Short Cool Down

Chill out with Coach Kaisa’s short, sweet 5-minute cool down! Unwind, stretch, and soothe those muscles after a fiery workout. Your body will thank you!

Cardio Day Warm Up

Kickstart cardio day with this 10-minute power-packed warm-up. No matter your pace, you’ll feel energized, balanced, and ready to conquer the day. It’s a short, sweet, and sweaty way to start your workout!

Total Body Warm Up

Join Coach Kaisa for a 10-minute warm up that will leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer any workout! Expect a blend of mobilizing stretches, light cardio, and dynamic movements. Let’s go, Team!

Pre-Workout Mobility

Follow along with Coach Kaisa for a 10-minute total-body warmup that mobilizes your joints while warming up your muscles.

Good Morning Mobility

Having trouble waking up? This gentle 10-minute mobility flow will help you wake your body up and start your day out right.

Wake Up

Start your day off right and set yourself up for success with a few minutes of intentional movement.

Let It Build

Grab a sturdy chair and join Kaisa for this mobility workout! She’ll take you through a warm-up, workout, and cool-down.

Seated Calm

Cultivate calm during this brief workout with plenty of deep breathing and stretching.