Amanda W.?1 00:00:02,070 --> 00:00:05,140 - So I just did the Mobility Star workout 2 00:00:05,140 --> 00:00:07,250 for the very first time. 3 00:00:07,250 --> 00:00:12,250 And I have two words to describe how I feel about it. 4 00:00:13,040 --> 00:00:14,363 Hell yes. 5 00:00:15,220 --> 00:00:16,530 This workout is so great. 6 00:00:16,530 --> 00:00:20,280 I broke my toe a couple months ago. 7 00:00:20,280 --> 00:00:25,030 And I haven't really been moving that much since then. 8 00:00:25,030 --> 00:00:27,880 And the pandemic and the weight of the world 9 00:00:27,880 --> 00:00:32,880 has just kept me sort of immobile, quite honestly. 10 00:00:33,330 --> 00:00:34,900 I haven't really been getting the movement 11 00:00:34,900 --> 00:00:39,900 that I previously had and I don't know, 12 00:00:40,120 --> 00:00:41,460 this just felt so great. 13 00:00:41,460 --> 00:00:44,240 It really opened up my body. 14 00:00:44,240 --> 00:00:47,100 And it's funny 'cause right after I was done 15 00:00:47,100 --> 00:00:48,990 I got a little bit teary-eyed. 16 00:00:48,990 --> 00:00:52,232 And I know that a lot of times when you kind of open up, 17 00:00:52,232 --> 00:00:54,530 parts of your body that have been closed off 18 00:00:54,530 --> 00:00:56,250 the emotions kinda come flooding through 19 00:00:56,250 --> 00:00:59,451 and that's kinda what happened. 20 00:00:59,451 --> 00:01:01,880 I wanna be best friends with my wall. 21 00:01:01,880 --> 00:01:05,800 The wall exercises feel so great. 22 00:01:05,800 --> 00:01:09,610 And I just got a great stretch in the back of my legs 23 00:01:09,610 --> 00:01:12,620 and in my arms, I mean, look, the sun is coming out, 24 00:01:12,620 --> 00:01:17,173 like this is how Mobility Star makes me feel, wow. 25 00:01:19,710 --> 00:01:21,700 I'm gonna be doing this workout 26 00:01:21,700 --> 00:01:24,573 probably every morning for the rest of my life. 27 00:01:26,370 --> 00:01:27,523 Thanks Mobility Star.
“I usually do not leave reviews, but so far, I think this program is excellent. I've been looking for a good mobility program, and after a few sessions of Start Mobility, I do feel a little looser. I enjoy the pace, the exercises and Kaisa's upbeat personality and great smile! So, if you're looking for a gentle yet thorough mobility program, you've found it here!”

— Abbe S.

“sorry not going to rate this as not fair to you at this time, I'm sure this will get better for me, I had both Knee replacements a year ago, and having shoulders issues, so things ar rough for me right now.”

— Loretta L.

“This program is Perfect!! Just what I needed to make a new start in my health journey. I've been working from home since last March do to the pandemic and haven't been working out or moving as much. This is a great way to get started. I noticed that when I do this mobility workout I feel so much better throughout my day.”

— Krystle T.

“I love this and intend to keep going- will be ready for the next step soon, I think!”

— Deidre L.

“I have mild arthritis in the mid toracic area, causing me back pain, including sciatic nerve pain that on times i take my whole right side in numb sensation or pain (depending on the day). I love working out and sometimes because of it i dont even know how to start, because sometimes its just worst after! 😟 Anyway i started doing mobility for a whole week! And i can tell you i feel i can move know😃 i have even started working out this week! Love it! And going to keep doing it, the long on the days im not very busy and the short version when im busy! I absolutely recommend!👍”

— Yvette A.

“Thank you for making me move after 4 years of sedentary office chair life! I will keep going :)”

— Itzel V.

“I purchased the Mobility bundle on a whim and am only in a week of START Mobility and WOW. In a short amount of time, I'm waking up with reduced pain levels and moving around more freely, sleeping deeper and general speaking, more energy. I had expected this to be a long journey and am FLOORED with the quick progress. Highly recommended!”

— Raina S.

“it has me finally moving and jump starting doing something for myself. I let 2020 to get to me and bring me down and my mobility really suffered. Thank you, i love that you have a ten minute and a 30 minute course, this way when i feel a bit more mobile i will be able to do the 30 minutes. I just started it on saturday so this is actually my first week!”

