Ankle Relief

Your ankles deserve some love! This 5-minute pain relief routine can also double as a warm-up for squats or running. Let’s do it, Team!

Shoulder Relief

This 5-minute seated routine will help you stretch out and open up your shoulders. Let’s go, Team!

Quick Neck Relief

If you’ve got 5 minutes, you’ve got enough time to relieve some tension in your neck. Take a quick break to get mobilize, stretch, and bring some relief to your neck.

Knee Relief

Most knee pain actually originates from tension or problems in the hips and ankles. This quick floor routine helps to mobilize those two joints to bring your knees some relief!

Hip Relief

Our hips can carry so much tension, and cause problems in other parts of our bodies when they’re too tight. Join Kaisa for a quick class that will stretch and mobilize your hips.

Neck Relief

Take ten minutes with Kaisa to release tension in your neck — perfect after a long day at your desk or during a break at work.