Ready For Bed

Need help winding down before bedtime? Take fifteen minutes for some gentle movement and decompress from your day!

Jiu Jitsu Warm-up

Join Kaisa for her quick 10-minute jiu-jitsu warmup! Wake up your muscles, warm up your joints, and get ready for your session!

Bedroom Body Bliss

Want a perfect bedroom body? Put your body in bed (or on the floor, if you want a deeper stretch!), and try this gentle, mobilizing routine to get your hips and back perfectly loose and relaxed.

Knee Relief

Most knee pain actually originates from tension or problems in the hips and ankles. This quick floor routine helps to mobilize those two joints to bring your knees some relief!

Back Relief

Take care of your back, and it’ll take care of you! Use this gentle 5-minute floor routine to help unstick your spine and bring some relief to your muscles.

Core Mobility

Replenish your hip joints while strengthening your core in this 15-minute floor flow. We’re moving slow and focusing on our breathing in this workout, but you’ll still feel it when you’re done!

Mobility for Depression

It’s time to feel better, Team! Even if you’re feeling down, give yourself credit for showing up on the mat. Kaisa’s gentle movement routine will soothe and calm the struggling mind. 

Mobility for Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? This short, breath-focused mobility routine will help center the mind. By tuning into your body control, you’ll tune out the outside world and find peace.

Long Cool Down

Unwind with Coach Kaisa in a 15 minute long cool down. Perfect for wrapping up a tough workout or a long day. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed!


Join Coach Kaisa for a 15-minute workout that’ll rock your core & amp up your mobility! With a mix of spine stretches, planks, & ankle twists, you’ll feel energized & balanced. Embrace the challenge, find your rhythm, & have a blast working on your abs & flexibility together!

Floor Flow

We’re taking it to the mat for this 10-minute flow where you can come as you are! Settle into different movements to stretch and strengthen your joints and muscles.

Low Flow

Take 15 minutes to show your body some love today with this mobility flow. My body has been craving to just spend some time on the mat moving around in a gentle way so I thought it would be fun to bring you some of the flows I’ve been workin on. Let me know what […]