— Guillermina M.

“I did one of the start series 6 days this week. I want to let you know how much I appreciate it and you, Kaisa. I am starting to exercise after almost a year and the start series is helping me wake up my muscles and allow me to get more motion and strength without injury. I normally would try to pick up where i was the last time i worked out, which inevitably ended in pain. I love seeing my body remember its own strength and look forward to seeing what else is possible. Thank you. Keep going.”

— Kara W.

“This is an excellent video to use in any stage of fitness. I love using it first thing in the morning to loosen up before I start the day, or treat it as a dynamic warmup video. It’s also the perfect video for days when my body is too exhausted to do a full workout - the 10 minute video is the perfect amount of movement for a true day off.”

— Reilly K.

“Kaisa, this is absolutely beautiful and fantastic workout! I love that you really point out the importance of going slow and being nice and gentle to out body. Thank you!”

— Ajda P.

“I've been in recovery for an eating disorder and have consequentially gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of my strength and mobility. I loved this workout and could instantly tell how this was gearing up for a more fluid yoga-esque practice. I'm so excited by the modifications as I can actually feel accomplishe, "yay, I did exactly what the instructor said," instead of defeated - "I'll never be able to do what they're doing." Thanks for making this and for creating such thoughtful and empowering modifications. ♥♥♥”

— Melissa J.

“I have been in bed with Covid and getting moving again feels so good. After being sick this is a perfect place to start back up. Tried short first and today did the long one. Had to take a break! Sickness sucks! But did the whole thing and feel good about it.”

— Natalie K.

“Nice slow start. Great workout for getting in touch with my body's do's and don't's. Awesome prep for Mobility One!”

— Kia S.

“Love it!”

— Jodi S.

“After two years (OMG) of not working out, and a double joint replacement over the summer, I needed something to just get me started! Kaisa is so personable, and her instructions and demonstrations are crystal clear. I have some limitations - no running, jumping, or hopping - but I already know how to substitute if needed. So far I'm enjoying the program, just kind of embarrassed how out of shape I am. I have a tendency to 'go hard' and end up giving up because I can't meet my own expectations. I don't feel that so far, instead, I'm happy to be moving again and setting goals to keep going.”

— Sharon B.

“Completed first Start Mobility! Loved it!! At 59 its a perfect fit for me! I'm looking forward to feeling my progress.”

— Deborah G.

“Totally Fantastic ! Keeps me going on any day.”

— Jodie H.

“I got this, thinking I'd probably only use it on injury days. All the Mobility movements are targeted and gentle, and . But GUESS WHAT? Last week I had emergency abdominal surgery, and as soon as the MD says okay, I'm going to start doing START Mobility. I've done them all before, and I think they are going to be perfect for my post-surgery body. SO so glad Kaisa came up with this set of movements.”

— Jennifer H.

“Wow! I have quite a few of your mobility programs, but thought I would purchase this one as well, hoping to show it to my mother (she is 76). I just did the workout myself, and I have to say I love it for myself!!!! I know it's intended for beginners, but ANYONE can get amazing mobility and stretches in these movements using the wall and chair. I'm excited to add this into my mobility routine, esp on those days when I feel extra stiff. Thank you so much for all you do, Kaisa!!”

— Alison W.

“I found your ad on Facebook and decided to invest. I started the 10 min workout last week. I moved to the 30 min workout today and LOVED IT! I had my right hip replaced and the left hip is a bit tight but I was able to move through this. I will continue this workout for 5 days and move to Mobility One. I can already feel the benefit of the daily stretching on my body. I don't feel achy or moody. I feel refreshed and ready to go. Thank you Kaisa!!! Deborah D”

— Deborah D.

“Fantastic! I love it, thanks so much.”

— Wendy H.

“As I get older, I am 65, I have noticed stiffness and pain in my right hip. Doing these exercises is making me feel more flexible.”

— Sandy W.

“I got sars-cov-2 back in March (aka coronavirus, COVID-19, the Rona) and since then I have struggled. Before getting sick I would run 3 miles and do HIIT without complications, ran a half marathon the year before and have been struggling with my breathing and fatigue to get back in shape. Starting slow with these workouts has been amazing, hopefully this plus my new respiratory meds will have me back in the groove. I sweat in these workouts and have sore muscles the next day but is slow enough it’s letting me catch my breath. Thank you Kaisa! ICU nurse here and since getting sick my job has been much harder so hopefully this will improve my mobility and endurance.”

