Summer Meal Plan


Proper fueling is a huge part of taking care of yourself and FEELING GOOD.


Summer Meal Plan Includes:

Includes 5 PDF Downloads
4-Week Meal Plan (PDF)
Optimal Fueling Guide (PDF)
Kitchen Essentials (PDF)
Pre/Post Workout Fueling (PDF)
Sweet-tooth Satisfiers (PDF)
Total of 65 Pages
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Liz Wyosnick

Summer Meal Plan

Proper fueling is a huge part of taking care of yourself and FEELING GOOD. That’s why I trusted registered dietitian, Liz Wyosnick of Equilibriyum to design a summer fueling plan that I believe in.

I have worked with Liz as my dietitian for the last 2 years, she’s made fueling easy and workable for me which is why I wanted to bring it to everyone!

First, This is NOT a Diet.

Let’s start out with what this is NOT.

This is NOT a 30-day restrictive eating plan disguised as a “healthy reset.”

This is NOT a quick-fix weight loss plan, because I don’t believe in coaching that way.

There are no numbers, no counting macros nor calories, and no restricted foods. This plan is a comprehensive collection of easier and healthier meal ideas to encourage cooking at home as the best way to support health and performance.

Simple to Prepare Food for Yourself.

This meal plan includes diverse whole food ingredients, and perfectly balanced protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat to promote health, satiation, and REAL eating.

Eat according to the plan and realize how optimally the body responds when provided with balanced nutrients in a structured way, and with YOU in control of the ingredients.

When followed, this is a manageable and sustainable means to supporting internal health and feeling your best. You know that saying: give a woman a fish, and you feed her for one day. Teach a woman to fish and she will be sustained for life. This meal plan is kind of like that. Happy fishing!

Includes 5 PDF downloads:

4-Week Meal Plan: Sometimes the hardest part of cooking at home is simply choosing what to make. This 4-week meal plan provides over 30 simple recipes along with weekly grocery lists and prep strategies. All meals have been tested for taste, feasibility, and satiation. There is no need to eliminate foods or food groups in this plan – you will be too busy enjoying whole foods, simple ingredients, and balanced nutrients. And as always, these meals are RD-tested and RD-approved.
  • Optimal Fueling Guide: The way to make healthy work for busy individuals is to adopt simple habits that can make a huge difference with time and consistency. This guide contains seven principles of fueling to start now and maintain for life.
  • Kitchen Essentials: A list to ensure your kitchen is properly equipped with the basics, plus four key cooking essentials that can make cooking at home more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Pre and Post Workout Fueling: The what, when and why nutrition strategy for fueling around workouts, to ensure that your nutrition is as strong as you.
  • BONUS: 4 Healthier Sweet-tooth Satisfiers: The difference between sweets that bog you down and not is the inclusion of protein and fiber – these simple recipes have both so that your decision to indulge is a supportive one.

Take advantage of this comprehensive bundle of resources to inspire health. The Optimal Fueling Guide provides science-backed health principles to live by. The 4-week meal plan, along with the kitchen equipment guide, makes nutritious and delicious cooking at home a breeze. And finally, because you’re part of the #TeamKaisa – we’ve got the only pre-and post-workout fueling guide you’ll ever need to reference.