Let’s choose a new focus

“How do I stay motivated to move if it’s not giving me the [aesthetic] goals that I want…”⁣

This is a great question and one that I get in various forms quite often.

My answer is simple, yet so complex to implement…

You have to start valuing the small, positive changes in how you FEEL because those are what add up to make your journey towards a healthier you more sustainable.⁣..

I work HARD to notice days that my energy is better. Maybe I slept better, my mood was better, my anxiety was less, my stress was less, I was proud of myself… those are the qualities that motivate me to move or make a healthier choice when I don’t feel like it.

And believe me, I know it’s hard! I’m not saying this is an easy journey. It’s not. Choosing to take care of yourself takes WORK.

But if you can tune in to those qualities, and pay attention to how you FEEL when you put the energy in to taking care of yourself, you will be far more motivated to stick with your movement journey than if you are simply working out waiting for your 6 pack to arrive.⁣..

I challenge you to start using movement as a tool to change other things in your life besides what your body looks like.

Decide you want more energy.
Decide you are sick of the guilt of knowing you should be taking better care of yourself.
Decide you want to go about your day without being in pain.

Decide whatever you want, but focus on that one thing and use it to replace “changing the way you look” the next time you are searching for motivation to get up and get moving.⁣

Movement is one of the most powerful tools, but choosing to use it for something far more impactful than changing our looks is incredibly difficult..

It is a daily practice and choice.

So if you are looking for a way to stay motivated to move and take care of yourself, make the decision today to try focusing on something different…⁣

And I would LOVE to hear what that new focus is going to be!

Kaisa Signature and heart

P.S. My biggest tip for starting your movement routine: start small, and do something that you actually ENJOY doing! Just Move has hundreds of classes to choose from, I promise there is something for you!