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Mobility ONE is my go-to 30 minute mobilization routine. It is the secret ingredient to feeling better than ever, performing at your best, and remaining injury free! I can’t wait for you all to try it!

Can a 30-minute mobility routine really make a difference? If you don't love this after your first workout, email us and we'll give you a full refund.

Mobility ONE Includes:

30-Minute Mobility Routine
No Equipment Needed
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A Workout with Kaisa Video
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101 Reviews

Mobility ONE

Mobility ONE is my go-to 30 minute mobilization routine. It is the secret ingredient to feeling better than ever, performing at my best and remaining (knock on wood!) injury free! I can’t wait for you all to try it!

Follow along with me as I coach you through the entire program. This routine is suitable for anyone!

Mobility ONE is finally here! It has taken me 2+ years to create this program and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all!

Mobility ONE is my go-to 30 minute mobilization routine. It is the secret ingredient to feeling better than ever, performing at my best and remaining (knock on wood!) injury free! I can’t wait for you all to try it!

What is is Mobility ONE:

A 30 minute mobilization routine. Follow along with me as I coaches you through the entire program. This routine is suitable for anyone!

The program will be available to you in two different formats. The first, a full length tutorial video. The second, short demonstration videos that allow you to go through the program at your own pace.

What is Mobility?

Mobility refers to our bodies ability to move freely (without restrictions) and with control, through its full range of motion.

What does Mobility do for the body:

Decreases chance of injury: this is the most important reason to add mobility to your routine! Working on your mobility means working on your bodies ability to move through it’s full range of motion. Restrictions in movement is often where we see injuries/pain because the body is forced to compromise. Adding mobility to your routine will drastically reduce the chances of injury as you begin to increase your range of motion aka begin to move freely and pain/restriction free within your body.

Increases performance: simply put, the more mobile you are the stronger you can become. Having a larger range of motion within a joint (aka no restrictions as you move), allows for the muscle to work at it’s full capacity. Experiencing restrictions in movement directly relates to your body not being able to perform at it’s best. And even worse, these limitations often lead to compromised movement and injuries. Mobility is your KEY ingredient to maximizing your performance and moving pain-free!

101 Reviews for Mobility ONE

“Kaisa does it again! Mobility One is as effective as Kaisa's workouts. I train dynamically and mobility is a must but I never wanted to take the time until I got my eyes on Mobility One. This 30 minute session covers all the joints in a flow that works. I love that I feel like I've really done something and my body feels so amazing afterwards. It's like having Kaisa in my living room. Her guidance through the moves and her coaching ques make it easy to get the desired stretch. I'm doing this twice a week and it's a game changer for this 50-year old wannabe beast! Thanks, Kaisa!”

— Carie F.

“Mobility one is a very comprehensive ,whole body movement, particularly good for a post workout and early morning before starting the day .”

— Sujatha V.

“I had twins three months ago & although I kept active throughout the pregnancy I’ve struggled finding the time to get to the gym regularly. I was beginning to feel stiff staying home a lot & recovering from a caesarean. It’s really helped me loosen up & hopefully improve my mobility for when I can get back to exercise full time. It’s 35 minutes I can have for myself whilst the babies nap & I’ve been feeling so much better because of it. kaisa is enthusiastic & such an inspiration. 100% recommend. I think everyone could benefit from this!”

— Laura C.

“I've never been one to miss a strength workout, but as I've gotten older, I am realizing that flexibility and mobility routines are just as important. In comes Kaisa and her Mobility ONE routine. It was just the thing I was looking for. I liked the flow and movement of the routine and felt great after the first session. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Lyja L.

“I do a lot of high intensity training and recently have experienced pains and restrictions. This is a perfect addition to my routine and totally different to anything else I do. I feel so much better afterwards and definitely increased my mobility and reduced pain. I hope there’s more to follow.”

— Michelle D.

“Good program! I knew I needed mobility exercises but didn’t realize how much until doing it. I’m so tensed all over and some movements are actually demanding and I even started to sweat a bit too! After doing the exercises, I feel less contracted, more loose. I do look forward to do this regularly. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Diem N.

“I cried during my first session, knowing I'd found a way to get my health back. I am very tight in the hip and lower back area and constantly getting reinjured. Mobility one left me shaking and ready for the day. I now have a travel method to keep me on track during my work trips too! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Dora L.

