Ready for Takeoff

Before or after take-off, make sure to get some movement in! Any of the stretches in this short mobility flow will be a huge help in loosening up your tight hips.

Sensual Stretch

Let’s go a little deeper in this stretching flow. We’re going to play with movements centered on the pelvis and hips to help you reconnect and feel good.

Mobility for Better Sex

The goal of this routine is to help you open up your hips, but it also wants to help you connect to your body, play around with movement, and figure out what feels GOOD!

Foreplay Fitness

Power, stamina, control – all necessary for sex (and any other workout). This quick strengthening mobility routine will leave you feeling powerful and ready for anything.

Bedroom Body Bliss

Want a perfect bedroom body? Put your body in bed (or on the floor, if you want a deeper stretch!), and try this gentle, mobilizing routine to get your hips and back perfectly loose and relaxed.

Hip Relief

Our hips can carry so much tension, and cause problems in other parts of our bodies when they’re too tight. Join Kaisa for a quick class that will stretch and mobilize your hips.

Hip Mobility

Feeling tight in your hips? Try this 15-minute class to loosen them up. Great pre- or post-workout, or anytime you want to show your hips some TLC.

Hip Opener

Wake up those hips with some gentle stretches that’ll have you feeling better in no time!

Happy Hips

Are you ready for a fun hip flow, Team? Show those hips some love as we open them up and stretch them out! We also pay some special attention to your quads, so remember to breathe if you’re feeling tight!

Hip Flexin

No better way to kick this weekend off than a quick 20 minute mobility workout! 🎶 I also made a playlist to go with this workout! If you want to listen, go to Kaisa Keranen on Spotify and hit the Friday Flow playlist! Enjoy Team!