are relaxed and refreshed. My only comment is that I wish there were more angles on the video, like showing each movement from the front and side and particularly the position of the feet. This would help to have the proper form. Other than that it's great and I just recommended it to my family and co workers. Thank you so much Kaisa.”

— Jean-Marie S.

“This routine is amazing! Very easy to follow. It is suitable for all fitness levels yet challenging enough for a good sweat! I was initially worried that some of the moves were a bit feminine in nature but they are very effective movements that really do help the body recover”

— Elliott S.

“I'm pleased to have found Mobility One! I suffer from a tight mid thoracic back, and hip and knee pain. This routine helps me mobilise these joints and eases my muscles tension. I am excited that I can use this as part of exercise and rehab routine and really believe that I will have relief as a result. Thank you!”

— Wanita W.

“I've done tiny modified portions of this video and I can see it would be absolutely amazing if I was fit enough to do most of the moves. However, I'm not at all and have to modify (or avoid altogether) most of the movements. More information about the fitness level prior to purchasing should be provided as it's not clear and is not doable for people of my lack of fitness, strength and obesity level. The movement portions I HAVE been able to do are excellent. I can only do a few minutes at a time (even at a modified pace and eliminating all of the lungey/squat-ey movements) but those few minutes immediately give me results and increased mobility. I will continue to work at this daily and I'm looking forward to increased strength and mobility and decreased pain in many areas.”

— Lynn H.

“In a word..... love!”

— Cheryl C.

“This is a unique, short routine Ive started to work into every morning. I like that it blends something strengthening movements with yoga-inspired stretching and opening movements. I have a desk job and waking up my body in the mornings with this routine has me feeling more relaxed and less tense and has become one of my favorite times of the day.”

— Kirsten T.

“I have been suffering with hip pain for a long time. I purchased this product & I noticed a shift with my pain right from the first time I used it.”

— Kate W.

“I love this mobility workout. Just started using it this week and my joints are happy. Some movements are tougher than others but I am confident that over time my flexibility and ROM in those joints will improve. This feels like a good supplement to my usual hot yoga flow practice. I am especially enjoying the short 10 minute program after my 12 hour shift in the ED. Loosening and moving joints before bed feels wonderful. Thank you Kaisa, you are an inspiration.”

— karin v.

“I tweaked my back earlier this week, I was in a lot of pain and looking for a way to feel better. I bought Mobility One as a way to find relief in my body but I have to say after using the program three days I feel more than relief. I feel good in my body. This program has given me time to listen to and appreciate my body. I am such a fan and can’t wait to continue to do this practice in the weeks and months ahead.”

— Sarah G.

“Instructor and instruction is concise and the stying is great. There are so many “poses” done on your knees and that is tough for me. I have a bad knee and even though I use cushioned knee mats it’s a lot of stress on the bad knee. I’m rehabbing they knee and look forward to being able to utilize the site fully!”

— Jenette H.

“I must say I’m very happy with the mobility exercises. It was fun and it was very effective. I teach fitness and I do teach yoga so I am all about flexibility. I will incorporate a couple of these moves into my class. I’m just wondering though, is it just that one video or are there more to come in the future? Either way I would recommend it as it was really nice flexibility workout and all you need is a mat in a little bit of free time.”

— Debra N.

“I must say I’m very happy with the mobility exercises. It was fun and it was very effective. I teach fitness and I do teach yoga so I am all about flexibility. I will incorporate a couple of these moves into my class. I’m just wondering though, is it just that one video or are there more to come in the future? Either way I would recommend it it was really nice and all you need is a mat in a little bit of free time.”

— Debra N.

“I am amazed how much this helped my knee. I have been having lots of pain in both my hips and right knee. I knew in my heart that it was due to how tight my hips were from sitting and being inflexible in general. After the 1st workout, I had 2 days of no pain in my knee and felt I could climb stairs without more normally. I did the 10 minute quick session before running my dog in agility class and could run more easily.”

— Juliana H.

“I am a 61 year old woman and have been wanting to start stretching to increase mobility, and am so happy I found this program! Some of the moves are hard for me but I know it will get easier as I advance. If I can’t keep up with the moves by Kaisa, maybe I do a couple less than she does. I really like her and she does a great job explaining and showing the moves. Thank you!”

— Jackie D.

“Loving mobility one. It’s just what I hoped it would be. Some good guided serious joint mobility stretches. I think this is really going to help my hip tightness & look forward to feeling better each time.”

— Jane M.

“I wasn’t sure at first if the exercises would help my aching hip but after doing the 10 minute exercises once it helped. I’m impressed and will continue to do the videos to keep my mobility. I exercise quite a bit and I think this is a great addition to my routine”

— Debra S.

“I absolutely love Mobility One . I workout regularly but neglect my mobility which does lead to aches / pains / stiffness . I find many stretching routines boring so I am delighted than Mobility One is so enjoyable to do and genuinely feels great. I look forward to doing it and already feel more mobile/ flexible .”

— Debra K.

“I just purchased Mobility One Program and I really love it. It's worth the investment. It is very easy to follow along with Kaisa. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. Looking forward to 2nd part of the Mobility program.”

— Dhruva K.

“Excellent program!! I have done many different yoga programs but really feel the difference with this one and the loosening of tight hips and back.”

— Lora G.

“I took up golf about a year ago and since then my lower back, gluts, and hips have been really sore and tight. I knew I needed to do something before I totally seized up. Finding Kaisa’s mobility videos has been fantastic. After the first session I felt so much more flexible and the pain has lessened. I like also that there is a short version so that I can do the exercises even when I don’t have a lot of time. Thank you Kaisa 🙏 Liz H”

— Elisabeth H.

“Reel so good ❤️”

— Inge T.

“Great workout! I really like the way Kaisa is Coaching you through the workout. I am not that fit, but could still do all positions since they were explained in a great way!”

— Camilla A.

“I have just purchased mobility one and I love it. I am 59 and a half and have been active my whole life. I am now raising my grandson and can not get to the gym like before. This program allows me to keep limber and strong without leaving my home. Thank you for creating this program.”

— diana m.

“Day 3 and I’m feeling good. I feel as if I have more energy and I’m less achy and stiff. Needed something low key while on chemo and this has been perfect. I like how they have long and short 10 minute videos,”

— Jinny B.

“1) Kaisa's excessive use of "team" is extremely annoying. 2) The video appears to be more useful for fit people who need to improve their flexibility, as opposed to people who have mobility issues. 3) On the positive side, the room and the windows are pretty to look at, and the sound quality is very good.”

— Sandra M.

“Detailed instructions. Motivating. No talk though, that some folks (like me) will be SUPER sore two days later. Would be helpful to tell the "team" what to do about that. My first time was Friday, and by Sunday I could barely squat to sit on a toilet seat. Haven't practiced since, but I know the soreness is because I am working the muscles I need to work! Still a fan.”

— Lori F.

“What an incredibly challenging and effective routine! Just what my running and workout plan has been missing.”

— Kristy L.

“This is exactly what I needed to help me prepare for my ultra runs coming up.”

— Anthony A.

“I loved this simple yet effective workout. I got injured while practicing yoga a few months ago, I have done this low impact mobility exercise and my joints are loving it. I also discovered how limited my range of motion is in some parts, will definitely incorporate this into my recovery. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Jessica D.

“I am 57 years old and have been doing yoga and strength training for years. I kept feeling I was missing something ... feeling stiff and low back pain. I also had pain in my feet,and I just knew there was something else I was missing. I did my first 40 minute 3 days ago. The next morning I woke up feeling light on my feet and such a sense of well being I could not believe it! I have done the 10 minute and the 40 minute again. Kaisa does an excellent job leading the class and I have so much more flexibility and appreciation for how my body moves. If the body had an owner's manual, this would be in it. Kaisa knows her stuff!”

— Bev C.

“This series helps a lot if you experience sore or stiff muscles and the short 8 minute option is great if you are short on time. Doing this before or after my yoga routines I have found increases my flexibility and I can use the longer videos as substitutes for yoga and still get the same effect. This product is great and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.”

— Deeksha S.

“I am recovering from a series of six surgeries that have left me fairly immobile. I need a lot of work to get moving and active again. I’ve started with the 10 minute session. It may not seem like much, but after be flat on my back for nearly two years it feels amazing. I can manage it, but still feel the stretch and my heart rate goes up. Once I master the 10 minutes I will move on to the 30! It’s clear, easy to follow and makes me feel successful!”

— Rachel P.

“At 43, mobility is very important to me and I was looking for a program that would accomplish several things: -Not too dynamic -practical in skill and time -full body/general -parasympathetic and sympathetic neural pathways This program nailed it for me! I love Kaisa’s “let’s get too it, Team” attitude and assertiveness, no over explaining, and it’s the perfect pace for me. Love the long and short versions and need both for time constraints. Well recorded and all angles captured. Thank you for your work, Clifton”

— Clifton G.

“I'm just getting back to regular exercise and rock climbing after a back injury. The mobility one workouts are perfect for increasing my range of motion without any strain or pain. It will be helpful for improving my movement when I get back on the climbing wall.”

— Nic L.

“I've been wanting a mobility/stretch routine for 'home' workout days, to do after gym day, walk day (then stretch day) and this is great. Left to my own devices, I wouldn't do as well. Thanks!”

— Sharon S.

“I’m in my 50s, still active and fit. Weight and injuries becoming a problem mainly due to less mobility with age. I Love yoga which helps but I find it very hard. Mobility has been a much more manageable and enjoyable routine. Has elements of yoga but it has been extremely effective for me. Well thought out and effective poses. I believe in maintaining a strong core which I beloved was just my abdominal area. Kaisa is correct in that the core is much more, specifically the thighs, hips and glutes. I almost never write reviews but these work outs suit my age and activity level. Really enjoying them and they have made me more mobile for my heated yoga!! Well done Kaisa. I highly recommend her workouts.”

— Clint W.

“Great program! I am a fitness trainer myself (age 50) but am not too fit recently because of an accident I had two years ago. Already after the first 30 min workout I felt muscles in action I obviously had not used for some time. And yes, the pace is fast (as commented by other users), but there is a separate tutorial for all moves which can be studied before taking the faster paced lessons.”

— Georgia H.

“Great program- I’m coming into it after a long illness and find that the short program is wonderful. I can only get about 20 minutes into the longer program. From a software view- when I pause the video always seems to go back to the beginning which means I that I’ve not actually done the second half of the longer programs because if too much fiddling and distraction with technology.”

— Christina C.

“This is excellent, I needed to improve my mobility and improve flexibility which this programme does perfectly. The short session is great as a cool down after a tough Gym session.”

— Joe H.

“Fun mobility workout! Sometimes it goes a bit fast but after doing it more than once or twice you get used to what Kaisa means. Af course hitting the pause button is an option! Curious about what doing this mobility program regularly will bring!”

— Alexander L.

“I totally love this workout. It really makes you feel stretched and mobile. I have been doing the JM app since August’s almost everyday and will be adding this in daily too. Well worth the money Thank you kaisa”

— Tracy L.

“I am SO HAPPY I finally bought this program. I had been putting it (and mobility in general) off for months and I’ve finally landed with an obvious muscle imbalance in my Glutes! Bummer (no pun intended) I’ve done the full length program 3 times now, and each time I feel like a million bucks afterwards. Every joint in my body feels like it was well oiled! I’m not the most flexible person ever, but Kaisa gives options for that as well! Really happy with this program and it’s definitely become a staple in my weekly routine now.”

— Tina D.

“Awesome program! I recommend it to all my patients. Its ewsy and fun to follow. And super effective.”

— Willem S.

“I, stupidly, did not think I was in dire need of this program. A friend mentioned to me she had started it and couldn’t believe the difference - so I actually bought it as more of a “challenge” (eh, I’ll check it out but I think I’m good.) As it turns out - I am not “good,” I’m actually the Tin Man or maybe the Tin Man’s wife in this case. Could. Not. Believe. How my movements were lacking in range on day one. Shocked. I do the short video as a cool down a couple times a week but have incorporated a few of the moves into my daily routine. I’ve also got my 16 year old incorporating some of the moves to help him and he also is surprised at how incapable he is at completing full range. This set of movements is nothing short of amazing for improving your range, flexibility and a nice little knock to your ego if you’re in need of that too. ;-)”

— Jess H.

