Podcast: Wings of Inspired Business

“I’m trying to sell movement in a completely different way than the rest of the world… I am trying to sell movement without the carrot of weight loss. And I think every single day that brings on a new challenge. “Every day we’re fighting an intense beast. There are so many like the beauty standards […]

Uncle Matt

Hey Team, and welcome back to another episode of the Kaisa Show! This week, we’ve got another special episode for you, featuring Kaisa’s fast-talking, quick-witted Uncle Matt! First — what’s buzzin? Uncle Matt is buzzin on the tech package in his GMC 1500 pickup truck; Kaisa is buzzin on acrylic painting, and Mike is buzzing […]

START Challenge: Welcome to your First Rest Day

Congrats on completing your first week of the START Challenge, I’m so proud of you for putting yourself first and building this amazing daily movement habit. Today is your first official rest day, maybe you get a little movement in, or maybe you take the day off. Can’t wait to move with you in some […]

More Than My Body

What’s up, Team! Welcome back to another episode of the Kaisa Show! This week, Mike is buzzin on his new Birkenstocks and the new podcast setup, and Kaisa is buzzin on her go-to mascara routine (Thrive Causemetics Mascara + Revitalize Eyelash Serum, for those who are curious). Then, we jump into this week’s topic: I […]

Listener Questions

Welcome back to a very special episode, Team! This week, Kaisa and Mike respond to listener questions. They’re listening, and they want to hear from you, so keep those questions coming! First, Mike is buzzing about photography and his new shirt. Kaisa’s buzzing on an online shop called Revolve with a super easy return process. […]


Hey team, and welcome back to another episode of The Kaisa Show! This week, Mike is buzzing on the book he’s been reading – Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. Kaisa is buzzing on going to therapy and all the personal growth it can lead to. Then, we dive into this […]

Opioids To Opportunity with Paddy Gleason

Welcome back, team! This week’s episode includes special guest Paddy Gleason! Mike, Kaisa, and Paddy dive into a variety of topics, including Paddy’s background growing up in Maui, how he got into paintball, his struggle with substance use, how he got clean, and staying sober. Then Paddy discusses his fitness journey, his connection with movement […]

Surviving And Thriving as a Small Business (part 2)

This week, Mike is buzzing about his new running shoes, and Kaisa is buzzing about the two Seattle Storm games she attended this past week – where she had a great time supporting local sports! Then, we dive into Part 2 of the business podcast. We discuss Kaisa’s shifting philosophy surrounding money, expanding your business, […]

Podcast: What The Actual Fork

“I was super frustrated at the start of the New Year (and I still am) that we have made it through a pandemic, and all we want to do is change the body that helped us get through it! So for me, it’s always a conversation that there is nothing wrong with you or your […]

Surviving And Thriving as a Small Business (part 1)

Welcome back, Team! This week, Mike is buzzing on his new trap bar, and Kaisa is buzzing about Esther Perel’s new card game, featuring conversation starters for deep conversations. Next, we dive into a number of topics surrounding business: investing in yourself as a business owner, finding your purpose and motivations to ground the company […]


This week, Kaisa is buzzing about Mike joining her and Luka for a workout – and he did awesome! Mike is buzzing about Apple’s magnetic charging technology. Then we dive into the topic of failure: why Kaisa sees failure as a challenge and a mindset, as an opportunity to improve and avoid being stagnant. We […]

Tips on How To Get Started And Stay Moving

In this episode, Kaisa and Mike discuss The Kaisa Show’s new acronym: TKS. They also dive into the idea of habit forming and making time for movement–whether that’s backing your commitment to movement in a financial way or gamifying fitness. Kaisa shares her “coins in the bucket” approach to taking care of yourself, and recaps […]