START Mobility Long

Your body has done so much work for you, now it’s time to give it a little TLC. Today we will go through a full mobility routine, so grab your mat, listen to your body and BREATHE!

Runner’s Prep

Getting ready for your next run? Try this runner’s prep! This warm-up is designed to get your body ready to head into your run.

General Cool Down

If your cool downs are a little lacking, follow this quick 15-minute routine to stretch out your muscles, mobilize your joints, and get your body feeling good after your workout. (Alternatively, queue this up as part of your bedtime routine to help you relax after a long day!)


It’s time to tune in to how your body is feeling! This Mobility Moment will allow you to connect or even reconnect to how your physical self is feeling. Show your body some love and your mind will follow!

Open Up

If you’re feeling super tight and closed up, then this Mobility Moment is for you! Experience a feeling of lightness as you move through this flow that will open up your joints and muscles.

Fire Flow

This fun Mobility flow will help you take care of your joints and put them through their full range of motion. It’s a true flow with no repetition and sweat is guaranteed!

Warmed Up

It’s so important to get your body warmed up, prepped, and ready to go before you head into a workout. This Mobility Moment is the perfect flow to do before you get your sweat on—when your muscles and joints are warmed up, your body will thank you!


Ready to take it down a notch? This Mobility Moment is perfect when you need a second to feel calm, focus on your breathing, and just CHILL. We’ll take our time going through these movements, no need to rush just take it easy.


Need a little energy boost? Whether it’s right when you wake up or the mid-afternoon shake up, take this Mobility Moment whenever you need a jolt, a burst, or a blast of get-up-and-go!

Take a Break

Have you been sitting at a desk for what feels like all day, every day? Whether it’s at the start of your day or an afternoon break, take this Mobility Moment to loosen up your shoulders and hips and just feel great!

Loosened Up

There are so many things we do in life that can leave us feeling tight in our bodies—sitting at a desk, picking up your kids, sleeping in a wonky position, you name it! If you’re feeling sore or just need an active recovery day, use this Mobility Moment to get loose and feel good!

Mobility Flow

Release stress and tightness within your body with this super fun flow that starts and ends by taking it to the mat. Open up your joints and muscles and feel great!