“Good warm up to my main routine, loosens my joints, helps my flexibility. Little bit different to my other warm up , well thought out and challenging without being impossible . Great job .”

— Adrian R.

“A good safe stretch, but too fast in pace.”

— Kathryn B.

“My kids 13 & 9 do the routines with me. Kasia gives off positive vibes!”

— Lee A.

“It's a little fast paced for me.”

— Mary G.

“Well done! Very easy to follow and fun!”

— Jason D.

“Excellent and very hepful. I”

— Aliki D.

“The short version is great for me to squeeze in with the kids around before I workout. It helps wake up my lazy bones in the morning too! Really happy I decided to pay a reasonable price for something like this, and I'm glad it's in my repertoire now”

— Emily E.

“I have completed 2 rounds of mobility one so far - 1 long version and 1 short version and so far I can definitely see myself incorporating it into a regular habit as it’s easily to use and I really like Kaisa’s attitude/delivery in these exercises. I will definitely be looking at the other workouts available when my finances allow.”

— Helen P.

“I thought this would be more of long-held stretches, but it's really a stretch and strength routine. Once I got over expecting more of a relaxing stretch, it was good. It definitely made me sore the first couple of times and a few moves took rewinding to figure out. But, it's fun, a good mobility routine and I see myself doing it for a long time.”

— Shannon H.

“WOW I am actually stiff this morning from doing this once ha ha. I realized how out my body/disconnected I have been living. I come from a very physical background but the last few years have been cursed with injuries and laziness. Doing this program not only showed exactly how unfit I am but how jammed up I am. I woke up for the first time in years with out my hip and back being sore. So going back for more and hopefully it will lead me back to my love of moving. Thank You”

— Candi B.

“Wow ... i have just finished the routine for first time and it blew me away. I workout a but I’m stiff as a rock and my range of motion is poor. Finally I found something simple and effective that will help me with my movement issues. Thank you so much, this is already the best purchase of the year!”

— Marco D.

“Awesome excerises to help with mobility.”

— Sherman C.

“I just want to say thank you. This is a great routine. I feel good and I am prepared for the day. I have such a physical schedule and this will help my body stay healthy. I'm military, I wear gear all the time, I personal train, and run strength and conditioning classes. This was a great investment. I'll spread the word.”

— Corey B.

“This stretching routine is awesome. These derp stretches leave me feeling invigorated and helps with my chronic hip and low back pain. Thanks!”

— Sandra W.

“I completed the long routine and I am sore sore! I love it! I am in sales and drive in the car all day; I have become so stiff and tight. My lower back hurts all the time. I knew I needed to be stretching and moving my body more. This is perfect. Today I only had time for the short routine. I appreciate that there is an option for a shorter workout when you're pressed for time.”

— Laura D.

“I love this workout! I was very concerned how I would do. I don’t exercise like I use to and some of the poses we a bit scary. I watched the video twice before I got the courage to act do it. I got 20 minutes in the first time. The second time I made myself go 5 minutes further and the third time I got through it all. Haha I have to say I probably don’t look as gracefully as Kaisa but I love it and I feel so much better. I am able to walk 3 miles and have no pain. I sleep better at night because I have no pain. This was the best purchase I made! Thank you!!!”

— Nancy M.

“I’ve done it only once and I felt the change right away, by doing the range of motions reportedly the way she shows us in the video. I totally recommend it !”

— Jacobo N.

“Excellent routine, easy to follow. Totally worth it!”

— Trayan T.

“This is a huge blessing and easy to follow! Looking forward to progressing in my overall mobility and wellbeing, given my training style! Thanks for this Kaisa! (Stay with this program)”

— Morris W.

“Very good structure and flow of movements. I believe it will help me to improve my health if I practice it over and over. I appreciate that it flows but doesn’t go too fast. Thx!”

— Genevieve C.

“I love this routine! I just started it, so I can’t reference long term progress- but I can already tell a difference. I’m a crossfitter & It helps me do my movements more efficiently & with better form!”

— Maegan M.

“Being so out of shape and taking back my body, the mobility short program is perfect! Starting somewhere like this makes it feel attainable!”

— Janie R.

“Love it! Thank you for a great new routine to add to my workouts.”

— Parul S.

“Wow, just wow. I love, love, love the stretches, hard, but will eventually get much better. I totally need this type of mobility in my life. So glad i made the decision to start early this year...a new year to move! Thank you Kaisa”

— Celia A.

“I had been searching for a mobility routine I can use to start my day off moving my body intentionally and get me in a productive mindset. I absolutely love this routine. It’s well produced, I love the video quality, the setting, the movements.. and her energy is exactly what I need to start my day! I highly recommend the mobility one program!!”

— Reagan T.

“Hands down a must have. Add this to your weekly routine. Life changing. It’s helped me recover from CrossFit WODs and over all aches and pains. Thank you Kaisa!!”

— Ray T.

“I use this program as my daily warm up and it works great! It seems to be evening out some of the nagging muscle imbalances I've been dealing with for the last couple years. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who has chronic tight muscles or muscle imbalances.”

— Thompson P.

“I have been this for about 2 weeks now and it has helped me overall, especially with my back and sciatic nerve issue. I've only been doing the short version for now. I'm working my way up to doing the 30 minute version.”

— Greatha W.

“Excellent video, Great movement patterns, It's exactly what I was looking for to warm up and improve my mobility.”

— Wendy T.

“I will be 51 years old in Apr 2020, this work out is kicking my butt. It made me realise how important mobility is as I get older. I feel great and energetic all day after using Mobility One at 0430AM every other day. My flexibility has increased and my core is a lot stronger after only one week of using Mobility One. Thank you Kaisa!!”

— Keith S.

“The routine is great and feels really good, but it is way too fast for learning the moves correctly. I would prefer if it was spliced in slower chunks for exemple.”

— Sylvain M.

“I am enjoying these videos. I would just say that in the beginning I had to keep stopping and replaying the video in order to learn some of the moves. It would have been nice if there was an intro that was slower so that the proper movement/alignment could be learned before jumping into the full session.”

— Diane R.

“I knew I needed to increase my mobility. I looked at this site over the course of a month before committing to buying. It will be a while before I get through the full session without interruption but I will get there. Have enjoyed interspersing with the short workout and the original mobility one. Onwards and upwards.”

— Denise B.

“Great diversity in stretches, wonderful attention to detail. I'll be using this regularly throughout the week!”

— Kaleena M.

“Did my first workout today. Started with the shortest one to slowly acclimate myself. I was completely surprised in a good way. I worked up a good sweat and upped my heart rate a bit but never felt overwhelmed and my muscles and joints feel more loose. It felt good!”

— Cindy P.

“Did my first mobility exercise and felt great afterward.”

— Sharon B.

“Am aging and being a former weight lifter. I never had mobility so this is new but I love how she performs every move. Am police officer so I need this. So thank you so very much!”

— lawrence p.

“These are a great series of stretches that everyone will find success with. I have found, quite unexpectedly that after finishing the movements, I am naturally engaging my core. I also feel happy! I wasn’t expecting anything except to find a greater range of motion and less pain in my lower back. So far so good! The video quality is good, but wish there was a format where Kaisa was doing the movements for an indefinite duration and the user could check it off when they’re finished and the next movement /video is loaded. This would facilitate people navigating through the program at their own pace. Overall, money well spent!”

— Shannon P.

“Love it! Just what I was looking for!! 🙌🏼❤️”

— Lorrie R.

“I've done all three (10, 30 and 40min) videos and have already noticed a major difference in my lower back and hips. I cycle 4 times a week and sit at a desk way to long, highly recommend this to help get things moving again!”

— April L.

“Amazing routine, thank you Kaisa! Gets all of those hard-to-stretch places and left me feeling so nice and fluid.”

— Frances P.

“I have not felt this good in my body as I did after the 40min Mobility One in a long time! Working at the desk all day, I thought counterbalancing with weights and cardio would be enough. But I never really felt "good" after the usual training, just exhausted. This is a game changer for me! Thanks heaps, Kaisa!”

— Natascha M.

“LOVE the Mobility One. LOVE Kaisa. Definitely gonna buy more of here awesome workouts. This is just what I've been looking for.”

— Emelie L.

“I am 72 and doing Mobility One on my sailboat in the BVI! I love it. It is easy to follow and just what is needed for my tight hammies, quads etc. My space is a bit limited but so is my range of motion (compared to Kaisa) so it works. I wish I had this 30 years ago when I worked out but didn’t believe in stretching! Just wish I had it on disc cause don’t always have internet for download.”

— Laurie B.

“I’ve been looking around for stretching exercises I can do at home... but I didn’t want the boring ho-hum stuff... then I came across Mobility One.... it suits me to a T! In my opinion, it’s a terrific mix of stretching, yoga, pilates & originality.... the video’s are very clear & concise... some moves are easy, others are challenging for me... but that’s what I like - as does my body... very happy to recommend Mobility One.”

— Susie Y.

“I love this routine! Yoga bores me (mentally) because I feel like I get lost in the space of holding the move. This flows from one segment to the next fluidly. It got a bit of a heart rate up and some sweat going on. I was really surprised at how I liked it. I have a broken back that was likely a birth defect. I shouldn't be able to walk blah blah blah. That makes it so I cannot feel the engagement of the posterior muscles working. So when my hips and knees got shot to hell, I couldn't feel the effects of the deterioration until it was way past fixable. I have two hip replacements and one knee replacement, had them all before I was 53. I need to keep the hips and low back moving and open. So this is one of the things I added in. But I really like it, and can see that it will definitely help to keep me moving. I'm really glad I bought this.”

— Lorrie B.

“Such a good routine, thank you Kaisa. Pair this with Lo-Fi beats on Spotify and you're good to go! Loved it especially since I'm one of those tight everywhere and this helps a lot!”

— David C.

“Thank you for an easy to follow routine that is helping improve my mobility which is making my life a more enjoyable experience. Thank you once again x”

— Harvey M.

“Thank you for an easy to follow routine that is helping improve my mobility which is makkk I my my life a more enjoyable experience. Thank you once again x”

— Harvey M.

“I train and ride horses for a living and have a very tight body, not in a good way :-) I have been wanting something that would help me to free up and loosen up and this program is exactly what I was looking for. I love it and after the first workout I could feel a difference in my shoulders and lower back. This is definitely a part of my daily workout routine now.”

— Cynthia H.

“This has become a very useful tool in my training regime. strength, cardio and mobility are the most important physical areas to work as our bodies age. This mobility program is easy to follow and very effective. I would recommend this for everyone. Great Job !!!”

— Tyrone D.

“I'm really loving the Mobility One workout. I have sciatica and lower back pain and this has allowed me to be functional again. The only reason I'm not giving it the full 5 stars is because the app doesn't have the ability to cast to Google ChromeCast so I can put it on my TV instead of my phone. If they add the ability to cast it, then I'd give it 5+ stars!”

— Kryssa B.

“Excellent program for this middle-aged runner with a desk job in need of better mobility. For me, it is the missing puzzle piece as an addition to cardio and weight training. The best $29 I have spent in a long time.”

— Jean R.

“I absolutely love this. It has been a great help. I did not realize I didnt have the mobility and now know I will achieve it. Kaisa is a great instructor and informative.”

— Julie I.

“I'm 48 was active my whole life does to a fall a year & half ago I've not been able to do alot. I'm not as mobil or active as I'd like to be. I'm hoping this will help with alot of the stiffness & pain I've experienced the past year. My first day using Mobility One was only the 10 minute session. But, even with 10 mins I could feel a difference. My second day, I decided to do the 40 minute session before work & I really could feel it. Especially in in my hips & legs where most of my pain has been. I could move better. This is a keeper!! Thanks & much love!!”

— Teri S.

“I am studying Athletic Therapy and watching what I've learned about mobility come together in one video is really appreciated. Very clear instructions and easy to follow! Definitely will be giving these exercises to my patients!”

— nancy m.

“I am 53, overweight, sit in a desk all day and have arthritis issues. I love this program. Excellent narrative lead on the moves and encouragement. I can't do all of the moves and many of the moves I can't do to the extent that Kaisa can. However this provides lots of room to grow. My body is already starting to loosen up! I feel better and a little stronger after a short time. The option of the shorter workouts is really nice for after work.”

