On your mark, get set…RUN!

Where my runners, joggers, and sprinters at??? Running is such a fun way to move—it’s great for your cardiovascular health, it gets you outside, and you don’t need anything but running shoes and the wind in your hair! With all of these awesome benefits it’s easy to get going, but runners often skip the most important parts—the warm-up, cool down, and STRENGTH TRAINING!

As a former track-and-fielder, I’ve done a lot of running and adding these important steps into my routine were essential to improving my performance. Running is basically absorbing a fall that is 2x your weight. Your ligaments and tendons absorb that weight and without proper training, running can cause some damage.

A warm-up and cool down are critical to feeling better during and after your run, plus they help improve efficiency in your movement. Strength training can help perfect your mechanics and form, reduce injuries and improve performance. I recommend strength training twice a week—you can add it into your easier or low mileage run days so you don’t feel overworked.

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