Mobility Strength

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The NEW all-in-one workout that strengthens and restores while you sweat!

If you don’t love this after your first workout, email us and we’ll give you a full refund.
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Mobility Strength Includes

25-Movement Mobility Routine
3 Workout Videos
40-min, 30-min, and 10-min Variations
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Mobility Strength

A full workout with recovery built in!

Ready to hear something epic? This routine is unlike anything else out there. While most workouts leave you depleted, tired, exhausted and bored, Mobility Strength revitalizes while you sweat to keep things interesting and fun!

Let’s break it down a bit…

What is mobility? Mobility allows you to move a joint through its full range of motion.

And why does this matter? Mobility training has a positive impact on everyday activities. From squatting down to the floor, to playing with your kids, to even just sitting more comfortably in a Zoom meeting! Mobility makes life better.

Think of muscles as the little siblings to joints. The muscle wants to do whatever the joint is doing. If the joint can’t find a range of motion, the muscle will end up feeling stiff and tight. Which leads to pain.

How is this different than Mobility One? Mobility One is a recovery routine, Mobility Strength is an all-in-one workout! I wanted a program that didn’t need a separate recovery routine. It incorporates the restorative properties of Mobility One with a total body strength workout. It’s the perfect way to restore while you sweat, and I’m super excited to finally share it with you!

Why Mobility Strength?

I’m super proud of this workout because it’s one-of-a-kind! You won’t find anything else like this on the market. Mobility Strength rehabilitates the range of motion within your joints while you’re working out, so you finish feeling rejuvenated and more connected to your body.

Here are some cool things you can expect from Mobility Strength:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool down, strength work, and more!
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Relieve Stress
  • Injury Prevention
  • It’s fun!

Mobility Strength helps to improve the range of motion within your joints and then lengthens and strengthens that movement. It’s an all-in-one workout that not only repairs but gets your heart pumping!

One last question.

Are you ready to strengthen, sweat and restore to feel your absolute best?

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Instructional (40 mins)

This workout slows things down a bit so I can offer more guidance and you can take the time to feel your body in each movement. If you’re just starting out, this workout is great for establishing proper form and demonstrating how to get the most out of this strengthening and restorative workout!
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Flow (30 mins)

This routine is similar to a flow where the building of each movement will feel very natural for your body—and the more you do it, the more fluid it will feel! Experience the replenishment to your joints and muscles while you strengthen your bod and feel good!
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Mini (10 mins)

Maximize your time with this modified workout! When your schedule’s packed, use this routine to relieve stress, strengthen, and restore the range of motion in your joints and muscles. It’s a quick hit of self-compassion and sweat!

244 Reviews for Mobility Strength

“Love it!!”

— Kindra B.

“I’m a long time exercise and athletics person, But in my 40s I’m finding mobility is turning into the keyword for everything I do. Just bing strong is no longer enough if I want to keep on working well at spirts and my work. I really like the full range of motion and the constant return to a stretch during the workout. I don’t have time for a full yoga and a full callisthenics workout every day and this is a nice compromise.”

— Leeanne B.

“Oooooooh weeeeeeee Kaisa, this is perfect! This Brazilian heat with you leading the way makes for some EPIC workouts! Loving it. 1 down...3 more to go. Muito obrigado.”


“Very challenging but accessible for any level. Fantastic for increasing strength over time while remaining challenging as you develop”

— Meagan N.

“I think this is excellent for people who have previously been injured and want to avoid aggravating past (fully rehabbed) issues without overthinking it. That’s what I use it for. I generally do the shorter versions of this routine before I run, or the longer one afterwards. I plan on buying the rest of the mobility bundle when I can afford it. I also recommend this if you’re kind of an asshole, like myself, and often get annoyed with instructional videos.”

— Katharine S.

“I really enjoyed workout. It took me a bit of time to get used to the moves but the fact that you incorporate the movement + strength and stretching - GAME CHANGER!!”

— Fiona G.