— Morgan P.

“I absolutely love it, and can feel myself getting stronger and more mobile each day. My husband has started doing it with me, which makes it even more fun. We love how you explain each movement as we go along, and especially reminding us to breathe !! Thank you 😊”

— Kindra B.

“Easy to follow and right amount so that I can do it everyday. Thank you.”

— Sumiko F.

“I have a lot of arthritis, but I am feeling less pain and am able to move better and it has only been a week. Loving this!”

— Angela D.

“If you have leg injuries this is an awesome place to start.”

— Jackie G.

“Kaisa has such a clear and nice way to train with her! The only reason why I’m not giving 5 stars is because between some of the excersises there isn’t much time. So if you want to follow her you must have a big mat that you don’t have to turn in order to see the video and do the excersise without losing a part of the instruction. I loved loved loved the ending! It made me feel really appreciated and proud.”

— Nyanda v.

“Love this!! Kaisa goes at exactly the right pace with exactly the right amount of instruction. So easy to start at whatever ability you are at!”

— Cindy H.

“Just what I needed to loosen up my body. Still stiff in a lot of places. I always feel more energetic also.”

— Cornelius W.

“I have always been very active but the menopause has had a negative impact on my body and for the last few years have really struggled with aches and pains. The start mobility is for me basic moves but have felt the benefits from a gentle approach to fitness and stretches for my tired body. This is the way forward for me now”

— Diane T.

“I have recently completed weeks of physical therapy for whiplash. The desk exercises are going to be invaluable to maintaining my mobility. They are a great addition to my routine.”

— Kara P.

“Have been mentally scheduling exercise sessions but never seem to be motivated enough to get started. Start mobility gives me that extra drive, it is awesome. Fell in love with the first session that I just had to go and purchase the remaining two. My body feels like it is made from a cloud. Light and nice. Even got my dad to join me. It's a must have. Looking forward to purchasing the others next year.”

— Desene C.

“The video and workout is awesome just wonder if there are plans to expand to mobile application or enhancing where the video can be accessed? Are there plans to make the workout videos downloadable? This would be a tremendous asset for those of use who travel”

— Emilton R.

“After being in car accidents & not taking care of myself its feels amazing to be moving my body. Thank you Kaisa for the great program. I look forward to trying the others ones after some time👏🏼”

— Amori D.

“Was super skeptical to start. Have lots of hip shoulder back issues and wasn’t sure about a video program. Tried it and n a whim and within a week I had upgraded to the full access package. The mobility workout is such a great place to start. I love that there is a short and long version plus a chair version that’s only five minutes. I’m insanely busy at work and seated most of the day. This gives me the chance to click on the video and get some movement. Feeling more limber already. Felt super motivated by this workout”

— Holly G.

“Fifty-ache plus years old and needing to compensate for a desk job so I thought I'd try Kaisa Fit. Start Mobility is very gentle on cranky knees. A bare week in and balancing is getting better, so's the mobility. I do the 30 minute one daily, and can feel it working my abs, as well loosening up hips, neck and shoulders. I love Kaisa's cheerful and encouraging style and enjoy being a member of The Team. Very happy I bought this program!”

— Keera F.

“It feels so good to be moving with confidence again! I can do this! Thank you for making this easy to achieve, yet so rewarding. MG”

— Marlyn G.

“Thank you very much, I’m enjoying the beginner mobility workouts a lot. Looking forward to getting into more of your programs as my mobility improves.”

— Rhonda H.

“I love the this workout routine... it really helps with my limbs not feeling stiff or sticky... if that makes sense? i use it the short workout as a warm up. I will be looking into purchasing the other workouts”

— Teresa C.

“This is exactly what I needed to get going and give my body that needed initial boost of energy to dive back into my fitness. Thank you so much, Kaisa!”

— Mira K.

“This has been a great place for me to pun intended! While I try to live an active lifestyle, I have to honestly say this type of activity has not been a part of it. What an eye opener it has been. I have discovered I am not very flexible at all. I have loved the process of learning different ways to move my body but most importantly, how to care for my body! Thank you!!”

— Felicia R.

