Fit Friends Happy Hour

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Podcast: Fit Friends Happy Hour

“Most people get into movement and fitness because they want to change the way that they look. And so it’s a negative relationship with movement right out of the gate. Movement is almost a form of punishment… But I was absolutely not going to co-sign that belief. I was going to teach them something different. I was going to give them an opportunity to explore their body and get connected with their body. I was absolutely never going to co-sign it by measuring them, or by high-fiving weight loss.

“What you look like is not important, it’s how you feel. It’s how you feel inside of your body. And it’s how you feel about what your body can do. And that was constantly the message that I reinforced. And I get it, it’s a hard sell! It’s a hard thing for people to grasp. But movement is such an incredible tool that people started to understand it. And soon, what I started to see, especially with my female clients, is they started to be really proud of maybe doing one full pushup, or being able to do a weighted squat… And they saw reinforcement from me about those things. And slowly, they started to value what their body was doing for them rather than just valuing, you know, what it looked like.”

Kaisa talks with Katie Hake about healing our relationship with movement, and finding fun and innovative ways to move our bodies. (Original air date: December 27, 2021)