“Am absolutely crazy about this Mobility by Kaisa. I am hooked - as a Masters track athlete it’s just what I needed. It has enhanced my stride and made me so much more comfortable in my body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating it. So thrilled with my results.”

— Delia J.

“Just AMAZING! PeriodTTTTTTT! I am a an ex collegiate athlete (whatever that means) and so I’ve lost a lot of range, strength and flexibility over the years. Thus resulting in injuries! I’ve been looking for some good mobility videos and this just kicked my butt! I am looking forward to seeing the results if I can do this 2-3x’s a week!!!! Too pumped! Let’s get it 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💰💰🥰😍🥰😎”

— Latasha A.

“Excellent workout”

— Renee G.

“I broke my leg in three places a year ago and had it surgically repaired with a rod and five screws. I am trying my best to get back to full mobility despite range of motion issues at the knee and ankle. This program is amazing. It has helped me believe in myself, push myself gently and stretch those tired and aching muscles which have been through a lot either bearing my full weight (good leg) or non weight-bearing (broken leg) for so long. Thank you so much for this program, Kaisa!”

— Shiv K.

“OMG where has Mobility One been all my life. I recently brought the workout cause I've started to notice I've been feeling a bit stiff when I'm training. I stretch before and after each workout but after goning through the Mobility One workout I can actually feel why my body needs this. The exercises don't just stretch one area at a time it has more range which is intense but I absolutely love it. Mobility One is definitely a blessing in my life, Thanks Kaisa xxx”

— Agnetta C.

“J'adore cet entraînement, j'ai envie de le faire tous les jours car il est tellement agréable à faire. Je me sens plus souple et tellement bien après ça, il complète à merveille mes entraînement de musculation, merci beaucoup Kaisa!”

— Huche F.

“Too early for me to to talk about results, but after a couple of sessions I feel pleasantly sore in places I had never properly addressed. Innovative moves together with revisited and renewed classics. I like it!”

— Paola P.

“This is a godsend for the stiff body builder! I am going to incorporate this into my daily morning routine.”

— Christine G.

“I tried this mobility programme because I have been dealing with back pain for a long time and I thought it could help me get better. I am definitely grateful to Kaisa for sharing these kinds of movements. Those helped me stop being an old-cramped-22-year-old lady. THANKS WOMAN!💙”

— Laura T.

“I completed the Mobility One workout after a travel day. It was the perfect antidote to having spent several hours cramped in an airplane. 30 minutes flew by and I felt so much better than when I started! This is a great routine for a hotel stay or any small room at home when you can’t make it to the gym.”

— Melissa A.

“At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical and the first attempts were already difficult for me. I haven't done anything for my body for a long time and for a year now, I have been doing 3-4 Hiit workouts a week. That was a big change for my body and I've often noticed that something has tweaked. Meanwhile, I apply the Mobility-One at least once a week and have to say, since that is the tweaking away. Although I do it on a regular basis, I have to say that it is still slightly challenging and I still enjoy it and am not agony for me. Thanks Kaisa :)”

— Ufuk A.

“This is an fantastic mobility routine. Those shoulder moves KILLED. It’s going into my rotation immediately. For future videos - and I will definitely purchase your future videos - consider a tight shot and at least two camera angles. I had a little trouble seeing what you were doing behind you at times. It’s a slight, minor point in this otherwise entirely exceptional program!”

— Monica A.

“I just started adding this to my routine. I’m super bad at stretching and this allows me to give a solid 30mins towards it and it’s just good to move on your days off. Really great movements that I wouldn’t have thought of my self.”

— Jess L.

“I have only just started this programme but I really love it! I think that the creator has really through carefully and created a workout which feels good, is challenging but not uncomfortable (for beginners like me) and is quick to do. I recommend it if you are starting out.”

— Carla H.

“Mobility ONE is exactly what I needed. I’m not one to sit and stretch, or do yoga, so this is perfect. It is functional stretching and mobility training that leaves the body feeling amazing. At 55 years old, I’m starting to see a little of my mobility starting to change and I’m so grateful that this came along when it did. Love it!!!”

— Jill W.

“Wow, I have serious hip mobility issues and arthritis in my thoracic spine, after just my first session Mobilty One has me feeling like I can move again! I'm really hoping it'll reduce the chronic pain I have over time. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Charlotte M.

