Podcast: UnCommenTerry

“We (the fitness industry) are a trillion dollar industry and we have never been making more money than we are today. The world has never been more unhealthy than it is today. There is something wrong with that picture. […] If we stop putting restrictions on people, and we help support their own journey in […]

Love Your Body Podcast

“I’m not my body. My body does all these incredible things, I love her, but that’s not who I am.” Kaisa joins Dani D and Blake on the Love Your Body Podcast to talk about the meaning behind “We Are More Than Our Bodies” and her journey to redefine what movement means in the fitness […]

Podcast: Life Time Talks

“Movement is so much more than moving to change how you look. It’s a constant opportunity to connect with yourself, connect with others, and work through things.” Kaisa joins David Freeman and Jamie Martin on Life Time Talks to discuss all things movement and its positive impact on mental, emotional, and physical health. (Original air […]

Let’s talk about health

We’ve seen it all before. The “perfect picture of health” — a thin, well-toned woman with a flawless smile and zero sweat on her brow. She’s just left the gym and is heading home to indulge herself in a meal of bean sprouts with a side of mineral water. Sure, she could be healthy, but […]

Introducing the JUST MOVE Journal

What’s up Team! Welcome to the debut of our new blog—The JUST MOVE Journal! With so much information out there about health and wellness, it can be hard to focus in on what to follow. We’d like to offer up our perspective from a lens that’s more about how you FEEL and less about how […]

Podcast: All About Fitness

“My goal, and where I would shine, was being the trainer that made things really, really, fun and exciting. I wanted to prove to all of my clients how incredible their bodies were and how fun it was to move.” Kaisa joins Pete McCall on All About Fitness Podcast to share her athletic background, why […]

20/20 Challenge LIVE

Welcome to the 20/20 LIVE workout from Wednesday, May 8th! Workout alongside Kaisa & the Team on this LIVE stream. This event is available for all 20/20 Challenge members.

Just5 Workout: Bears, Boats, & Burpees

Hit the different levels of this power-pumping workout to feel energized all day. We go low with some bear and boat holds, then reach for the sky with some hops and lateral jumps. Get the most out of a small space and enjoy!

Mobility Cool Down

After your workout, your body needs time to get the heart rate down and stretch out the muscles and joints that you put to work! Use this much-deserved cool down to take a breath, stretch your bod, and give yourself a little love.

Mobility Warm Up

Maximize your mobility potential with a super simple warm-up that will get your muscles and joints ready to move! Use this before any workout or even if you just need a quick break from your day.