Mobility Core

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Improve posture, protect your back, and strengthen your body’s support system with this complete core workout.

If you don’t love this after your first workout, email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Mobility Core Includes

24-Movement Mobility Routine
3 Workout Videos
40-min, 30-min, and 10-min Variations
No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
English Subtitles
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47 Reviews

Mobility Core

Do More for Your Core!

It’s not just about your abs! Your core makes up nearly half your body and is the foundation from which all movement originates! In this unique workout we spend time mobilizing and strengthening everything from our shoulders down to our hips. Expect so much more than just a few crunches and planks in this fun core routine!

Let’s break it down a bit…

What is your core? Your core is the entire trunk of your body: from your shoulders down to your hips.

And why does this matter? A strong core improves posture, creates power, protects your back and is your body’s overall support system.

So why mobility training for your core? Mobility and stability (strength) are important for all activities you do throughout your day—walking, bending, twisting—you name it! Because your core is comprised of the major joints in your body, it’s important to mobilize while we strengthen this area. The more range of motion you have within your joints, the greater your ability to find strength within your muscles.

Why Mobility Core?

This new program has all the amazing benefits of our other mobility routines but is customized specifically for your core. It will improve your posture, strengthen your overall support system, and help prevent future injury—you’ll even breathe a bit easier!

Here are some cool things you can expect from Mobility Core:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool down, core work, and more!
  • Help stabilize your body, improve posture, and protect your back.
  • Relieve stress
  • Injury prevention
  • It’s a fun and creative way to move!

Mobility Core is an all-in-one workout that gets your heart pumping and strengthens the most important muscle groups in your body, YOUR CORE!

One last question.

Are you ready to strengthen, sweat and restore to feel your absolute best?

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Instructional (40 mins)

In this workout we slow things down a bit so I can offer more guidance and you can take the time to feel your body in each movement. It’s great for establishing proper form and demonstrating how to get the most out of this restorative core workout!
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Flow (30 mins)

This routine is similar to a flow where the building of each movement will feel very natural for your body—and the more you do it, the more fluid it will feel! Experience the replenishment to your joints and muscles while you strengthen your core and feel good!
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Mini (10 mins)

Maximize your time with this modified workout! When your schedule’s packed, use this routine to relieve stress, strengthen, and restore the range of motion in your joints and core muscles. It’s a quick hit of self-compassion and sweat!

47 Reviews for Mobility Core

“I have been lifting heavy for a while now and for a month I have been feeling the tightness in my hips and lower back affect my routine. I knew mobility was the answer since I don't have it in my routine. A 5 to 10 minute cool down wasn't serving me anymore. That's where Kaisa's program has helped. The first few minutes of the drill, It felt all too new like my body was hitting angles and opening up like it hadn't in a long long time. 40 minutes in, my body felt way lighter. I am so glad I purchased this. Is a perfect filler for my rest days which help keeps my lower back intact.”

— Poornima B.

“What a wonderful program! I love how encouraging Kaisa is and the program itself is something I can use to grow over time. I love the ability to scale and she gives many variations to the movements. Beginner and expert alike can grow and get stronger with Mobility Core!”

— Destry J.

“Love this workout! Good core workout--it was doable but also hard for me. I work out a lot (run/bike) but haven't done serious core in awhile. I definitely had to take some breaks!! Excited to master it! Love that it integrated the movement which I feel is super important to keep my body functioning!!”

— Wendy L.

“I've been doing this workout for a week and from the beginning I started feeling great. I really enjoy it. It's a fun and challenging weekly routine. I love your enthusiasm and smile. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Jose D.

“Love this new type of workout, it takes some getting used to. But it will form part of my fitness plan.”

— Denise C.

“I just started today and it's a bit tough for me but I love it!! Its been awhile since I've done this type of workout for core and mobility but I know from the first moment I started that I need this. Thanks you so much for these techniques. Yes Team!!”

— Shewanna H.

“Haven’t gotten Through the whole thing yet but I’m working on it love it so far”

— Genevieve K.

“I really enjoyed the "integrated and integrative" movements though they kick my butt - in a good way. Thanks for making this available in our homes.”

— Deborah K.

“Excellent work out, I was a little shakey at first but I'm getting better and enjoying every minute of it.”