— Shannon O.

“I am working on this routine but need to keep at it. It is nice and fluid.”

— Julie P.

“I love this series of yoga/mobility moves! Kaisa includes a little movement in each position and I find it more effective than simply trying to hold a static position. The day after I did the 40 min. session my hips/inner thighs were sore, telling me I was not reaching those muscles with my other stretching/yoga practices. At 46, I'm invested in keeping my joints and muscles healthy so I can continue to trail run and be active, this is a great addition to my workouts!”

— Amy P.

“Great product, I like her energy and the exercises feel really good, easy to follow instructions. Great value for your money!!!”

— laurentiu daniel d.

“Mobility One is just the right program to help me achieve one of my goals in 2020 and beyond. Increasing my mobility, agility, balance and strength is key. Highly recommend it!”

— Mike V.

“I have used my Mobility One workout for just a week and I can already tell a huge difference. I use the 10 minute routine before I do other exercises and a couple of days I have just done the 35 minute routine. I think it is going to make a huge difference in how my body ages - I am 72 years old and found that I had no trouble doing the moves.”

— Kathy W.

“I love this mobility program! It really gets everything moving better from head to toe! I’ve done a lot of workouts and this is a great addition to any active lifestyle!”

— Elizabeth D.

“It felt so good to move and stretch in the way presented”

— Peggy H.

“Love the course.. hits all the right spots and a great pre workout or morning routine. I just pause it if there are any exercises I want to hang out in a little longer so you can also just go at your own pace.”

— Andrew K.

“An excellent mobility program! Love the short version if you're in a time crunch!”

— Jesse M.

“This workout was challenging for my flexibility. The pace of the exercises along with the postures made it possible for me to move into deeper poses faster.”

— Derrick W.

“Wow!!! What a difference one session as made, Kaisa as created the perfect workout and healing modality in one, so much gratitude for this beautiful soul, this is with me for life. 🙏💛🧘‍♀️”

— Phil N.

“Love your product,I wis you could place it on a disc to have add to my collection of work outs. I don’t always have assets to my iPad.”

— Annamarie P.

“Very good, practical, I use it as warm up before my jiu jitsu classes or during resting days...”

— Luigi P.

“I have healthy skepticism of claims that their way is The Way. But two things have convinced me in the case of Mobility One: firstly it’s Kaisa. It’s obviously working for her! The second is that I actually FEEL the difference. If I don’t do pre and post stretching, I’ll pay for it at some point with stiffness or injury. After a run today, I spent the 30 minutes to do the mobility work. This time and every time, I stand taller, move better and see the gains in flexibility. I’m a believer. 🙏🏼🤗”

— Danika W.

“Really challenging for me but fantastic felt so good after my 1st workout looking forward to doing this as much as I can. Thankyou Kaisa”

— Clara V.

“Great simple mobility program. I love how there are short and long versions. Routines are great to address my trouble spots, hips and thoracic spine. I am adding this program to my daily workout routine.”

— Stephen H.

“Less into a week after I started using this daily and already I can feel a really good difference. The short version is now my warm before any HIIT workout and the longer sessions are perfect for my rest and mobility days. Highly recommended, especially since I thought I was relatively flexible and then discovered how badly I actually weren’t... :-)”

— Roelof B.

“Finally a routine for muscle stiffness!! I work at the post office lifting packages everyday and was feeling pretty much like a 90 year old. Muscle spasms on my neck and and upper back area. Taking pain meds and rubbing menthol balms to ease the pain. Thank you so much for this routine and the updates!! It really helped me , and my body sure do appreciates it!!”

— Marangelly R.

“I´ve just tried the Mobility One short workout, it is fantastic and I can´t wait to try the other workouts.”

— Jette M.

“Video fatto bene anche se non mastico bene l'inglese gli esercizi sono chiari e molto utili per che vuole aumentare la mobilità di tutti i distretti corporei. Lo utilizzo come come warm up per le lezioni di Pilates.”

— valentina b.

“Great start to my workout reboot. It felt manageable yet challenging and certainly worked muscles that had been 'resting' for a while. I'm back for more!”

— Flo H.

“This is well worth the price.”

— Richard M.

“This routine is perfect. I had no idea how tight I was! It involves lots of stretching but also a bit of muscle toning. I've done the long and short version and am very happy with my purchase! Love you, Kaisa! You are an inspiration!”

— Monika C.

“I love this routine. Feels great afterwards. Easy to follow and most are relatively easy stretches. I am definitely using and promoting this.”

— Fay K.

“Tried it for the first time last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

— DE S.

“It easy to follow and well explained!”

— Elizabell S.

“Love it! Exactly what i was looking for. I feel so good after the routine. Thank You Kaisa!”

— Reggie A.

“Back in my 20's I was extremly flexible. I knew I had lost my flexibility as I aged; I just didn't realize how stiff my joints had gotten until I did this 10 min video. I have been doing this daily for a week and feel great. I highly recommend this video. Thanks for making this video.”

— Mari L.

“Awesome mobility program - great to relieve stiffness after heavy lifting.”

— David B.

“Very good mobility workout.”

— Daphne E.

“Awesome to start the day with!”

— Marene A.

“I sincerely appreciate this set of movements, the arrangement, the energy and coaching Kaisa. I've found relief in extreme tightness in my low back and hips (and psoas). I've been on rehab journey from drumming, construction, and sport injuries for over 10 years and this has been a major improvement to my heath and energy, less pain and more range of motion. I've shared the program with my wife, a few friends and family. Misty and I are almost 40 and both have some back and shoulder pain, we both found major improvement. I also appreciate the variations in the time with the 4 videos, it helps when it has to fit a schedule. I like to do less reps and hold stretches, or find movement, but some days I can stay at the same pace. I average 2-3 times per week, would love to do it daily schedule permitting. You can get a bit sore when you push the range of motion, but it's a quick recovery time and less tightness. I also purchased the body weight exercises, I'd like to strengthen the core and I like that workout so far, haven't got to the others yet. I'd be interested in more mobility or yoga variations. I have a lot of respect for Kaisa and this site, Misty and I are starting our own online stores with membership, coaching and products, I'd love to chat sometime about your experience. Thanks so much.”

— Brian P.

“Great routines. Got a little bored with my yoga programs and wanted something more energetic and dynamic for my mobility routine. This is terrific for me.”

— Oliver R.

“Loving the workout”

— Alaa A.

“Great exercises for mobility. I have been sitting at a desk for the last 20 years and have lost the ease of movement, which has lead to constant lower back pain. The exercises are the right amount of challenging and effective. I have some difficulty with some of them, but can feel myself sitting deeper into each exercise each time I do them. Very happy with my purchase and feel it will put me on the path to recovery.”

— Jeremy L.

“I spent several days deciding whether or not to purchase the programs because I'm not really interested in a program. I train daily with the goal of doing a perfect handstand push-up. And since I am considered elderly I do a lot Yoga for stretching because if you're not sufficiently mobile you can't do anything. I finally committed after stealing a couple of moves from the promo and because Kaisa, the host, is not only extremely personable but really strong and looks like a lifter to me. I train for strength so I find that impressive. And a lot of the moves I am taking from her I have been doing for years but not with the results she gets because of just the right tweaks! And she is awesome!”

— julian k.

“Mobility One is a great routine. After one session I felt an immediate difference especially on my hips which are always tight and stiff. I’m looking forward to my continued practice and highly recommend others to try it as well. With the generous return policy members really have nothing to lose.”

— Dianne M.

“Mobility One is a great routine. After one session I felt an immediate difference especially on my hips which are always tight and stiff. I’m looking forward to my continued practice and highly recommend others to try it as well. With the generous return policy members really have nothing to lose. Give it a shot.”

— Dianne M.

“On day 4 of Mobility One. I have done each of the videos. That is the best part! No matter how much time you have you always have time to get in one of the videos. I’ve been waking up in the early a.m. and doing the 10 minute stretch and it really sets the tone for the rest of the day. Increasing my flexibility and strength with each video.”

— Kelli M.

“After following Kaisa on instagram, I decided to join her teAm. I just completed day 3 of mobility one ( I did the 10mins one twice and the 40min once). It is the first thing in the morning! Basically I awake up feeling stiff and around 10 mins into the video my body opens up and I feel relieved. I crossfit a couple of times a week and spin once or twice a week. Recovery is more difficult, I am starting to feel more stiffness in my glutes, upper back and neck. I really needed to get that sorted out! Mobility One is dynamic stretching mixed with common yoga moves! Thank you for creating this! For me its a game changer! Summer 2020 here I come.”

— Gail S.

“Love this Training aid as it allows me to work on Flexibility and movement for my favourite sport/passion which is SURFING! All the functional movements are great for what I love to do. And as I'm a Male in my early Forties Flexibility has never been great but as I get older it is something I need to work on to prevent injury and enjoy my favourite past time Thanks Kaisa your follow along workout is AWESOME!”

— Ross R.

“I was looking for new change in my workout and for Kaisafit. It was inexpensive and the routines were made for any fitness level. It has provided me with more flexibility and I use it daily. Make sure you use this to increase your range of motion. Flexibility helps to prevent injuries.”

— Edwin K.

“I'm recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, so some of the movements are beyond my (current) ability. That said, I do those ones supported, and I feel like the program will help not only my mobility, but my balance as well. That's an even bigger (eventual) win than I was expecting. I like the supportive way she calls her viewers "team" It's not too chirpy, but it's encouraging. I'm glad to have invested in this program As an extra bonus, my fitness tracker has noted better sleep patterns when I do the mobility program before bed. More deep sleep and less time awake? Yes please!”

— Mary M.

“I am 59 yrs old and I do have a some mobility issues. I have purchased other strength videos but because of my limited movement I’m unable to do the workouts effectively. I also teach martial arts and when I saw your advertisement, I said this is the one for me. Just doing a few of the movements I can feel less pain in my hip and low back area. I’m starting out with the 10 minute routine and working my way up. Thank you, you are a beautiful soul and I pray that you continue to help others the way you are helping. May Allah bless you many times over.”

— Anyika K.

“An unexpected but wonderful session ! I dont like stretching sessions so I never practise despite I know my body needs it... But this MOBILITY program is fantastic, I didn't expect to sweat but I did ! I finally found a stretching routine that I will practise with regularity ! Thank you Kaisa !!”

— Laura B.

“Been using the Mobility One and Mobility (short) routine for a little over a week now, and I can already tell a difference in my flexibility. Being an endurance athlete, and having a desk job, causes me to have really tight shoulders and hips. These routines work!”

— Jason G.

“There are so many products and videos on the market for workouts, but so few devoted exclusively to mobility! If you're someone who struggles to make time for stretching like me, this is a great tool. Highly recommend!”

— Valerie L.

“Instruction is easy to understand and follow!!”

— Joan D.

“I'm just stating the mobility one program. Today was my first time and I did the short to feet a feel for how Kaisa instructs her video and a feel for how my body responds. Turns out my mobility is a lot worse than I thought. After the short, I could feel the areas that I really need to work on. I'm excited to see where this program takes me.”

— Amber S.

“This video is incredible. I am 50 and a competitive golfer and really struggle with terrible mobility.. I have done the video 3 times already and can see this is going to make a huge difference in my ability to not lose swing speed and avoid injury.. This mobility video is fantastic and I will be doing it at the least 5-6 days a week and use the 10 minute video for warm up before my golf.. love it!!”

— Sean M.

“So, done the original two days in a row and the short once just to get a feel for it. 50 yo with a long but uneven history of weight lifting. First reaction is this was tough! Not just the mobility part but there's enough core strength training involved to get a new user sweaty. The videos are superb, doing a very good job of showing the excersises, much needed for a beginner that doesn't know the moves. Less good is the amount of kneeling, very difficult or just about impossible for someone with bad or injured knees to do a big part of the routine. We've tried to come up with alternative positions and we'll get there but for now one of us is limited to doing the short version as warmup. In the end, well worth the money and highly recommended!”

— Jan-Åke P.

“I loved my first session of Mobility One. The movements were so helpful to my body. I felt fantastic afterwards and will use these routines regularly.”

— Deborah D.

