Mobility Strength

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The NEW all-in-one workout that strengthens and restores while you sweat!

If you don’t love this after your first workout, email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Mobility Strength Includes

25-Movement Mobility Routine
3 Workout Videos
40-min, 30-min, and 10-min Variations
No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
English Subtitles
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Mobility Strength

A full workout with the recovery built in!

Ready to hear something epic? This routine is unlike anything else out there. While most workouts leave you depleted, tired, exhausted and bored, Mobility Strength revitalizes while you sweat to keep things interesting and fun!

Let’s break it down a bit…

What is mobility? Mobility allows you to move a joint through its full range of motion.

And why does this matter? Mobility training has a positive impact on everyday activities. From squatting down to the floor, to playing with your kids, to even just sitting more comfortably in a Zoom meeting! Mobility makes life better.

Think of muscles as the little siblings to joints. The muscle wants to do whatever the joint is doing. If the joint can’t find a range of motion, the muscle will end up feeling stiff and tight. Which leads to pain.

How is this different than Mobility One? Mobility One is a recovery routine, Mobility Strength is an all-in-one workout! I wanted a program that didn’t need a separate recovery routine. It incorporates the restorative properties of Mobility One with a total body strength workout. It’s the perfect way to restore while you sweat, and I’m super excited to finally share it with you!

Why Mobility Strength?

I’m super proud of this workout because it’s one-of-a-kind! You won’t find anything else like this on the market. Mobility Strength rehabilitates the range of motion within your joints while you’re working out, so you finish feeling rejuvenated and more connected to your body.

Here are some cool things you can expect from Mobility Strength:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool down, strength work, and more!
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Relieve Stress
  • Injury Prevention
  • It’s fun!

Mobility Strength helps to improve the range of motion within your joints and then lengthens and strengthens that movement. It’s an all-in-one workout that not only repairs but gets your heart pumping!

One last question.

Are you ready to strengthen, sweat and restore to feel your absolute best?

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Instructional (40 mins)

This workout slows things down a bit so I can offer more guidance and you can take the time to feel your body in each movement. If you’re just starting out, this workout is great for establishing proper form and demonstrating how to get the most out of this strengthening and restorative workout!
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Flow (30 mins)

This routine is similar to a flow where the building of each movement will feel very natural for your body—and the more you do it, the more fluid it will feel! Experience the replenishment to your joints and muscles while you strengthen your bod and feel good!
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Mini (10 mins)

Maximize your time with this modified workout! When your schedule’s packed, use this routine to relieve stress, strengthen, and restore the range of motion in your joints and muscles. It’s a quick hit of self-compassion and sweat!

198 Reviews for Mobility Strength

“So so good and do-able. This is such a great mobility and strength fusion. I really enjoyed it! I am 44 years old and a long time sport-fitness trainer. As I have gotten older, I really have started to change my trainings to protect my joints, encourage full range of motion and develop strength. This was a great find! Bravo!”

— Magan P.

“Hello Wacheya, My very first time with the instructional workout and I love it! It got my whole body moving, sweating and it was wonderful! As a 36 year old stay at home, homeschooling mom it is exactly what I was looking for. I’m very happy and looking forward to your other workout videos! Thank you Meegwetch! Hannah N.”

— Hannah N.

“Great company, cares about customer satisfaction.”

— Sharon F.

“Thank you Kaisa for these amazing routines! I'm finally getting stronger and more flexible. Those little pains in de lower back and knees, finally seem to lessen. I can't wait to see more of your workouts :) You explain every steps so smoothly and easy to follow. Love it!”

— Kassandra T.

“I love this workout! I normally don't like videos as a substitute for live classes, but Kaisa is the exception. I have noticed an almost immediate improvement in my lower back and hips which helps me stick with doing the flow video a few times per week. As a former can can dancer I was used to having a lot of length in my hamstrings, but too much desk work was starting to erode that, and mobility strength is helping me get it back.”

— Sara M.

“I’ve been following this workout for the past week or so. My 50th birthday is getting closer and this is the year I’ve promised to myself that I make some important improvements. I have been finding after your workouts I feel more relaxed, stronger and I also sleep better. I love that bit of relaxing almost meditating at the end! I’m looking forward to trying your other programs too. You make it easy to follow along and learn the steps. Thanks so much!”

