Start Moving: Foundations

Here is the first workout in the Start Moving Foundations series. It is only 10 minutes long. Try it out and see what you think.

We’ll be starting in a seated position — and you won’t need to stand up at all for this workout.

You can even do this first workout at your desk.

I’ve designed the Start Moving series to ease you into working out. We break down basic exercises, and get you ready and excited to try more!

Try this workout first. And if you like how you feel afterward, I invite you to join us in the full START MOVING program!

“This was very energizing. I”

— Dawn M.

“I love this subscription service! For someone who used to be very active and then have not been this is a great place to start. You can ease yourself back into moving without the risk of hurting yourself or "that all or nothing mentality" that a lot of other workout programs support. This is great for beginners or those that haven't been active in some time.”

— Amanda P.

“Yea Me! So excited. So glad you are starting us off in small increments. I’m building a new life style and slow but steady is the way yo go.”

— Lisa C.

“Just started with this app and have found many short workouts that make working out feel do-able! Taking it in small bits always helps me get back to moving. Thanks for taking the "overwhelm" factor out of getting started!”

— Jenny D.

“Great stretching exercises!”

— Priscilla B.

“Great stretch,”

— Rosemarie R.

“Great pace for a beginner. This was great to begin my day!”

— LaToya O.

“That was a quick fun way to get my heart rate up in a small amount of time, all while at my desk at work!! Perfect.”

— Rosalie C.

“I haven’t worked out in a long long time and this was a challenge but felt so good. Looking forward to the next. Thank you.”

— Lilian T.

“Excellent! I've had 5 surgeries on my breast area due to cancer, I went thru physical therapy in 2016-2017. I've lapsed in my exercizing since then. This short, extremely effective exercise is exactly what I need! I purchased the 5-10 minute exercieses for the year, and intend to use these every day! Thank you for these!”

— Catherine P.

“I'm a personal trainer who had lost her mojo. Between a cross-country move I was sad to make and an injury that meant I may need a hip replacement, I felt stiff, old, in pain, and just sort of lost. I had followed Kaisa for a while and knew I respected her approach to fitness, so I decided that while I was not training others and working to slowly heal my own body, I would give her programs a try. It's made a world of difference! I quickly switched from a one-month payment to a yearlong subscription, and soon after that, my husband even began his own movement routine with her programs as well. It's not even been two months, and I'm so happy to say that I feel night-and-day different! Kaisa's gentle but smart mobility routines are a testament to the power of what the *right* kind of movement can do - while exercise can't magically heal my hip, I'm no longer seeking out doctors for an immediate surgery. And while it's true that sometimes people need the help of a good therapist and medication, exercise truly can go so far in adding to one's positive mental state: today I feel stronger, more in control, and hopeful towards the future. My joints are certainly happier, and I am, too. Thank you, Kaisa, for your positivity, your affirmations, your unabashed inclusiveness, and your really intelligent fitness programming. It is just what I need at this moment in time!”

— Niki T.

“Fantastic and doable for someone with substantial chronic neck pain.”

— Alyssa B.

“I just started so far it is good, check back later with me. :-)”

— Dawn D.

“At almost 50, this is the first workout system that has EVER stuck for me. I love how easy it is to follow along and as I get fit I can push myself to make the same workouts more difficult. Thanks so much Kaisa for helping me get fit!!”

— Kelli B.

“so far, so good. Hope to really get a lot from it! the first time was great... to be continued...”

— Rose S.

“I was very doubtful that 5 minutes sitting would make the slightest difference. But how wrong was I!!! I felt an immediate mood shift and my body was fired up to do a workout. Thanks Kaisa, you're awesome.”

— Lesha S.

“This is the perfect place to start if you need to get moving again after long stretches of inactivity. Helps my flexibility and my life-long back issues without feeling like the same old reps. I have been a very satisfied customer of JustMove for well over a year, and the Start series is just one more reason to love it.”

— Elizabeth W.

“I'm 49 years old, and relatively healthy, but completely out of shape. The videos are just enough to push my mobility, which feels like the starting point to everything else. I like the bite sized 5 minute chunks--easier to motivate myself to do "just one" (and sometimes two.) So far so good!”

— Terri C.

“I really like the instructors. There is no judgement about this being a 5 minute workout, just praise for doing it. The exercises feel good! Highly recommend.”

— Lori A.

“Yay! What a great way to start moving again❤️”

— Jan B.

“Very nice stretching!”

— Marca K.

“Thank you all for focusing a series on Sciatica and back pain. I just started this program a few weeks ago in combination with physical therapy & dry needling. Natalie's chair classes have been my first focus. Her cheery personality, clear explanations, and demos help motivate me to keep building a morning stretch routine (I am NOT a morning person). This series of stretches have helped decrease my sciatica and pain significantly. I plan to work through this entire program and incorporate it into my life. Thank you.”

— Carol Ann W.

“I work on a computer all day and this first workout really made a difference because I could feel it opening up my shoulders. Looking forward to more!”

— Candice K.

“Just beginning this and thank you! She is wonderful and so clear!!”

— Denise T.

“OMG! Thank you! Finally a work out program truly designed for the people who have trouble moving. I used to be very fit and did ALL the sports. Then I came down with an autoimmune disorder and no matter how much I WANTED to move, it simply wasn't happening. The constant pain, the muscles that didn't cooperate, and the inability to recover after even a little bit of exercise was absolutely demoralising. Most programs for 'beginners' started at a level far beyond what I was capable of and that was so frustrating and demoralising. This program is designed for those of us who are struggling to move at all, for whatever reason. It got me moving again and hopefully it will keep me moving.”

— Cynthia B.

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