Bodyweight Workout Pack

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I am so excited to bring you all a new collection of bodyweight workouts! Come join me as we have fun and get moving!


Bodyweight Workout Pack Includes:

5 Workout Videos
Each Video 20-25 min
2 Hours, 03 Minutes of Video
Core, Strength, and Cardio
No Equipment Needed
English Subtitles
Lifetime Access
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39 Reviews

Bodyweight Workout Pack

I designed these workouts for everyone. No matter where you are, no matter what level you are, these are for you!

This Workout Pack includes all five bodyweight workout videos shown below. With dedicated Core, Strength and Cardio workouts you can mix and match into your weekly routine.

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25-min core: Your core is the most important part of your body because it’s the foundation from which all movement originates. This workout focuses on your entire trunk: mid back, abdominals, and glutes. Get ready to feel like anything is possible once you master the control of your core!
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Strength 1

24-min strength: You don’t need to lift weights to get strong! Strength workouts are the perfect opportunity gain total body strength by simply learning how to move your bodyweight around. And you can do this anywhere.
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Strength 2

24-min strength: For this one, we’ll slow things down just a bit to make sure that we can control our full range of motion in each movement. But don’t be fooled, this is a slow and controlled workout that will be sure to leave you feeling the burn everywhere!
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Cardio 1

21-min cardio: Cardio workouts are designed to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping! And this routine will do just that!
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Cardio 2

24 -min cardio: Fast paced HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are the perfect way to get a great workout done in a short amount of time. Get ready to have fun and keep that heart rate up the entire time!

I designed these workouts for everyone. No matter where you are, no matter what level you are. This is something that you can do, and I’m so excited about getting you moving.

I want everyone to get moving this summer, so mix and match, pick your favorite, and let’s get out and move!

39 Reviews for Bodyweight Workout Pack

“Easy to understand, clear concise instructions, visuals and motivational lead. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their core strength without leaving your home and in just 30 minutes!”

— Emma C.

“This pack covers mobility, strength and cardio aspects of fitness. All the exercises are doable and there are often progressions that the fitter user can move on with. Most of the routines are at a sensible pace, an.d the explanations are clear. Kaisa speaks clearly and exercises with you, showing exactly how it should be done. The cardio 2 session is a more intense programme than cardio 1 that is really challenging. Kaisa is so encouraging. I recommend this pack”

— Michael C.

“I love this package! The workouts are challenging yet so easy to follow! I love the way Kaisa delivers them and explains all the movements! And I love how my body and mind feel once I’m finished each session! Kaisa you make movement fun - thankyou!”

— Kylie D.

“buenos días amigos; ayer compre el paquete completo, muy bueno por cierto, pero para mi sorpresa a las pocas horas publican una promoción si se compraba un curso y yo compré un paquete me refiero al Fall Meal Plan!. gracias y disculpen las molestias ocasionadas ¿acaso no soy digno de esa promoción?”

— josé antonio d.

“buenos días amigos; ayer compre el paquete completo, muy bueno por cierto, pero para mi sorpresa a las pocas horas publican una promoción si se compraba un curso y yo compré un paquete ¿acaso no soy digno de esa promoción?, ya les he comprado tres cursos incluyendo el paquete con días u horas de diferencia entre ellos, me refiero al Fall Meal Plan!. gracias y disculpen las molestias ocasionadas”

— josé antonio d.

“Amazing program. I use it for my clients and I love it!!”

— Yvonne B.

“Love the simplicity & burn of the workouts. Between my physical job and the overall business of being a mom having a simple body workout that pushes me but doesn’t push me over my limit is what I enjoy the most. I also LOVE the mobility portion, that is honestly what I use the most as it makes me feel amazing. Thank you Kaisa!!”

— Jen F.

“I was huffing and puffing throughout Cardio 1 - excellent workout!”

— Felicia B.

“Again another great routine I can do at home along with Kaisa. Truly love her positive encouragement and variety of movements that you really feel working your core. thank you Julie”

— Julie C.

“Super workout. I really like the progressions as the session progresses. Keeps the mind engaged. And while it's intended to be done slowly and controlled, I like how it generates heat regardless, so it feels like a cardio session.”

— Craig W.

“Of course I'll write a review. I'll do anything for kaisafit! I loved the core session. Especially the part where she says 'yessssssssss Team' And its totally doable!”

— Latisha P.

“Thank you Kaisa! I absolutely love your positive nature and personality. I also like how you call us "a team". Me and my two kids (3 and 4 year olds) really feal as part of your team :) Thank you, Maja”

— Maja M.

“Kaisa thanks for the amazing and tough core workout! It was not easy and it gave me more challenges to conquer! I will be doing this workout twice a week and then incorporating these exercises into other workouts just to switch it up and continue to challenge my body to keep it guessing! Thanks again!”

