Desk Mobility

Time to take a break from sitting at your desk! This ten-minute mobility flow will help your work the kinks out of your shoulders, back, and hips. Let’s go, Team!

Dumbbell Mobility

Grab some light weights (5 pounds or under) for this fun strength-flavored mobility flow! The added resistance will help you sink deeper into the moves while working on your stability.

Running Warm Up

Jogging is NOT a warm up for your run! Take ten minutes with Kaisa to mobilize and warm up your joints and major muscle groups — your body will thank you!

Jiu Jitsu Warm-up

Join Kaisa for her quick 10-minute jiu-jitsu warmup! Wake up your muscles, warm up your joints, and get ready for your session!

Strength Mobility

This 15-minute flow shows you how to blend strength-building moves with mobility, which makes it an all-around great workout for your joints! Take it slow while you learn the moves, then amp it up when you’re ready!

Mobility Flow

This mobility workout is a little different: instead of repeating single moves in a set, you’ll be stringing movements together into a flow. Try this in the morning, before a workout to warm up, or before bed — whenever you need to reconnect to your body!

Cardio Mobility

Join Kaisa for a fun 10-minute mobility flow that adds a little cardio kick! This class will leave you feeling good and a little sweaty — let’s go, Team!

Welcome to Mobility

This class introduces you to what mobility is and isn’t. Take 10 minutes to start your mobility journey with Kaisa!

Mobility for Calm

Need to chill out? Join Kaisa for this gentle mobility routine. Using the power of breathing and movement, you’ll promote calm and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Mobility for Anxiety

Time to give that body a good shake! With this movement routine, you’ll coax anxiety out of your body. Join Kaisa to breathe in calm and breathe out all that anxious energy.

Mobility for Depression

It’s time to feel better, Team! Even if you’re feeling down, give yourself credit for showing up on the mat. Kaisa’s gentle movement routine will soothe and calm the struggling mind. 

Mobility for Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? This short, breath-focused mobility routine will help center the mind. By tuning into your body control, you’ll tune out the outside world and find peace.