Fitness Career Mastery

Giving the Fitness Industry A Reality Check & What It Means To Be A Fit Pro with Kaisa Keranen

Podcast: Fitness Career Mastery

“I think that if we, as fitness professionals, own how much power we have individually and really own that we are trying to encourage people to be a healthier version of themselves. I think the entire world becomes a healthier place.

“Not by what they look like. But about how they truly are emotionally, mentally, physically. I think the entire world becomes a healthier place. And obviously, we could afford to have a healthier world right now. We could afford healthier humans, making healthier decisions, that are in the best interest of all of us.

“And I think that’s where I get so excited about the potential that we have as the fitness and wellness industry. If we choose to step into that, if we choose to own that.”

Kaisa talks with Barry and Shay Kostabi on the Fitness Career Mastery podcast about the responsibility and incredible opportunity that fit pros have to make a huge impact on their clients and the world. (Original air date: March 4, 2022)