Just5 Workout: Side-to-Side Hustle

Amp things up with this high-intensity workout that utilizes a small space to give you maximum movement potential! We’re leveraging both horizontal and vertical positions to keep your heart rate up and the fun flowing. Let’s go!

I Am More Than My Body

My entire life, I have been seen for my body. Whether is was a positive or negative thing. I’ve been seen as manly and masculine, because I looked a certain way. Or I’ve been seen as thick and sexy, because I looked a certain way. Positive or negative. Whatever way you want to see it. […]

Podcast: No Matter the Game

My podcast w/ @justtrain dropped today and it’s definitely the most personal interview I’ve ever done. Nothing was off limits and he wanted to know it all. I don’t get personal often but he pulled it out of me 🖤

Podcast: She Thrives Radio

“When you workout and move, you inevitably start working through and moving through other things in your life.” Kaisa and host Taylor Gage of She Thrives Radio dive into the transformational possibilities of movement (and rest!), and the origins of “I am more than my body.” (Original airdate: January 8, 2019)

Keynote from NASM OPTIMA 2018 Conference

Never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to share my story with my peers… Words can’t quite describe the feeling of gratitude I have for this experience. Up until several years ago I didn’t even think I belonged in this industry. I constantly compared myself to everyone around me […]

IDEA World Convention 2018

Wow! What an incredible weekend at @ideafit 🙌 Getting the opportunity to coach your peers is humbling to say the least! Couldn’t I had such an incredible experience this weekend, thank you SO much to everyone who came out! 🙏

The Boom Boom Performance Podcast

“When an injury happens, I pause everything. What is going on in my life? What do I need to take a deeper look at?” Kaisa talks with Cody McBroom on the Boom Boom Performance Podcast about Kaisafit’s origins: her love of movement, how injuries motivated her to really connect with what her body needed, and […]

The Easy Wins Podcast

“What I try to help people understand is, human bodies were made to move. When you start incorporating movement into your day, naturally you start feeling better.” Kaisa talks with Mitch Harb at The Easy Wins Podcast about habits, fitness, and how incremental changes can make a big difference. (Original air date: October 4, 2017)

The Boom Boom Performance Podcast — Pt 2 (Q&A)

“What can you think of that you feel is doable? For some people it’s getting up and going for a five minute walk around the block. For some people, it’s doing a ten-minute stretch session. You have to start somewhere, and you have to know that that starting point can be whatever resonates best with […]

The Boom Boom Performance Podcast — Pt1

“I don’t eat a certain way to look a certain way. I eat and I move because that makes me feel good.” Kaisa talks with Cody McBroom and Theo Bowie at the The Tailored Life about her journey in learning how to listen to her body. She breaks down what motivates her to move, incorporating […]