Choose a challenge for 2022!

Hey Team! Many of you have been asking “what challenge should I do?” so we decided to compile all of our top challenges to help you decide which one is right for you! Don’t stress that you didn’t start right at the beginning of the month, starting NOW is the perfect time. So check out […]


New space, weekly LIVE-stream workouts, and more for 2022! Exciting news Team! We have officially moved to our new studio and can’t wait to start creating new Just Move content in 2022! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 5th for the first LIVE workout of 2022! It will be a beginner-friendly, 30 minute START level […]

Podcast: Fit Friends Happy Hour

“Most people get into movement and fitness because they want to change the way that they look. And so it’s a negative relationship with movement right out of the gate. Movement is almost a form of punishment… But I was absolutely not going to co-sign that belief. I was going to teach them something different. […]

Top MOVEMENT of 2021

Hey Team! In the spirit of the New Year, we compiled the top Just Move workouts and programs of 2021 to share with you! In the past year you have played a total of 139,360 workouts! Top 10 Workouts: 1. Foundations 1 2. Joyful Joints 3. Mobility Flow 4. Chair Mobility 5. Core Cardio 6. […]

Podcast: The Movement Movement

“My phrase, ‘I am more than my body’, really helped me to understand that I’m not defined by what my body looks like. I’m grateful for everything that she can do, but when she is her healthiest, when I’m taking care of her, I’m moving, I’m sleeping I’m eating, she’s going to look whatever the […]

Kid Workouts

What’s up, Team! A couple of weeks ago we had a VERY special guest join us at the studio. My niece, The Flash, came to hang out with the Team and see what her auntie does for work. After watching me film and trying a few of the moves out herself, she decided that behind […]

Respect the Season

Hey Team, A lot has changed for me in the past two years, as it probably did for most of you, too. There was a time in my life when this would have led to immense feelings of guilt and shame for not being where I thought I should be (especially physically). Then I realized […]

Podcast: Nourishing Women Podcast

“Movement is such an incredible way to develop a relationship with your body, where you can start to respect your body, appreciate your body. I mean, you only have this one body. Feel empowered in the things that your body can do, rather than what your body looks like.” Kaisa talks prioritizing our health and […]

Podcast: Causing the Effect

“As the new year is approaching, people think, ‘I’m going to get into this routine, I’m going to workout an hour every day and do all these things.’ But consistency is key here. It’s not about going hard and fast for a very short amount of time. It’s about figuring out how you can add […]

Podcast: The Optimal Body

“We’ve gotten really narrow-minded about what fitness means. I try to encourage movement, in whatever way you want to move. It’s a moment for you to explore a relationship with yourself and your body. But maybe you never step foot inside of a gym, so movement is dancing, walking, hiking, cycling, cleaning your house. There […]

Why are my knees hurting? The answer might be in your hips & ankles!

Team! Are you dealing with knee pain? It’s time to address where it’s ACTUALLY coming from! Your knee is most likely not the cause of your knee pain. Unless you have an acute injury (which means something happened directly to the knee), degenerative disease or a total knee replacement, your knee pain is most likely […]

My secret is … RECOVERY!

Whatever you are trying to achieve with your body, recovery will help you get there. Whether it’s healing from an injury or training for a marathon, how you recover your body is ultimately your key to success. Learning to slow things down and be intentional about how I let my body rest, restore and recover […]