Mobility Core

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Improve posture, protect your back, and strengthen your body’s support system with this complete core workout.

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Mobility Core Includes

24-Movement Mobility Routine
3 Workout Videos
40-min, 30-min, and 10-min Variations
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Mobility Core

Do More for Your Core!

It’s not just about your abs! Your core makes up nearly half your body and is the foundation from which all movement originates! In this unique workout we spend time mobilizing and strengthening everything from our shoulders down to our hips. Expect so much more than just a few crunches and planks in this fun core routine!

Let’s break it down a bit…

What is your core? Your core is the entire trunk of your body: from your shoulders down to your hips.

And why does this matter? A strong core improves posture, creates power, protects your back and is your body’s overall support system.

So why mobility training for your core? Mobility and stability (strength) are important for all activities you do throughout your day—walking, bending, twisting—you name it! Because your core is comprised of the major joints in your body, it’s important to mobilize while we strengthen this area. The more range of motion you have within your joints, the greater your ability to find strength within your muscles.

Why Mobility Core?

This new program has all the amazing benefits of our other mobility routines but is customized specifically for your core. It will improve your posture, strengthen your overall support system, and help prevent future injury—you’ll even breathe a bit easier!

Here are some cool things you can expect from Mobility Core:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool down, core work, and more!
  • Help stabilize your body, improve posture, and protect your back.
  • Relieve stress
  • Injury prevention
  • It’s a fun and creative way to move!

Mobility Core is an all-in-one workout that gets your heart pumping and strengthens the most important muscle groups in your body, YOUR CORE!

One last question.

Are you ready to strengthen, sweat and restore to feel your absolute best?

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Instructional (40 mins)

In this workout we slow things down a bit so I can offer more guidance and you can take the time to feel your body in each movement. It’s great for establishing proper form and demonstrating how to get the most out of this restorative core workout!
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Flow (30 mins)

This routine is similar to a flow where the building of each movement will feel very natural for your body—and the more you do it, the more fluid it will feel! Experience the replenishment to your joints and muscles while you strengthen your core and feel good!
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Mini (10 mins)

Maximize your time with this modified workout! When your schedule’s packed, use this routine to relieve stress, strengthen, and restore the range of motion in your joints and core muscles. It’s a quick hit of self-compassion and sweat!

93 Reviews for Mobility Core

“Perfect exercise for active recovery days. I love yoga but lately have been gravitating to HIIT and strength training. My body has been begging me to add mobility exercises back into the routine and after doing mobility core for the first time I feel great!”

— Natalie R.

“I'm obsessed with this workout. My back has never felt better, I feel so much stronger, and I'm amazed at how quickly I'm improving on the moves. Kaisa is a terrific instructor and every time she says "yes, team!" I smile. :)”

— Casie P.

“I bought all three mobility workouts and Mobility Core is by far my favorite. I was struggling with a knee injury and it has helped tremendously! It has some elements that feel like pilates which I really enjoy, and I have found it to be the most challenging of the three mobility options, but I like that. I feel like this workout has helped me approach fitness during quarantine in a healthier way than I was able to before and I really like that the emphasis is on physical health and not physical appearance.”

— Blake C.

“Love it! Changed my body dramatically!! Can’t wait to try the other videos”

— Molly M.

“I am in my 3rd week of Mobility Core. I am doing the 30 minute or the mini 10 minute program daily. It is a top rate core program that is challenging for me. Kaisa is an amazing, educated, and fun trainer. Every part, every movement has a purpose. With your purchase Kaisa also has an instructional video which is a great starting point. You can also go back and review some of the movements if you are not sure or if you want some extra instructions - I like this feature. The 10 mini program is perfect for busy days when you feel like you have zero time to excersize. I use the mini as my warm up before running. Thank you Kaisa for Mobility Core! - Lena (53 years old SwedishAmerican hobby runner)”


“Love the functional focus in this work out - I will be mixing this into my routine frequently! Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Lindsay B.

“I absolutely love this video! I’m Certified Ironman Coach, U.S. Masters Swim Coach, RRCA Running and wish all my clients would do this video. It’s great for the hips, glutes and core! It’s also short and sweet-right to the point which is perfect when you have a heavy week training load. You will not be disappointed! -Renee”

— Renee S.

“Awesome workout, love Kaisa’s style!”

— Perrin B.

“Amazing workout! Although I can’t quite manage all the reps yet and struggle with my shoulder strength in my side planks but this plan is certainly worth the money! I can see/feel a difference already. Thanks Kaisafit”

— Lesley G.

“This is really good :)”

— Sharron B.

“Love this program! I have only used the leveln1 program. I need more strength to move on to rhe faster flow. I have used it 4 times, the first time i thought, no way i can be that good! BUT each time i get a little better! Love the program.”

— Patricia H.

“Excellent! I’m loving it. Still cant throw my legs over my head without using momentum like I did not too long ago But I’ll get there.”


“I love it! I grew up with my mom doing Kathy smith and all your workouts are so much more fun to me.”

— Theresa B.

“I feel like Kaisa is taking care of me. She is positive and she's a great teacher. She isn't making me memorize complicated choreography or feel bad about myself, she's just making my body feel better, stronger and more flexible. I needed this! Great workout.”

— Ashlea-Elizabeth S.

“Amazing mix between mobility and core. Love your mobility one and this variation is just as amazing. Thank you for the new content.”

— Dalye E.

“Kaisa's Mobilty Core workout has been a great start for strengthening my core. I would love to see a level type series as my core becomes stronger, so that i can maintain this momentum and also push further.”

— Nicholas P.

“Another great mobility workout. After doing the workouts for few weeks I'm better at engaging my core and have more mobility on my left side, which is always my tighter side.”

— Divine C.

“I have only had Mobility Core for one week. It is super challenging for my current level of (un) fitness, but I've been able to modify the exercises to my ability level, still feel like I've gotten a great workout, and am not sore the next day - which is surprising and awesome. I am excited to be able to measure my gains as I get better at doing the exercises. Hoping eventually I'll be able to touch my knee to my elbows in the pushup position like Kaisa makes look so easy! I also love that there is a lot of emphasis on proper mechanics & breathing. Working all these muscle groups in a full range of motion and stretching them right away feels very healthy and balanced. LOVE IT!!!”

— frances o.

“Absolutely amazing. My upper abs right under my breast started cramping up. I haven't felt those in a long time😊. I've done the mobility core one time, & at this point I don't understand why I still have a stomach, that's how great this workout is.. This mobility core has your joints feeling brand-new. I love it❤”

— Tawana T.

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