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Time to show your body some love—reduce stress, lighten your mood, and keep moving at home.

Can a 30-minute mobility routine really make a difference? If you don’t love this after your first workout, email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Mobility One Includes

25-Movement Mobility Routine
3 Workout Videos
40-min, 30-min, and 10-min Variations
No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
English Subtitles
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Mobility One

Keep Moving, Reduce Stress

Mobility One is the perfect way to show your body some love. It can be used as an active recovery to any workout, a warm-up or cool-down, or simply a great break from sitting at your desk to stretch your body.

I’ve spent years developing my Mobility One program and I’m excited to share the results with you! It’s been my key to success, especially in keeping me injury free and performing my best. I’ll coach you through simple, yet essential, mobility moves that will leave you feeling your absolute best. The only equipment needed is your body!

Why Mobility One?

Mobility is the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion. Therefore, mobility training helps to reduce any restrictions within the body by increasing your range of motion within each joint. The ability to move freely within your body not only helps you to FEEL your best, but it can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce injuries and improve overall performance. Mobility One is a program every BODY can benefit from.

Improve your joint mobility by incorporating Mobility One into your routine several times a week.  It will:

  • Prevent Injury
  • Improve Performance
  • Relieve Stress
  • Minimize Pain
  • Optimize Range of Motion

Find out for yourself why mobility matters and why Mobility One is our bestselling program!

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Mobility One (10 mins)

Short on time? This is the perfect total body routine when you need a quick warm-up before exercising, or just need some time to decompress. Use it as many times a week as you want! Your body will love you for it!
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Mobility One (30 mins)

This is the Mobility One routine that started it all! I refined this routine and used it as my own secret weapon over the years to take care of myself. People that have used this routine tell me it’s made such a difference in their own bodies, and nothing could make me happier!
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Mobility One (40 mins)

Welcome to the new and improved Mobility One! In this video, I spend a little more time introducing each movement and walking you through the flow. We’ve improved this program with better angles and audio!
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Mobility One (LIVE)

Recorded LIVE on November 30th as part of the Kaisa Year-End Weekend.

830 Reviews for Mobility One

“Two years ago, at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before this, I considered myself a fit person. Two years of surgeries and chemotherapy cratered that. This program is perfect to get back into a daily fitness routine. It's gentle enough to help me work through all the scare tissue, but I still feel like I get a good work out.”

— Jennifer H.

“Recently had a spinal fusion.... I’ve always been active and my work was physically demanding..... a year of back pain slowed me down and took away a lot of my strength which at 65 I can’t afford.. so my first week and I am looking forward with confidence with each mobility one day! Love the steady clear direction And heck yes I’m sore but in a good way! Thank you!!”

— Teresa M.

“After two emergency caesarians, I have been looking for a quality mobility routine that strengthened an protected my body for some time and then I found KaisaFit. I love that all the moves are designed to protect the joints whilst building mobility, strength and flexibility. So many products on the market are created by amateurs who don't truly understand the importance of protecting the joints.”

— Rosie B.

“Really enjoyed the 10 and 30 minute workout so far. A bit fast for me and some of the angles are tough, but so far so good. I am 60 and working to open up some stuck stuff! Lol Thank-you.”

— Salli W.

“I have been using Mobility One for just over a week. I am coming back from the injury of inactivy and weight gain! This has been a fantastic entry point with clear, concise instructions, low key but well-timed encouragement, it's not loud (thankfully), and there's so much opportunity for growth. Thank you, Kaisa, for sharing your vision and passion about movement. We are built to move.”

— Jennifer M.

“A week into it enjoying less pain in joints such as shoulders and hips. Easy to do.”

— Philipp H.

“I've worked out for many years but in the last couple of years I have dealt with bicep tindinitis and scapular pain and restriction along with trigger point pain in my right glute and the pain radiates from there to my hip and hip flexor. I'm feeling confident that this routine is already helping me. I love the flow of the routine and how you captured all areas that need work. Well done!”

— Linda K.

