Choose a challenge for 2022!

Hey Team!

Many of you have been asking “what challenge should I do?” so we decided to compile all of our top challenges to help you decide which one is right for you! Don’t stress that you didn’t start right at the beginning of the month, starting NOW is the perfect time. So check out the challenges, pick one, and LET’S GOOOO!


START Moving: Learn the foundations and feel confident in movement and your body with this 4-week true beginner program.

30-Day Challenge: Ready to turn things up a notch? The 30-Day Challenge is the perfect thing for you! With structured workouts, a delicious meal plan, and daily self-care tips, get ready to step into 2022 feeling your absolute BEST! There are two levels included in this challenge, either Beginner or Intermediate.

Mini Movement Challenge: Don’t have the time? This challenge is a month of at home workouts, all 20 minutes or less! Challenge includes both our Start and Beginner/Intermediate level!

Mobility Challenge: Improve your range of motion, shake up your routine and try something new with this month long challenge with Kaisa, focused on mobility!

Here’s to moving and being grateful for our bodies in 2022! Join Just Move for access to every workout and challenge in the library!