“I'm used to doing exercises, Tai Chi, yoga, physio exercises, but after some surgeries and recently a slipped disc with severe sciatica, AND hypermobile joints, I must admit I became weary of exercise as everything I seemed to do made me feel worse in one way or another. I am 60. I have stuck to the ten minute start mobility routine, alongside a few other trusted exercises, and the improvement in a few days has been considerable. The first day was hard, painful. Day three, it was already easy. And I feel stronger in the day, moving about in general. I think I might be getting my body back. And that's just with the ten minutes I will stick to until I feel totally comfortable to do more. I tried Pilates, but it made me so much worse, it was too much too soon for me. Kaisafit feels right to me, I know I can adjust it to suit my needs perfectly.”

— Gisela G.

“I have been doing the long version of the start program (stretching) for about 2 weeks. I am a 68 yr old woman who has been moderately active all my life including walking my golden retriever 2 to 3 times a day for about 40 min at each outing. However I have become quite stiff in the last 2 years due to too much sitting between dog walks. What I have noticed since starting the program is that my gait has improved, my ability to shoulder check when driving or bike riding has improved, my walking speed is faster with little or no discomfort, posture has improved and I just feel better. Thanks for being in my fb feeds, etc and thank you for providing this program. The instructions are clear and simple and for me the tempo is great. I'm looking forward to starting the other programs soon to further improve my fitness level. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Jillian W.


— Juan A.

“I just started mobility training along side my regular work out. This has been a great warm up for my regular workout. I find that I am better prepared to workout with weights and even Hiit after doing the start mobility 10 min workout. I have been doing the longer version (30 min) twice a week and the short version 4 times a week as a warm up. I love it.”

— Andrea D.

“I love kaisa fit! So far it has really helped in my mobility again. I am on and off of exercising and this time it has been awhile, so start mobility is great for those starting back again! Thanks! I would like to see some food plans on weight loss if at all possible, I started this program so I can get moving again but I also need to lose a bit of weight! It would be really nice to see something geared towards those that need to lose, I would definitely buy it! Thanks again, keep up the good work!”

— Charmaine J.

“This workout is fabulous. I love the body positivity of it, the encouragement, and the focus on functional movement. Thank you for distinguishing yourself from the punishing bs of the rest of the fitness industry! This is accessible, useful, invigorating stuff.”

— Emily L.

“I love this program. It is an excellent starting point to get movement without being too strenuous.”

— Jen B.

“I bought this program because at 54 with a sedentary job, I know I'm not as flexible as I'd like to be. Sure enough after even just 6 days I can feel my flexibility starting to return. And I find myself incorporating some of the stretches into my work day when I'm stuck at my desk. Kaisa's video's are fun even when challenging, and I love that they don't have generic music in the background. I'm still in the "Start Mobility" package and look forward to all the "Mobility" video's.”

— Nico S.

“The START Mobility 10mins is great for morning stretch routine!”

— Mélinda B.

“I am 62 and pretty deconditioned, having been sedentary for several years. I had a fall about 6 months ago in tore my bicep. I’ve been in a decent amount of pain since. I’ve just started the starter exercises and am already seeing good improvement in my range of motion and pain! I will continue this low stress movement until I feel stronger, but I can’t wait to advance. I love the way my body feels after doing this program.”

— Denise G.

“Loving this. Feel improvement even after one week. Could personally benefit with even more hip opening movements”

— Carolyn S.

“I'm not overly flexible due to having arthritis. I found all the stretches easy to do and didn't feel pain or seize up like I have during other kinds of exercise. I highly recommend this for anyone who is time poor or trying to get back into exercise.”

— Ellen G.

“I was so nervous because it had been a while since I did any exercises but this program is building my confidence really I do it daily. I feel empowered and I hope in time I will move to 30 minutes Thank you”

— Besky N.

“I haven't worked out in a while, so I was concerned about mobility and endurance loss. I thought this program would be a great way to slowly get back into movement. I was right! Only a few days in & I already see a significant difference. I will definitely purchase the other programs.”

— Lauren R.

“I have been wanting your program for a long time. But was afraid because i havent moved in a long time. With "Start" it has given me the opportunity to warm the body. I hope within 2 weeks I'll be able to move to one to "Mobility"”

— Kathleen Q.

“The moves are fairly easy and a great start. After this week, I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and flexibility.”

— Trish P.

“I did the 30 minute start mobility program. It was great and I felt looser and more flexible afterwards. One caution: balancing all my weight on the chair with two hands (for the precursor exercise to down dog) caused the chair to flip down and I landed hard on my knees. Best to push the chair up against the wall.”


