How to choose the right weights

In many of the Just Move and Start Moving classes, our coaches suggest that you get a “light” weight set of dumbbells and a “heavy” weight set of dumbbells. How do you know what weights to choose? The truth is, finding the weight that feels right for you will take some trial and error. Here […]

The Importance of Recovery

Hey Team, A message that’s been pushed in the fitness industry is that “more” is better. More weight, more reps, more time spent working out. What I’ve learned over the years, through some very tough lessons that came in the form of injuries, is that “more” is not always better. I find immense joy in […]

Mobility vs. Flexibility

What’s up, Team! I want to take a moment to chat about mobility and flexibility — specifically, what’s the difference? Mobility is the ability to actively take our joints through their full ranges of motion. A joint is where two bones meet — such as your hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders. Flexibility is having length […]

Podcast: Fascinating Entrepreneurs

“My goal was to be able to create an online studio. Many people would be familiar with the Pelotons of the world today, and this was my goal 15 years ago. It’s still my goal today knowing that we are not selling weight loss, but we are focused on creating movement for every single level […]

Coach Megan Young Pt. 2

Welcome back, Team! This week we’re bringing you Part Two of our discussion with Megan Young, Performance Coach for the Seattle Sounders! In this episode, we dive into Megan’s approach to training. She discusses programming for teams, training around competition schedules, and how she takes training data into account.

Kisha Vaughan – Mini Documentary

Kisha knew early that she wanted to be a dancer, but didn’t attend a dance class until she was 23. She almost quit after a humbling experience, but asked herself: “But do you love this?” Get to know one of Just Move’s favorite dance teachers! Kisha Vaughan, born in Biloxi, Mississippi and raised in Sacramento, […]

Coach Megan Young Pt. 1

What’s up, Team! This week, we’ve got a special guest: Megan Young, Performance Coach for the Seattle Sounders! In Part One of this episode, Kaisa and Megan discuss how Megan got her start in the industry and trace the upward trajectory of her career path, from Megan’s early beginnings and the role of sports in […]

The Holidays

Welcome back, Team! This week, Kaisa is buzzin on no-added-sugar granola, and Mike is buzzin on a book called Atomic Habits. Then we jump into our topic for the week: the holidays! Kaisa and Mike discuss all things related to the holiday season, from holiday parties to favorite holiday meals and drinks, and how the […]

Podcast: Behind Her Empire

“I think the biggest thing is to know your north star. Because running a business comes with so many failures, so many mistakes, and so many learning lessons. But if you know your north star, you can consistently stay grounded. As a company now, we are so clear on the big goal, but we do […]

Start Moving

What’s up, Team! Welcome back to another episode of The Kaisa Show. This week, Mike is buzzin on True Classic Tees, and Kaisa is buzzin on her new anklet from the Jenny Bird jewelry brand. Then we dive into this week’s topic: Start Moving! Kaisa and Mike discuss the launch of Start Moving as a […]

Why add core to my routine?

No matter where you are on your movement journey or what your goals are, adding core to your existing routine can be beneficial. What is your “core”? We often hear the terms “core” and “ab” exercises used interchangeably, but there is a difference! The “core” includes all of the muscles in your trunk and your […]


Welcome back, Team! This week on The Kaisa Show, Mike is buzzin on his trip to Astoria, Oregon, and Kaisa is buzzin on Les Schwab Tires. Then, they briefly revisit last week’s conversation on goals before jumping into this week’s topic: therapy. Kaisa touches on past relationships and how therapy helped her move through the […]