Wake Up the Legs

Feeling stiff? Join Tricia for this 5-minute mobility routine! Using only a chair, you’ll open up your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back to set yourself up for a successful day.

Side Body

Work your side body with this 5-minute seated core challenge! Tricia walks you through lesser-used planes of motion while building functional strength. Grab a chair and let’s move!

Bend and Reach

Take small steps into core training with Tricia’s short and sweet routine. This 5-minute standing workout uses just a chair and your own bodyweight for gentle core activation. Perfect for anyone new to movement!

Stay On Your Feet

Grab a chair and let’s focus on that balance! Tricia’s 10-minute routine combines strength and standing leg balance work for a beginner-level challenge. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their balance!

Lengthen to Strengthn

Banish stiffness and achieve pain-free movement in this 5 minute, Start-level routine! Join Tricia as she guides you through a muscle-lengthening mobility flow to improve range of motion. Great as a warmup or midday movement break!