The 5 Fundamental Moves

In just five minutes a day, I can teach you how to work out.

We’ve all asked ourselves, “Where do I even begin?”

This question can feel SO overwhelming, which is why I created Start with 5 — a complete “how-to” guide on the 5 fundamental moves that will help you build a strong base for the rest of your movement journey. Each follow-along tutorial video is 5 minutes or less and requires zero equipment or experience!

In this series, we’ll go over the five fundamental moves:

1. Hinge (You use this move when you bend over to pick something up)

2. Squat (Sitting down on a chair)

3. Pull (Learning how to properly engage and strengthen our back muscles)

4. Plank (Strengthens our core)

5. Balance (Such an important skill to strengthen! Even walking is technically a balance move since we are on one leg at a time!)


If you decide to give these tutorials a try, please let me know what you think!