“I'm a personal and athletic trainer myself, but since I constantly find myself skipping my own routines in favor of more "fun" stuff, I decided to purchase a program to follow. I've only done it twice so far, but love it. It's easy to follow and applicable to any level of fitness. It points out very well where your areas of improvement are. Mine is definitely in the ROM in my shoulders. Can't wait to see how it'll improve over time.”

— Diana N.

“I like how easy this is to follow. I’m 49, with lower back and neck issues. Although this was a bit difficult for me to start with, I can see and feel how beneficial this is going to be. Can’t wait to see how my flexibility improves as I continue!!”

— Andrea F.

“I have psoriatic arthritis and I have lost a good amount flexibility and strength as a result (I used to be an extremely fit runner, although never was very flexible). I found this very challenging to the point of wishing there was a version that went a lot slower (I did do the 40 minute one) and that showed alternative movements for those of us that can't get anywhere close to the movements shown. I'll give it a few more tries as I'm not one to give up easily, but after completing one session I hurt like hell 😟”

— Deborah W.

“I'm a fairly fit, 69 year old woman who plays basketball, does aquafit, Zumba and dances. I've been told I have "tight hips." I also had a couple injuries in the past year. I've looked for years for a good stretch class and found none. Happy to discover this. I started today on the first video and feel great. Also, I know I didn't hurt myself. I look forward to a great New Year stretching with this and the other videos”

— Judith N.

“I purchased Mobility One when I had a month off between ending one job and starting the next. I credit the series with undoing some of the damage done over eight years of sitting at a desk all day every day. My hip flexors, neck and shoulders in particular are regularly stiff and in pain, and I’m so grateful I found this practice. It’s become a part of my weekly workout routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to bounce back and re-mobilize — especially if you work a desk job.”

— Andrea D.

“I've been a gym rat most of my adult life, but due to life's circumstances, my gym time got less and less until it was nothing or sporadic at best. My body started SCREAMING at me to get moving. I felt my body seizing up. I needed to stretch regularly and start moving so I can begin strength training again. I usually find videos etc. hard to follow or maintain due to over abundance of choices, workouts, too intense, or just too much. I have problems with my piriformis so it would always get irritated. I LOVE THIS WORKOUT!!! I love Kaisa's vibe and approach. I like the way she thinks and her outlook on fitness. I like the way she speaks and gently encourages. I respond better to gentle encouragement as opposed to the "get 'er done" and pushing method. I like the way everything is explained first and the pace is not crazy. I just LOVE THIS WORKOUT and feel that I will utilize every move in here to do stretches during my day. Let me tell you that just from doing Mobility One, I felt my quads burn. I feel good after the workout instead of tired. I feel energized and accomplished. I ended up buying the whole bundle. Looking forward to increasing my intensity and getting back to strength training. If you are just starting out, or have been off of working out for a while, this is GREAT to get you back into things. I've started slowly (did the 10 min work out for a few days and then increased to the 30min) and I already feel better. It's been 5 days. I highly recommend this program. GET IT and ENJOY! :)”

— Anne S.

“Simply fabulous!! Well-organized and EXTREMELY well presented!! I love it and feel great. I have purchased so many online programs that are hard to link to, don't present the material cohesively, don't provide adequate instructions or audio/visuals, etc. Kaisafit does and it's wonderful and beautiful. I adore her set up and this workout set. Will be purchasing more. Thank you so much for such a well designed and perfectly presented piece.”

— Allz G.

“I was a yoga teacher, and after 3 knee surgeries, I had to give up and struggled with mobility ever since. I was even scared to go back to any sort of fitness routine... Mobility one has opened that door again, and so far so good. It is gentle on the joints yet terribly efficient, and an overall good workout. I also do like Kaisa's attitude which is encouraging, fun and humble.”

— Mariannick H.

“I’m a 71 yr. young and strong male in really good shape, but my hamstrings and hip flexors are very tight. After finishing my first 30 mins session I felt that continuing (which I will do!) with this program, it will definitely help me with my overall health and mobility.”

— Narciso S.

“I'm an avid yogi and I found this challenging. Some of the moves were new to me and some I already knew but, the slight variations she puts on them hit areas that I haven't felt a stretch in before. I loved that! My only critique is, she doesn't explain the importance of not placing your body's weight on your wrist when your hands are on the ground supporting you [even if it may not feel like they are taking on the full weight of your body.] The pressure needs to be spread through your palms and finger to prevent damage to the wrist. Other than that, my body feels more open, I'm more alert and I feel energized. This was a great workout that I will be sure to add to my daily morning routines!”

— Leticia S.

“It is so relaxing 😊”

— Pawan T.

“Thank you Kaisa for your mobility routine. It is really easy to follow. I do it as often as I can during a week. It is a part of my Ironman training I love it”

— Heike B.

“So easy to follow. Great pace and great stretches. I feel so amazing and relaxed after a session. 10/10 would recommend.”

— Elizabeth F.

“Thanks for this very effective, tremendously helpful workout and the calm and supportive instructions. I love to do some version of this daily, and I feel so so so much better in my body! I´m not a workout person at all, but this is something that just FEELS SO GOOD you want to keep doing it!”

— Susanne G.

“I practice and teach Ashtanga Yoga. It can be intense and we have it built into us to try hard, but often too hard or too soon. Working with this mobility program, helps me prime myself, or to unwind between asana practices. Also, sharing it in class really helps me to take a little of the wind out of the sails of beginner level students too, who may have a tendency to charge into a rigorous asana sequence at maximum impact (exactly what we should NOT do!). It's an excellent resource. Thanks!”

— Steve H.

“I am sooo glad I got Kaisa's Mobility routine!!! It's become one of my favorite routines. I like to lift weights, and it really helps warm up up my muscles and joints (especially my shoulders/upper back, lower back and knees/hamstrings). And it's great on my days off for recovery. I really love the short version, too! I do it in the mornings to get my blood going before I start the day. I've been recommending it to everyone I know! Great routine!!!”

— Reagan M.


— marechal x.

“Love it”

— Linda Björk F.

“Purchased this several weeks ago, just completed the short series a minute ago....LOVE IT. (Can you tell that I have issues with procrastination?) I am a fitness pro, (NASM CPT, CES, PES) and will be introducing some of these moves in my next class. I love Kaisa's presentation, knowledge and obvious commitment to evidence-based, TOTAL body fitness. Can't wait to work the longer programs into my own workouts. As a cyclist, I need a lot of mobility work to balance out the very specific ROM and limited postural ranges of my sport.”

— Michael A.

“Absolutely love this session with Kaisa. The energy is so loving, supportive and motivating. This mobility workout makes your body feeling so soft and lean. This one everyone needs.”

— Monica Kristin H.

“Helping my mobility tremendously. I appreciate that there is a long and short version so I can be consistent, but also choose one based on the amount of time I have.”

— End F.

“I'm a Highland Dance teacher who's been maintaining a competitive level of dance for 8 years straight. With all of my strength and cross training focused on improving and supporting dancing, I've noticed my overall mobility decrease. I'm finding that Highland can really make my hips, back, and shoulders tight. Kaisa's Mobility One is brilliant! I could instantly find movement where there had been so much tightness before. No matter your niche or level of fitness, Kaisa's movements are beneficial. Her videos are great all around - no nonsense, but with plenty of warmth and assurance.”

— Lauren W.

“I have an 8+ hours desk job and I try to workout 4-5 times a week. Mbility one helped me with tightness in certain areas and I feel more centered when I do other exercises. I can assure you that you'll feel the difference after the first time :)”

— Dana D.

“Thanks Kaisa... you're amazing!!! I am a StrongbyZumba Master Trainer and I am constantly doing High Impact moves, Plyometric workouts and my own weight training... but I haven't been recovering lately... I end up just skipping that part. I found my motivation to recover and regenerate my body through your Mobility One and I just love the way you guide me through it... big fan of your work!! Thank you for helping me take care of myself!! Joao ( insta: joaodominguesreis :) )”

— Joao R.

“Amazing! This workout feels so good you might think it’s not a workout but then you actually get to sweat too. :) Was a little fast for me to understand in some places but she stays with the moves long enough to get the hang of it. This just transformed my mornings, guys. Thanks Kaisa!!”

— Stacia H.

“Love this video! Love how you move slowly and give modifications as well. Woke up with a very sore neck and upper back and thought I would finally give this video a try. I feel so much better. The hip stretches were really good. Love the view on this video also it's easy to see what you are doing. Great routine! I did the 40 minute video today and can't wait to check out the others.”

— Judith B.

“A great routine and I love the short version as well. Thank you!”

— Elina R.

“I’ve been incorporating this video into my weekly routine and definitely feels not only greater mobility but greater balance and fluidity in my body. Thank you, Kaisa! This is one of my fav videos of yours, can be done by novice to advanced fitness types.”

— Alexis y.

“I love it !!! Just completed my first mobility I feel great 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩”

— Edith S.

“Love, love, love this! My body cracks and crunches through the whole thing but slowly I feel a little better the more times I run through this program. I’m trying to get my super inflexible husband to try this one!”

— Lisa S.

“I have been ill for many years and unable to exercise or practice yoga. Medications rendered my muscles weak. My body is very stiff and I'm in pain. Now I am slowly recovering and starting small easy movements again. (I did early morning ashtanga yoga before illness and surgeries. I'm 68yrs.) SO I'm totally thrilled with the program. I've tried bits of yoga, pilates but this is the BEST I've come across to increase my mobility. I'm feeling it in the right spots. ATM I'm only able to do the 10 minutes program and not fully either. Plan to increase to the 30 mins.”

— Devorah W.

“I am a pretty fit 68 year old woman on a plant based lifestyle, 5'3, 127 lbs. I walk 3 miles a day and workout 2-3 times a week, but I was finding that after working out A day or 2 later I am in pain as I have sciatica and can't put too much pressure on my right leg or else I am in pain for 2-3 days. I give your Mobility workout 5 stars. I didn't realize I needed more flexibility which your program definitely offers. I would love to build my quads and glutes but am hindered w sciatica. If you have any suggestions or workout program that could help develop those areas please let me know. My legs are too thin. I love Mobility and telling all my friends to check it out. I didn't have pain from the workout but definitely felt it in all the right areas. Thank you! Glad I discovered you on Instagram!!”

— Connie L.

“Great program because everyone needs to stretch. I like the 3 different time variations. I can do the shirt one on a break during work.”

— Dayna M.

“I am all about stretching with movement. Static stretching never made sense to me nor did it make me feel looser. This mobility program is fantastic and it’s also VERY humbling. Just when I thought I was flexible...I found out not so much. I am looking forward to my progression to help with my hip and back pain due to sciatica and just overall feeling good inside of my body. I cherish my ability to move everyday and I look forward to seeing how far I can take my body.”

— Simone J.

“I am one of those people who avoid stretching. I tell myself i's too painful, too boring, and too time consuming. Of course that means I often pay the price of sore muscles. When I saw KaisaFit advertised on facebook, I decided to try it because it looked fun. I was desperate because I had an awful pain in my hamstrings for two weeks. I tried both the short and long versions of KaisaFit workout and noticed improvement from the first day, and even more improvement the second day. Surprisingly, it was fun and relaxing. I was lucky to get this program at a discounted price, and it is now part of my routine. I look forward to doing these stretches. I already feel like a different person. Oh, by the way, I am 66.”

— Debbie J.

“Kaisa! I found you! I saw an ad on Facebook but it went away and I kept looking for a couple of days and finally found it. Just went through it for the first time and this is (I think) exactly what I need. My acupressure therapist told me how short my quads were and that I really needed to get them stretched on a regular basis. Your quad stretch is perfect! Pretty excited. At 56, I'm looking for every advantage to feeling better. Glad I found you!”

— Jack W.

“I've been looking for something to get me moving in both stretching and strengthening and I think Kaisa's Mobility One is perfect. I've been inactive for the last 10 years except for some gentle yoga classes. At 58 I've been noticing weakness and stiffness, in addition to having Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know I need to move but rather gently. I'm finding her workout perfect. Her personality is friendly and encouraging, and I like how she calls us "Team". I've started on the 40 minute program til I get used to all the moves, then I'll try the 30 minute. I'm excited to be moving! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Sandra H.

