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Today’s core workout is 25 minutes. This is a pretty fun workout, but it’s meant to be a little bit more slow and controlled. So take your time and love your body as you are going through all these movements with me.


Core Single Includes:

25-Minute Core Workout
No Equipment Needed
A Workout with Kaisa Video
English Subtitles
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6 Reviews

Core Single

Your core is the most important part of your body because it’s the foundation from which all movement originates. A strong core gives our body the stability and control to do anything we wish but achieving this strength requires more than crunches and planks. When you think of your core you want to visualize your entire trunk (mid back, abdominals, glutes) and these workouts focus on all of that. Get ready to feel like anything is possible once you master the control of your core!

6 Reviews for Core Single

“Best workout ever. I am so done after the workout. Thanks Kaisa 😍”

— Angela P.

“I love this workout so much! I only wish it came with a written list of the exercises and reps, perhaps with a visual cue, because the internet is often spotty where I am.”

— Jessica H.

“Awesome workout. The whole core - abs, butt, lower back... I am sweating.. There is progression, so I still have a way to improve. Kaisa is very pleasant and great at explaining the moves.”

— Sarka U.

“Thank you Kaisa! This was challenging but I did it and it felt great! Keep up the good work!”

— Tamera W.

“This is a genuine core workout, not abs. I love it! Its challenging and all around unique.”

— Nancy C.

“As usual I’m so impressed with Kaisa. I’m a trainer myself with lots of experience under my belt, and Kaisa’s creativity always inspires me! This was a tough workout but her encouraging coaching got me through. Definitely found some new moves to add to the roster. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Ruth L.