Week 2: Thursday

Day 5, Team! As we progress, make sure to keep focusing on your form, especially as we make the moves more difficult. We’ll be adding holds to movements, extra reps, and a finisher that’s going to test your physical AND mental strength!

Week 2: Tuesday

In Week 2, we start to advance! This workout repeats the same movements from Day 1, and with the same equipment. We’ll be making the moves more difficult, adding some reps, and challenging ourselves with a spicy finisher. Get ready to leave it all on the mat, Team!

Upper Body Dumbbells

Start with a dynamic warm-up, move through 7 exercises to strengthen your upper body, and finish with some core! Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with, Marcus is using 2 20lb. dumbbells.

Training Time

Time to train, Team! Join Coach Luka for this intermediate dumbbell routine. This explosive workout uses strength sets to get that heart rate up quickly.

Bend and Reach

Take small steps into core training with Tricia’s short and sweet routine. This 5-minute standing workout uses just a chair and your own bodyweight for gentle core activation. Perfect for anyone new to movement!

Lengthen to Strengthn

Banish stiffness and achieve pain-free movement in this 5 minute, Start-level routine! Join Tricia as she guides you through a muscle-lengthening mobility flow to improve range of motion. Great as a warmup or midday movement break!

Side Body

Work your side body with this 5-minute seated core challenge! Tricia walks you through lesser-used planes of motion while building functional strength. Grab a chair and let’s move!

Wake Up the Legs

Feeling stiff? Join Tricia for this 5-minute mobility routine! Using only a chair, you’ll open up your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back to set yourself up for a successful day.

Stay On Your Feet

Grab a chair and let’s focus on that balance! Tricia’s 10-minute routine combines strength and standing leg balance work for a beginner-level challenge. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their balance!

Week 3: Saturday

Step up your game for Day 9! We’re adding weight, adding reps, and finishing this week STRONG! Keep tuning into your body, feel how your muscles are working, and make sure that form is on point. Make sure that you’re tracking your wins every week and seeing how you’ve pushed yourself!

Week 3: Thursday

Keep it up, Team! On Day 8, you’ll hopefully be able to feel yourself getting stronger and more powerful. Make sure that you’re still checking in with yourself though, and make adjustments as needed. Only push through discomfort and never pain!