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Just Move Membership

237 Reviews for Just Move Membership

“Best online fitness program by faaaaaar! I am a post-menopausal 56 year old who has been working out for as long as I can remember. I have tried multiple excellent online fitness programs but not one of them combined all of the elements I need to maintain overall body health--cardio, strength, core, AND mobility. I got in on Kaisa Fit when it was just Kaisa and LOVED it--I didn't think it could get even better--but. it. has. The high quality and diversity of workouts and the professional (downright fabulous) instructors, in addition to the ingenious design of the website, make me feel like I am opening a treasure box every morning. Thank you. I can hardly wait to work out again tomorrow!”

— Elissa B.

“Am loving the exercises and have gone to the basics exercises as well to learn the basic form so I can learn to do the exercises correctly as they are well explained. Love the layout to find what exercise you are looking for. Look forward to learning more 😀”

— Andrea M.

“I have been doing Kaisafit since November 2020 and it has been a life changer. I feel lighter in my body and my range of motion has improved so much. I went from not be able to lift my leg to get on my horse and in pain to pain free and able to ride 5 times a week. I feel welcomed and valued in each class which is such a great feeling. I have recommended this program to many of my friends.”

— Jocelyn S.

“Tyler! that kicked my ass in the best way!”

— Lacy J.

“This was really fun! A combination of dynamic movement and balance, that gets your muscles fired up without blowing them out. Plus you can always move at your own pace, and get to know where your body is at without feeling totally tanked. A good break in workout for the 30 day challenge!”

— Marlen F.

“Elena has changed my LIFE. My 55 year old body has never been in such a "calm" stance since I started her beginners Yoga routines. I have always said, "I am not a morning person" and well I still am not 😂 but her YOGA definitely makes it fun and exciting to wake up to. Thank You Elena 😊”

— Patricia M.

“More more more! Tyler's instructions = ON FREAKING POINT!”

— Casandra P.

“Great workout!”

— Charla P.

“I needed this like water raining a seed blown into a deep desert crevice. Wonderful to return gently to my yoga journey. Thank you!”

— Maureen B.

“I’m loving the mobility flows and workouts so much, I feel my body move better with ease. I’ve always been tight or rigid in my movements, flexibility is hard to achieve. But with these I’ve discovered that my body moves better than with just stretching.”

— Kawa B.

“This felt SO nurturing and energizing and grounding. I will be returning to it often. Abiola, you are so kind hearted and your genuine care can be felt through the screen. Namaste”

— Christiane L.

“Awesome. Thank you. 😅”

— Laura F.

“Just amazing! I have a lot of arthritis and found this such a great workout”

— Karen L.

“I decided to join Just Move as I was enjoying my mobility package so much. I have not been disappointed. Love the challenges and the variety! It's all so FUN!”

— LIZ A.

“Great little workout to get yourself going!!”

— Scarlett S.

“Just Move is exactly what I need! I can choose my workout based on my time, how my body feels and what type of workout I want to do. It's never rote or boring. All the instructors are wonderful but would love to see more from Rachel, Ashley and Andrew.”

— Donna A.

“I LOVE my Just Move membership mainly because of the diversity of workouts and levels. I can choose a workout based on how much time I have or on my mood and I can go to the next level when the one I'm currently working in ceases to be challenging. Thank you!!!”

— Traci R.

“My husband and I completed this workout this morning in Australia . Loved the dumbbells and the variety offered. Appreciate the clarity of explanation also. We’ll be back for more. Love Kaisa workouts. Cheers Robyn”

— Robyn G.

“Oof! That's a workout! Never knew it was possible to feel centred while sweat poured down my face 😅. Thanks, Elena”

— Louise H.

“As a very very lazy person who can't stand going to the gym, but also desperately needs to be more active for my health, I am loving Just Move. I can do things at my own pace, in the comfort and privacy of my own home, and the instructors are all so encouraging and kind, and most importantly, focused on things like form, being in touch with how a movement makes you feel, and mobility. I feel like my form has improved, and I'm not groaning when i get off the couch anymore, which is crucial! I feel stronger, and more motivated. I love that the lessons are all different lengths, some days I feel more motivated than others, and there's something there for all those days.”

— Alissa R.

“Love Ashley's energy! That was a sneaky sweat, but as always with Just Move workouts I finished feeling stronger and better than when I started :)”

— Hollis K.

“Love it. Short and sweet heart rate up to 133.”

— Calvin A.

“Excellent! My balance was test!”

— Regina R.

“Your flows always leave me feeling energized and relaxed, all at once. Nice way to open things up and get my body ready for the day. Thank you!”

— Noel V.

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