Respect the Season

Hey Team, A lot has changed for me in the past two years, as it probably did for most of you, too. There was a time in my life when this would have led to immense feelings of guilt and shame for not being where I thought I should be (especially physically). Then I realized […]

Podcast: Nourishing Women Podcast

“Movement is such an incredible way to develop a relationship with your body, where you can start to respect your body, appreciate your body. I mean, you only have this one body. Feel empowered in the things that your body can do, rather than what your body looks like.” Kaisa talks prioritizing our health and […]

Podcast: Causing the Effect

“As the new year is approaching, people think, ‘I’m going to get into this routine, I’m going to workout an hour every day and do all these things.’ But consistency is key here. It’s not about going hard and fast for a very short amount of time. It’s about figuring out how you can add […]

Podcast: The Optimal Body

“We’ve gotten really narrow-minded about what fitness means. I try to encourage movement, in whatever way you want to move. It’s a moment for you to explore a relationship with yourself and your body. But maybe you never step foot inside of a gym, so movement is dancing, walking, hiking, cycling, cleaning your house. There […]

Why are my knees hurting? The answer might be in your hips & ankles!

Team! Are you dealing with knee pain? It’s time to address where it’s ACTUALLY coming from! Your knee is most likely not the cause of your knee pain. Unless you have an acute injury (which means something happened directly to the knee), degenerative disease or a total knee replacement, your knee pain is most likely […]

My secret is … RECOVERY!

Whatever you are trying to achieve with your body, recovery will help you get there. Whether it’s healing from an injury or training for a marathon, how you recover your body is ultimately your key to success. Learning to slow things down and be intentional about how I let my body rest, restore and recover […]

How to add recovery to your workout routine

Active vs. Restorative Recovery I’ve been getting a handful of questions about the difference between active recovery and restorative recovery and the benefits they have on your workout routine. Here is a quick breakdown using pigeon pose! Active Recovery: Faster Paced Great for warming up Use throughout the week/on active recovery days You’ll move in […]

Push-ups & Pillows

Hey Team! I recently posted a video in my JUST MOVE Facebook Group and thought you all might find it beneficial. I’ve been getting a handful of questions about how to work up to a full push-up so, I wanted to make sure you had a mini tutorial to get started! First, let’s talk about […]

Week Three of START Moving!

This week we are going to step into more structured program! Including a strength day, a cardio day, and a recovery day. Let’s have another great week! FREE ACCESS TO JUST MOVE Keep moving Team!

Burpee Modification

Are burpees too much? Try this! Grab a chair, make sure you are on a stable surface and follow along!⁠ ⁠ This is just one of the many ways we modify moves in our START program – START MOVING! Ready to get started? Let’s go, TEAM!💪

Week Two of START Moving!

A great way to stay committed to moving is to find your “why.” So let’s take a moment to finish the following sentence, “I started moving because…” Write this down and keep coming back to it when you need to remind yourself to stay connected to your bigger purpose. START WEEK TWO! You got this, […]

Welcome to Week One of START Moving!

Showing up is the hardest part, and you’ve done that! The rest is easy! So please take a moment to take this all in! This will be a foundational week, we are learning the movements, learning about our body and just getting started. Be sure to listen to your body and take the rest days! […]