“I love the mobility training. It is quick, easy to follow, and effective. I can get straight into my demanding workouts without fear or if Injury. This comes in right on time for me after 2 knee surgeries, two bulging discs, shoulder injury, and overactive hamstrings. I am currently reviewing my schedule to see if I can add it more often. Thank you!!”

— Sharita O.

“Really enjoying this program. At 53, and having let life distract me from looking after my fitness for quite a while and had become aware of my increasing stiffness. I find these moves very achievable to a significant extent now and can see easily how as mobility improves the program develops with you as you extend the stretches into further range of movement. Kaisa goes through the moves at a good pace that is easy to keep up with, even from the first time, and has a great calm supportive approach. Highly recommended.”

— Laoise D.

“I’ve been looking for a mobility program that would relieve my tight hips and over all well being for years. I knew this would be the miracle work out I’ve been searching for after watching Kaisa’s inspirational and uplifting demeanor and how effortless she makes movement look. After the ten minute work out I felt amazing and I could walk without pain! After the longer mobility work out I could feel my tight muscles becoming more flexible and at the end I felt amazing! I hope she starts her own live fitness channel. Put me on the waiting list as a new subscriber! This program will make you feel amazing inside and out! ❤️ Thank you, Kaisa. You are a gift and can change lives!”

— Karen D.

“Absolutely exactly what I needed! I have very tight hips and this workout is helping. Kaisa, your no nonsense routine is easy to follow and I love your enthusiasm. You make me feel like I am part of your team. I also love that its downloaded on my iPad and I can take you wherever I go! No need searching for that elusive CD! Thank you so much, looking forward to other workouts from you. Donna C.”

— Donna C.

“I love having this routine in my back pocket, either as a warm up for an active day or a good low level workout for off days. It is full of stretchy goodness and has been a wonderful supplement to my trips to the gym.”

— Angela C.

“WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ROUTINE....At 62 I find this to be an amazing routine I appreciate that it is slow and controlled yet extremely effective! I give it a 10 out of my age its important for me to stay limber and active Thank You Kaisa!”

— Kay B.

“I love the way this stretches out my body , I do a lot of platies so I almost never bought this....glad I did as it does give a different range to your stretches and targets them on a different way. My body loves me for it.”

— Julie D.

“I am an Olympic lifter and have been loving this routine. It is the perfect total body check in and mobilizer, and I feel more prepared for my training going through it. It's also great for my rest days to Just Move, and my family has been joining me in it to get their movement in as well. HIGHLY recommend!”

— Mae B.

“Didn't realize how tight my body was so this mobility program is helpful. I even break a bit of a sweat, so I like that. As I'm getting I want to focus on movement and flexibility to prevent injuries. This is a great program and I love the constant encouragement.”

— Chereta M.

“I am using both the long and short versions. I was looking for a workout on mobility and Mobility OneI is the answer. I have noticed a difference within a week. You can do it at home, whilst travelling or as I do, use it as a warm up before I surf or start my day. Hoggy”

— Peter H.

“Great mobility workout that complements other activities - background music would be a good addition!”

— Dawn G.

“Dove in with the 40-minute Mobility One session. It is a butt-whooper and it is going to be really helpful if you have /some/ sort of experience with more intense yoga or flows or other type of exercise routine. Some strength for balance and decent cardio will also be helpful. Be prepared to be kind to yourself and not keep up with Kaisa at first; I moved at about half speed to her, modified a few movements, and bailed in the middle of one. A couple of the lunge movements and quad stretches are /very/ hard on the knees if you have any sort of instability in the joint. All that said, I enjoyed the routine as it really gets into stretching out the hips, but does not leave out the low- and mid-back and the shoulders; It is also good cardio. Again, I'd recommend Kaisa to anyone that is at least somewhat fit.”

— Melanie B.

“Love this workout! Already feel stronger and more limber. So excited to incorporate this into my weekly workouts.”

— Christine S.

“I only had the chance yet to do the short version. I did it after a hard workout and it helped to bring my muscle tonus down, move the main joints and stretch the main muscles. It was a quick relaxing finish to calm down and go satisfied home. Thank you so much Kaisa! Anyways I really like your creativity and your fitness level is impressive! I am a professional PT too and I only can say thank you for your everyday effort and positivity to get people moving!”

— Franziska B.

“I love this so much! I just completed the 42 minute one for the first time and it was great. I love how Kaisa explains each and every move so thoroughly. I saw a review that said she wished there was a dvd version with music, but I found that I enjoyed the quietness and relaxing sound of just her voice and my breathing. It was very relaxing.”

— Sarah P.

“I love this fast, no-nonsense mobility routine. While I know stretching is good for me, I do not often take the time to do it. This routine helps me to actually DO IT by walking me through the movements - and Kaisa is just fantastic!”

— Kathryn M.

“I am a musician and really benefit from keeping shoulders and hips both strong and flexible. Its great to have an online aid to keep me going between classes. The routine covers so much and is very efficient. My one critisism is placement of feet could be addressed particularly in the lunge exercises.”

— Anita R.

“As an athlete, I practice yoga often, but this was an effective combination of yoga, stretching and strength. I wish it was on DVD format with music, but overall, it was great and I look forward to more.”

— Libby R.

“As a 72 year old woman, who for the most part is quite sedentary, I have found that the Mobility One program is a wonderful asset. I have used the 30 minute work out for the first time and had such fun. I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to awaken their body. I found it a bit fast, but I really enjoyed learning the routine and moving my body. I can't wait to try again tomorrow! Thank you so much!”

— Natalie O.

“Great stretching program! As a former track athlete many of these stretches hit areas that I forgot that I could get to. The Sun Dial movement is my personal favorite. Looking forward to adding these moves into my regular workout/ stretching routine. True fan of your efforts to help promote mobility; keep doing what you're doing👍🏽”

— George L.

“I loved it. Thanks kaisa. Everything well explained and helpful. Love you ❤️”

— Emilija S.

“With my workinghours it's hard to find the time to get some exercise, thankfully this program has a short and long version of the program, this way i can make the 10 minutes avaiable in the mornijg for the short one, and focus in the longer program once a week. Just completed the short one for the second time, and while i miss the mobility for some of the deeper streches i know that it will improve if i just do the short program atleast twice per week! Would highly recommend this program!”

— Sander V.

“I absolutely love it! As a former professional rower I still have many little injuries and stiffness in me which are so hard to get rid of. Mobility One helps me feel injure-free, flexible and just amazing. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Helena P.

“I was in the first group that bought this & I so appreciate the addition of the new video, the visual cues!!!!, the pdf & the warm-up exercises. It allows me to quietly take the program at my own pace when I want or if I just want to use the paper. Thank you so much for this series and the flexibility & energy it's given me. So fantastic!! Thanks Kaisa, you're awesome! no, like really..”

— Tyson T.

“That was great! I love the feeling of stretching and strengthening through transitional movements. Still to get the techniques perfected, but liked the clear explanations.”

— Christel D.

“I just completed the full updated version of Mobility One. I have never done any movements like this before. Sweat was pouring off me and I felt every bit of it. My Joints and muscles were praising your name. Thank you Kaisa, this was much needed. I have no flexibility so I will keep working at this. I can't wait to progress to your work out videos. 5 stars. Renee T.”

— Renee T.

“I love that there's a short and long version. The short has really come in handy when I want to get some movement, or recovery from a workout but maybe don't have 40 min to do it. Like everything Kaisa does, the movements are unique and functional and I have fun and look forward to her sessions. She has great energy and I love what she stands for and her authenticity!”

— Katrina A.

“I love that there's a short and long version. The short has really come in handy when I want to get some movement, or recovery from a workout but maybe don't have 40 min to do it. Like everything Kaisa does, the movements are unique and functional and I have fun and look forward to her sessions. She has great energy and I love what she stands for and her authenticity! Money well spent”

— Katrina A.

“5 star all the way Kaisa. I'm a construction worker who has been a powerlifter, 35 years of martial arts but has also been in 2 bad accidents, one car and one motorcycle. All my mobility vanished during recoveries and some has never come back. Your program is what I've been looking for and is helping me gain back some precious lost mobility. Excellent program and thank you.”

— James P.

“I just did the full Mobility One routine and am so glad I got this as from KaisaFit. The night I purchased it I did the short routine and It was really good for me to get ready for going to bed after working on my computer for hours. I wondered whether I would find the full routine more difficult to do but today when I rolled out my mat it was the perfect training sequence. I'm really wanting to develop and maintain my mobility range, rather than specifically focussing on flexibility, strength or balance. There's a bit of all of those in this routine but the emphasis on improving mobility is really what I'm after.”

— Gillian S.

“I’ve been following Kaisa on Instagram for years. Really excited when I came across this program. I purchased it instantly and couldn’t stop myself from diving right in. Absolutely love it! I love lifting and working on mobility has always been my weakness. This is a routine I can get into. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Stepfanie M.

“Love love love this routine”

— Rosemary M.

“KAISA is great. Love the pace and this works! Already feel more limber.”

— Paula D.

“I bought Mobility One, first because it isn't over priced and secondly because I was not interested in cardio fit kind of excercise. Mobility One is a perfect stretching excercise, easy to follow and Kaisa is nice, not pushy like in so many other programs. I feel very much at ease and instructions are easy to follow. I am 53 years old and in much need of stretching, Kaisa's program is perfect for me!”

— Nancy C.

“My hubby was really get stiff in his back and especially his neck. We do Mobility One about 3 times a week for 3 weeks now. He is already feeling a difference. I'm SEEING a difference. Thanks so much!!”

— JOY S.

“Has me working on mobility after so many failed attempts. Good program,.occasionally limited by connecting my phone to website and then screencasting to Apple TV. Not too big a deal.”

— Scott B.

“I've just finished Mobility One for the first time and my body feels great. I do weightlifting and I always skipped mobility and stretching because I didn't have the right programme. But this one is easy to follow with Kaisa supporting you all the time. I didn't realize how stiff I actually was. I can't wait to do it again. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Nina B.

“Mobility One is the perfect workout for me while I travel, especially when you have to sit all day. I do this right after waking up to start the day and I feel great, relaxed and energized all day long!”

— Indra F.

“Short but effective.thank you!!”

— Anita C.

“Easy, simple to use and high quality video production... Like it... :)”

— David F.

“I love this routine however, it would be nice if there was an offline option - either a pdf with the descriptions and pictures of the exercises, or an option to download the videos. Not all of us live in an area with online connectivity. I would love to purchase more of her workouts, but I spend most of my time in an area with very poor connection in which I cannot properly view videos.”

— Christina F.

“Kaisa! I finally got down to purchasing your mobility app after spraining my ankle running. After day 1 my body already felt lighter and better. So great. I got my 14 yo daughter doing the shorter workout before soccer practice and she loves it after the first week. This is a game changer for anyone looking for a little more mobility. Hoping to keep it in the regimen and get my other kids doing it. Thank you for this. You are a huge motivator!”

— Amy V.

“I would recommend to start with the short version if you are out of shape; my leg muscles were quite sore the next 2 days after I first tried the long version of the workout. Other than that I liked the pace, the variety and the moves. It would have been nice if the camera would have shown the exercises from different angles; that's the only reason I did not give 5 stars.”

— Ute W.

“I did it for the first time today and was so impressed. I have recently tried to get back to working out after having my three kids. Every time I try to do HIT workouts I ended up hurting myself. I wanted a new approach and it looks like I found it. I plan on doing this 5 times a week for the next three weeks to get myself to a place where working out doesn't hurt me. Thanks so much for this workout and I look forward to trying others in the future.”

— Amanda G.

“This was just what I was looking for. After years of horseback riding, running, martial arts, weights, etc., I never learned to stretch properly. Yoga just never clicked with me. This video is very easy to follow, clear instructions. I feel I am engaging all the right areas and will make this routine a regular part of my fitness program.”

— Cynthia S.

“This series is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been working out (more or less) my whole life. So many coaches, regimens, styles focus on other things but mobility seemed like an afterthought. This series has placed the focus on your body and it’s need for flexibility and range. It would be helpful if reminders are verbalized throughout each stretch. I was at times not looking at my screen and relied on verbal cues rather than having to stop mid way to look to see if I’m doing each step correctly.”

— Gloria S.

“Recommended by a friend, I decided to give it a go after the onset of arthritis prevented me from returning to my usual weight training. Really like Kaisa's style - straightforward and unfussy with clear instructions. The session moves along at a good pace and each exercise only lasts a minute or two so it isn't boring. Really enjoying the great stretches!”