“As a 60 yr old athlete (walk, run, cycle, horseback) I rarely did any mobility or flexibility or stretching. Am paying for that oversight (invincibility) now. What I like about the mobility program is that I can do it at work, at home, I don't HAVE to go to a gym or use specific equipment. As well, some of the moves are similiar to the yoga moves I have started. I prefer mobility. It has an excellent flow and the more I do it the easier it will get... knowing what comes next. As it is, I am slow and do maybe half of the positions in the 20 or 30 or 60 seconds. I will get better. AND... as an athlete used to working hard and being sore... this program surprised me with just how sore I am. Those inflexible unbendable stiff muscles and joints are waking up, and I did it only ONE day! Will make it a daily routine and hopefully my 26 km cycle to work will be stronger and faster.”

— Linda N.

“going slowly, recovering from bulging disc and diagnosed osteoathritis and old girl crushed sleeping shoulder. Enjoying and wanting to create the habit again. kiā ora”

— Eryn R.

“I have been a lifter most of my life so that being said - I am not flexible. Due to incorporating running in my workouts, I developed lower back and hip pain. No amount of stretching helped until I tried the Mobility One series. I AM IN LOVE!!!! Besides the smooth easy movements - the range of motion/stretching workout is NO JOKE. I felt amazing after just one workout. I will definitely make this a priority at least three times a week.”

— Marti K.

“I'm in rough shape. Lots of pain, loss of's a long story, but I used to be very fit (weights, mtn biking, hiking, cross fit) but for medical reasons, I've been quite incapacitated for the past 3 years. It's been humbling and depressing. I've tried other exercise programs, but haven't either been able to do the exercises, or have been in more pain afterward. I've been looking for a routine that is both doable and challenging. This routine is the perfect mix. While I'm not (yet) able to have the range of motion to do all the exercises, I'm able to modify and still get a great low impact workout. The exercise look simple (and are...), but are very effective. It's only week 2 for me, but I feel better already.”

— teri R.

“Perfect routine for me. I used to be very fit. I've done everything from free weights, kettle bells, yoga, Pilates, etc...Because of a few physical setbacks I have been inactive for about 3 years, but am ready to move again. At my age, 69, I cannot afford to stiffen up and lose mobility. I'd been following Kaisa on FB but hadn't seen any posts for a while until an ad for this showed up one day. I jumped on it and watched it a few times before proceeding. I can do everything at my own pace, of course, except for The Scorpio...maybe in a few workouts. This is just what I needed to get me moving again!”

— Mickey R.

“Great exercise. I have issues with my knee, shoulder and back so had to modify a bit in each movements. I agree that there is very little prep/rest time from one movement to another. Following it without a break is a bit of challenge for me so I had to pause in between. It would also be great to add music to this great routine.”

— Youna K.

“This is sooooo goood. Perfect in the morning, perfect before my 30 min running. Very well explained, very effective excercises. Thank youuuu!”

— Antonella G.

“As a group ex instructor, I really needed this! We focus so much on other aspects of fitness, but forget about joint health! This was a great recovery day activity, and it's great that I can pause the video if I want to do more reps!”

— Martine F.

“This routine is a great addition to my workout schedule. I have arthritis all over and stiffness in one hip. I am hopeful that this will help. Also love that it is 1/2 hour. Easy to fit into those busier days! The stretch with movement is important with keeping those joints functioning.”

— Sandra M.

“It's great! This will be something I can use daily.”

— Courtney B.

“Great workout! I’m 65 yrs old with arthritis & bilateral knee replacements. I made it through the workout without much trouble. Adjusted where I needed to. Loved how I felt when I finished. Plan to do this 3 times a week to keep me flexible & mobile”

— Joyce J.

“I have a knee injury so I'm taking it slow, however, I've enjoyed very much this wonderful strength and mobility inducing workout. I find a couple of the movements more challenging than others but all in all it is fabulous and I will continue using Mobility ONE every day.”

— Jill C.