— Tricia A.

“I love these workouts! Thank you for your enthusiasm and fantastic variety.”

— Elizabeth A.

“He push me a lot, I love you Kaisa”

— marechal x.

“So far I have done the 10 minute core session twice and about 20 minutes of the 30 minute core. I loved all of it. I definitely find it challenging and I look for the hints you provide to make modifications. I also can hear you saying to try it and that makes me push myself and I may do 1-3 of some move as you demonstrate and the rest with a modification but that is great. When I saw this was available on my iPhone IG app and started to buy it, there was an offer to get Mobility One for 50% off. But when I bought Mobility Core online, the offer wasn't available. I think it would be a great benefit to have both.”

— lisa h.

“Tried the core workout last night. I enjoyed it and will add it into my weekly routine. I know it works because it left me slightly sore even though I work my core several times a week. I firmly believe in healing through movement. Great job!”

— Linda K.

“As someone who was very active and then needing hip surgery over a year ago nothing about my mobility, flexibility and workouts have been the same. Now suffering with plantar fasciitis things are even more difficult when trying to get in that exercise. I was gifted the mobility one workout to help with stretching and loved it so much I purchased the mobility core workout. It was eye opening, reminding me at a time when I have been low about a few things especially beimg more active, that my core is way stronger then I thought and bodies are an amazing thing coming in all different shapes and sizes. I am grateful for the reminder of all of the unbelievable things your body can do for you no matter what it looks like! I especially love the breathing and relaxation at the end which really allows me to get in touch with my body and truly relax!”

— Rachel T.

“Well explained all exercises and good body awareness encouraged to perform exercises well”

— Lisa B.

“Another great video with a variety of moves - some that I have not used before. This helps keep the boredom out of my daily workouts. Thank you, Kaisa.”

— Debra H.

“What a great video, thank you Kaisa for this challenging workout. My abs will love it ;-)”

— Christine R.

“Loved it! Holy cow it was hard work but I know core work is my weak point so I can’t wait to see my progress. Thank you.”

— Estela M.

“Mobility Core is the next level! For me, the challenge keeps me coming back for more and Mobility Core doesn't disappoint. It sits perfectly after Mobility One & Mobility Strength and both segue into the intensity of Core. Make sure you have plenty of room to workout and prepare to upgrade your body & mobility with this work!”

— Jason P.

“Deceptively challenging! I really love all the workouts in the mobility series! I have been loving flow workouts that combine strength training with physically therapeutic movements and here am I! Kaisa’s personality is great! You can tell she is an expert when she gives education and explanation during the exercises. I’m not very flexible and nothing in the workout was impossible. My only criticism for this (as well as other videos) is the audio. The instructional video for Core is a bit quiet so I had to crank the volume to hear her.”

— Jacky F.

“An absolutely great workout! I have been working out at home for over 20 years since I started a family and going to the gym simply took too much time away from work and home. I love the mobility workout variations. I feel like I get it all in and don't have to do anything else that day.”

— April U.

“I love it!!!. Just as much as all the other Mobility programs. They have helped me enormously. Thank You Very Much!!! I fell great!! ;)”

— Ana Paula O.

“I have purchased all the Mobility workouts so far and love them all. I wasn't planning on purchasing Core yet, although when I saw where the proceeds were going I went for it! I have gone through it twice (40 min and 10 min) and while it gets quite challenging for me, I am glad I have it in my repertoire. Thank you for your passion, I look forward to what you bring us in the future.”

— Csandra C.

“This is the 3rd program I’ve purchased and I’ll keep doing so with any new programs. I went through a horrible 3-year cancer stint followed by permanent autoimmune changes and I did not feel like I could trust my body’s movements to be pain free or safe anymore. I’ve been doing one of the three programs every day for at least 4 months and yesterday I played tag with son for the first time. Thank you thank you thank you!”

— Trisha B.

“I didn't know it then, but this is exactly what I needed! Mobility Core ties in perfectly with the other Mobility programs, and they really complement each other well. For me, Mobility Core is my go-to when I don't feel like a really hard workout but still want to get my sweat on and feel like I've done some work :) Thanks for putting those awesome programs out there!”

— Nathalie S.

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