— Morag M.

“This is the only time I've ever bought anything from an Instagram ad and I'm so glad I did! I have been doing this workout almost every day for about 2 weeks now, and I can already feel a massive difference in how stiff I am and just generally how my body feels. I am a nonathletic 50 year old woman and I had gotten really stiff after 2 years where my activity was restricted due to health issues. This workout is perfect to get my body ready to go back to more intense types of exercise. You don't have to do it perfectly to get benefit out of it. Highly recommended!”

— Cynthia G.

“I love this - I can feel the effectivity - and easily 'scale' the programme to fit my relatively poor shape. No doubt it will help me build a better shape and form.”

— stine g.

“The best mobility program. Thanks are the best. Love from Spain:)”

— Mónica G.

“Just completed my first Mobility One, and I feel so much better. As I age, I can feel my hinges and spine tightening up. I can feel already that these exercises will really help loosen and open my body up again. Thank you!”

— Deed B.

“I’m in love with this program. By the end of the 30 minuets I feel warm and loose and great. I work hard at weight lifting and strength training but I’ve always been terrible about stretching. This program is easy to follow and the time flies by. I’ll be recommending this to all of my gym friends, and to my friends that don’t go to the gym. Basically I’ll recommend it to anyone.”

— Sarah H.

“Love it! I do a good bit of lifting and HIIT so this is SO necessary but I just wasn’t finding time for mobility. I love that his feels good and hits the whole body with moves that are do-able but I wouldn’t think of them myself. And it’s time efficient. Win-win!”

— Staci P.

“Hi, I am a group fitness instructor and personal Trainer in Stuttgart@Germany and I am always trying to offer a great variety of possible workouts to my clients. Once again Kaisa your workout sets up new standards and creates new inspirations for me and my team. Mobility, stability and flexibiliy are main targets for my (most fighting oriented) routines and your workout is a very good combo to gain all these goals. I really love the way you move and you let us move. Please continue like this and.....never stop moving :-) !!! Many thanks for your positive energy and your motivation! - Pascal T”

— Pascal T.

“So what my body needs, she's kick ass, clear and creative. Love it!”

— Liz B.

“A brilliant workout. It makes your body feel free and loose. I use the short workout as a warm up and the longer workout on my recovery days. It has really helped me loosen my hips especially. You will love it.”

— Andy S.

“I teach cooking classes and required a lot of standing time. Used mobility one at night to recuperate before sleeping. It worked great! I love how relaxing and happy Kaisa made me feel!”

— Idelia T.

“Absolutely great program. I am a 59 year old male and had let myself go over the last year. The long program had all my muscles aching the next day but I was fine within a couple of sessions. It is paced really well and really helps in building mobility. Highly recommended for the older adult too.”

— Narayan G.

“I used to practice yoga regularly, take long hikes, and ride my bike. Then I went back to school to train for a new profession. All physical exercise fell by the way side. Now, years later, I have achieved my professional goals -- and keep striving to advance -- but I've also gotten older and developed the aches and pains that come with additional years and lack of exercise. Mobility One is my attempt to get back in gear and get moving. After one session, I am sore, in a good way, and optimistic that muscles long left untouched have awakened and are "talking" loudly to me! I look forward to continuing with the program, regaining mobility, and losing the soreness that is a result of lack of use. The pace is excellent, the exercises are not difficult, and your enthusiasm keeps me working toward rejuvenating my body just as I breathed new life into my career. Thank you for being so encouraging.”

— Dayna C.

“She is real! And, I love it! Thank you!”

— Sandra C.

“Kia ora x NZ. You know wen ur feeling flat, and u wnt to do something different, something that makes u take notice about self. Wen I wake up in the morning, and throughout parts of my day, I think of you Kaisa, and this healing modality. My kids post on our Messenger page about their health and fitness, and their goals to maintain health and wellbeing. I quietly go about doing mobility one, because, I'm an older woman, wanting to be free of the aches and pains that trouble me, and stress of being bullied at work, and facing wot comes with challenging that behaviour. I feel like your talking directly to me. Your voice ignites the body, and resonates with me to get on that mat, and switch you on, and get moving!! Much aroha [love] to you. Am grateful xx Nanny Pipi.”

— Maria P.

“I do yoga, barre, and run, but at 47 and with a desk job, I am beginning to feel a lack of flexibility, which is a new and not welcome feeling. These exercises are like nothing I've tried before, and they feel great.”

— Reeve C.

“After 9 years of having my left leg being 1/2” shorter than my right leg due to femoral hip fracture, it was finally evened out in November of 2018 with a left hip replacement. Unfortunately it effected my lower back worse than i thought. The mobility exercises are exactly what I’ve needed. My chiropractor is in favor as well. In fact, he’s going to implement it in his classes. The mobility exercises are allowing me to get my flexibility back and eliminating my pain.”

— Randy B.

“I just found Kaisa and started her workouts. I love them! The mobility workout is just what I need to help with my tight muscles. I like that she explains the moves before we do them. She keeps us motivated and engaged!”

— Dianne E.

“I have gone through the program twice, once with my son and then by myself. We both enjoyed the movements and realize how limited we are in some of the movements. My son (who is 13) commented that he felt increased mobility halfway through the session! I look forward to working on my mobility with the help of this video and seeing the benefits happen over time. Thank you, Steve”

— Steve J.

“My second day with the mobility program. I love it! The time went so fast, couldnt believe it was over. I think it will definitely help with my flexibility. Thank you!”

— Bobbi J.

“I am a Personal Trainer in Chicago and I am always trying to find a better way to move. Flexibility and mobility (also, stability) are very important to me since those are the foundation to all movements. I loved this really getting into those deeper muscles and moving well. First time I went through the updated at the end I felt so relived and relaxed that I could've went straight to sleep (too bad I had to get back to work!) Highly recommend!”

— Jessie F.

“Great workout routine, got my body moving in ways that it hadn't in years. Can definitely tell this will be a big benefit. Video is great quality, each movement is explained and clearly demonstrated. Kaisa is encouraging without being annoying. And no music, which I love. Easier to concentrate. Thanks for the great video!”


“Excellent workout. Easy to follow and exactly what I needed to add in my quest to “move more””

— Lisa A.

“I recently suffered from sciatica--very debilitating. I've exercised all my life, I'm 62 and in pretty good shape, but stretching and being kind to my body was not always a priority. The movements in the Mobility ONE are perfect for me. I don't feel like I'll hurt myself while still trying to recuperate and stretch my back and joints. I even feel like I'm getting a workout and even felt stronger and my joints loosened after my first workout. I can't wait to feel 100% so that I can incorporate my workouts with the Mobility moves. I love the short one for mornings that I'm running late to get out the door. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Elena N.

“I just finished my first mobility workout. I have had significant (probably arthritic) pain in my hips my legs my feet and my neck and shoulders, so I am excited to try something other than surgery and more medication to help me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much ROM I actually have although far from where I should be. So I am encouraged to take this proactive step towards taking care of my body. Thank you!”

— Bonnie T.

“I'm a personal trainer and find mobility ONE such a great programme. I have multiple back problems which leaves me in constant pain especially after exercising or running and after doing just one session, I managed to run practically pain free the next day. Needless to say, I came home and did another one straight after the run. I was so impressed that I have gone on to buy more programmes and love her enthusiasm, the simplicity of her explanations and not too much drivel!."”

— Emma C.

“No doubt about it, this will be a beneficial program for anyone who has tight hips.”

— Meagan C.

“A perfect companion for a gym routine. I haven't had such a good session in years! It hits the spot, and then some. Great workout, I feel this could make a real difference in my body. Super happy I got it. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Nir S.

“Ohmygawd even though we’re stretching, what a work out! I also feel looser in my hip and low back area, especially in the morning. Definitely adding to my daily routines. Thank you!”

— Cara F.

“I would easily give this 5 stars IF there were more chest opening and back bend type moves. I don’t think the majority of us are tight in our posterior chain muscles I think we suffer from over used anterior chain muscles. Chest and hip flexors mostly. Which pull us forward and this strain our upper and lower back and (weak, underused) glutes is what causes pain and poor posture. So, if there were more chest openers and some sort of sequences that not only lengthens the psoas but relaxes it. 😊”

— Kim C.

“Very pleased. Needed something to add to my exercise regime that would help with flexibility & balance. I'm older than most & balance is a bit of an issue. I exercise with weights 1-2 times a week in a super slow protocol. And try to increase my general activity level of life. The full 30 minute Mobility One is a bit of a stretch for me. (Be sure to modify as your abilities require.) My immediate goal is to do the full version once a week, occasionally twice, & to use the short version 4-5 times a week upon waking in the mornings. Once I become much more proficient with these, I will increase frequency of the full 30 minute version. Really glad I found this resource. Lifetime access to these for the price is great. Thank you, Kaisa”

— Eric L.

“I was looking for something like this and I'm not disappointed! It is clear, easy to follow, feels really good, paced right and NO MUSIC, yes!!! I've learn a new word "Glute" which wasn't in my British English vocabulary ;-) Merci beaucoup from France! Catherine”

— Catherine V.

“Great and simple mobility exercise. However, it's very fast sometimes, I would have wanted a 1-2 slow explanation at the beginning of each "segment! "movement" and then go into the faster pace. It's great that there is a section where you can practice each movement on your own, but I still want to be reminded in the actual workout. It's a very common structure too if you look at similar "group training" with an instructor to do so. Also, the "go team" just feels out of place.”

— Maria S.

“This will literally save my butt! I transitioned a year ago from a very active job to a desk job and my butt is KILLING ME. But so are my knees and hips too. Working these mobility moves into my daily routine is getting all the cobwebs out. I'm so grateful.”

— Michelle B.

“Solid program. I wish they had a video casting option. I would really like to have this video on my TV instead of lap top.”

— Vince R.

“Great just challenging enough to make the work out interesting”

— sally s.

“I am almost 60 yrs old, and am interested when I see products that might suit my abilities. When I saw kaisafit, I recognized many aspects that were aligned with my understanding of joint and muscle health. I have worked as an occupational therapist, and understand Range of Motion, I have also learned some yoga, tai chi, pilates. After reviewing the entire routine, I have decided that I will break it down for myself, learning a few movements in sequence to memorize, and eventually be able to complete it independently. I believe that the combination of joint mobility while stabilizing for strengthening is precisely what I need to maintain my physical well being at this point in my life and into the future.”

— veronica m.

“OMG I’m so glad I found this exercise program!!! After recovering from a spinal fracture 2 yrs ago, I’ve struggled to find exercises my body can handle. My lumbar spine, core & glutes have never felt this fantastic in 20yrs. Amazing program. The moves are difficult enough to challenge you, but completely do-able. I’m stronger & more free in mobility everyday. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kaisa! Your program has helped me rehab, & I’m back horse riding again. Love your work. ❤️”

— Lisa F.

“The movements are great and its helpful to have a guide through them and the fine points of.proper form. But 2 pieces of feedback. 1. Please STOP saying " good team" it's kind of annoying. 2. I like the suggestion of doing this before bed. Because I often wake up still. But for that I would want a much slower version. The last thing I would want to do is get pumped up by the quickness of the routine. Powering.down for bed requires slower movements. Maybe create a more mellow evening routine? It's great for the morning though!”

— Lisa B.

“This really opens up my joints in a non-stressful way. And gets me to stretch. I like that it’s not about "muscles" but about inner strength, which will make my muscles stronger.”

— Joanne M.

“Love it! I had hips pain..not anymore!”

— Val Y.

“Five stars easy!!! I really enjoyed Mobility One and I felt relief in my body immediately. I was actually a bit surprised that my body was able to get into the positions with such ease. Thanks so much Kaisa!!!”

— Shakeem R.

“Excellent hybrid of yoga, pilates and flexibility exercises which works really well to loosen up your joints. I've had terribly stiff joints for ages, and this set should really work well to loosen me up. 4 stars because (1) no recommendation on how often to do this is mentioned in the video, and (2) no alternatives are mentioned if you have injuries. Otherwise a very well put together set and I'll be doing this regularly from now on to keep my flexibility up. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Elizabeth J.