“Hi Kaisa! I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for the originality of your workouts. Your formula of strength and mobility brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional training methods. I finish your workouts feeling like my joints are oiled up as well as muscular fatigue which is very satisfying. As an athlete with multiple little injuries, my body is grateful for the smoothness and intensity of your workouts. So thank you for your hard work and originality. To finish, I have to tell you that you are STUNNING! You look strong and healthy and it is inspiring. Take care of you xoxo”

— Samira Y.

“I just started the Instructional Mobility Strong. Loved it! I am a 54y-old martial artist - moving safely and efficiently is very important to me. The movement and flow really helped to loosen my joints, lengthen my muscles and connect the dots between different areas of the body. In doing it, I also discovered several sneaky tight areas that need attention! ;) This a great flow of movements that can stand alone to get your body moving efficiently. It can also be used restoratively after a big workout day. Thank you, Kaisa! :)”

— Davina M.

“I bought mobility strength as a single package. I loved it so much I bought the bundle. As a triathlete, mobility is a key factor in reducing my risk of injury. Love this program.”

— Michelle P.

“Exactly what I was looking for to help with overall mobility. I’m stiff from years of sitting at a computer. Mobility One is a great workout that isn’t too intense, and offers more than just a static stretch. It’s part of my daily routine now. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Jay P.

“Challenging but easy to follow! Love it so far ❤️”

— Bryn M.

“Kaisa you are inspiring and amazing! I just started back after a long , long break and this is just what I needed ! You know how to functionally move the body so well and a natural flow. I appreciate your enthusiasm and motivation. Thank you for giving me hope that I can get back on a healthy journey!”

— Helen C.

“Fantastic workout. Really enjoyed the flow and challenge this program offers. After years of competitive sport (rugby) in my 20s and 30s my body has been through a fair bit. Now in my 40s those earlier years are catching up to me so I need to change my game plan to look more at restorative workouts with strength. Love the format of this flow combining much needed mobility while gently strengthening, but you can ramp it up to make it more of a sweaty session. Love it, 5-stars 💪🏼 🙌🏼”

— Greg C.

“I am 41 year old competitive open water swimmer and 9 weeks into open heart surgery recovery. This is short, gentle, but challenging enough for my current state of healing. It is helping to restore some of my lost mobility and strength from 2 weeks in the hospital and 2 months of limited movement. My suggestions are when facing the audience, to mirror teach. To produce some longer sessions, maybe with some more repetitions or combinations. When doing some of the twists with the arm circles to note keeping the knees in line as you do well. Thank you! Kristin”

— Kristin G.

“I am not easily impressed with workout videos and I tend to stop using video workouts easily. With Kaisa Mobility Strength, I have set up a routine with this workout and I am following it. Only one week in and still using the instructional video, I already feel the difference in my joints. I work construction and need something to warm up my body to a day of hard work. For me, this workout is exactly what I need. I am excited to try the other videos in the bundle I purchased. Thanks for putting this regime together. My body thanks you!”

— Beth V.

“My body is grateful. I did not think I could find another instructor who would provide these types of subtle yet advanced movements that show quick results like Jillian Michaels. I am beyond pleased with this program. Thank you, Kaisa.”

— IC M.

“I love this program, I particularly appreciate the instructional version. It makes my muscles work hard and leaves my joints "smooth". Top top”

— Liliana D.

“I am really enjoying Kaisafit's Mobility Strength, the longer video with instructions are great! Easy to follow and I am sweaty when I am done with the workout.”

— Jackie I.

“Love the programme. I use it as part of my weekly training. Easy to follow and intense, you will sweat! Lovely yoga flow type moves.”

— Jessica B.

“I am loving this program. I have had lower back mobility issues for years due to my career and this program has already made me feel stronger with less pain and it’s only been a week!”

— Jada A.

“I’m 62 and I’ve been working out for quite a long time doing cardio and strength. Mobility/flexibility not so much. OK, almost never. My New Year’s resolutions have always been to do more yoga but I never did. I really like this mobility/strength. It’s really hard for me because I have such tight hips. I also have knee issues so I modify when I need to but I’m doing it!!I told myself that I would do it every day for 30 days to see what kind of results I would get. I am on day three!”

— Lynne S.

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