“Oh my! I'm in LOVE with this mobility movement. You are ah-mazing for this. Like it should be a must have for every human. Talk about getting those tight muscles and joints released and moving. I feel FREE! Like just after one go! I have a long way to go but I'm pumped to keep going. I'm using it for my rest days with the 28day program to jump start my journey into a healthier life style. I have gone from fit to fat and need to get back to fit. I was worried I may not be able to do the mobility one but found out anyone could use it. I was sweating and flexing all through. I just love it. Wonder if I could recommend it for my mom who is 65 and suffered from sciatica or constant lower back pains.”

— Nkiru E.

“I did my first Mobility One workout this morning! AWESOME! I have MS and struggle daily with mobility. Some of the moves were hard for me, but I paused the video, concentrated on each move and did them all. Maybe not as graceful as others, but I did it. I know doing this a few times a week, along with my regular workouts, is going to help me with my mobility. THANKS!!”

— Brandy R.

“I’m 54 and a bit overweight, but I’m working to tone up and drop a few pounds. Just a bit though. This workout is a great addition to my exercise routine with great stretches, fantastic pace, good instruction and perfect flow. I will definitely need to practice it to improve my ability to do it all well, but that’s what a workout is all about. If it’s not a bit challenging, then it’s not for you. This is for me. I love it. It will give me better range of motion and overall fitness.”

— Taimi P.

“Thoroughly enjoy the Mobility One workout, it's a great flexibility and stretch routine which is exactly what I was looking for, thank you”

— Christine C.

“C’est un des meilleurs entraînements que j’ai fait ....mais c’est assez intense j’aime bien”

— Carmen M.

“Nothing new here that you can't find free on YouTube. Wish I had seen some honest reviews before I purchased”

— I W.

“Excellent program. Great to stretch and move so many areas in a short period of time.”

— Abbey D.

“I discovered Kaisa on Alo and loved the way she combines strength and mobility as elements that are crucial to each other. When I saw her mobility class on her own website I wasted no time purchasing it. I wasn’t disappointed. As a 47 year old who makes fitness a priority but always needs to do more to improve strength and posture, this workout is the perfect length for a rest day. It’s also a decent enough strength workout for my upper body too (I have some neck and shoulder pain/restriction). I love that workout includes mobility from head to toe and I feel energized when I’ve finished. I removed 1 star for a small reason - I wish I could download it for places with no wifi. I found a low res way to stream in case of poor wifi to avoid buffering but downloading would be much better.”

— Janice M.

“Tried the Mobility workout for the first time last night and really loved it! I am hoping it helps relieve some stress in my hips and back due to sitting so much. Thank you!”

— joanna l.

“Love this workout. I have suffered from hip and knee pain for 7 years now...I went to physical therapy after doing this after my workouts and my therapist was IMPRESSED! I'd definitely recommend the program to ANYONE!”

— Leonae F.

“I tried mobility one today and it was absolutely awesome! I lift weights regularly and do some yoga. This routine engages your body in probably more ways you could imagine. Mobility one is very well structured and easy to follow. The flow to each movement couldn’t be better. I think this is what I’ve always been looking for I just never new what a routine like this was. I’m so grateful to have found Kaisa’s workouts. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this type of workout. I feel so incredibly good and will continue with mobility one a few times a week as I most definitely need improvement. Thanks again! Kenny B”

— Kenneth B.

“This is a great program. I do a lot of yoga and this is kind of like a yoga sequence specifically designed to hone in to systematically work mobility throughout the body. The movements feel good, too. I will note that I don't have any lack of mobility issues that I'm working through, but rather am interested in doing this to prevent future issues and to feel that full-body "ahhhhh" that comes from working out the kinks—and this program fits the bill perfectly!”

— Amanda C.

“I bought this program because of my back issues and much reduced flexibility from lack of exercise. I was actually sweating half way through but not having issues doing any of it. It's an amazing program that I want to incorporate regularly and also get my kids to do it to hopefully help with injury prevention for their soccer! Absolutely love it!!”

— Caren D.

“Absolutely amazing! I love this mobility routine, it does exactly as I had hoped and makes me feel more mobile and unencumbered. I would say it is one of the best purchases I have made as far as online videos for fitness go. It is great!”

— Nancy C.

“I absolutely love this program and perform it twice a day currently due to acute hip tightness. I feel so much relief right now and it’s been only three day since purchasing. I’m definitely going to keep it going and back off to twice a week once I feel better.”

— Anita R.

“I’ve been looking for a good program to help with mobility after many surgeries and I finally found it!!! Thank you. 😊”

— Kristy F.

