Desk Mobility

Time to take a break from sitting at your desk! This ten-minute mobility flow will help your work the kinks out of your shoulders, back, and hips. Let’s go, Team!

Shoulder Relief

This 5-minute seated routine will help you stretch out and open up your shoulders. Let’s go, Team!

Quick Neck Relief

If you’ve got 5 minutes, you’ve got enough time to relieve some tension in your neck. Take a quick break to get mobilize, stretch, and bring some relief to your neck.

Neck Relief

Take ten minutes with Kaisa to release tension in your neck — perfect after a long day at your desk or during a break at work.

Wake Up

Start your day off right and set yourself up for success with a few minutes of intentional movement.

Seated Calm

Cultivate calm during this brief workout with plenty of deep breathing and stretching.

Open Your Shoulders

Take a break and give your shoulders some love! This 5 minute workout will open up tight shoulders and get you feeling great.