Mobility vs. Yoga

Hey Team!

I am often asked if mobility is the same as yoga. Simply put, no. There are mobility exercises within yoga, but yoga is a spiritual practice that uses movement, meditation and breathwork to connect the body, mind and soul.

Mobility on the other hand, is a form of movement that focuses on actively taking our joints through their full range of motion. Oftentimes, when a joint is not mobile, our body tells the surrounding muscles that it needs to be protected. This can lead to stiffness, tightness and often pain.

  • Move freely (and hopefully pain-free) within our body.
  • Nourish and lubricate the joints to reduce the risk of discomfort over time.
  • Improve our ability to lengthen and contract muscles more, which allows us to increase our strength and power.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.

Mobility is one of my absolute favorite ways to move! Not only does it help me recovery and care for my body, more mobility within my joints had also helped increase my performance and ultimately feel my best!

Mobility is something that every BODY can benefit from!

If you’re interested in incorporating mobility into your routine, head over to the Just Move library to try some of the FREE mobility workouts!