“Just started my 30 minutes mobility today . Felt great .. thought I was walking on an old wooden floor from all the creaks and noises from my body . But looking forward to day two . Thank you Kaisa for putting this together .”

— Charles L.

“Wow - what a great way to start to return movement and flexibility to my body. Kaisa’s “let’s do this!” attitude and real words of encouragement are just the ticket. I’m using the 10-minute video this week and am so excited to move on to the 30-minute version. Thank you for this gift!”

— Carol H.

“Brilliant! Thankyou so much. It’s made me realise how tight my body is and how much I need this every day. I’m 42 and have done weight training in the past and never flexed or stretched properly and an paying for it in my body now. Never, ever too late to start this and begin my mobility journey. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Melanie L.

“I love it and I look foreword to it everyday! It’s the highlight of my day!”

— Diana S.

“After just one week of using START Mobility, I have noticed a huge difference in the activities I do daily. The movements are approachable and easy to follow. It has been worth every second.”

— Chelsea S.

“I have been dealing with lower back, hip and knee issues for the past couple of years accepting this is as good as it’s going to get. Limited mobility, weight gain and niggling pain. But after discovering this program, I am moving again and feeling so good about myself, it’s changed my whole outlook on everything. You are so encouraging and motivating - it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so very much, Kaisa!”

— Rachel K.

“I'm a 52 year old woman and was intimidated about getting back into working out after a couple of months of doing nothing. My joints, especially hips, felt stiff, and my knees hurt. I was SO HAPPY to use the 10 minute video a few times because the amount of time felt doable. The moves provided a great stretch and did not need more strength than I have. That helped me feel brave enough to try the 30 minute video a couple of days ago, and I've now done that twice. Again, great full-body stretch and not intimidating. I wake up feeling more limber and happier! I'm planning to step it up soon and try other videos. Thank you so much!”

— Nishma B.

“I think this program is awesome I'm glad I got it!!! It's only been 1 week and I haven't worked out for a 2 years due to studying and now I'm getting better at the movements, I even do it at work with Co workers so they love it too☺️ keep it up!!”

— Kaihoe a.

“This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for to increase my range of motion. I love the free videos from Kaisa and the strong example she sets, but at 51–with a few sedentary months behind me at the moment—I wasn’t ready for most videos yet. This one feels so good! I really appreciate the effort to reach fans like me.”

— Julie H.

“I just did the 10 min and 5 min stretch sessions. I feel like she knows me and what my body needs. I am 60, and my work has me in front of a computer for hours a day. I have avoided exercise due to an ankle injury and some arthritis in my knee. The wall stretch gives me hope that I may be able to work up to a real workout again. So grateful for her gentle encouragement and “no judging” of my miserable fitness level.”

— Peg M.

“This is exactly what I was looking for, I sit a lot on my job for the first half of the day then have to get up and run around. I am stiff and as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten slower. These movements challenge and stretch me and I’m looking into purchasing additional programs. I really like Kaisas communication with the movements and instructions. I need instructions until I get the hang of things. Thank you -”

— Elise B.

“I like her energy, her instruction and her grace (she allows me). This is a great warm up for my golf and tennis-- I'm 57 with history of frozen shoulder, VERY tight facia and very tight muscles. I dislike yoga as I can't do 75% of the flexibility moves and gravity pulls too harshly during yoga (even with props)-- this is ideal! Thanks!”

— Janet M.

“Good I like it and do the class every morning.”

— Robin B.


— Liney W.

“Thanks so much for the short sessions - I have had a very busy week at work but I managed to fit these in between meetings.”

— Calinda B.

“It’s a perfect place to start!”

— Rebecca S.

“Loving mobility start that i am doing with a friend on zoom as still on lockdown in Melbourne. But we have done it 4 times this week now so wondering what we should do next as 2 mature ladies?!”

— Claire B.

“This was go great. I’ve been having muscle problems and tightness for the longest and just by doing these few moves and learning how to breathe helped me so much in just this one week. 💪🏽💪🏽”

— Dionne E.

“I recently had a really rough pregnancy that ended in pregnancy loss. After months of sickness and exhaustion, I feel extremely deconditioned and disconnected from my body. On top of grief, this is a recipe for shame and feeling betrayed. START mobility is helping me wake up each day and feel my body again as I recover. Thank you.”

— Moriah F.