“Mobility One is just what a needed! Severely injured my knee in a skiing accident a year-and -a-half ago, and have struggled to find workouts that don't hurt so much that they set me back. This definitely challenges me, but is completely doable, and leaves me feeling better than I have in a long time. Goal #1: Regain strength and mobility. Goal #2: Lose recovery weight. I have total faith that Mobility One will get me to where I want to be!”

— Jessica W.

“Outstanding mobility routine. Your guidance, motivation and uplifting attitude is wonderful. Thank you for making these programs , I havent stopped using them since I bought them. I have all kinds of aches and pains but it comes with the military and having an active lifestyle. This is couldn't have become available at a better time in my life. Thank you Kaisa! Keep up the Amazing work/ I am so much more than my body!”

— Carlos C.

“I am starting to get more active and the 10 minute Mobility One video is perfect. It really gets my body ready for the activity of the day. I can't wait to use the 40 minute updated video on recovery days to really benefit my body.”

— Chris H.

“You're amazing! You're well above any personal trainer that I have ever experienced. Your program helps restore functionality and regain strength. I am an Occupational Therapist and manual therapist and have incorporated your techniques into many of my home programs. I have a back injury that side-lined my fitness goals in 2009 and wish that I would have had your program then. Many blessings to the future of your career. ~Michelle Enright, OTR/L”

— Michelle E.

“Love the program and the flexibility of doing a 10, 30 or 40 minute work out. Clearly explained, nicely paced and I am definitely seeing improvement”

— Leah D.

“Amazing functional movement program!”

— Dylan D.

“I lOVE IT! I’ve tried everything to lose weight, literally everything. Nothing has ever worked, until now!! Not only am I losing weight, I’m also losing inches off my body. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m getting the hang of it!”

— Karla H.

“Easy to follow and is a nice mix of easy and challenging moes.”

— Sarah C.

“Literally just bought this and have done the 10 min session once. I have major back, hip, rib (injury) and shoulder problems that have limited my movement to the point I'm always stiff and in pain. After 1 quick session I feel better than I have all day. I've been looking for something I could do at home as going to the gym is not an option right now and working in healthcare limits me more. Thank You!”

— Kelly M.

“Wow! I love this workout. Kaisa is clear, encouraging, and the moves are challenging but fun. I feel like I'm in an in-person class. I feel myself getting stronger and my hips are less tight. Thank you!”

— Andrea M.

“I love this workout. I been a tennis player for many years. Now I'm doing HIIT workouts and are great but my knees and back started hurting. I decided to try Mobility looking to stretch, move and be strong. This is something new to me, it is challenging but definitely I am increasing my flexibility and strenght. My back and knees injuries are decreasing. Great product! I can't wait for Mobility Core. Thanks Kaisa”

— Jose D.

“Started doing this for 2 reasons : 1. I love working out and being strong but really hate stretching and 2. I want to improve my surfing and think I’m held back by my lack of fluidity of movement. I’ve been doing mobility and strength 10 minute sessions for about 10 days now and finally achieved a surf maneuver that I’ve been trying to achieve e for years. I’m amazed. Am I good at Mobility One? Nope. I kinda suck at it and need a yoga block thingy for some of the moves. But I love doing it! I actually look forward to it. Kaisa makes it fun”

— Elizabeth S.

“I'm 44 and I have Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease. I spent years doing HIIT workouts and while they are great, they now do me more harm than good. I'm not trying to beat my body into shape anymore- I love my body and am trying to take care of it. These mobility workouts are exactly what I was looking for to stretch, move and be strong. These don't feel like workouts- they feel like self-care and I highly recommend them.”

— Desi P.

“Mobility 1 is challenging reminds me of Reformer Pilates, the day 1 I hurt like I had been lifting weights. The workout is great especially for hip mobility it targets specific muscles and joints that interconnect. Good sweat as well..”

— KimRene Y.

“OMGOSH... I felt every stretch. 😁 This is what I truly needed. I am not feeling as much tightness in my back, hip and legs. This is the best investment for my body I ever made.😁👍🏾👍🏾❤ Thank you, Carmen Bonton-Forrest”

— Carmen B.

“I mostly do the short, 10 minute video after my coffee in the morning. It's easy to follow and I feel good during and after. I will start doing the longer videos when I have more time.”

— Kieche O.

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