Bust a move!

I’ve always loved to dance—it’s a great way to let loose, get expressive, and just have fun! Here are 5 ways dance can fill your soul, move your body and help you feel good no matter where you are!

1. It’s cardio! Dance is a great way to get your heart rate up and break a sweat. Since it’s a cardiovascular exercise, you’re actively helping to improve the condition of your heart and lungs.

2. Reduce stress. When you hear the music and lose yourself in your surroundings, you can reduce the amount of cortisol your brain produces—this is the hormone related to stress and anxiety.

3. Improve flexibility, balance, strength, and stamina. Dance is a full-body exercise. Stretching before and after can help lengthen your muscles to become more flexible in each move, while maintaining a strong center of gravity helps your posture. And the more you dance, the stronger you’ll become! That means endurance for days!

4. Make connections. Okay, so this past year hasn’t exactly been a billboard for raves or large dance parties, BUT as things start to open up again, dance is a wonderful way to connect with people. You can express your personal style without saying a word or even build trust through partner dance. Need a hit of happy right now? Get some friends to join you for a virtual dance party online!

5. Have fun. At the end of the day, dancing is all about having fun! Just TRY not to smile after you’ve shaked it, rolled it, shimmied it, flipped it, and reversed it!

Wanna get your groove on? My friend Kisha Vaughn has a few fun routines on JUST MOVE that will get you moving and shaking—and most importantly—feeling good!

Until next time, Team—JUST MOVE!