“I only had time to complete one class last week, but I am already hooked! I am really excited to make it part of my daily routine!”

— Bonita W.

“This was good. I really needed the upper body stretches. My upper body is a mess from sitting all day long. Thank you.”

— Sandra R.

“Amazing. no regrets. I feel completely energized and in tune with my body after doing these exercises. This has given me the confidence I needed to pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle, Thank you Kaisa.”

— Sandra B.

“There is nothing better for ME than Kaisa Fit workouts. I have them all, I follow the instagram account to mix it up, and between this and my daily walk, I feel at the top of my game. I am your biggest fan in MEXICO !!!”


“I’m 54 years old and am feeling stiff and creaky. I was nervous about starting (yet another) program. I have purchased 3 others (not Kaisa’s) and done them exactly once each, as they felt like too much for me. I love love love the Start Mobility program! It really feels like dipping my toe into fitness without getting overwhelmed. It’s pretty easy- but that is helping me build the exercise habit. I never dread doing it. I am confident I can build up to her other programs. I also love her presentation style- so calm and friendly and reassuring- she’s not all amped up and annoying. Thanks so much for these beautiful videos!”

— Leslie B.

“Belle façon de récupérer de la mobilité et de se préparer pour les programmes suivants!”

— Pascale P.

“Just started with Start Mobility. I have really bad knees (arthritis, bilat cruciate tears, past surgeries and a knee that subluxes every time I try to squat) Having a stretching workout that doesn’t rely as heavily on squats or kneeling is a godsend. It makes me feel more limber for the rest of the day. Thanks so much.”

— Chryssi P.

“I'm an elder woman with a total hip replacement. Kaisa's mobility videos looked fun - but were intimidating too. I decided to try them anyway. She added a knee-friendly option and I'm HOOKED. I have been using the videos daily and I'm surprised by how much better I feel, the improvement in range of motion, and the spillover into other activities. My walks are better, my sense of balance is better, even my workdays at a desk seem easier. I feel excited to know I have the confidence and strength to hike and bike again. Thank You!”

— Lisaana O.

“I just started Mobility Start this week and I really like it. I started to feel pain in my hips from not enough movement (remote work and not enough outdoor time). I like that the movements are slow and controlled and just enough of a challenge that I don't feel like I want to quit. In fact, I've done workouts every morning since I purchased the bundle. I think I'll be able to graduate to one of the other programs and keep up with it eventually. Thank you, Kaisafit!”

— Myra F.

“Very doable and encourages you to participate on regular basis. Felt invigorated after workout”

— Linda Z.

“This was an amazing addition to your already amazing program! I have been doing your mobility one program but this Start mobility is great for when you are a little sore or maybe pushed too hard the day before.”

— Keturah w.

“I am very satisfied with Mobility Start. I am a dispatcher and sit a lot. I’ve added your program to my workouts. It has helped me build confidence and stretched out my stiff muscles. As a beginner I do what I can and I know the more I do it the progress will follow. Thank you!”

— Trinette W.

“I love the 30 minute session. It has helped my back and hips so much in just one week.”

— Kathy F.

“I have been fighting an uphill battle to get my body back in shape. Every program that I have tried leaves me feeling deflated and demotivated because the exercises and moves are just too hard for me, or the instructor just moves too quickly for me to keep up. When I saw the ad for Mobility Start, it seemed suited to someone like me. I bought it, and I have to say that I'm happily surprised! Even I can do the moves!! I'm not as flexible or strong as I would like to be, but Mobility Start has me believing in my ability to get there eventually! Maybe I will even graduate myself to Mobility One some day! Thank you, Kaisa, for creating programs for all levels of ability and seeing the capability in all of us!”

— Candice S.

“Really great for every level. Especially fantastic if you have any joint issues.”

— Meagan N.

“Man! This program came right on time. I had bought a Mobility package and was about to give up on it and request a refund when this program was announced. With arthritis in both knees and my left thumb, floor exercises are just plain hard on me. This program is a standing and sitting program, which is perfect for me. It is so energizing. Now I have a program that will help me work my way up. Thanks!”

— RON F.

“It’s been about a week since I have started the mobility program and I already feel a world of difference with my body.”

— Victoria H.

“Thank you Kaisa!!! I have my 68 year old mother using the start mobility program and she loves it. The instructions are great and the speed is not too fast!!! And of course I Love all of the other mobility programs for myself. I will catch up to your speed and stretch varations very soon!!!! I really needed this.....EXCITED AND THANKFUL!!! T. P. from Atlanta”

— LaTonya P.

