Why are my knees hurting? The answer might be in your hips & ankles!


Are you dealing with knee pain? It’s time to address where it’s ACTUALLY coming from!

Your knee is most likely not the cause of your knee pain.

Unless you have an acute injury (which means something happened directly to the knee), degenerative disease or a total knee replacement, your knee pain is most likely stemming from your ankle and/or your hip. When the ankle or hip aren’t moving optimally, the joints above and below tend to compensate — which often leads to knee pain.

Here are two of the best things you can do to take care of your knees (Spoiler Alert: they have nothing to do with moving your knees!):

  1. Mobilize. Increase the range of motion and flexibility of your ankles and hips.
  2. Strengthen. Increase the strength of muscles surrounding your ankles and hips; with an extra focus on glute strength.

Resilient knees come from mobile strong, hips and ankles. In my Mobility Recovery program we have a targeted knee routine that focuses on just that!

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