A lot of people have had bad experiences in the fitness space

Hey Team!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about moving into a new chapter of my life and how that’s shifted my workouts and programs. (You can find that blog article HERE) The first program in this new chapter is Athletic Glutes and although I am overwhelmed with the positive feedback I have received, I am also aware that the new direction might be a bit triggering for some.

I know that a lot of people have had bad experiences in fitness spaces, and that conversations around bodies and health can be triggering or bring up painful memories. If you’re not comfortable—for ANY reason—with our more body-focused messaging, you can opt-out here.

You’ll still receive emails about new programs, updates, and sales. We just want to make sure that YOU still feel good and welcome on the Team.

I am SO grateful for all the feedback I’ve gotten on Athletic Glutes and the new look — please keep sending your feedback!! I’m always here to listen!

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