“So happy I bought this. You have to start somewhere! I love the instructors vibe!!”

— Sheila w.

“Great great great workout. I am 3 months post knee surgery and it's definitely helping me to slowly regain mobility and flexibility in my knee”

— cheera s.

“I am so glad I finally hit the purchase button on this after seeing it come up on my Instagram feed numerous times! I’ve only done one ten minute one and just finished the 30 min one and feel so free! I have all kinds of lower back, sciatica, and knee issues and every time I get back into my fitness routine and journey (I used to be a personal trainer), I get injured and am out for 2-4 weeks at a time. And it is very discouraging! I have been contemplating doing more mobility training and really believe this will help and ENHANCE my journey!! You are lovely and calming and I am grateful for this!! I plan to do the 10-minute one every morning with my 10-year old son and the 30 minute sometime before bed. Thank you! Thank you!”

— Hagir E.

“I love this program! I get enough of a cardio workout in my daily routines, but have neglected stretching for a long time and have the stiffness to show for it. After a few days of this workout, I can honestly say that I feel the difference and it feels great! I will definitely be expanding my kaisafit library. Thank-you so much Kaisa!”

— Ellen C.

“Thank you Kaisa! This has been a Godsend! I’ve struggled with motivation and mobility for a while now and you make it possible for me to start again with ease. You are so personable and easy to follow. Thank you for representing the real women in the world. You look so healthy. -Grateful”

— Verlette S.

“This is the best way to start moving! The specific movements are easy to pick up on and gently get you started. I am really enjoying this program!”

— Karin M.

“SO GRATEFUL for this programme. I'm doing it with my 15 year old daughter who has shortened Achilles tendons, and I'm recovering from surgery myself. We feel....GOOD! Plus our spirits are uplifted being part of the TEAM! YAY! Thank you so much!”

— Rebecca C.

“Day 1 of Start Mobility. I was surprised how much of a workout the 10 min video was for me. I loved the stretches - gentle but effective. The reminder that it shouldn't cause pain and mobility will improve is important. I'm 59 yrs old and this is a perfect way to begin to move my body that has been stiff since COVID began in March. As I work from home, the Start Mobility is a great way to stretch during the day. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Catherine H.

“Wow, you keep coming up with new and easy ways to get a great stretch and movement. I have been doing mobility 1 and mobility strength for months now and thought starting mobility may be good for warm ups before other training.... I was blown away with how much I felt the stretch. Also I could see how my alignment was different on each side and how great I felt afterwards.”

— Gary S.

“After just a few days I feel my shoulders, hip and spine changing already. I have a desk job and my shoulders in particular are loving these releases! There are no gimmicks here, just moves that feel natural and good.”

— Andrea V.

“Thank you for this Kaisa! I’ve recently had a total hip replacement and also have osteoarthritis in my back, so have really struggled finding workouts which are gentle enough and don’t require getting on the floor (I can get done but can’t get up due to the pain it causes my knees!) I also work long hours so I’m super stiff from sitting all day. These workouts are perfect to keep me mobile!!”

— Caroline B.

“Thank you so much! I can do this! I have multiple rheumatic conditions and I need to move to keep me healthy. I tried the mobility 1 and smart mobility. I finally found something I can do without pain or being out of commission for the rest of the week. Kaisa you are great to follow your energy and encourage is just right maybe I can move through the series and gain some strength and loss some weigh So far so good. AudA.”

— Audrey N.

“The new Start Mobility series is exactly what I've been looking for, for YEARS! I have serious problems with kneeling, and the new videos focused on sitting or standing positions is an absolute answer to my prayers. Thank you so much for this.”

— Mike M.

“Thank you for creating this and including it in the mobility bundle! I have fibromyalgia and can do this on a hard day (i.e. brain fog & soul-crushing fatigue), but would probably not even attempt the other videos. Today I did the short version right after a walk for a little extra movement/giving my upper body a break too.”


“Just did the first short 10 minute START mobility. Perfect for people like me that do workout but are stiff as a frozen, dead body.I did this after my 20 minute walk and jog on the treadmill and my weights for today (strict press and deadlifts) I look forward to continue this and moving onto more advanced videos. Thank you so much for doing this beginner-beginner series!!!”

— Jessica B.