“I am 64 and have some mobility and range of motion issues, this, of course, leads to pain. I have taken various yoga classes and bought the famous yoga video DVDs for increasing range of motion. The big name DVDs are a little too demanding and less beneficial than I had hoped. I've narrowed down a bunch of poses (from the DVDs as well as studio classes) to the ones that I thought beneficial and do this subset almost daily, with some benefit. I've only just begun, but, I have attempted all poses and feel that they will be very beneficial. I like Kaisa's approach as each move is broken down into its own video so you can perfect each move until you feel comfortable with the full "flow". I have taken private "rehab-style" yoga classes that were much more expensive and less divers in targeted body parts. Thank you Kasia, keep up the great work! Rick A.”

— Rick A.

“I gifted myself Mobility One for my 55th birthday, hoping to bring some more mobility to my aging joints and muscles. I started with the 10-minute session, and completed the 30-minute session this morning. The deep stretches are a great way to wake up my body, and prepare for a day of desk work. The 10-minute session will be great for lunch or unwinding after a long day. Kaisa's instructions are simple and encouraging. The video breakdown is especially helpful. I know if I keep at it, some day I'll be able to do the downward dog to elbow tap!”

— Sarah R.

“Completed my first session this morning -loved it, am looking forward to the increased mobility I can already feel it will bring.”

— Lynda D.

“love this program!!”

— Chris F.

“I’m a military pilot and spend a lot of time strapped into an ejection seat. Suffice to say, this program is a game changer for my mobility. Don’t wait to begin a mobility program, you’ll wonder why you waited. Denis B”

— Denis B.

“Thank you thank you for this well researched thoughtful recovery and mobility routine!! I have a complicated fitness regime because I train and perform in the aerial arts. I'm 54 and injuries happen way faster and take way longer to overcome these days. While Physio and Chiro help a lot, it's movements like these that keep me pliable and feeling good in between training days. Yoga is sometimes too painful on my joints - it's all the holding - but all your found movements within each position is the key for me!! Super excited by this! Thank you again!”

— Stephanie W.

“I have a sedentary job but I like to keep fit with running and yoga. Mobility One is a wonderful workout, an original approach to improve flexibility and strength. The workout is very effective for joint mobility, and this is very important to prevent injuries. Moreover, Kaisa is a real enthusiastic trainer: her passion for the sport is "the cherry on top" for a very fun workout!”

— Massimo T.

“Two words "Hell yeah!" Where have you been all my life? Short routine is perfect for the mornings just before I get ready for work. The long ones I do on weekends and some evenings. this was worth every penny. Thank you so much.”

— Farra M.

“THIS IS BLOODY AMAZING!!! Just bought this program today and tried it for the first time. Got rid of all the kinks in my body. Like literally feel so loose!! Gaaaah!!! GONNA DO IT EVERYDAY!!! Thank you so much for creating this!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖”

— Kimberly T.

“Exactly what I was looking for! As I'm aging I've noticed my joints losing flexibility. This is such a great routine to get that motion back. I try to do the longer routine 3 times a week and the short version the other days. This is a lifetime routine for sure! Thanks Kaisa!! Kelli R”

— Kelli R.

“hola kaisa tengo 65 años y padesco de artrosis en ambas rodillas, pero desde que inicié tu programa de ejercicios en Mobility one he mejorado mi movilidad hablidad para poder caminar sin bastón,recomiendo ampliamente este programa a todas las personas mayores ya que la clave de una vida sana es no dejarse de mover nunca. gracias por su ayuda, estoy muy agradecido por haber conocido este programa de ejercicios. José Antonio.”

— josé antonio d.

“I do a variety of work-outs. Vinyasa yoga, hiking, kick boxing and barre. This Mobility One workout is helping me stay away from aches and pains. I am 53 and feel so strong. This is definitely a workout - leaving me mobile, sweaty and with my hips open - very refreshed and ready to go.”

— Eva M.

“I broke my neck and back 4 years ago. Maintaining mobility is an everyday necessity. I have my own routine based on the exercises I learned from 2 years of physical therapy and my somewhat spotty yoga routine. This is an incredible addition to my mobility routine. It steps things up for me in all the right ways - big hip and shoulder openings along with side-to-side back openings. I love it. Worth every penny and then some.”

— Linda T.

“I love your energy, positivity and the way you coach. This is exellent mobility routine and I'm definitely adding it to my workouts. Thank you Kaisa! Loving your smile! :)”

— Jussi J.

“I enjoyed this practice quite a lot. I didn't realize how hard we were working! Boy, I'm still sore two days later. But in a good way. I found the instructions very clear and also it's fun. Great instructor.”

— Ellen Y.

“This is my first session - I feel like I've worked a lot of muscle groups and everything has loosened up. Looking forward to extending the training sessions. Eva”

— Eva A.

“The Universe always has a way of providing me with the tools I need on my journey. Finding Kaisa was just that next step I needed to take in order to heal my body and mind. What I appreciate the most about Mobility One is that it's targeting the areas of my 54 year young body that I've been struggling to heal with the assistance of different modalities without success. Taking our bodies through their natural range of motion is the key to healthy, strong bodies that we need to carry us along our life journeys. We need to get back to basics and I love Kaisa's attitude about us being more than our bodies! I'm feeling stronger, more confident in my skin and find myself looking forward to my next visit with Kaisa. A job well done! Thank you.”

— RoseAnne D.

“Just finished the updated Mobility One and I feel awesome!! 95% of my pain is gone and all the tightness is gone. I will incorporate this as much as possible to continue getting more and more mobility. Kaisa is a great motivator and the class was a great place!”

— Jasmine P.

“Love this workout! I think we ALL need this no matter how fit you are or are not! My only recommendation for improvement would be a beginner and advanced version of the same workout - advanced meaning that Kaisa doesn't spend time explaining the forms so that the workout flows faster for people who have done her routine frequently already... Thank you so much for this beautiful video!”

— Amanda A.

“Great series and clear instruction!”

— Linda J.

“AWESOME...Did the 10 minutes first day and the longer program the next. Feels so good and all my tight places aren't any more.”

— Lorraine C.

“The title says it all, great mobility movements. Just did the original 30 minute workout. Didn't expect that I would needed to sweat :) Would have liked a bit more guidance on breathing, but the movements are great. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Sheldon L.

“After changing jobs and struggling to find time to move regularly, my already flexibility challenged bod was feeling super tight. I struggle with motivation when I have to face how much I regressed from neglecting ROM focused workouts and Kaisa's frequent praise and gentle guidance are exactly what I needed.”

— Lisbeth R.

“Started with Mobility One just last week, and it’s become a must-do. I’m 57 and been practising Yoga for 25 years three times a week, and have combined running and TRX training on alternate days over the last 3 years. Mobility One is a great program to add mobility, and I’m sure I’ll gain a lot from it. Thank you Kaisa.”

— Desikan R.

“This is just what I needed! I’ve been lifting for over a year now and I am horrible at stretching and I bought this and YEASSS! I’m putting this in my routine for lifting! I love how we have different times so if you have a long time for mobility use the 40 mins, if you just need a quick stretch, use the 10 mins! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!”

— Nicole W.

“I felt amazing after completing mobility one! It is easy to follow, motivating, and includes awesome stretching exercises! I would recommend this to anyone at any age as a wonderful addition to your routine!”

— Darien G.

“Love this workout! I did it this morning and my body feels amazing.. I have MS and my mobility isn't great but this is the best workout I have done in a very long time. It's the missing piece to the puzzle. I go to the gym and lift weights, I play wheelchair tennis and my shoulders and hips get very sore and tight. Literally feeling no pain in them right now!”

— Kate C.

“I am really enjoying this workout, the stretches are great, the pace is good and it's easy to follow.”

— Morag G.

“I use it to stretch and strengthen after running.”

— lisa f.

“Good movement, a little bit fast in the movement. Only after 3days i feel more flexible in the shoulder and hips!”

— Asa L.

“I have always wanted to be more flexible and never found the perfect routine until now! I love Kaisa and all her workout material!”

— Aleaha C.

“This is the first workout that I've seen that specifically focuses on increasing and maintaining joint mobility (in all joints of the body). It's an important routine to mix into the yoga, pilates, strength, and cardio routines. Thanks for creating it! My only suggestion is that I wish it had a few exercises for the neck/cervical column.”

— Liz D.

“As a 35 year old woman, I knew that I was starting to run out of time to really get my health in check before things started falling apart with middle age. I had never had a regular exercise routine before, but had always had severe back pain. I began a light walking and cardio/strength training regimen, and found that I was feeling tight and stiff. After only completing this video ONE TIME, I felt totally different. I woke up nimble and relaxed, and not stiff as I had every morning for years. And don't be fooled by this video - it's refreshing and invigorating, but it is work - and it's SO worth it!”

— kaitlin h.

“Wanted a change up from the mobility program been doing for last few years, in addition to some yoga sessions. The flow and movement in Kaisa’s regime really work for me. Hips and midback much better as a result. Highly recommend.”

— Ray W.

“I am overweight and out of shape. And stiff. This is a really challenging program. I think I got in over my head and bought something for people who are way more fit than I am. But I'm going to stick with it! I did 10 min one first, then 40 minute one the next day and I'm really sore today, but in a good way. It's working! I really like her tone and positivity. I wish there was one for less fit people like me (read pretty overweight) because there are just some moves I couldn't do despite trying my hardest. Or at least a little more time to do the moves since I'm a bit slower. All that said, I'm hopeful this will help get me moving and feel less pain and more mobility so I can feel good enough to do more cardio and lose the weight.”

— Meaghan T.

“What a great class! I'm so happy I signed up. I will make this a go-to routine every time I have a hike coming up or a challenging day or when I wake up particularly stiff. I like how Kaisa connects with her team, how she makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and how she shares her own challenges. Thank you Kaisa, and keep up the great work!”

— Laura B.

“Loving this video and the updated version was clearly responding to some early feedback. Thank you Kaisa! The concept of "mobility" is front and center for me because I sit at a desk all day and do regular long haul travel - so I experience hip and shoulder pain despite working out regularly. Finding this routine has been a lifesaver. I can do it anywhere and feel relief almost immediately. I'm telling my friends!”

— Joy W.

“I am a power yogi and yoga teacher. I love a good class. I have been working on opening my hips more and this was the perfect compliment to all the other things that I do! I liked the flow of it and her take on the yoga poses.. just different ways of entering the same pose. Will definitely keep as part of my repertoire!”

— tiffany s.

“Thank you for this routine. It’s a fantastic way to start my day to get the body moving and mobile. I am a Spartan racer and need as much mobility as possible through the upper back, shoulders and hips and this helps me in all of my training.. Looking forward to Mobility 2.”

— Steve A.

“I'm a stiff middle aged weight lifter. I find yoga difficult because of balance problems and in yoga if I try to do certain poses there is just no way it is going to happen. When I tried Mobility One the poses were easy and well explained, and unlike a yoga teacher I could put it on pause until I was ready. I did my first session tonight and loved it. It was hard but easy if that makes sense.... there was pain and stiffness but it felt good and I didn't need to be a circus Soleil contortionist to perform the moves. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to improve their mobility no matter what age or level of flexibility.”

— Gary S.

“Coming back from a herniated disc, this is such a mindful and impactful routine. Easy to set up anywhere, moves everything and great for shifting focus back to the core.”

— Rachel C.

“I found the level to be just right - not to difficult but with enough of a challenge to make it interesting. I also like the facility to play each movement separately - makes it easy to review a movement I didn't understand. Thanks for creating a fun, thorough workout Kaisa.”

— Stuart T.

“I loveeeeeee this routine!!!!!!!!!! Unlike other stretching routines that require long periods of stretching, I love how Kaisa's Mobility routine goes through so many different dynamic stretches within 45 minutes. I feel so loose after stretching. No more pain my hips, glutes, or quads! It's the best feeling! Kaisa please do another mobility video targeted towards the upper body! Thank you!!”

— Gabyliz M.


— Chris Q.

“Mobility One is great as a part of your weekly routine, but it's also perfect if you need to ease back into working out. The movements are approachable, and Kaisa's reminders to listen to your body, to go gently, and to continue incorporating these movements into your workouts are so appreciated.”

— Clare T.

