Airport Mobility

Before or after take-off, make sure to get some movement in! Any of the stretches in this short mobility flow will be a huge help in loosening up your tight hips.

Ready For Bed

Need help winding down before bedtime? Take fifteen minutes for some gentle movement and decompress from your day!

Desk Phone Mobility

Time to take a break from sitting at your desk! This ten-minute mobility flow will help your work the kinks out of your shoulders, back, and hips. Let’s go, Team!

Running Warm Up

Jogging is NOT a warm up for your run! Take ten minutes with Kaisa to mobilize and warm up your joints and major muscle groups — your body will thank you!

Jiu Jitsu Warm-up

Join Kaisa for her quick 10-minute jiu-jitsu warmup! Wake up your muscles, warm up your joints, and get ready for your session!

Ankle Relief

Your ankles deserve some love! This 5-minute pain relief routine can also double as a warm-up for squats or running. Let’s do it, Team!

Sensual Stretch

Let’s go a little deeper in this stretching flow. We’re going to play with movements centered on the pelvis and hips to help you reconnect and feel good.

Mobility for Better Sex

The goal of this routine is to help you open up your hips, but it also wants to help you connect to your body, play around with movement, and figure out what feels GOOD!

Foreplay Fitness

Power, stamina, control – all necessary for sex (and any other workout). This quick strengthening mobility routine will leave you feeling powerful and ready for anything.

Bedroom Body Bliss

Want a perfect bedroom body? Put your body in bed (or on the floor, if you want a deeper stretch!), and try this gentle, mobilizing routine to get your hips and back perfectly loose and relaxed.

Knee Relief

Most knee pain actually originates from tension or problems in the hips and ankles. This quick floor routine helps to mobilize those two joints to bring your knees some relief!

Back Relief

Take care of your back, and it’ll take care of you! Use this gentle 5-minute floor routine to help unstick your spine and bring some relief to your muscles.