“Greetings from Finland Kaisa! Thank you for Mobility One. 🤗 I have skimped on self care for a long time. The movements were possible to do (though there is a lot of room for my own improvement) and they felt gentle and kind to my stiff joints and sore & tight muscles. I’ve done the beginning twice and already on the second try it seemed easier to do. The instructions are very clear. I am excited and curious to see what results are possible to achieve by incorporating this program into my weekly schedule. I definitely recommend trying the program. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Irene V.

“I really needed this. The mobility video was extremely challenging but my body got a great stretch/workout. I loved how my body felt afterwards. I like that there is not much chitchat and Kaisa went straight into the exercises. This is definitely my go to video for stretching.”

— Priscilla W.

“This is a great routine, I love that it incorporates the whole body... it made me sweat! I look forward to increased mobility! My only gripe is that the video cuts when Kasia gets into positions so there no time for me to manoeuvre myself in line with the video... Overall very pleased, I will look out for other Kaisa Fit routines. ☺️”

— Sarah D.

“Extremely helpful. Especially after my lumbar spine surgery. This is the first programme I tried that helped me get back on my feet!”

— Fleur W.

“I have been traning all my life, former runner but mostly workout and long walks in naturen, cobined with easy climbing and boxing. Even with this diversity, my age, 55, has affected my healt:my hips are killing me! I have tried this Mobility One five days, and I think my mobility has changes for the bretter. Like all training you have to be patent, chances takes time! I'am gooing to stick to this program for many more weeks, and have already recommended it to some of my friends. I belive in the process! And very relaxing to see a trainer not focusing on the look but the ability to moove! 😍”

— Hilde K.

“Absolutely loved this. Made me feel warm and good and relaxed afterwards.”

— Henna J.

“Well worth it!”

— Jo S.

“Really good class!”

— Sara N.

“I appreciated some of the innovative approaches to standard yoga postures and certainly got some inspirations from the exercises. My concern was that the pacing was a bit rushed - not enough time was provided for modifications or setting up a safe base in many of the poses or incorporating props. I also felt the postures would have benefited from having more cuing around the breath during the movements. As an experienced yoga instructor and coach, I was able to make the necessary adjustments for myself but can foresee that less experienced participants could incur injuries - especially for the kneeling poses which can be hazardous for some.”

— Beatrix M.

“This is awesome. I train with a group of people and we combined some of the exercises with planks, jumping Jack's and skipping. These stretches are fabulous and so versatile. I felt so good after doing them. Thanks”

— Emilia M.

“This has been a life changer! I have suffered from constant sciatic pain for years. After doing this 30 min workout once I was pain free! I know that seems hard to believe but you just have to try it it yourself. I do it regularly and continue to be pain free. I can also now workout harder since I have no pain. Thank you for creating this workout!!!”

— Christine M.

“After just one time through each of the exercises and 2 days later I can still feel the effects as if I've had a hard-core work out! As I'm getting older I am feeling less and less flexible, this seems like a perfect starting point to improve and develop my ability. Especially as I can take it everywhere with me! Whilst doing it I also realised my balance is shocking so will help with that to! Thank you for breaking down each move with good demonstrations, and for reminding me to breath!!!!”

— Bev P.

“Kaisa has a special magic about her that makes things fun! I don't love doing mobility (does anyone?), but Kaisa makes it fun. Many of the moves in here are old favorites, but many are things I've never seen before, and the combinations and sequences are great. I love the choose-your-own-adventure option, too, for shorter sessions. ALSO, some of her cues for the "old favorites" like quadruped t-spine extension/rotation were ones I'd never heard before and which amped up what I get out of the drill 10x! (Ohhhh, THAT's how it's supposed to feel!) Thank you, Kaisa! :D”

— Maureen H.

“MobilityOne is a fantastic program. I was looking for something to help with my hip and lower back pain. I found stretching helped but wanted a routine to flow with my workouts and this was perfect.”

— Jeanne E.

“I'm so glad that I purchased this program. It has helped tremendously with my lower back pain. I have been doing this program every day since I bought it and I feel less pain each time. I've been doing it before my workouts as my warm up and I love the yoga poses as well! I would recommend this to anyone and the for the can't beat it! I also bought the CORE program and I love that one too! Thanks Kaisa! 🤗”

— Melinda S.