“I use the 30 minute version as a mobility warmup before my kettlebell workouts, or before any of Kaisa’s bodyweight workouts. It’s perfect.”

— Tony D.

“You are my rolemodel. Although I try to work out three times a week, never catch up. You Mobility One has come to cover me. I'm full of energy all week. That's what I wanted. Thank you!!!! Keep going we follow you!!”

— kyriaki M.

“I love Kaisa's positive encouragement and her variety of exercises that really target flexibility and motion movements. I have been following Kaisa for a while now on Facebook and I am so happy to be able to purchase her routines and do them at home. I can only aspire to be as fit as Kaisa ...... great job Kaisa! Thank you Julie”

— Julie C.

“Great mobility routine for any time of the day or night. Love how it flows from move to move. To make it better it would be perfect I could download the video to do offline on my iPad when I am travelling.”

— Karl E.

“So far so great! At 55 Ive realised that mobility is now a major reason to exercise. Loss of mobility means loss of living my life to my full potential. So this workout really struck a chord with me. Its hard, it gets me sweating, but short enough to cover all joints and tight muscles and to keep me coming back to it. Thank you Kaisa. I look forward to more mobility the more I use this fantastic tool.”

— Bron D.

“I enjoying the workout very much. It's worth every cent spent on it. I like exercises, the presentation and my feelings after the workout.”

— Sergey K.

“Like all workouts with Kaisa Mobility is effective, sustainable and you feel you are constantly guided and in good company. With Mobility you cover all ranges of motions with no stress in a few minutes just by breathing in synch with super Kaisa!”

— Tite T.

“I have only 20-30 minutes free time every day after I put the kids to bed and have cleaned the house. This mobility program perfectly fits my needs and fill the small time slot that I have available. And the style is super encouraging thus keeping me motivated in the evening.”

— Tuomas V.

“Okay seriously I love Kaisa! Her routine to help us with our joints mobility, is simply amazing. I loved it! I will do this routine several morning a week! Thank so you so much Kaisa!”

— Maryse T.

“Mobility One is excellent! I know I should stretch more but rarely do. Feels amazing after the first session. I am excited to add this to my routine and see the improvements that come from it.”

— Kelsey O.

“My hips and posterior chain have always been tight, due to mostly competitive powerlifting. Giving this system a chance, and religiously practicing the movements, my hips are MUCH looser, as well as hamstrings. I was not aware of how much better I feel! I will certainly keep continuing to work this program.”

— Gregory B.

“I decided to try mobility one, because I found myself getting stiffness in many areas. I like to keep fit, but as I am in my seventies, also need a good programme to restore mobility in my joints, and muscles. My first session really found where my stiffness is. I am on my third session and can already feel a slight improvement. The exercises and instructions are well thought out and presented. Also, once you have mastered the exercises there is a download with a list of the exercises that you can follow without being tied to the computer. A very good system.”

— Michael C.

“Thank you for this beautifull approach. I really like thoses exercices. It would be really nice to receive directly on the transaction mail teh link to the vidéo at same time . As a pdf, it would be great to have some snap shot of the video summering posture of the exercice. Thank you”

— Christoph G.

“I just tried the short Mobility One as a cool down before bed and I was pleasantly challenged even with a shorter workout. I tend to have tight hamstrings so the sumo squats and raises were welcomed. I plan to do this one a few nights a week and will give the 40 minute program a go twice a week. As someone with piriformis syndrome, the hip exercises are really useful. Love the instruction!”

— Donna N.

“This mobility routine is awesome! Mobility is so important for a full range of motion in training. Kaisa is an awesome coach! I'm a personal trainer and i look up to her! Great Work!!”

— sarah s.

“I like these updates!! I feel like I can go through each movement with ease and reap the full benefit of each pose. The direction for several of the poses are also clarified. I also enjoy the shorter versions for those times when I’m a little pressed for time!”

— Tanya F.

“Absolutely brilliant. Just completed my first one after a 10k race and feel great. Will be including this in my weekly workouts and cool downs.”

— Anthony H.

“Just bought this and watched the videos. I love the fact that there is a total breakdown of the 25 movements and the same for the warm up. My first thoughts are that I would like more focus on the shoulders, but as I have not actually done the routines yet, it is not fair to comment. It would also be nice if this was available on DVD as I am old school and like to have all of my workout programs on disk. All in all, looks like a good program so far though.”


“Excellent, just what I was looking for.”

— Tiffany S.

“I am 63 and have only exercised for 4 years. Your videos are very precise and the flow of the movements are perfect. Thank you and keep up the excellence.”

— Kathleen D.

“Love, love, love it! As an ultra runner, I use tend to use my body in one direction. Going through this program my weaknesses were obvious and give me goals to work towards. I LOVE the way it takes you from head to toe in all planes.”

— Sandy M.

“I am filled with gratitude in discovering KasiaFit mobility routines! They are very good work, soothing instruction, no loud music, and a great addition to my fitness routine. I swim, TRX, yoga, PiYo, and GMB. I really love how the Mobility series is around 20 minutes long, and gets right to it. I am looking at getting the Hotel series next. I enjoy variety, and sometimes combining a couple of 20 or 30 minute programs in a day are really satisfying physically, mentally, and spiritually. Keep up the great work!”

— Julie B.

“Its a perfect start of the day. You slowely wake up the body. I have only done it a few times and now i want to learn it so i can do it myself with some calming music in the ears. Kaisa is easy to follow but sometimes it goes a little to fast for me.”

— Nina d.

“This is such an excellent resource. As someone who never buys online plans of any kind, I decided that I would invest in Kaisa's Mobility One. Firstly the price is amazing, I was happy to pay and I'm so glad I did! You get different options, so if you are short on time you don't have to complete the full one. This program has not only helped me with my recovery massively but it is also very enjoyable and I feel great after doing it. Now I stretch all the time and do it for my body not just because I am sore! Great program, so easy to follow. I highly recommend as it is so worth it! I will definitely be investing in more of Kaisa's plans. Thank you so much for such a great program!”

— Sara H.

“Tried for the first time yesterday and am already looking forward to trying again today! Kaisa is a great instructor and the movements she’s put together feels really good.”

— Karolin E.

“I will probably do this protocol to the one day before my life. Kaisa is awesome, indeed.”

— Shinobu K.

“This program has helped me tremendously!! I don't always have time to go to the gym every single day. Started doing this program in the morning before I start my day and my body feels the results. I have more energy through my day and I feel less stiff. The movements are Great! Thanks Kaisa, You've done it again!”

— Bekah R.

“I LOVE this program! It is the first program I have ever bought where I really feel like doing the exercises. My body is comfortable with the exercises and I feel joy by making them. The program is tough (for someone like me who has not trained or moved for a long time) but also enjoyable at the same time. Kaisa you make me WANT to move - Thank you with all my heart 🙏🏻❤️”

— Betina L.

“Only a few days into using Mobility One but already liking it ! I did see one review that said it was nothing new - everything available on Youtube. Well, I can buy all the parts to make a Mustang on ebay but how the heck do I put it all together !”

— David E.

“Really loved this. Often times, you know you need to stretch your body and make mobility a daily routine, but you can get hung up on just a few movements and not know how else to properly stretch, loosen and move your body. Not with Mobility One. I needed a teaching like this that not only opens my mind and body to new ways of movement and stretching but also really challenges me as well to consistently get better at something my body truly needs. It felt like a workout in and of itself! Thank you Kaisa for Mobility One; a great, challenging routine that is timeless!”

— Jason P.

“I think the workouts chosen are great but the instruction portion needs a little work. She needs to slow way down and use words like right, left, inner, outer, etc. It's much easier to follow verbal instructions while your in down dog than to try and watch the TV screen. Overall I really like it! Just needs some tweaking.”

— Melinda Z.

“I love this routine so much! I feel that every move accomplishes so many things at once. I feel lighter, more energetic, and more flexible each time I do it! Thank you Kaisa for this program and for your inspirational Instagram. 🏆”

— Krista R.

“Did the short video,I need to stretch my body ,not very flexible!😍looove it !!very doable!!!cant wait to do the rest!!”

— Mildred C.

“Very good chain of movements involving yoga and dynamic stretch. It focuses on the most crucial body part, the hip and around and also reaches every muscles. Good to have Mobility One in reach. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Csaba K.

“I always lack in adding stretching to my daily workouts and my weekly workout schedule and these are perfect in helping me recover and keeping me going. I recently ran a Spartan Beast and using these to both prepare me going into the race as well as recovering have been a game changer!”

— Tara R.

“Love that there is pdf download. I draw stick figures to remind me what’s required. Love the flow and the breakdown of the exercise, options of progression. Option of long and short is great!!”

— Rosa B.

“Feel great the entire day doing it in the morning!”


“An incredible program I never thought that exercises can change my well-beeing within one day. And I didnt know how uptight I was before. I fell like my body carries 30 pounds less. I suggested it to my whole family. I also like the presentation. Clear understandable and you can feel that this person knows what she is talking about. Once again- a phantastic program!”

— Charles M H.

“I was feeling so old and creaky and having a hard time staying flexible and active. After just a couple of workouts, my range of motion has increased and the sciatic never pain is greatly reduced. I credit this stretching routine for helping me go back to school (standing on concrete floors all day) and not feeling the usual aches and pains as a result. I love having the short and long versions so I can fit in a quick stretch when there isn't time for the full routine. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Donna B.

“This is one of my favourite Ways to move, am loving the new short version and would definitely be keen on having a variety of short mobility sequences like this. Kaisa is so positive and motivating you will just want to keep doing the workouts.”

— Lisa W.

“Mobility One is my go-to whenever I feel sore from working out and it always helps me to move my body in gentle ways and feel more active again! Also really appreciate the free update to the newest version AND the short version!!”

— Lyna D.

“I'm a Yoga Instructor who has incorporated Mobility One into my practice with women of 'indeterminate age'! I love Mobility One and so appreciated the free access to the update! KaisaFit truly delivers an affordable yet high end product and I have purchased many from other sites😊”

— Jeri P.

“Great stuff out there, good for al levels all goals”

— Florin M.

“Excellent routine and equally excellent instructor. You will definitely benefit from this mobility session.”

— Oytun A.

“Very happy with this review. Coming back from ankle tendon surgery and a long period of non-exercise prior. This is perfect and I plan to do this regularly even when I am able to start on Kaisa's more vigorous programs. Flexibility and movement are key, no matter your age. Many thanks!”

— Nicole K.

“I like this video a lot! I love Kaisa and I like how she works along with me the entire time. I never stretched enough so now I pay the price. It is perfect for me because it is stretching with movement and I use it on days that my body needs some tlc! ❤️”

— Gina F.

“This was an excellent mobilization video it was structured into small sections and each stretch was very well executed”

— Tammie Y.

“I am a weightlifter and this mobility hits all the right areas! It is so great to have something that I can use before and after my trainings.”

— Whitney A.

“Loving training with Kaisa. I use this as a fix on my rest day. Awesome for flexibility and improving mobility!”

— Jane U.

“This was an amazing stretching routine that my body needed. As my body is getting older, I can feel I definitely need to be incorporating more stretching sessions into my fitness schedule. I teach STRONG several times during the week and boy do my hamstrings and quads get tight! This is exactly what I needed:) Thank you for your expertise in creating this stretch session! :)”

— Lisa S.

“This workout was great! I was feeling very tight before starting in, but it really loosened me up. It was great for my hips and shoulders, in particular. Highly recommended!”

— Molly A.

“This is the BEST mobility sequence I have EVER used. Common sense, no BS, effective movement. Kaisa you are the GODDESS of mobility, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I plan to buy one of her strength programmes, I bet shes the Goddess of that too. 👸”

— Rodney K.

“Amazing video with great detail and transition time between movements. I wish I had multiple videos for different days.”

— James G.

“I did my first session of Mobility One. My perspective is that of a 50 year old guy who is not very fit. I found the program very well instructed. It gave me a good stretch, but was not passive but active, which I personally liked. Over time I hope to do the exercises as well as the instructor (Kaisa). I would say this is good value at the price, and is a program I would want to do 1-2 x a week.”

— Abhijit G.

“M1 was joyfully painful!! Way harder then I thought it would be but perfect for what I was wanting. Gonna do it at least 2x/wk see how my flexibility improves.”

— Ruben R.