— Sam P.

“This is amazing! I am Deaf. All workouts are subtitled and some videos has ASL added in it. Kaisafit is the only one that do it! Very few excerise programs has subtitles and none has ASL added in the videos. I was so surprised when I found out about the ASL videos. Thank you so much!”

— Alissa O.

“I love that this program has an instructional option to learn the moves before moving on to the flow/faster versions, so you can master technique first and the risk of injury is minimised. I’ve had this program for a week now and have completed it twice - along with other workouts and Kaisa programs - and I feel stronger and more mobile already!”

— Mel F.

“This past week I've used the mobility program around 5am everyday, all I can saw is "🗣 Ouch". I'm carry muscle pretty well, love to lift and hate to stretch. After multiple surgeries (both Achilles, knee etc) I felt that this might be a good time to work on mobility, I know I'm very hard headed. I'm excited to see how much better my body feels in the future by keeping this routine up. Thanks so much ‐ TSgt Luckey USAF”

— Jarrad L.

“Really glad I purchased this video! Feels like my whole body is worked and the 40 minutes feels more like 20. It is challenging (some of the moves pick up the speed a bit) but still doable for someone who isn't as athletic. After a few sessions I almost feel taller as I am more limber and my back is more straight. Still need to do the instructional video a few times before I attempt the flow! As a tattoo artist I often work long hours in positions that may not be so ergonomic, so this video will be on high rotation in my exercise routine going forward!”

— Angela M.

“I Love this workout! It was as if I took my respective yoga practice and turned it up by 10!!!! I am able to have more movement in my joints, and flexibility. Only thing, I can't do the Jump to switch, yet.”

— Jacquin F.

“Really enjoying this flow. Loving the creativity of the movements great for warm up and cool down.”

— Tyler S.

“I run 3-4 times a week and though I love it, I started feeling a lot of muscle tightness and soreness. I thought mobility strength would provide much need stretching while still being a solid workout. It is that and more. I felt so good after just my first session. I even had less soreness after running. I love that it's also a pretty tough workout. I'm drenched by the end. The moves are challenging and Kaisa is such a good motivational trainer.”

— Courtney R.

“Kaisa is literally the best thing to happen to me during quarantine. These workouts are great for people with small spaces/apartments and miss the gym. I'm totally in love.”

— Ezra R.

“I have used this program every day since I purchased it and I recommend it highly. It is easy to follow, challenging and you need very little space to participate.”

— Leesa J.

“As usual, incredible way to move with Kaisa. I really liked it, although I do like moving fast and intensive, this program is a great way to have something different but still so interesting. And it's a great way to slow down after more intensive workout, or to practice it in one of the hot summer days when jumping is not what you may need. I also have Mobility Core and they are both just perfect . Thank you Kaisa!”

— Yana M.

“I am so thankful for this workout. I've done it just about every day for three weeks and the changes in my experience of my body are profound. My plantar fasciitis is gone, my back no longer hurts, and I feel stronger than I ever have. Best of all, I feel like I wear my body differently, that I am more comfortable, confident, and proud of what I can do. I've worked out regularly for years and nothing has felt this amazing and challenging. Every workout has sweat just pouring out of me. Thank you so much Kaisa, I look forward to doing your workouts every day and I look forward to your future products!”

— Laura S.

“It is definitely challenging I will be on the instructional video for a while before moving to flow but I'm excited to keep at it a few times a week and see my progress its challenge I'm ready to see improvement with. Some moves I couldn't do so I modified a bit for my comfort level and have learned my body is tight haha especially in my legs and hips so this is perfect. Cant wait to see my progress in a few weeks!”

— Jessie H.

“I love Kaisa's workouts! I'm still working at getting my flexibility back so a few of the moves I need to modify, but I thoroughly enjoy the workouts and it's been a life saver now that I can't get to the gym. Even when I can get back, I'm still going to incorporate Kaisa's workouts into my routine as they add a level to my fitness I can't get by lifting alone.”

— Kelly B.

“Love it! Still working on being able to get through the moves b/c of stiff hips, but WOW.... huge improvement on my movement already. thank you!”

— Daniela J.

“This is exactly what I’m looking to add to my home workout routine! A lovely active stretch to work up some sweat and keep you flexible.”

— Erin D.

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