“Hoping that by doing this program faithfully, I’ll have more mobility and less pain.”

— Sharon C.

“This feels so good! Thank you.”

— Linnea M.

“This was great. I’m an ex NCAA athlete, personal trainer, post two babies in two years. My body has been neglected to say the least, and I have been on the search for something like this for some time. The production isn’t what is sold to you on Instagram, but the content is awesome and that’s what counts. A queue for props for those wishing to use them would be good and a more fluid approach to filming would have been better. But it doesn’t change the fact this is a great mobility routine to add to any program, and I will definitely continue to support Kaisa and recommend her work to others.”

— Adrien M.

“I loved this Mobility session, and I sure was sweating by the end of it. I love the full range of exercises from head to toe. Her explanations were easy to follow and for the most part I was able to do them all. Some were hard on my poor knees, but I feel with time and working this program regularly they will get stronger and more mobile. Thank you Kaisa for this wonderful program. Hugs xo”

— Debra C.

“Hello Kaisa, Simply awesome! I started back exercising after 18 months off and have been extremely sore. But after doing Mobility session last night I felt more flexible and mobility was better. Even though my Quads were sore as today lol Absolutely love this program. Thank you 🥰”

— Jacqueline S.

“This is such a remarkable program, I'm only 2 sessions in and I'm already feeling the positive effects! My hip flexors which have been a problem for so long, are starting to loosen up and I'm definitely feeling the glute activation. The continued movement and work of breathing throughout makes this a true workout and it's so easy to integrate into your day. Consider me converted!”

— Lisa S.

“Hello Kaisa, thanks for developing this program. Excellent. It comes to complete some movements that you posted on Instagram and want to see what else you could offer, motivated me to buy this program. Keep going please 👍”

— Rosa M.

“Wouha. I did it for the first . sweated my butt out but i am happy even tough i am realky overweight and with pain all over my body i could do all except 3. It feels so good after and this 30 min flew by. Best ever”

— virginie l.

“I mean, the exercises are great but the video literally cuts from one to the next - there is no time for me to get into the next position. Cutting Kaisa moving her body from one stretch to the next also cuts the time it takes to do so, leaving the viewer either rushing or pausing at each exercise. It would be awesome if this could be improved on in the video, since I'd like to use this routine regularly.”

— Dana D.

“As an athlete, I do a ton of working out, and I'm really bad at stretching. As a result, my muscles get tight, and everything hurts. This program has really helped not only with keeping my entire body loose and limber after workouts, but I'm also noticing my flexibility increasing. Love it!”

— Hannah M.

“A great synergy of movement and stretching. As a yoga instructor, I love the balance of mobility and breath. I feel more flexibility and energy in my shoulders down to my toes. Will definitely add this to my routine!”

— Liermanc .

“I haven't worked out for a few weeks and I was looking for a workout that would be easy on my joints. I tried it for the 1st time today and it felt so good! After a very stressful work day it was nice to stretch and unwind. Very happy with this workout. I feel relaxed...the stress just flowed right off of me. I love how she explains every move and is right there with you. Thank you Kasia😘”

— Linda R.

“I really Enjoy Kaisa’s ig and saw she had released the mobility one routine and thought what the heck!! I’ll try! Her fair price makes it accessible to a lot of folks! I love the low impact and no equipment and that it’s just her guiding the movements not busied with over powering music. I did Have to modify for my own shoulders towards the end but in general i really Enjoyed this and plan to return to it.”

— Kelly M.

“This a great routine if you are just looking to get a solid movement session in without a lot of impact. This is my go to when I am feeling stiff after a long day at work or feeling like I want a light workout. As always, I enjoy Kaisa's encouragements and coaching. Thank you Kaisa!”

— Devon M.

“Love this routine!”

— Ioana S.

“Love love! I use this mobility routine (or portions of it depending on time and focus) everyday. Love having this in my toolbox! 🙏❤️”

— Sarah S.

“I use this routine as part of my recovery days and I've already seen an improvement! My hip mobility is getting better and I'm not as sore on the days I work hard. I also like that you don't need a huge space to do the moves properly. I literally do this routine in my tiny NYC apartment hallway, and other than the scorpion pose, it works! (Bonus when she says, imagine you're in a hallway... I'm like... yup! Check!)”

