Listener Questions From Trainers

Welcome back, Team! This week, Mike is buzzin on his new motorcycle, and Kaisa is buzzin on eyebrow microblading. We’ve got a special episode for you today–Kaisa and Mike are responding to YOUR questions and comments! They touch on a wide variety of topics pertaining to new trainers, including burnout as a redirection, finding a […]

Ramblings and Coaching

What’s up, Team! Welcome back to another episode of The Kaisa Show! This week, Kaisa and Mike spend some time catching each other up on their end of summer activities before shifting into What’s Buzzin. Kaisa shares a double buzz on the card game pinochle and the podcast How I Built This, and Mike shares […]

5 Benefits of Adding Yoga to your Workout Routine

Team! It’s no secret that yoga has overall health benefits, but is it worth adding to your existing workout routine? The answer is yes! Yoga is a fantastic way to improve both your performance and recovery. Here are 5 benefits of adding yoga to your workout routine: 1. Reduce stress. Perhaps one of the most […]

Recovery with Luka Hocevar Part 2

Hey Team, and welcome back! This week we’ve got Part Two of our discussion on recovery, featuring special guest Luka Hocivar! Last week, Luka provided us with an overview of the building blocks of recovery. Now, we’re diving into the details. Luka, Mike, and Kaisa discuss the benefits of cold therapy on recovery and mental […]

Recovery with Luka Hocevar Part 1

Welcome back, Team! This week, we skip what’s buzzin in favor of getting right into our topic: recovery. We’ve also got a special guest for this episode–Luka Hocevar! In this episode, Luka joins Kaisa and Mike for Part One of an in-depth discussion of recovery. They delve into the definition of recovery, how to know […]

4 Tips to Reduce Soreness

Hey Team! Have you ever woken up a day or two after a workout feeling stiff and achey? Here are our top tips to reduce soreness: 1️⃣ JUST MOVE (no pun intended!). While it may seem counter-intuitive to move when you’re sore, one of the best ways to reduce soreness is to incorporate some gentle […]


What’s up, Team! Welcome back to another episode of The Kaisa Show! First: what’s buzzin? Kaisa is buzzin on her Ninja airfryer, which is helping her do more cooking at home, and Mike is buzzin on cryotherapy. Then we get into this week’s topic: fear. Kaisa and Mike discuss the things that they fear, which […]

What’s the best way to build strength?

Hey Team! Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to build strength? While you may see some strength gains by trying different workouts each time, the optimal way to increase strength is through progressive programming. Progressive programming (you may also hear it called progressive overload) gradually adds onto your workouts by increasing the number […]

My Body, My Best Friend!

Welcome back, Team! This week, Kaisa is buzzin on Game of Thrones, which she recently discovered. Mike is buzzing on his new Mac Studio computer. Then they get into this week’s topic: the idea of your body as your best friend. Kaisa discusses her overuse injury and how she’s come to realize that her body […]

Podcast: The Food Medic

“Why does everybody come into the gym wanting to change the way that they look? “I think underneath it all when we want to change the way we look; we ultimately think that by looking different, we will be happier. We think by looking different that so much of our life will change. Maybe we […]

Podcast: Raging Gracefully

“The fitness industry and wellness industry has told everyone that if you are healthy, you look a certain way. And the reality is that’s not true at all. It’s really just a way for the industry to make money because we’re pushing an image on and trying to get everyone to buy products and, basically […]

F*ck Weightloss

Welcome back, Team! This week, Mike is buzzin on his body and how well it did during his Spartan race, while Kaisa is buzzing back on Zara jeans. Then we get into this episode’s topic: F*ck weight loss. Kaisa and Mike do a deep dive into the phrase and what it means to them. They […]