— Brighteyes3516 K.

“I just did my first workout and OMG I LOVED IT”

— Angela H.

“Deceptive little workout. Might look simple yet it's tough and really works a treat. Being a Core workout as opposed to simply Abs also means it's a much broader workout than usual. Done repetitively it will give some good mid section strength gains.”

— Craig W.

“Kaisa incorporates advanced and beginner moves with each exercise so that you can get moving no matter what fitness level you are on. These moves a tiny, but mighty, lol. Some people may think the moves are simple and easy. Don’t be fooled. It is a challenging core workout that I recommend for all levels of fitness! This is a good one Kaisa!”

— Cicora L.

“Bonjour Kaisa, Je suis aussi entraineure, j’ai beaucoup apprécié et je m’inspr De tes mouvements pour les entraînements avec mes clientes 😊”

— Manon L.

“I love these workout. I incorporate the moves in my own workout individually or I just do the full routine if I am looking for a equipment free setup. Kaisa is amazing these are unique and they are a great challenge.”

— Nancy C.

“I am a personal trainer and I have been struggling with pushing myself lately soooo I look to trainers I trust to help give me that fire again. Strength 1 done this morning and I am feeling great!! Thanks for being consistently awesome Kaisa!!! Perfect morning home session.”

— Siedah H.

“I liked it a lot! Short and challenging! We love you Kaisa!”

— Olga K.

“LOVE!! this workout!! It was challenging, fun, easy to follow and effective!! Could feel it on every muscles trained on the next day!! Wich made me feel great and stronger!! :) and gives me the motivation to continue and not give up!”

— Beatriz T.

“J'adore cette vidéo, elle est très agréable à faire, les mouvements sont très efficaces, et surtout j'adore Kaisa elle est vraiment inspirante et motivante !”

— Huche F.

“Absolutely in LOVE with this workout. Challenges me to the core and I feel motivated by the new and fresh movements this has given me.”

— Amanda F.

“Very complete program”

— Titti H.

“This core workout is so simple and effective in firing up those under active muscles. The way Kaisa explains this is so precise and easy to follow. I love how she defines core as her introduction. Her videos are so well done. As an NYU educated photographer ( past) and personal trainer ( present) I love how she engages with the viewer / team members. She makes me feel as if she’s right there. She is an incredible athlete and coach!! I absolutely love her style and energy. Thank you for representing women and empowering (myself ) us to move!!! Thank you Kaisa for being being above and beyond amazing!!”

— Suzzette G.

“Kiitos Kaisa, hyvältä tuntui! :0)”

— Bita P.

“thank you kaisafit. your ig fans miss you.”

— sergio m.

“Best workout ever. I am so done after the workout. Thanks Kaisa 😍”

— Angela P.

“Considering that I have two jobs sometimes I need something more than just running a few miles on the treadmill and this is exactly what I need something short BUT effective that gets my blood pumping ! It’s definitely a must try!”

— Christian U.

“This was a great, quick 20 minute cardio workout! I loved it and had the sweat to prove it! Keep it coming, Kaisa!”

— Tamera W.

“I love this workout so much! I only wish it came with a written list of the exercises and reps, perhaps with a visual cue, because the internet is often spotty where I am.”

— Jessica H.

“Awesome workout. The whole core - abs, butt, lower back... I am sweating.. There is progression, so I still have a way to improve. Kaisa is very pleasant and great at explaining the moves.”

— Sarka U.

“Loved the Strength Single. Perfect amount of time, and I loved the format and Kaisa's coaching throughout. Having her sweat and breathe like the rest of us was even more encouraging! I actually did the strength single first then the core single. Perfect combination. I have been following her for years and she is an inspiration!”

— Monica W.

“Thank you Kaisa! This was challenging but I did it and it felt great! Keep up the good work!”

— Tamera W.

“This is a genuine core workout, not abs. I love it! Its challenging and all around unique.”

— Nancy C.

“As usual I’m so impressed with Kaisa. I’m a trainer myself with lots of experience under my belt, and Kaisa’s creativity always inspires me! This was a tough workout but her encouraging coaching got me through. Definitely found some new moves to add to the roster. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Ruth L.

“This was really good. Loved moving with you vs the short “snip-it” that I did previously. Strong and controlled programming with a focus on form. Great idea and for less than a cost of a smoothie!”

— Lisa N.

“Love this!!!”

— Marietta E.

“Great workout!! Just what I was looking for. I teach fitness as well, more Cardio based classes. I love how this is slow and controlled, you feel every move and gain more and more strength with every set. Thanks Kaisa I really love the way you train. #justmove”

— Ines S.