The Story of Just Move

What’s up, Team! Join Kaisa and Mike on the super exciting first episode of the Just Move Podcast. Hear how Kaisa got started in coaching, the journey that led to Just Move, and dig in to Kaisa’s positive message of “I am more than my body.” Fun, engaging, and authentic, Kaisa and Mike’s conversation will […]

Podcast: Fitness Career Mastery

“I think that if we, as fitness professionals, own how much power we have individually and really own that we are trying to encourage people to be a healthier version of themselves. I think the entire world becomes a healthier place. “Not by what they look like. But about how they truly are emotionally, mentally, […]

Podcast: The Steve Jordan Experience

“I had to start creating a relationship with my body that was positive. What she was doing for me, you know, the fact that we wake up every single day is a miracle. And yet the one thing we want to do is just nitpick what our body looks like when it is the one […]

Top MOBILITY Classes

Hey Team! To kick off Mobility March, we have gathered the top mobility workouts chosen by our members! Not sure what mobility workout to try? Here are the most popular classes: Top 10 Mobility Classes: 1. Joyful Joints 2. Mobility Flow 3. Chair Mobility 4. Happy Hips 5. Full Recovery One 6. Loosened Up 7. […]

The 5 Fundamental Moves

In just five minutes a day, I can teach you how to work out. We’ve all asked ourselves, “Where do I even begin?” This question can feel SO overwhelming, which is why I created Start with 5 — a complete “how-to” guide on the 5 fundamental moves that will help you build a strong base for the […]

Podcast: Hit Play Not Pause

“Here’s the truth. When you look at your life, and you think about the things that bring you joy, if you start to walk towards those, whether it is cooking, being a boss ass business woman, being a mother, being all these things. If you walk to the things that light you up your life […]

Start Moving: Foundations

Here is the first workout in the Start Moving Foundations series. It is only 10 minutes long. Try it out and see what you think. We’ll be starting in a seated position — and you won’t need to stand up at all for this workout. You can even do this first workout at your desk. […]

Podcast: Girls Gone WOD

“If we were to take a moment and get honest with ourselves, we all think that when we change our body, when we look the ideal way that we have in our head, we all think there are all these other things that are going to go with it. “For me, I’m a single woman. […]

For my birthday, let’s get MOVING!

The only way I’d like to celebrate my birthday is MOVING with you all!! 🥳💪⁣ ⁣ So I’ve decided to open my entire @justmove library up, FREE for everyone all week long!⁣ SIGN UP FOR FREE ACCESS! ⁣ That means you get access to every single one of my workouts, programs & challenges! Including the […]

Health is a feeling, not a look

Did that statement make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy? If it did, give me this blog post to share my perspective. It may or may not change yours, but I’d love for you to hear me out. I come with such a passion about this because I know firsthand that the way you look is […]

Podcast: Hot Flashes & Cool Topics

“Five minutes of movement will make a big difference in your day. Even one minute of movement. One minute of breath work makes a huge difference in your day. So I really try to use that feeling that you get as positive reinforcement to keep you going and motivated on your, on your movement journey.” […]

Podcast: Live Your Personal Best

“My motto is ‘Just Move,’ and my goal is to get everyone around the world up and moving. Because I think in the training industry we focus on the small percentage of people already training and already working out. And I realized as I stepped into the industry that we’re forgetting about the other 90% […]