— Missy C.

“I love this routine and I use it at least once if not twice a week. It really helps with stretching and flexibility and I always feel so relaxed afterwards. A favorite for sure.”

— Monica W.

“I feel great after doing my first session of Mobility One. My only recommendation would be instruction on how to modify using props. I have short limbs and some of the movements would have been helped by blocks, knee cushion, or straps. Now I know and I will have my props with me. I'm looking forward to increased mobility that I am sure will come from using this program. Thank you!”

— Kamala L.

“Thank you! Totally enjoyed this mobility workout! More of these please 😊❤️👍”

— Sheree S.

“I am in love with this mobility workout! I am in the process for LAPD and let me tell you if it wasn’t for the mobility workouts I probably wouldn’t have made it through all physical demanding exams they have me go through ! Definitely a game changer and a must try! -CHRIS”

— Christian U.

“I loved this routine! Hoping to see many more of this style of mobility routine. My joints felt great after the class - MORE PLEASE!!!”

— Mary jo S.

“I've been working out for years and have never taken much time for recovery and mobility work. But my workouts have taken a toll on my body and I knew I needed to give it more rest, even when all I want to do is move. So I grabbed this program so that I could take my body through some movement while still not going full throttle. And it has been a total game changer. My body feels better. I've started incorporating some of these moves into my warm-ups and the results have only fueled my performance.”

— Ashley J.

“Freaking fantastic! Just did this for my first time (won’t be the last). I am a 60 something fitness/personal trainer and am finding myself getting tighter over the past 10 years. This is just what I needed!!! Will be doing this program 3-4 times per week and incorporating some of the moves with my groups!❤️❤️❤️”

— Gillian L.

“Kaisa, I have been following you for on Instagram for a few months now and absolutely love your training style. I just did your mobility workout for the first time and boy was I surprised at how hard some of the moves were. It felt great to stretch through movement instead of being static. I am a personal training and help condition high school football players. I will definitely be incorporating some of these moves with our team. You amaze me every time I see a new routine or move of the day! Thank you for helping me learn new exercises and feeling great at the same time. You are a GEM!! I hope to be like you one day!!💪 Keep being the positive change in the world!🌎”

— Kristi B.


— Xavier V.

“Great workout! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Eugenia H.

“I LOVE this program. I have had a lot of injuries over the year, and am not the most flexible, but this program is really helping my flexibility. The movements flow so beautifully and really help me to get a deeper stretch. AND, as a bonus, I am drenched with sweat by the end of it! And Kaisa is awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!”

— Alison W.

“As a student i sit for most of the day during exam sessions, moving my body keeps me sane both physically and mentally. I've done this workout for the first time this morning, it was challenging but I felt amazing afterwards and ready to tackle several hours of studying. I can't wait to practice more and keep getting better and better! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Anna M.

“Mobility One is awesome. Every time I do Mobility One it just gets better and better.”

— Sterling B.

“Was looking for some simple, effective movements for EVERYBODY. Thank you for making this so simple, clear and no fluff. I am a yoga teacher getting burnt out on the fluff, this is what’s up. Thank YOU.”

— Caitlin C.

“What a fantastic mobility workout. I felt like a cement statue. I was that tight EVERYWHERE, but after my first session I feel soo much looser. Still a long way to go for these ageing muscles, but I’ll get there with Kaisa’s mobility program. I love the fact you are never static 🥰”

— Kylie L.

“What a great mobility workout, thanks Kaisa. Perfect for older hips that don't seem to want to move in the way they used to!”

— Deborah R.

“Such simple movement patterns but yet I found them incredibly hard!! This is definitely now going to be part of my daily routine. I do lots of weight training but have recently felt so tight and can barely touch my toes so mobility is really important for me to prevent injuries and get good range and form when heavy lifting. Thanks Kaisa for keeping this super simple and memorable!”

— Julie M.

“Wow! I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a Les Mills Tap team member. I am also known as the Flow girl. But, this is The. Real. Deal. I was sweating and shaking and humbled! What a fantastic routine that is developed with reason and purpose. I stick to the Mobility Flows that I have developed and man oh man have I been missing out on thoracic and quad mobility. I feel so much better just after 1x through. Thank you Kaisa. :)”

— Chelsea P.