Push-ups & Pillows

Hey Team! I recently posted a video in my JUST MOVE Facebook Group and thought you all might find it beneficial. I’ve been getting a handful of questions about how to work up to a full push-up so, I wanted to make sure you had a mini tutorial to get started! First, let’s talk about […]

Week Three of START Moving!

Welcome to Week Three! This week we are going to step into more structured program! Including a strength day, a cardio day, and a recovery day. Let’s have another great week! START WEEK THREE! Keep moving Team!

Week Two of START Moving!

Welcome to Week Two! A great way to stay committed to moving is to find your “why.” So let’s take a moment to finish the following sentence, “I started moving because…” Write this down and keep coming back to it when you need to remind yourself to stay connected to your bigger purpose. START WEEK […]

Welcome to START Moving!

Welcome to Week One! Showing up is the hardest part, and you’ve done that! The rest is easy! So please take a moment to take this all in! This will be a foundational week, we are learning the movements, learning about our body and just getting started. Be sure to listen to your body and […]

Just Move? Walk This Way!

TEAM. There are SO many different ways we can move our bodies, sometimes it’s hard to choose just one! But when you’re looking for something easy, that you can do on your own (in fact, you’ve probably been doing it your whole life), it’s time to get walking! Walking has so many wonderful health benefits! […]

On your mark, get set…RUN!

Where my runners, joggers, and sprinters at??? Running is such a fun way to move—it’s great for your cardiovascular health, it gets you outside, and you don’t need anything but running shoes and the wind in your hair! With all of these awesome benefits it’s easy to get going, but runners often skip the most […]

Podcast: You Need Therapy

“Why are we having a conversation about what you look like? Let’s have a conversation about all the things that you can do and use movement as a way to show your body love and appreciation.” Kaisa joins Kat DeFatta on You Need Therapy to share her perspectives on body positivity and movement as a […]

Here Comes the Sun!

Team, the summer sun is not a game!!! I love getting out and basking in the warm glow of the sunshine but it’s so important that we remember to protect ourselves! Not only does it keep your skin looking younger, but it helps prevent skin cancer. Here’s what I’m doing to keep it under wraps […]

Water. Is. Life.

Sure, you’ve heard it all before — water is essential for your body to function properly. But why? It might have something to do with the fact that adult humans are made of 60% water, and our blood is 90% water. That’s a lot of agua! There are ENDLESS reasons that it’s important to stay […]

Food, glorious, food!

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, but most of us have been taught that there is only one acceptable way to look. This mentality completely negates the beauty in diversity of the human body and it’s enforced by restricting a very important thing we need to live — food. If eyes are the windows to […]

Workout Planner

Hey Team! Check out our brand new workout planner! It’s so much easier to make time for your workouts when you are excited about what’s next! So we are providing this template and some programming guidance just for you! DOWNLOAD THE WORKOUT PLANNER Head over to JUSTMOVE.COM and fill out your schedule. We recommend workouts […]

Welcome to Week Four!

It’s the FINAL week of the June Challenge! How do you feel??? I feel incredibly proud that we’ve made it this far-give yourself a high-five, big hug, and celebrate! I hope you’re feeling as great as I am, let’s end this challenge with another week of nourishing our bodies through movement, food, and self-care. I […]